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  1. Thanks everyone! Called my TA and we are now back to a GTY stateroom. Fingers crossed, because our TA suspects the computer might assign the exact same cabin again.
  2. Hi, We booked a GTY balcony on Wonder of the Seas. We got assigned 14712 and saw that it is right beneath windjammer. I have e-mailed customer service to see if they will move us (no reply yet); but just wondering how bad this is purely noisewise? I am a light sleeper. Booking a GTY is always a rollling of the dice, so I am not complaining. Just wondering about your experiences so I can buy heavy duty earplugs if necessary 😉
  3. I just saw that on this board. That is so weird, I was just tryiing to book it 10 minutes ago and it's still on the website. Question stays the same though; will excursions be mandatory?
  4. Hi, I am thinking of booking this 7 Night Spain & Portugal Cruise cruise from Southampton September 5th 2021. Does anybody know if you can leave the ship as you please; or do we need to book mandatory excursions through Royal if we want to leave the ship? For us that would be a no-go; so hoping somebody knows. It doesn't say on the website of Royal.
  5. I own shares in Rcl, NCL and CCL and they have been taking a pretty big dive the last two weeks. With cruises starting again I would have expected the opposite. Any other shareholders that can maybe shine a light on what is happening?
  6. We did both and Barcelona is easier access to the ship. Both cities are great for site seeing of course, but very different. On the other hand, we stayed a few days prior to the cruise in Rome. Then took a local train (very cheap) to Civitavecchia and stayed at a apartment there. Lot's of other cruisers who did the same. Only cost about 70 euro per night. Next morning walked to the cruise terminal and took the free shuttle bus to the ship. Taxi is also an option. Civitavecchia itself is not a great spot for tourism; so if you decide to stay there the night before, don't expect anything to see or do there 🙂
  7. Just found this topic. Just out of curiosity; are you holding on to the stock for now or considering selling like me? I bought the stock at $70 and now its $93. I am thinking about selling and then re-buying when the next big dip comes along. Question is of course, will the stock dip again? Nobody here has a crystal ball of course, just wondering what your strategies are? For the long term I want RCL in my portfolio so that's my end game.
  8. You are right of course: it's Rome - Limassol Cyprus, Jerusalem, Haifa, Rhodes, Santorini, Chania Crete, Rome Starting October 7th
  9. Due to the cancellation of our September 2021 Holy Land cruise we now have the option to Lift&Shift to 2022. The same itinerary is only in may and/or october. Normally I would not consider going on vacation in October because I want to be able to swim outside and have nice weather. The may itinerary is different and we prefer the October one. Has anyone ever cruised in the Med in October. What kind of weather should I expect? I don't need super hot, but it is important for me to be able to sit by the pool on the ship and not be cold.
  10. So it would make sense to quickly pay the rest to my TA? Officially I don't know anything about a cancellation.
  11. We had only made the $900 deposit. Does this mean that we will only get the 125% over that amount? Or over the full cruise fare? We are thinking about lifting and shifting to the same cruise in october 2022.
  12. Wow, I am soooo disappointed. I understand the decision but was really looking forward to it. As everyone else of course 🙂 Strange that I haven't been informed of this by my TA or Royal Caribbean, but had to read it online. Is Lift & Shift the best option moneywise?
  13. I just read this news, but haven't heard anything from my travel agent or Royal. Is every cruise cancelled? We we scheduled on the 12 night from Rome in September.
  14. @Tall-Cruiser It was amazing! We had never seen a ship being conveyed before and it was really something. We had seen her already at a tour of the shipyard but this was so much better. We are sailing on her this September (fingers crossed) which makes it extra special. We went to 3 different spots to look and met some nice folks at all the spots. I was really exciting. Maybe also because we have been in lockdown for weeks and this was our first trip out 🙄
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