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  1. I think it is also worth remembering that people go on cruises for different reasons. I rejected going on cruises for years as I thought they sounded awful, despite spending a childhood outside of Southampton where I could watch the cruise liners leave for the big wide world. My first cruise was a Transatlantic and I chose to do it because I was writing a book at the time. It was a book about the Seven Sisters of Moscow and their related buildings within the old soviet block. It was also about how I had discovered, responded to and the experience of visiting them etc. As these bui
  2. so basically some people like it one way and others like it in different ways. I think that cruise ships are big enough for us to do it how we like - as long as we aren't hurting anyone. This is one of the great things about travelling and meeting people from all over - variety.
  3. totally agree. My parents never travelled but my wife's family did. One of the things we often do is try to visit the places they wrote about. Great joy.
  4. Thanks for the video. Lovely to see some places I have visited and some places I hope to visit. My pleasure. Glad you liked it. For some of us recording, noting, creating is part of living the moment, plus doing so creates new opportunities to re-visit those moments in a variety of ways.
  5. I take my laptop on cruises - getting the time to write for pleasure, processing photos from port stops etc are part of the escape and enjoyment I normally don't have time for. Plus the last couple of cruises had apps that worked on the ship and were used to arrange meets, events and finding your way round the ship.
  6. yes indeed. this is exactly why I think we need to use it, protect it and support it. Helping each other is rewarding and worthwhile. PLUS the more we do it the better the community is and the more enjoyable it feels. So let's keep sharing, let's be helpful, be positive when we can and share solutions to the negatives. And let's push away the the traps of moaning for the sake of it and dismissing others when they do not deserve it. There are so many nice people out there from all over the world.
  7. I know this is not 'topic' related but as so many have said about missing cruising I put together a short compilation of ports. hope that is OK. https://youtu.be/slYDx03w0UY
  8. I see your point and feel the same in many ways. I have planned many trips that won't happen just for the escapism. Maybe that would be a good thread?
  9. Thanks for such an in depth and objective reply. There are suggestions about reporting and/or ignoring and I agree and appreciate them. I also feel there is a place for saying 'be nice and stay on topic" - maybe we could have a signal with the like button? not a dislike or hate option but one that says 'nudge' or something? or maybe we need the occasional chat like this?
  10. I am doing something about it - One thing I did was start a thread about it.
  11. yes it is easy to avert your eyes - but when you are following a post but have to constantly pass over pages of twitter-like irrelevance to get to cruise stuff - especially if it is a roll call based thread - then it is a pain. There is also a part of me that gets fed up at feeling everywhere gets dominated by 'big egos' who just seem to want to tell the world what is right etc. It isn't about topics not being appealing it is about existing topics getting hijacked by things that have nothing to do with cruising.
  12. not sure I fully agree. Its not just entertainment it is a resource for planning, discovery, saving money etc. I think it's worth looking after and helping it specialise in cruising.
  13. I hope so. It's a bit catch 22ish. I don't like the way it has become a bit twitter like - but if one discusses it it encourages it - if one ignores it it goes unchecked.
  14. you make good points. I agree and I am not sure if I expected any solutions when I started this thread. lets hope so Not sure if there is a question. More of a reaction to me following a few threads and feeling flat after seeing so many occasions when they appeared more like twitter than the CC I had come to know. I suppose I am just reaching out to say something like - 'I like CC, I have found it helpful, entertaining and very useful. There is much I do not engage in, organising card games for example, but I can see how they are enjoyable to many and I ap
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