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  1. Sorry, but I didn't realize you were that old. My apologies. 😀 What do you call unruly kids? Unruly kids, yard apes, rugrats, etc it's all the same to me. You call it a slur and I don't. More power to you. I don't think all kids are unruly just like I think there are adults that behave badly.
  2. 👍 Easy, if people don't comply let them permanently get off the ship at the next port or stay in their cabins until back home.
  3. Agreed and at his age does he really even need to be working? I'm guessing he hasn't retired because he loves what he does.
  4. We will pull out the cat carriers usually 2 days before and put them in the house. They will start sleeping in them so when the time comes it’s much easier to get them in.
  5. I also call unruly kids rugrats or yard apes. I don’t see it any different than you calling Dr. Fauci as Dr. Flipflop or Dr. Who.
  6. I think it will depend on what the CDC allows in the beginning. If the CDC doesn’t make it mandatory and the cruise lines do I think it will be Norwegian. As to why I think it will be Norwegian, I can’t answer that. Not really sure why, but Royal seems to be a follower instead of a leader.
  7. Kids have died from covid also, but I’m not going to get into that. All I was saying is if Royal says everyone has to be vaccinated then people with kids will just have to wait. I also agree Royal should refund the money or give FCC to everyone involved with that family on that sibling. If a vaccine never materializes which I highly doubt Royal will eventually allow kids. Their theme park ships are built with kids in mind.
  8. Parents and kids haven’t sailed this past year so it’s not going to kill them to wait another year. If Royal requires that everyone be vaccinated why should they make an exception for the kids? If there’s an issue with having to use FCC by a certain time then Royal should extend the dates for people who want to sail with kids.
  9. I guess I was late in seeing both of the posts.
  10. I don’t think he is. He has posted before that he has a cruise around that time.
  11. What type of plants do you keep in your greenhouse? Edibles or do you ever keep orchids? I love orchids. Lenny could it be that they wanted to know if you had the shots yet and if not then make sure you had an appointment for them? Given your age and health issues maybe they wanted to make sure you had already gotten them or had an appointment to get them. Glad to see you back.
  12. The iguanas are cold blooded. If it gets to cold they will die. Also, if it gets to a certain temperature they will fall out of the trees. When it warms up they start moving again. A mini hibernation. In some countries they eat them. I hear they’re tasty when grilled.
  13. There is no way to tell if this is true. How did you even come up with such stuff if covid hasn’t been around that long. If you read it somewhere then common sense would tell you this can’t be true.
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