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  1. I also want to know since I haven’t been to Vegas in years let alone recently. 😁
  2. I didn't know CC had any scientific reviews. Are those the same that the little green men in the forest do? 👽 How's that straight jacket feeling?
  3. Ok, another question. If I'm looking at the correct Cuisinart it looks like yours also has a convection setting. Do you ever use it? How does it compare to the air fryer settting? This is what we have, but it doesn't air fry. https://www.costco.com/oster-digital-stainless-steel-countertop-oven.product.100516026.html
  4. Do you have a toaster oven big enough to do a small roast or other things? We have an insta pot which we use sometimes and our toaster/convection oven is like our big one, but smaller. I'm still debating if I want/need an air fryer. Honey, you are way to obsessed with food. Maybe you should talk to someone about and I don't mean on CC. Pictures don't prove anything. Someone can make a fantastic tasting meal, but yet it might not look as pretty as others.
  5. I thought hay and straw were the same thing. Did a google search and learned something new. 😄
  6. For formal nights some people don’t dress up and others do. We still wear a tux and a gown regardless if we have to fly or if it’s in the Caribbean or not. People use these as excuses to not dress up, but many others don’t. We dress up for formal nights regardless of what others are doing. Depending on the length of the cruise will determine how many formal nights there will be.
  7. Lid #2 is the electrical connection of the tank for the agitation chamber. 😱 🤭 Lucy sure does like being high up. 😸 How high is that? 30'+? I was thinking the same thing. I thought septic tanks was just that. A tank and when full a truck would come to pump it out.
  8. We had a good Thanksgiving. It was just Mike and I because we didn't feel it was necessary to visit with others. It's only 1 Thanksgiving and we are trying not to spread it or get it.
  9. Don't sell yourself short. I think only 1 person would get all of the weirdo votes and it definitely wouldn't be you.
  10. I wonder how many times she has bothered the mods with her cxxx? So your ex not only left you for a younger and prettier barista, but he also moved to another state? I wonder why? Also, don't forget about the tattoos.
  11. I have no clue. She has done what? I don't think she knows.
  12. Our 2 big ovens and the toaster oven are regular ovens and there is a button to turn on the convection part.
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