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  1. Sharon...the sellers are doing the work on the kitchen and baths. They've been in the house for 20 years and never did any updating. The pictures were a real turn off but because of the layout, we pursued the house. Then come to find out, in the agent notes on the listing...the sellers had already planned a lot of updating, but their listing agent put pictures up and started marketing well before the sellers had really wanted her to. I got to see what the seller plans are, and the new appliances had been installed, but now there should have been more work done! I'm excited to see it!
  2. cruise kitty...cute outfit! We’re you the one that ordered the something Jam brand name masks? Is that one of them? Like your hat too...so essential at the shore. We’ve decided to not go back to the coast for the launch. We had thought that the midweek launch might be slightly less crowded but it was so bad traffic wise, getting there and back. It’s just not worth it, and since we’re going to be moving there...it just seems like too much effort for the return...just to say we were there. Ah well. Ive never heard of those packets. When I’m doing my best, I do try to drink water with something more in it, just because it seems to go right through me without actually helping with hydration if there’s no substance to it. Lemons. Limes. Ginger slices. Cucumbers. It’s like bringing a spa home...I haven’t been too many times, but spa water is always flavored.
  3. Maria and Sally...I’ll be sure to mention the attic to the home inspector. We’re having a very thorough inspection done. Takes over 3 hours. I’m excited because I’ll be able to see the house again at the end of the inspection. Hoping the new kitchen cabinets and countertops are in. I’ll get to see the deglazing of the tile in the baths too. Maria, I lived in Houston when Ike hit and we had rats in the attic. I was sitting in the dining room and vaguely heard some sound but when the cats came into the room staring up at the ceiling...I knew it was a new noise. That side of the house was single story. DH got out his shot gun and walked around the house to see if someone had gotten onto the roof! He’s walking around like a Louis L’Amour hero...walking outside and doing the chick chick that is pumping the shotgun to announce his armed state. lol. Turns out, the rats and other varmints were having a field day all over as a lovely side effect of Ike. I now understand that those little black boxes in various places are rodent treatment. Anyway...I’ll look up the restaurant. I’m happy for any and all info. So, you are a snowbird? I don’t mean that in any derogatory way...idk if it’s a negative term now. I’m not like that. We’ll be in Titusville which strikes me as a bit less touristy. We were also looking at Cocoa (not the beach) as both cities have decent major roads for the commute back to Orlando. We looked at Mims too, but that was just a little too country for us. Laurie...you mentioned missing having the neighborhood for social reasons...and that was my big concern with our want for some land. I’m home during the day and didn’t want to feel isolated in a bad way. Our neighbors are a lot of original owners. Older. Yes...I am one of those people and yes, I stalked the neighbors. There aren’t many sales in the neighborhood and I had a concern about whether or not the houses were owner occupied or rentals. Thankfully, I couldn’t find a single rental on the immediate streets. I’m hoping for more stability and the opportunity to have some sort of relationship with my neighbors. I’m not wanting a bunch of turnover. Its a good warning about the attraction of rats but I’m still putting in fruit trees. But I’ll read up on that and see if there’s anything I can do to minimize the attraction. There’s pros and cons to everything and it’s good to be aware of both.
  4. Laurie...We don't have an HOA. I've lived with HOAs and it hasn't been horrible. In fact, the community amenities were nice, but we didn't take advantage of them enough to justify the cost and the restriction. We determined with the last house that we would prefer to not be accountable to an HOA. It's not easy to find a decent no HOA neighborhood around here, but I feel like we found one where pride of ownership was shining through. For colors...I think it really depends on the house and the rooms. Our master bedroom is a dark room. I think it has NE exposure, so it should get a bit of morning light but my impression of it when we toured the house was that it was a dark room. When DH and I were looking at the paint chips and we came to the collection with Riverway in it, we were like which one do you like? We both liked the same one, and I literally said, "Let's embrace the cave." Mom found this guy, Jacob Owens, who is like the Curt of home color. He offers consulting services based on photographs of your home to help you pick out paint colors based on the colors that are already in your room. So, for our future open concept kitchen and great room, for instance, he would look at the rock on the fireplace, the color of the kitchen cabinets, the countertop and the flooring. He would analyze the colors and the undertones of the colors and the room exposure (which direction the light comes from). He has a blog and he talks about color a lot. He's more of a video blogger than a writer blogger. We had picked out Riverway before finding his review: https://jacobowensdesigns.com/blogs/news/benjamin-moore-sea-salt-color-review But to get a good feel for what he does to really analyze colors...this is a good video to watch, if you're interested: https://jacobowensdesigns.com/blogs/news/benjamin-moore-sea-salt-color-review With the Sea Salt video, he really gets into more information about undertones. I think it's good information for anyone interested in color really. Because it's something that we all deal with if we are trying to dress in our best colors. So back to colors...I think the house style in Florida really makes a difference. Jacob Owens did say in the Riverway video that if you have a dark room, no amount of light paint will make it a lighter room. A lot of Florida houses have light filled rooms that are conducive to having the lighter colors...but that's not true of every room. My bedroom furniture is dark. I have my Grandmother and Granddad's bureaus...they are mahogany with a red undertone. Our big wooden bed is a dark wood that coordinates well. I like white and white background sheets, so that brings in some contrast. My heavier cooler weather bed spread is dark...my lighter weight bed spread is buttercream mellow yellow. Our last few bedrooms have been really light...we're looking forward to some better sleep in a darker room, actually. The great room, though...I think we'll be going lighter in there. Our living furniture is colored...aqua and rust actually. I have dark wood tables and just a few lighter pieces...but only the one Ikea chair pad is white..and I've been wanting to change that! I understand the concern about the stairs. It can get old to live with stairs, but when you are used to them, it isn't a big deal. From 12/2000 to 7/2017 we lived in homes where we dealt with stairs. The houses were either two stories, or the one apartment was on the third floor...so...still a lot of dealing with stairs. When we got the loft apartment in Winston though...and had an elevator and didn't have to deal with stairs...and now this apartment on the ground floor...the thought of dealing with stairs again...UGH. I wanted a single story. Some of that was because I didn't want to deal with air conditioning woes on the second floor... DH and I bought scaffolding today. LOL. Our first purchase related to being home owners again. The great room has a cathedral ceiling and we knew we didn't want to deal with just a ladder to get up there on the walls. There was a good sale and so we went ahead and got it! We definitely want to get the great room and the master painted before we officially move in...but everything else and all other projects can wait. We may be planning with an eye to future changes but we are prepared to just live with the interior the way it is for a while. We are very enthused to do the outdoor projects. We have so many things we want to do in the yard.
  5. geocruiser...Yes! Space Coast here we come! We like being closer to the coast. We've calculated that DH's commute will be similar to what he currently has (or had, back when he wasn't working from home!). We're also wondering if there will be some accommodation made with his work with staggered hours and/or work days combined with working from home. No clue as of yet, but regardless...we do enjoy the coast A LOT and so we're headed in that direction. Very exciting! slidergirl...I am slightly obsessed with tiny houses. I want one bad. Or VanLife. I'm all over that as well. We do have an idea of having a sort of home base...and having a van that lives somewhere else. If money were no object...we would equip a van to our preference and then we would start taking a cross country road trip. Stopping at points of interest along the way and "living there for a week or two" and then storing the van and flying home. Then we would just keep flying back and forth to the van as we made our way slowly but surely, picking points of interest to stop for extended times along the way. Eventually making our way to Washington state and hoping on the Marine highway with the ferry to take the van up and along the Alaska coast and eventually in Alaska where it might permanently live and we would literally just keep going to Alaska for a few weeks at a time, taking our van where we want. You know...when we win the lottery. LOL.
  6. slidergirl...LOL. That's so funny. I think I'm getting more of the UK and Europe influence with DS going to school over there. Also...just interest on my part over the years. People across the pond generally think American interest in such things happening in houses is slightly comical because most residences are so old over there...it's highly unlikely that someone HASN'T died or had something not wonderful happen in them after generations and generations...LOL. DH and I have prayed over and "prayer walked" every home before we move in. At some point along the journey, we got anointing oil and we literally bless all the thresholds and anoint them as well. Sharon...my GreatGrandma lived in Riverside County. I used to spend a long visit every summer with her. Back in the day when your mom could literally walk you onto an airplane and your grandma could basically pick you up at the gate, I would even fly by myself down to the Orange County airport. Haven't been in years...this was when you would walk down the stairs on wheels and across the tarmac to get from the plane to the airport. We would drive down Pee-you road, where there were stinky stock yards on either side to get to and from the airport and her home. Grandma didn't use the air conditioner in the car much and we would stick our heads out the windows and yell...P-U! LOL. IDK if I will aim for total organic. I have inherited a feed the soil not the plant mentality from Mom, and I do believe that I can make the effort to use as few unwelcome chemicals as possible...but when it comes down to it, I'm going to allow myself the space to learn and use whatever tools I can to get the job done and then seek improvement. DH's degree is Chemical Engineering and as he says...everything is a chemical...and he laughs at the thought of "natural" chemicals being best in ingredients lists as some "natural" chemicals are extremely toxic and harsh. I think I'll have a balanced approach and try to not make life too difficult for myself, but seek to continue the way I keep my house with the way I'll keep the garden. It's like, I know how to make my own vinegar-based window cleaner...and I do sometimes, and sometimes I just buy Method brand...but I have a serious acid-based toilet bowl cleaner. LOL. I've been playing a lot with the various picture in my room abilities of paint and flooring brands. I think it's no surprise that DH and I both are gravitating toward Earth colors. We have landed on the color Riverway for our bedroom. Mom discovered Instagram as a source for seeing colors, etc., in action...here's Riverway. I think of it as a muted teal. https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/sherwinwilliamsriverway/?hl=en
  7. slidergirl...IDK how familiar you are with the area? It sounds like you have friends here and visit? We weren't on a bridge...we were in a park along US 1 that is right there along the waterfront. Cars were double-parked all along the one side and every inch of available lawn landscaping and parking on the other side...double and triple parked...OMG. That's why I said it was chaos. We arrived just before 4, desperate for a bathroom... We managed to find a workable situation there that wasn't too scary...and in fact, was pretty darn good, all things considered. Then I managed to squeeze the car in front of another one at a corner, with probably less than ideal space between the front and the corner? But enough for the conditions! LOL. Late arrival...we were poised well for a decent getaway...but with that many people...the traffic was significant. IDK if we'll go back on Saturday? Or how we'll work it this weekend. DH and I haven't talked about it. We'll see...
  8. We drove to Titusville and back...so many people. So many cars parked wherever they could be parked. It was street festival chaos! Really fun atmosphere though. We managed to park the car and be at the same park we were at for the night launch last summer. So disappointed that it was canceled due to lightning. Ah well. We stayed well separated from everyone...my feet were at the water and we found some rocks to sit on in the brush LOL. It felt like groups were together and kind of sort of maintaining some distance...kinda? Ah well. Traffic was horrible but I always enjoy spending time with DH.
  9. I can only have 4 chickens. But I still look forward to it. I expect to have stories and fun as a result. DH and I have talked for a long time about having some serious land and having more animals, etc. And so the idea here is to just be able to get a taste of what that would really be like. Would we really want that or not? I will definitely be FARMER Anita! One of my best friends in high school lived in a neighborhood where every house had a name. It was a another large lot neighborhood, but most lots were at least one acre. Her house was named "Thimble Farm". I've always loved that name. I've been thinking about naming our home and writing about our adventures. I have a book of landscaping ideas (pages taken from magazines) that I have saved since our first house. DH and I are really looking forward to the yard projects. Sally, you know how many chickens she has? 5 acres is a good size. I figure that cleaning the coop isn't lovely...but I've never been involved with chickens at all. Even Mom has on the Texas family farm...she was sharing some stories. Margaret, there's actually a prohibition against breeding and slaughtering chickens on a single family use lot. You can keep them, but no rooster. And no mixed fowl. So...you can't also have geese, for instance. Melody...attack geese! Are there any other kind? Geese...are SO. MEAN. Especially the Canadian Geese...mean hissers! Sharon...are you northern or southern CA? I grew up in the Bay Area...went away to Texas for college and never went back to live in CA. I found a very informative blog written by a Florida growing enthusiast. It's where I first found this idea of an food producing forest. Basically...you plan your "forest" with the canopy, the lower trees, the shrubs, the herbs, etc. All the different layers...but you plan them as food producing plants. For instance, a pecan tree could be the canopy layer...etc. Anyway...this is an experiment that I want to research more because I have two huge mature oak trees on property...under them the lawn is, of course, struggling, and I wanted to underplant them anyway. I have no idea what may work but I'm going to research to see what may grow. The yard is big enough and there are very sunny areas enough...I definitely plan to plant some fruit trees. It's one of the reasons why we wanted such a big lot. Sally...definitely be picky. The time I spent writing down my thoughts was good for me. Writing helps me sort thoughts. When you get such a clear vision, it makes it so much easier to sort through what is on the market. So many houses hit the market with the easing of the restrictions...I expect that will continue as the backlog of people who wanted to list their homes waited. We did have to sign a COVID release to go see the house in person...that was new and different...
  10. LOL!! Yes it is. There are others that have had similar experiences. I'm 48 and the longest I've lived under one roof is 4-4.5 years...high school years. Technically, I went home one more summer after going away to college...but I wasn't really living there at that time, though it was my permanent address. I have a weird memory for houses, or rather my home. I can recall layouts for places very well. I have 30 different homes where I have lived in my memory, including 2 different dorm rooms. I feel like the experience has really helped me to know what is important, what is nice, and what may SEEM nice but really isn't all that. Different features are more and less important at different times in life...It's hard to keep emotions out of house hunting, but after all this time...we really wanted to make the most informed decision we could, I guess. If you're around in November...we should meet up!!
  11. Thanks everyone for the well wishes and congratulations! It is very exciting. @slidergirl This will actually be our fourth home. IDK that it's so interesting but because I'm feeling chatty...our first home was just outside Wichita, KS. We were really hoping to have found the house before DS arrived and we found a new construction house, closed just before the end of the year and were able to have New Year's Eve in our first house. DS was born Jan 17. Thank God for good friends! who helped us move...especially since I couldn't do much. The yard was 100% dirt only and I designed the front yard and DH and I installed it. We had a drainage issue with a low point on our property instead of the property line, so we made a dry creek bed from the gutter and the sump pump drain out to the front curb and when it rained it would actually flow. We also finished a huge living area and two bedrooms in the basement. Our second house was another new construction house in Lenexa, KS. That one was basically finished but we got to pick out all the lighting, the stain color for the wood floor, and the carpet. Other things were already selected. We were only in that house for 6 months. Then we decided to fully do a new construction build in Fort Worth. We picked out the floor plan and the lot and EVERYTHING. We even snuck out in the middle of the night and installed insulation in the garage right before the dry wall so that we could have an insulated garage. (didn't want to pay the builder for the option). We didn't close on that house after it was all said and done and lost our earnest money because we felt like we were going to be moving again...and we did...down to Houston area. There we decided to buy an older house in a more established neighborhood that feed one of the best elementary schools in the area. It was a project house to the extent that the flooring had all been updated but the walls and the wet areas were otherwise in serious need of help. The owner, original, had a thing for accent walls and wall paper in the wet areas. That was a mess because we bought right before the big economic downturn. DH ended up getting a different job and we were still in the middle of fixing up the house. There was a huge hole in the ceiling from where we had taken down the "peek a boo" cabinet between the kitchen and the breakfast "nook". And the kitchen walls looked like a disaster zone because only the wallpaper was removed without any further work done yet. DH ended up commuting 120 miles RT for over 2 years. That house ended up becoming a rental and several years later we were able to sell it, finally...we lived outside Atlanta at the time. We never wanted to own more than one house at a time, we couldn't even, and by the time that house sold, DS was headed for 8th grade. It was like...hmmm...did we really want to buy then? We didn't love where we were living enough to think about settling down there and the house we would want to live in with DS at home is not necessarily the house we would want with him gone. So we continued to rent for our primary residence. Since college, when you expect to move every year, that'd be 1994, I've lived and worked in 18 different kitchens. Yes, that's 18 different residences. Point being...DH and I have had deep conversations about how we want our home to be working in our favor for the life that we are hoping to have. We even bought a journal and DH had me journaling about what was really important to me in house. It was a great exercise. It really helped us weed through all the houses on the market to narrow it down to what is really important. This isn't an easy thing because we basically have no guidelines except what we want...no need to worry about school district, etc. We'll see what happens with the weather and the launch. We're totally planning on heading over there, but we'll see. We went over there for the first night time launch last summer and that's the one and only launch we've seen so far. This will be the first manned launch in forever...I totally wouldn't miss it! Has everyone read this very informative and helpful post? https://www.erinbromage.com/post/the-risks-know-them-avoid-them We were eating at Rusty's in PC. DS and I first went there when one of his friends was staying with us and DH was out of town. We went to Jetty Park and were totally in the mood for seafood. We went to Rusty's and ate on the waterfront deck with the live musician...and the dolphins and the pelicans...I just love that atmosphere and love to go there. It's a special occasion kind of place because it can be $$$$. Melody...absolutely...it is the norm, that things take twice as long and cost twice as much as you might expect. Not always, but usually. Especially when you are dealing with NOT new construction. pacruise...I know I'll be wearing work/moving clothes...but there are degrees. KWIM? I can be a total mess and slob, or I could be a messy bun worker. LOL. I want to look sensible...appropriate...but not totally junked out. Margaret...we have to get a few things sorted before we can actually get the chickens. For instance, we have to have a coop, county code. And we really need to sort out the yard situation and what will go where. We recently rewatched the Chip and JoAnna building the family garden episode. I love that idea of the chicken run around the raised be garden. The coop in that is also incredible. There's upkeep involved with chickens, obvi, DH did some preliminary reading on chickens in general but we need to dive deep to make sure we cover our bases and do it well. Sharon...DS's future flat mate has actually started looking for flats. At least, researching the market. The key is to get near a Tube station on a direct line. DS says that his friend doesn't have a good monitor, etc., and he has told him that he could use his so that's some incentive for the friend to help him out by cleaning out his room, but that hasn't happened yet.
  12. Sally...we don't know anything about the UK is doing right now regarding the universities and the fall. They have eased up on the lockdown restrictions and so those who have left their belongings in their rooms (in the university halls) are able to go back now and remove their belongings. DS will be relying on a parent of friends and that friend to get his stuff because no one drives in the UK...none of his UK friends have licenses and so it will be a joint effort there. Fortunately, he has made good friends and met the parents and so feels comfortable asking for such help. He was already planning on getting a flat with a friend and so that friend is likely to be the one to help us out with his stuff. We have until the end of the contract which is sometime in later June. But as I said...no word on what the deal is with the fall. Currently, he could go back over there but he would deal with a 14-quarantine upon arrival...we'll see how that works out as the summer progresses. We're thinking that he won't be able to help much in the hunt for a flat and will be relying heavily on his friend/future flat mate. It is what it is. I'm just glad that he is a social man and has made good friends. He had a Zoom party the other night with a bunch of first years. They call them B1s for Bachelor of Music freshmen. From Singapore to all over...they all got on and had a good time. That was fun to overhear. Meanwhile...we bought a house over the weekend! LOL. I can't believe it. We've been renting for 10 years or so. It'll be quite the change. I'm slightly anxious about the whole thing but everything has fallen into place in such a way that it feels like a divine appointment. We'll be closing escrow July 7 so we'll have from then until the end of lease August 21 to do a bit of work before we move all our stuff over. We're planning for painting, etc., things that make sense to do in an empty house. I'm super excited. The big points are that we our half acre minimum...which was a requirement for a single family residence use to be able to have any chickens. We get to have 4 chickens by county code. LOL. And no HOA to tell us we can't! Woot woot. So here we go moving again. I've been thinking about what to wear, etc., thinking about how I'll be meeting neighbors for the first time, etc., and caring about the impression I make, especially since ownership means that we will be around these neighbors indefinitely. OMG.
  13. Laurie..I hope you can get the itches sorted. That's a big achievement to maintain your weight loss for 3 years! A big congrats on that. It's crazy...but I didn't realize that much time has passed. I always think of you with red so not surprised at all that your wardrobe is red heavy in places. I do think that it is easier to distinguish the character of red when you have a bunch of them together though. You are red. Margaret is blue/teal. I'm green. Melody is anything bright. LOL. I sort my clothing by colors too after sorting by style first. I have a really hard time with shorts. I know it's a function of the weight distribution on my body, so especially now...I have trouble with shorts, but even before. I think I look best with a slimmer almost tapered just above the knee or a looser but fairly short short. That mid thigh length is no good...it cuts my body into a weird proportion. I have two pairs of shorts. One pair is good...the other is exactly what you said. They are khaki and they fit and they were on clearance... Happy belated Birthday...I haven't posted in a while. Sounds like you had a great birthday. One to not forget for sure. Melody...your daughters kitchen looks very on trend. They definitely made good use of the stay at home order. Every time I drove past a Lowe's/Home Depot the parking lots were always full. I think that was definitely something many were doing. I put in quartz in our Houston house, I loved it. M...love that top! It's so you! And very spring/summer like! We broke our restaurant dining "fast" yesterday. Headed out to our fave waterfront dining place in PC. The weather was quite warm. We ate outside on the waterfront deck. The tables are all spaced out. Most items are single use (menus, condiments). The restaurant trafficked so that it is one way in and a different way out. The servers in masks and wearing gloves. For real...it wasn't that different from every other time we have been there. I wore my most comfy sundress...I also had worn it on our February cruise. It's a good style for me. I'm thinking about trying to make a pattern out of this dress. It is sleeveless, has false henley-similar buttons down the front with pleating across the front and the upper back and a really nice A-line effect where the pleating is released under the bust. I appreciate this dress so much because it fits so well under the arm pit too. It's hard to see the purple in my hair...it's in the fading out phase. Going through a kind of red/violet pink like color and a bit silvery. If you stare, you can see it in the braids. Still debating what to do with my hair...lately I've been playing more and more with braids. I find that I'm needing to do more maintenance with this long hair. Things like sleeping in braids, etc to keep it from getting so tangled...or caught under my armpit in my sleep. Nothing like being woken up by yourself because your hair get caught by your own body and your movement forces your head back. LOL.
  14. Hey Lois, don't know if you already have compression socks...but if you need some (or more), I really like this brand: https://crazycompression.com Super fun colors and designs. And Made in the USA!
  15. That you for the feedback! I do not take your conclusion that Alaska isn't right for you negatively! LOL. I could counter a lot of what you concluded...for instance, Alaska can be very warm, especially inland or just NOT in SE Alaska where most cruise destinations are. People are often surprised at how warm lower temperatures are in Alaska...it's so common that there is a lot of info out there on how the angle of the sun hits the majority of your body, so instead of overhead sun, the sun is actually hitting you sideways and more of your body gets it. It's like laying down in the sun all the time. But the big reason I would agree with your conclusions is that you say your aren't an outdoorsy person...and I think the great outdoors is one of the main reasons to visit Alaska, so if that's not your thing, then I wouldn't think Alaska would be an appealing vacation at all! Millennium has undergone a major dry dock since my review...I've read positives and negatives regarding the "revolution" but have yet to experience it myself. I haven't been on any M-class ship that has been "revolutionized" so don't know about the current state, but I have enjoyed M-class so much. Feb 2022 will be here before you know it...I hope you have a wonderful cruise!
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