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  1. And those who don't care if they get it and pass it on should be restricted from all public places.
  2. But would you take her home to mom in that outfit? 😂 I read they were a very nice and polite couple. I guess it's the first time for even Carnival.
  3. My crystal ball says Royal doesn't even know so none of us know either. Yes we would get the shot.
  4. Carnival wouldn't even let them in. I also think there was another cruise line that refused them entry, but not for sure. There were some threads about this a while back.
  5. Formal night might be dead to the ones that want it dead, but that doesn't mean it is. Plenty of people still dress up. Heck, wearing shorts and a t-shirt is dressing up for a baby that normally just wears a diaper is considered dressing up, but that doesn't mean he is dressed up. 😁
  6. We buy the sets that include the bow tie. Sometimes they also come with the pocket square, but not that often. At least that's what I have found. I usually look on Ebay, Etsy and Poshmark and put in the name Nicole Miller. Back in the '90s she was making a lot of fun ones. If you're looking for something like basketball, baseball, football, Wall Street, candy, food, champagne, wine, beer, whiskey, dentist, sail boats, physician, lawyer, Christmas, New Year's, etc. you will probably find it. There are other fun ones on there, but a lot of the recent made ones are made from cotton. Not sure how that would look with a tux. Maybe wouldn't be noticable or even make a difference. Here are a few Mike has. Some others are still upstairs in his luggage. Nicole had one from back in the day with airplanes on it so of course he had to have that. I think he's had it for about 25 years. 😀 That's his oldest non-military one he has. The Mardi Gras one on the right has been on ebay on and off for years and the Nicole Miller on the left was made for when Atlantis in the Bahamas was opened. Have fun looking if you decide to. I still occasionally look.
  7. I also have mostly lost interest in it also. I have been taping every season and end up watching some of it or none at all. Why did Erin and Tom leave? Do you think they will even have a season this year. I'm sort of thinking maybe not since they work so close together. I know if they replaced Carrie Ann I definitely wouldn't miss her. Ugh!
  8. Crikey! That would be my hibernation cruise. I don't even remember the last time I saw snow at all. Ok, I do but that was 24 years ago when we lived in PA.
  9. Can you imagine it? There were some people booking cruises that they knew were going to be cancelled by Royal so they could get extra fcc's. That would be a ton of extra points if they did.
  10. Why does Royal need to step up and take the lead? They are going to do what's best for them. No one has to follow them. I made a choice in the beginning not to play their games. You said no one can predict the future so why do you think they can give you a detailed plan when they haven't got a clue? We all like to cruise or we wouldn't be here. There is more to life than cruising.
  11. We plan on doing a land vacation to Australia & New Zealand. After Mike retires we will cruise over and then spend about 6 months traveling, visiting friends and then cruise back. Local land vacations would be Alaska and Washington State.
  12. This was a response to a person who was venting on Nextdoor about an estimate he had given a customer and her response to it. Also, as an immigrant I’ve come to learn a few things about our beloved country. The price you see is never the price you pay! A .99cent bag of chips is actually $1.06, a $40 cell phone bill is actually $62 and an $18000 dollar car is really about 21k My wife’s boobs were quoted at $3200 but cost $5100 installed, so when people ask “is that the price and does it include everything” it’s just because we’re tired of getting shafted with fees and make believe add ons. This gave me a good laugh.
  13. I have never been on Carnival and have not been following them, but at this time I would never book anything with a non-refundable deposit. That goes for any cruise line.
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