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  1. We booked AirBNB's in both Seward and Denali for 4 adults this upcoming August. The Seward one is a block away from a downtown shuttle stop (free during the summer). The Denali one will require a rental car to get to, but both were significantly cheaper for 4 adults then hotel rooms would have been. I can't comment on quality or activities to do yet.
  2. Thanks all! I decided to book it now, and will try the suggestion to cancel and rebook using the TA OBC once onboard. If that doesn't work, hopefully it will get refunded to us since it is not directly from Celebrity. And if for whatever reason it is nonrefundable OBC (apparently it depends on the agreement the TA has with Celebrity according to other threads I read), then I am sure we can figure out how to spend it on specialty dining, massages, fitness classes, shopping, etc. @ipeeinthepool we got a discounted Go Best package and 10% OBC from the TA, so gratuities, premium beverage package, and internet are already included. The 10% OBC is $500, which we won't have until we board the ship. We did already use the Celebrity OBC from the Go Best to book an excursion in Skagway. We have not purchased any specialty dining (waiting to get on the ship before we decide to do that). @4774Papa I do tend to research private tours, and already booked a helicopter glacier landing in Juneau through Shore Excursions Group, and booked another tour in Ketchikan directly with the tour vendor. I did not however see any private companies specifically offering a Glacier Bay Flightseeing tour from ISP; otherwise I would have probably gone that route. Please let me know if I missed one, but my research came up short.
  3. We have our first cruise ever coming up this August aboard the Millennium in Alaska. There is a shore excursion that I am interested in doing in Icy Strait Point (Glacier Bay Flightseeing), but there are only 2 time slots offered for the excursion in the cruise planner, and it might be popular since our cruise visits Hubbard Glacier instead of Glacier Bay. It is pretty pricey though, and ideally I would love to be able to wait to book it on board once our OBC from our TA is available. So I guess I would like to know from experienced cruisers if there is a good chance that something like this might sell out before the cruise. Thanks!
  4. @Rode Warrior We can't share the names of travel agency (TA's) sites here; it's against the terms of the forum. Honestly though just keeping an eye on Cruise Critic's aggregator, Celebrity's website, and googling the ship for your sail date and looking at what TA's have to offer periodically should be enough. I'm usually checking a few sites a few times a week and comparing to what I have booked already. I also receive emails (just by subscribing on their websites) from a few different TA's and price compare those occasionally as well.
  5. We are also doing a Northbound cruise on the Millennium this summer. I can't give you many recommendations on the ship itself as it will be our first cruise, but since we booked the cruise, we have upgraded twice during sales. My advice on that is to keep watching promotions on travel agent websites and keep pricing it out. About a month ago the base price for our standard veranda room dropped significantly, but we would have lost all of our perks (we had all 4 perks included and 10% OBC from the TA on top of that), and in the end it would have cost us more in drinks and tips to rebook. Then last week the same promotion we initially booked under was available again, allowing us to upgrade our room from a standard veranda to a concierge class while saving $200 per person and retaining all of our perks (we couldn't refare our initial room without losing our deposit due to having a non refundable deposit according to our TA, but an upgrade was possible without losing our deposit).
  6. So we booked with a travel agency (TA), but we just had this exact scenario happen. We initially booked an awesome promotion under a non refundable deposit for a sweet sixteen (2C Veranda) on the Millennium in August of this year. That same promotion just came out again, and our cabin category was $300 less per person ($600 less total). I called the TA to ask what our options were, and in order to take advantage of the price drop, we would have to cancel our initial reservation, losing our $500 deposit in the process. The TA also charges a $100 cancellation fee, and we would lose OBC, so it wasn't worth it in the end to rebook in our original cabin. However, after learning that rebooking wasn't worth it, I asked about upgrading to a Concierge class guaranteed cabin, which I was seeing was $100 per person less than our original booking in the 2C veranda. Our initial deposit will count toward an upgrade and there are no cancellation fees to upgrade, so the only thing we will lose is $25 of on board credit provided by the TA (It's 10% of the cost back to us in OBC, so booking a cheaper rate means less OBC), but we will save $200 total for a better cabin category and get more perks.
  7. We have 6030 booked on the Mille in August, so I am keeping an eye on any changes post Revolution as well. I don't really see how any of their proposed changes could affect those rooms though; but we will see.
  8. Actually it looks like Millennium does have the white stripe, according to th_voutsinas on instagram, who posted this picture yesterday:
  9. Sorry if this has already been asked, but I could not find the answer after extensive searching through these boards. We are going on an Alaskan cruise in August of 2019, departing from Vancouver, and plan to stay at the Pan Pacific. There are still plenty of rooms available for when we will be there. Ideally, I would love to wake up and see our ship in the morning. According to the Vancouver Canada Place ship schedule, our ship is scheduled to be at the East berth, which also seems to face downtown. Would a "City View" room at the Pan Pacific face the East berth at Canada Place? I would hate to pay extra for a "Harbor View" only to find out we can't see our ship from the room! Thanks!
  10. We booked an AirBNB in Fairbanks in the summer for $125 a night. It's a 3 bedroom house that's walking distance to many downtown attractions. We are doing a land tour post cruise with a group of friends (who aren't joining us on the cruise) and booked AirBNB/VRBO/other house rentals in Seward, Denali, and Fairbanks. Every one was cheaper than our group staying in a few hotel rooms, and they all have kitchens that we can cook our own meals in. Just something to look into and consider!
  11. @hcat it's a 7 day one way Alaska cruise. And it's still way too expensive compared to what we have booked currently. @STLCRUISIN I am very interested to see what they do with the sweet 16's; please post an update after your cruise!
  12. I think this is true based on a dummy booking I just did for AQ on Mille in August next year. We are booked in a sweet 16 and I keep price comparing to see if it's worth upgrading. Today I did a mock booking and the first suggested AQ room that came up was 1024. When selecting "Choose my stateroom" I see 1024 selected, and it shows me a map of the current pre-Revolution deck 10 that has no staterooms on it. See screenshots attached. I thought it was an interesting data point. The list view shows 13 available rooms to book on Deck 10.
  13. Anita, yes, the Millennium will be "revolutionized" at that point. I'm excited to see the changes, but more than anything just excited for our first cruise and in general. We were able to snag a sweet 16 balcony (6030), so I am especially interested to see if anything changes with those post dry dock. And that is great advice about enjoying yourself and not putting too much pressure on yourself. I completely agree; I'm a planner until we get to the vacation, and then usually have a go with the flow attitude and try to leave plenty of time for unexpected surprises or things we want to check out that we didn't know about before. As an aside, on our honeymoon in Ireland, our favorite tour we did was a tour recommended by a local we met in a pub the night before we did it! I had done so much research prior to that and hadn't seen anything about that tour, but it was amazing. We live in an area similar to Alaska sans glaciers (there were glaciers here many millennia ago which carved out the mountains and lakes), so many of the recommended must do activities don't have a huge appeal for us. We definitely want to see glaciers since we don't have that here, so we booked a helicopter landing tour in Juneau and plan to see Mendenhall in the afternoon (your review helped convince me to do that!), and hope we see Hubbard, but we are meeting friends in Seward for a DIY land portion post cruise and have plans to kayak the glaciers in Kenai Fjords and hike the Exit Glacier, so I think we will have multiple chances to see them on our trip.
  14. Anita, I also want to let you know just how appreciative I was of your detailed trip report. I booked us on the Millennium for next August, and then immediately wondered if I had done the right thing for our very first cruise and very first and possibly only trip to Alaska (given all of the traditional advice to see Glacier Bay; I think we have plenty of other glacier visits planned that missing it won''t be a big deal). Your posts came up in detail right when I needed them to to assuage any fears I had, and really helped me get excited for our trip next year! I also got a lot of ideas, especially for Ketchikan and Juneau, so thank you so much!
  15. Do you know if the OBC is through Celebrity or a travel agent? Any OBC through Celebrity should show up in the Cruise Planner (usually a few weeks after booking the cruise) online where you can pre-book shore excursions, spa treatments, dining/drink packages, etc. We had the same amount through Celebrity and used it to book a shore excursion already even though our cruise isn't until next year. My understanding is that the travel agent OBC won't show up until you are on the ship though.
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