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  1. This week has been the beginning of our new normal. DH's new work week began...on site Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Home on Wednesday and Friday. It was odd to be packing lunch and doing all the things that we would normally do on a work day. Hard to believe it's been 6 months since the last time we did all this. DH's team is basically the only team that is on site...it's like a ghost town he says. In honor of the new normal, we went shopping for new normal work clothes. He was looking to continue with the casual dress but nice enough. He used to dress in dress slacks and long sleeved buttons downs with undershirts. But this just seems to be way too much for a deserted office landscape in the pandemic era...so we went out and found some really nice casual pants that aren't too campy, straight legged, semi-lightweight fabric. Tommy Bahama hooked us up with "flex" technology that's made to move with you. They look good and they are very comfortable DH says... Only available in 3 colors...we got a pair of black and a pair of tan. He also wanted regular tees. It's very difficult to find plain tee shirts that are decent looking. Urban Pipeline at Kohls hooked us up there. DH isn't used to wearing semi-fitted tees. We topped it all off with a fun pair of olive green colored Vans to wear with the tan pants. He already has decent casual black shoes. So there we go. One of DH's coworkers showed up in a button down work logo shirt and members of team were like...who are you trying to impress? LOL. So DH was feeling spot on with the whole going back to the office vibe. So we did go to the mall to do some shopping. Macy's. We were probably two of about 10 shoppers in Macys. The fitting rooms were open and DH was the only one using his fitting room. He used the first room and was in and out as quickly as possible. We decided to walk the mall for fun because we haven't been there before...some stores weren't even open. The cages still down. Other workers were just standing in the entrance ways of what was an obviously empty store. The mall was so empty. I've never been in a mall that felt like that. SO so empty. I can report that Victoria's Secret has closed the entrance on the pink side. And they have established an enter lane and an exit lane. And they appear to be limiting capacity at the store. There was a girl standing there in between to the two lanes that appeared to be monitoring attendance, I guess you could say. I didn't go in. Kohls was in an outdoor shopping area. There were more shoppers there but still...double 10 and you only get 20...I think there may have been 20 customers in the store. Again...pretty crazy. We were only out to shop for the very specific needs for DH. This has been our approach as businesses are trying to open up...we go if we have a specific need and make use of the ready availability of being able to just go buy something instead of ordering and waiting for it. DH needed to try on the pants anyway...COVID hasn't been horrible, but the old dress pants were a bit tight and uncomfortable. We're seeking distraction in the evenings. Monday we went walking at a park new to us...looking for trails to walk. Last night...I just really got the urge to go out. I'd gotten an email from EPIC theaters talking about Star Wars V 40th anniversary re-release. I just decided to look at the movies to see what was playing... Well, EPIC allows you to reserve a seat in advance. You can see how many people are at the theater...and so we decided to go to the movies last night. I think there aren't enough new releases out to fill out the theaters and so EPIC has less expensive viewings of older movies. We never saw the Harry Potter films in the theater and the first one was showing and so we decided to go see that last night. We were the only ones in our theater. AND we were the only movie goers in the front lobby. There was one guy at the ticket counter and one guy at the concessions stand. That's IT. Those were the only people we saw. And when we left the theater...we didn't see a single worker. No one. We walked all the way from one of the back theaters and out through the lobby and there was NO ONE there. OMG. And it was great fun to see HP in the big theater. I'm so familiar with these movies. We own the whole series and have watched them many times. What I noticed more than anything were the sounds of the film. There's a lot of ambient sounds that I have never noticed before. We don't have a fancy sound system at home so anyone who does may hear these things, but I never have. For instance, when the kids are in Prof. Snapes class room for the first time...there are the sounds of the percolating potions in the room and other similar lab related sounds that I have never really heard before. Little things. Also...with the big screen, there were details that I've never noticed much before. Anyway...really enjoyed the big screen. Enjoyed being out of my house for a while but in a comfy seat. That was especially novel. Lately, when we go out...we don't really sit anywhere unless it's outside. And most of our outside seats haven't been ones that you would really chill out in for 2.5 hours. I think this is the benefit of being in a small town though...I don't know that my experience would be duplicated in a larger town.
  2. Good evening everyone. Quick share...if anyone wears glasses and has issues with fogging with face masks...this is brilliant. So simple. I tried it. It works.
  3. Thanks Sally and Lois. We’ve been out and about. Lots of take away and patio dining but no inside dining yet with the two Waffle House exceptions. I think I will pick one. We’ve been to the Wolfgang Puck in the past so I know it will be a great meal...I might study the list more just to make sure I don’t miss another opportunity.
  4. Ah ok. I use my Breville counter top toaster/convection/convention/pizza oven DAILY. I love that thing. Today for lunch I roasted Brussel sprouts in it. I read a book once that said that most likely it's not that you don't like something, you just don't like the way it was prepared. I used to really dislike Brussel sprouts but ever since I started roasting them...OMG...even DS loves them. That sounds like a yummy chicken preparation Sally.
  5. Sally...do you do typical floured and dipped and floured again fried chicken in the air fryer? I just made my first batch of fried chicken EVER. I was so sad that DS and I didn't get to it before he left 😞 but anyway, I followed the Thomas Keller Ad Hoc recipe...and I didn't change a thing, which is really unusual for me LOL, and I've never considered myself a fan of fried chicken...wasn't something I ate growing up in CA...but man oh man, this was SO GOOD. DH and I have been eating fried chicken for days now (the recipe calls for 2 chickens). DH rarely eats cold protein, he almost always likes it reheated,, even leftovers, but this is so good he will even eat this fried chicken cold. What a mess though dealing with the oil...
  6. I have never used an InstaPot or pressure cooker. I do have a slow cooker...I tend to go through seasons of using that appliance. I'll get on a slow cooker kick but I must admit that I absolutely HATE cleaning the slow cooker. IDK...such a pain...and I don't like the thought of my food cooking in plastic so I'm not interested in those liners. I think the problem is that the things I like to prepare in the crock pot form that line around the edge and it's just a PITA to get off. And my big crock doesn't fit in sinks very well...so overall...enough time has to pass that I feel up for dealing with the aftermath of slow cooking to make it worth while. Now talk about my mini rice cooker? OMG...I love that thing. I think you can cook other things in it but I only use it for rice. I took a chance several years ago and bought it on clearance at Target for $6.58 and now I can't believe I haven't had one before that. It only cooks a max of 1.5 cups of dry rice...but that works out to the perfect size for my uses. I'm very interested in the Limoncello recipe! Looking forward to hearing how that comes out. Did you use "normal" lemons or Meyers? Exciting news about everyone's home improvements. The craziness of the world right now feels so chaotic. To all in the path of these natural disasters all over, I hope everyone stays safe and healthy. Well...I always hope everyone can be safe and healthy... Kat...you've mentioned your sleeveless hoodie dresses several times. What brand are they?
  7. Aw Melody...with all the extra time that everyone is spending at home, all things related to home and home improvement are running ragged. Backorders everywhere and booked service people with appointments available only months away. I just found out about this thing called Magical Dining Month in Orlando. A whole slew of restaurants have a 3-course menu available for $35 pp. Nice restaurants too. Restaurants where that is a decent price. I'm just not sure about eating at any right now. It isn't a thing related to COVID...this is the 15th year for this event. I'm debating. One of the restaurants is one that DS and his friend ate at in downtown Disney...oops, sorry Disney Springs. It's the Wolfgang Puck Cafe. DS said that it was all very safe feeling...plus I happen to know that it's one of those super high ceiling restaurants...so big air space. I'm debating what I want to do. It sure would be a nice outing.... And it could be a fun celebratory dinner for DH and I. He is finally on contract. DH was only brought on board a year ago December, so 21 months...but this has been a 3+ year effort. It's very exciting and everyone is talking about how to have social distanced celebrations.
  8. LOL...I sound busy! I'm doing on okay job of getting things done but not spending too much time on projects...if I get too focused then things like laundry, cooking, and other household chores don't happen. I definitely have plans and am trying to work a bit each day. One thing our home lacks is a good pantry. We have a pantry...but it's a single door reach in with a tall section and then shelves. The door is huge, like 36"...and then's there the big empty wall. We're going to expand the pantry into a corner pantry...semi-walk-in. Might be more like stand in the one stop LOL. Here's the big domino effect in the house...The sellers used the coat closet as a second pantry and the office closet as the coat closet. I've been consolidating all pantry items into the coat closet so we can begin demo on the pantry soon. I think that I've figured out my backsplash situation. I know I shared the one tile...Melody, it was like the tile that you ultimately didn't get...btw...when does your backsplash happen again? Anyway...the big problem for me with tile is...grout. Like I HATE grout and cleaning grout. I've found a venetian plaster product that is made for wet areas. The finish coat is water/oil proof! So...I'm pretty sure that I'm going to put it up for a kitchen backsplash. I saw it first on a blog post and I think it looks and sounds great. All my research is pointing to the fact that this is the solution that I've been looking for. Easy cleaning! Inexpensive (especially compared to most tile). And something that I can DEFINITELY DIY. Woot woot. Currently, the "wall" between the bar height countertop and the sink is the same Corian. There is no other backsplash EXCEPT for the aluminum foil I have taped with painters tape behind the stove LOL. The dilemma is finding a local distributor. So far, the only one I can find is in IL. Here's a photo of the look...this is a slate color plaster, not the color I would want...I don't know what I would want yet: It's looks textured but it is really smooth. That is just the look. Also, the sheen is called Pearl. It isn't really shiny or matte...somewhere in the middle. I've installed tile before and the hardest thing about it was dealing with the electrical boxes. You have to get extenders and it's just a pain. The plaster will be no different than paint/joint compound in terms of thickness so really easy. Sally...glad you are getting inspired! I think I would like to do some wood working. I'm going to do my first project this weekend. Sounds funny, but I want some yoga blocks for a very specific exercise. It's knee related. I need three 2" tall blocks that I can sit on. I've found a wonderful looking hardwood store with all sorts of beautiful furniture making wood. They have specific hours and so we're going up there this Friday. It's a simple project but I'll cut a length of wood to size and the rout all the edges. We actually have a router! Then I'll do either a stain and clear coat or just a clear coat. Should be a good first project. I haven't spent any time playing with makeup yet. That's a good point about lips with all the masks. I wonder how long this is going to go on?
  9. Laurie...I think the new coffee table will blend very well with the other two side tables. Something about the way the legs are will be harmonious! Your doors are lovely...and especially all the molding around the doors. Did you add the moldings and the built ins? Or were those original to the house? When was your house built? The hardwood floors are gorgeous...and I LOVE that window in your living room. I would also have a rug on my wish list for that room. I think the words lighter and fresh will apply so much when you get the other chairs into the room and lose the oversized seating. If your dining room and breakfast room (that's what I generally call the informal eating room) are open to each other then I totally agree that there would need to be some coordination. Were you thinking of getting parson chairs? Have you ever seen when such a chair is upholstered in two fabrics? One fabric is on the back and the other on the front. Since you have so many fabrics that you like...I wonder if that would be another way to incorporate the different designs. Personally, I love a mix and match of pattern...I just like it. The colors need to be similar in order for it to work...and I think yours all work really well together...it's just a matter of what you think will work best...and sometimes that can be dependent on the fabric itself, the fiber content of one may be better than another for an application. I don't have a dining room. Not even an informal dining room. In NC, in the loft, our kitchen/living/dining space was one big room. I set aside a rather odd space to be used for our dining table and hung two of those IKEA cord lights (the kind that are basically a light bulb and a lamp shade at the end of what is like an extension cord) over the dining table. Those lights were used in other places in our GA house. This house is the same story. While technically there is a dedicated dining room...that room is really a great flex room and we are designating it as the yoga room. A place for PT, yoga, Zumba...mat work of all kinds and really just open floor space and the mirrors along the one wall. I'm going to replace the chandelier in there with something else, though I haven't decided what. Our gathering room (I'm calling it) with the fireplace...the one living space...is really large...I think it's 20'x20'? That or 22...Anyway...it's huge and the sellers had used the flex space for a TV room and had a round dining table kind of floating in the gathering space kind of in the manner of the LA house in The Holiday. I want to do the same thing with a dining table. Which is why I'm on the look out for a dining table. And am considering getting a huge one, because tables are really handy places and I would use it for more than dining. And if it were big enough...for instance...I could keep a puzzle or game going on one side...and DH and I could still eat at it without having to put it all away. My fridge came this weekend!! Such a surprise. I was scheduled for Sept 22...I've been rescheduled and delayed multiple times...but I got the robocall on Friday to confirm my delivery on Saturday...and woot woot!! Now we have an awesome new fridge. DH and I are in amazement at how fantastic this fridge is. I'm so happy...we did make a good choice. The only thing is that the fridge is right next to a wall...and while the fridge has clearance in the space, that wall interferes with the opening of the left side, so we need to take the wall back a bit. But first...the yoga room. We've moved on from the main bedroom. It all began with me taking down the brackets from the previous window treatments...and that's when...after discovering the brackets had been screwed up into the metal corner bead...and seeing the crack in the paint all along the edge of the corner bead...and peeling away the paint and the joint compound...come to discover that the corner bead is completely rusted and the only way to stop rust is to replace. Now we finally take off the rusted corner bead and discover that the drywall under is a disaster...so we need to rip out and replace the dry wall. So we take out 7" above the window and the little edge inside the window opening. The wood under looks good...solid and dry and we think we can see the issue that lead to the rust. DH got the dry wall up yesterday and now I get to work some magic with joint compound. Then we'll get the new vinyl corner bead on (the pros say vinyl is best for damp prone areas) and then, after more mud, I'll finally get to retexture the walls and then FINALLY, I'll get to PAINT. OMG. Meanwhile...I'll continue to organize and deal with the house inside and make plans for the yard outside. We had some trees removed last week...now I can see the shade pattern in the yard and make some plans. I have several copies of the survey...going to trace those out and mark the shade at different times during the day and go from there. The yard is basically a blank slate...there's some mature trees, a shed, but no hardscaping or real landscaping...just a weed infested lawn. I'm not a big lawn fan. I like the look enough but I do prefer to see plants...they are so much more interesting than a field of grass. Right now the weeds are attracting all kinds of butterflies in the backyard...I love seeing them...they come because there is more than just grass growing LOL. I discovered that my local library has a seed bank. Each library card gets to take out 3 packets of seeds (most are heirloom) each month. The idea is that you plant them and maybe you can collect some seed to give back to the bank. It's not a requirement but that's the idea. Since I finally made it to the library just last week, I have a bit to plan which seeds I really want. They had a lot to choose from. I realized that if I were to follow the cosmetic guidelines, I need to go throw away a lot of cosmetics. I don't regularly wear them...so it's a bit painful to have to throw away product that is still so full. That's mental though...it's not like I'll really miss anything until that very rare time at some unknown time in the future when I want to make myself up. The problem now though...is that I was looking at one particular photo from the cruise DH and I took in February...I can see my eye makeup and I think it looks awful. So now I'm wondering what to do about that...I've always thought that I looked quite clown like in makeup...I'm so low contrast...putting anything on my face really stands out in a not so good way...I thought I could do the dramatic eye to help my eyes at least stand out...BUT...I think I need to rethink my makeup strategy. Sigh. BUT...if I do...perhaps I would actually be more comfortable with makeup and wear some more often. As it is...I never wear anything unless it's a special occasion. So...maybe 7 days out of the year? Not much incentive to buy or keep makeup there.
  10. So...for your dining room...is that the dining room right off the kitchen? Margaret wrote what I was thinking...I'm not sure that introducing blue into there would really work. I look at the window covering and that blue fabric doesn't seem like it would go at all really. The other fabric would but IDK...the background seems very light to me for a dining chair. I always imagine spills and ills on dining chairs and that light colored background would do nothing to help camouflage what I think of as an inevitable happening. Now if that other fabric were to have the proper colors...that design would be lovely. Is Calico Corners still in business? They had the best home dec fabric selection. I wonder... I just spent some time looking for photos of your living room... House tours are fun. I like seeing houses. It's interesting to me to see how people's personalities are or aren't reflected in their homes. We also had a leather couch and chair once. We had two cats at the time and they didn't grip on the surfaces but they would run around and use their nails to grip for traction and the leather was punctured. We didn't move that furniture at some point... The nice thing about leather is that is maintains the temperature of the room. So if your room is cooled with ac, then the leather is cool. So it can be quite nice to sit on when the weather is warmer...because it is generally cooler. But the same holds for winter weather. And then it isn't quite as nice. My parents have leather all over their house and the thing is...the leather will stretch (like in good shoes) and you will eventually see the seat prints if you happen to have a favorite place where you always sit. Leather also seems to be more susceptible to sun fade...I don't know if there is something to put on it to help it...like lotion or something? I mean...it's skin...so maybe there's a sunscreen for leather? IDK...I don't think leather is cat friendly so I don't invest in leather. It sounds like you are having a bit of tone on tone coloring going on? Taking about gold walls...a golden colored couch...that kind of tannish gold chairs. I think that is a very soothing kind of style for a room and the way to make it interesting is to have a lot of different textures on those color tones. I wouldn't mind seeing more pictures!! Margaret...a zippered table cloth? Like to accommodate a table umbrella?
  11. I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. We had a very slow, don't do too much kind of holiday weekend. We joined our local Y last week...and we headed out to the tennis courts for a bit. The courts are fabulous clay courts...so much nicer on the joints to play on compared to hard courts! We just bapped the ball around...just to be out and seeing how it was to be on court again. I'm not a big tennis player...but DH is. His knee/ankle situation has made tennis playing painful and so he hasn't been playing but it's a goal of his to play again. We did well...and it was just nice to have somewhere to go and something to do. It's debatable what else I will do with the Y membership. The club is open and it is a smaller club...they have yoga classes going on right now. You have to make a reservation and there are limited class sizes. I don't even want to dine indoors so I can't imagine going to a class right now... But there is a pool. And I could see using that. Mainly...the membership was to get to use the tennis courts. Sally...I don't want two dining tables! LOL. I still have my Grandmother's table...but it is SO FORMAL...and the rectangle shape doesn't work in my home. Right now, we have a bistro table on the screened porch...and otherwise we don't have a dining table at all. Not set up. DH went fishing on Friday with a friend from work...first time for that...but they have talked about it for a long time. While he was gone, I finally figured out the furniture arrangement with our current furniture in the gathering room. A large 52" dining table wouldn't fit in the current arrangement...so something would have to give...or I'd have to figure out a different sized table. I understand the concept and the thought of getting new furniture for a new house...but that don't suit my personality as much. I'm more of a use it until it breaks or you literally don't need it anymore kind of person. I still have the stereo components that I was given for Christmas and birthday when I was still in high school. That is still my house stereo...but the speakers have been upgraded since then...but even those are "hand-me-downs" from my parents from when they decided to do built in wall and ceiling speakers in their homes. I think that my things are one way that I have kept myself a bit grounded through all the moves and all the different places...and so I don't easily part with it. Plus...I seriously have issues with the idea of just getting rid of something because I'd like something different for the sake of having something different. I have no issue with getting something better suited and purchased with a particular functionality in mind though...BUT...I need to live with the rooms for a while with my current furniture to analyze what would be a better fit. And usually...I don't live somewhere long enough to truly go through that process. LOL. I don't know if I mentioned that I finally cut my hair? Here's my before... Here's my after... The ends are pretty blunt. I didn't do such a great job with the whole point cutting. There was just so much length to take off...it was a challenge. But I left myself some room to have a go at it again sooner not later. I'm thinking to get some of those thinning shears and do some clean up work. It took me long enough to work my way through my mass of hair...my arms were getting tired LOL!! And the other thing that is happening is that with all the excess weight on my hair removed...and all the humidity...my natural wave is coming back...so my attempt at layers looks like the don't in the Youtube videos because they look choppy as the stick out at the different points of the wave...even though my layers are slightly better than that appearance...my hair isn't cooperating with my skills...hence the new angle for the after photo. My hair looks healthier though and that's good. It also looks very dark and that's not lovely. Ah well. Laurie...glad you have been inspired for your house projects! I think the enthusiasm comes in waves and you have to ride them out when you have it. I've been getting focused on organizing and cleaning and sorting and dealing with stuff a bit more than actual home improvement. I think I'm just about to the point where I can comfortably start up on the yoga room. I don't want to get so bogged down in the home improvement work that the normal household functions suffer. That usually happens but I don't want it too... So today is laundry day. I need to go grocery shopping and do some things in the kitchen. DH brought home a flounder from his fishing! That was very exciting and we learned something new. Flounder are weird fish...their biological makeup is atypical but we figured it out. We still need to get a proper filet knife...so we ended up grilling the fish whole. It was amazing. There's nothing like fresh fish.
  12. Omg Melody I drove home from work in the blizzard. It was AWFUL. We lived in Loveland and I worked in Longmont. My normal drive was about 35 minutes but it took me 2.5-3 hours to drove home. It was white out conditions...all anyone could really see were the red taillights of the car in front of them as we creeped slowly along. We got 31 inches up around us.
  13. I love that color on that dress...but I'm not shopping for clothing right now. All my focus is on things for the house. I'm trying to strike the balance between making the things I already own work...specifically furniture, and what, if anything is something I will buy new and specific for our new home. I'm debating a huge splurge right now. I know I talked about getting a huge coffee table that could be used for puzzles and games and all sorts of things. But I'm changing that to a "normal" dining table idea. I've had my Grandmother's formal dining room table now for about 20 years. I have used and slightly abused that lovely double pedestal mahogany table...for instance, I didn't like traditional high chairs and I found this travel version that hung off and clamped to a table and that was DS' "high chair"...and yes...it hung off my Grandmother's table. LOL. It was our everyday table when we first got it. It fit fine in our one and only dining room in our first house. I love the double pedestals...made the table very sturdy and also, with the leaves especially, I could PACK people around that table...and I appreciate that concept. DH has 3 sisters...and when we have hosted the family at various times, with the sisters being in various stages of single, engaged, married...with and without kids...I was able to get everyone around that table. I changed up the seating during the last time that I hosted DH's family for a holiday meal. We owned a huge 52" round bar height table in our next to the kitchen dining space. It easily sat 6. And so I divided up the seating between that table and the formal dining room table...mixing up who sat where with each course. The constant was DH's parents in the dining room. The kitchen was the buffet...dinner was in 3 courses. Soups and salads for round one. Then round two was the main meal...and the seating groups changed. Then round 3 was dessert and that was all over the house...eat it when you want it...sit wherever you want, including holding your plate while on the couch if you please. I got to sit at both tables over the course of the night and I can say without any doubt at all that the round table in the more casual area was way more fun than the rectangular table in the formal dining room. No surprise there really...but it's good to confirm. We sold that bar height table because it was way too big for our loft in NC. Also, we were tired of the bar height and the way our legs worked in the chairs AND the bar stools with the swivel action were getting worn out...the swivel action wasn't working well. I didn't want to replace the bar stools and so, we sold the whole thing. But NOW...I'm looking at 52" minimum dining tables for the gathering room. I'm really picky about what I want though. I think I've found a table that fits the bill on Etsy. What I want isn't easily found in any furniture store that I can see...but there's a shop in MO that makes a gorgeous table that I'm considering. Quite the splurge though. Has every one seen The Holiday? The movie with Diaz and Winslet and they switch houses over the Christmas holiday? So Diaz's house in LA...the kitchen area with the table off to the side which is the scene for the Hanukkah party...I LOVE that seating. This is my inspiration idea for my gathering room: My kitchen isn't this open at this time...not sure if it ever will be...it all depends on whether or not the new walk in pantry and the subsequent new cabinet next to it can accommodate all the glassware in the cabinets on the wall that I would take down to open up the kitchen...LOL. BUT...this is a gathering space that doesn't have as much living space as my gathering space has. But this space has the feel that I like so much... Anyway... Sharon...thank you! We are really pleased with how the ceiling came out. And you can see the new wall color as well. I finally installed the vinyl roll up blinds and did pick out a fabric for those to cover them, but haven't made time to do that yet. There's still a few baskets of items to go through and sort before the room could be called done for now. LOL. The painting of the louvered closet doors has been pushed far down the priority list.
  14. Melody...nice idea...but there are mask guidelines. Shields may be worn if there is a mask worn under. Masks cover the nose and mouth, are secured (neck gaiters don't qualify) and tight fitting under the chin. I made the one mask that is secured but just hangs down in front and isn't secured under the chin.
  15. Here's an odd reaction...you know I LOVE the color of that top Melody! LOL I sure hope that the repair worked and you don't have to go through a homeowner's claim. After a prodding text from me...I got word that DS is all moved into his flat! That is...everything has been moved from his flatmate's family home (including DS's stuff that ended up there after this same friend moved all DS's things out of his hall room) over to the flat. And DS is doing some shopping to get some vital items like extension cords... But that's all I got. Oh. And one photo that shows a bunch of stuff in the reception room. (That's what they call the living space over there). I'm taking this as the classic, no news is good news and that DS is so wrapped up in living his great day that he can't be bothered to broadcast it...which is good actually. It makes me happy which is good, because I'm a bit sad to tell the truth. DH had his meeting today and got approval to bring his team back to semi-full time work on site. So...no more virtual work over here. The only compromise is that the onsite work will only be M-Th. I get to overhear everything and I know that based on the nature of the contract, his multi-functional team was getting a designated work space to bring everyone together. They are only starting with 27 people on site and the work space is oversized for that number to accommodate the future growth that should happen in a few months. Meanwhile...the distancing will be greater than 6', masks will be required full time unless eating or drinking, even when at their own desks in their own cubicles. It's all very well thought out and no one wants to compromise safety. We joke and call DH Safety Man and so I know that he is doing everything within his ability to create a safe work environment. The anticipation is that this will all start up in two weeks or so...right when classes begin for DS. So the new normal has arrived for my family. I'm sad that I'll be alone again at home...BUT...at the same time...it feels good to have life feel like it's getting more and more settled and away from this feeling of suspension as we wait for how things might shake out in the year of COVID. I've got a stash of single use masks that I purchased but I do want to make some masks for DH. The single use have no accommodation for DH's facial hair...it's like hat head but somehow it's on his face and he gets this ridge in his goatee when he wears the masks...I'm slightly concerned that wearing the masks for a work day will put some sort of permanent wave into he beard area. LOL.
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