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  1. Laurie...very true...and something that we would have done eventually...budgetwise, it is just reprioritizing expenditures...it was just something I was hoping to put off a bit. Sally...I'm actually looking at a Whirlpool model. It has all the features that I could ever want. So I've flipped from a no frills fridge idea to getting the most decked out fridge. LOL.
  2. cruzisme...happy housiversary!! Townhouses can be great...we contemplated that for a bit but I didn't want to deal with stairs and most here are two stories. I also wanted more light and the ones here end up dark. But especially if you have some nice communities features...although some of those area closed now with the whole situation. But our apartment complex had opened back up the amenities. I don't want to give the wrong impression...our sellers were awesome and really good people. They just didn't pay attention to the contract and the washer and dryer had been written in. With all the DocuSign documents...they didn't notice the written in line (even though it was in the first paragraph of the contract...) but they had lived in this house for 20 years so it'd been a while since they had dealt with any real estate contracts...whatever. I said stackables but I meant stacked. I want to go vertical in the laundry room to free up the floor space... So we hit up Lowes and Home Depot and just looked and looked at the fridges...then scrapped the idea of not getting the water and ice maker and just looked at features and I found a really awesome fridge. It's not cheap...and it makes me nervous to buy because my expectations are higher for performance...and all the features...more stuff to break and go wrong...but DH is repeatedly talking about how I deserve great tools and good things for the things I enjoy and I do love to cook....and have been frustrated a lot with kitchen assets, I guess you could call them... Its storming here right now so a good time to hole up and research. In Home Depot, the worker said that appliances have a huge lead time right now because of all the shut downs because of COVID.
  3. Well we are rocking right along with the whole moving situation. There are a couple hiccups that have happened... First, the washer and dryer had been included in the contract. But the sellers packed up the washer and donated the dryer. To perform under contract they got a "new" pair from a used appliance place. They bought a front loader washer, which I HATE, and it is the typical grimy with mold all in the door gasket. I could replace the gasket for $50 but I have no idea how difficult that is. The dryer is a gas dryer and it makes me nervous because I could smell gas after it stopped running. SO...feeling like I need to buy a washer and dryer... Also, when the kitchen work was being completed, they moved the fridge and there was a leak under it. The house was checked to make sure it wasn't structural, but it ended up being the fridge, which was bought used in 2000...and the repair isn't cheap. SO...feeling like I need to buy a fridge... The difficulty is that no one makes a fridge that is what I want. 😞 I remember when it became a big deal for water and ice to be in a fridge...but I don't want it. Do you know how hard it is to find a fridge WITHOUT an ice maker? I would actually prefer a straight up freezer less fridge but those are hard to find as well that are freestanding with decent capacity. For the laundry, which is a smaller walkthrough room from the garage...I'm looking into going vertical with the machines to make room for a deep freeze. I could put a freezer in the garage, but I think it would be better in the house. The garage is hot. I don't want a front loader washer alone, so I'm looking at all-in-ones and stackables. It should be fun to shop but instead it is just frustrating... Meanwhile...DH busted out the ceiling in the master and yesterday in a matter of hours, he scrapped off the popcorn ceiling. Frankly, it was disgusting...the effect of the ceiling fan was readily apparent with a rim of dirt lodged in the popcorn. And between the evening before and yesterday evening...the wallpaper on the one wall is also GONE! We're trying to keep moving forward by doing a bit of work each day. Today we're thinking about doing the texture on the ceiling. Definitely doing the cleaning on the wallpaper wall...getting the last little doobers. Still debating what texture we are going to do on the ceiling. I don't want anything too heavy texture-wise... Fortunately, the ceiling is only 8' tall so it is not going to be too much of a hassle...
  4. I'm in my house now! We're going to do the move in phases. We have until August 21 to get out of the apartment. We also had rented a single garage on the property so our first load was to move everything in the garage as well as mattresses as desks. The interiors of the 4Runners were used to move computers, a tv, stereo, etc. I went back for one more load to get kitty and some kitchen stuff. I'm debating if I'm going to go back this morning/today to get more kitchen or not. I'm physically feeling a bit tired...a bit stiff...I've definitely NOT been doing much physical activity lately and all this bending and lifting and shifting is waking my body up. It's a good thing, I think.
  5. Lois...I had a faucet in that style in our apartment, IDK the brand though. The thing that was really annoying was that the switch to change it from spray to stream wouldn't operate well at all. I think it would get stuck with deposits from the hard water. I would unscrew the faucet and soak the head in CLR but that wouldn't help too much. What finally worked was realizing that you had to smack the faucet like you were giving it a spanking. Hold the button and give it a good whack and it would work better. Also, the washer design was terrible and the washer would "fall" in the interior of the faucet head and every once in a while, I'd have to unscrew the head part to be able to push the washer back into place. I'd know there was a problem because water would be seeping or dripping from the top of that head as well as coming out the head. HOPEFULLY, yours will work much better but just sharing in case you run into issues. And maybe pay attention to the plumber, or ask, so that you are comfortable unscrewing that faucet head from the assembly. It's not a big deal.
  6. My fave bug repellent is from Alpenglow...I even really like the smell. And it goes on like a body oil...no greasy feeling though because skin absorbs it. Just a good blend of essential oils and good carrier oils. https://www.alpenglowskincare.com/products/alaskas-best-insect-repellent We closed today! Easy peasy. I had wired the funds yesterday to the title company. So much easier to wire these days...I remember having to go in person to the bank and written authorization, etc...but now you can just do the whole thing online. For my bank, selecting wire transfer has a default destination of title company and alternative selection of external account. I guess there is a lot of wire fraud out there though, so getting the proper wire info from the title company is the hard part. The won't email it...you have to call or go in person. Anyway... We met our Realtor at the house for the last walk through. She used the lockbox key to get the house key and in the house were the garage door openers and other door keys for the house. The guys were finishing up the kitchen cabinets. I was able to be there for when they put the hardware on so I was able to tell them exactly how I wanted the hardware installed! That was cool! I told the lead guy what I wanted and he gave me a funny look. Really? Yes, really... I had them install everything horizontal. And the drawer pulls are towards the top of each drawer, not centered. All the pulls are in the same direction and they are closer to the edges and so they disappear a bit more and I think it looks more streamlined. I was happy to have that opportunity to give my input! At closing, we wore our masks. Hand sanitizer upon entering and then we went into the front conference room. It was DH and I and our Realtor. There was a large tv screen and a laptop set up...and then the title representative basically did a video conference with us. She shared her screen to mirror each page that we were signing and going through. It was well done. She didn't have to be in the room with us but she was still there telling us about each stupid page...LOL! And we could all sit there without our masks on in the room. Masks back on after signing when the exec asst came in to make copies for us and then to deliver them to us. It was all very COVID. And the interesting page that we have had to sign repeatedly through out the process was an affirmation that COVID has not had a negative impact on our income and that our income, as represented by our historical paperwork, W2s and tax returns, and most recent paychecks is still accurate. So anyway...I'm a happy home owner again!
  7. Fun Lois! I'd be curious to hear how the brushed nickel holds up. We have chrome in this apartment and the water is SO hard...I've never seen chrome discolor the way that it does here in Florida. I've never lived with water so hard, I guess. Or is it something else in the water here? IDK... For the house we're buying, the sellers reglazed the tiles and tub in the bathrooms. They had planned to put a new surface on the vanity tops too but they are so cracked the person said that it would ruin them because the acrylic would get into the cracks and expand and create more cracks. Most of the faucets are original to the house though...so over 30 years old LOL. The bathrooms are on our list for redo eventually...but one thing at a time. High on the list is to replace the shower head in the master though... Melody...sounds like those zoodles must have been off... Kat? slidergirl...love the Bennie....that's one of my faves. I can't make Hollandaise sauce well...but I have the cookbook that this sauce recipe is in: https://www.drweil.com/diet-nutrition/recipes/eggs-florentine-orange-dill-sauce/ And it is fantastic and easy, and better than Hollandaise to me. You can substitute olive oil for the butter. I've used fresh squeezed orange juice...but I've also used tangerines or whatever other orange colored citrus I have. And I've used dried dill. I love Cholula sauce too!
  8. Melody...under cabinet lighting is really nice. I selected that for a kitchen in Kansas. I had selected Xenon lighting, I think? Both LED and Xenon were newer at that time, but Xenon was warmer in color. Most of the LEDs at that time were the freakish blue. I think Xenon fell off the planet though...I never hear about it and for real, I'm not even sure if I remember the name correctly. That's another thing that the sellers did. I couldn't see the old fluorescent lighting that is actually ABOVE the cabinets. It was hidden by the old oversized crown molding on the cabinets. With the new cabinet face, the old light fixtures showed a bit and the seller decided to go buy new low profile LED lighting to replace the old fluorescent lighting that was there. He totally didn't have to do that...and yet, he did. It's little things like this that are just making us feel so grateful to have found this house and work with these sellers. Sorry your kitchen project won't be until September. Time goes by so fast though... I'm already thinking about uni starting up again in the fall. DS has to get over to London with enough time to quarantine before the year gets under way so that means leaving in August. That's next month! UGH! Laurie...that's a beautiful dress. The neckline is similar to one that I got from Chico's a while back and it is a bra nightmare for me. I don't have any strapless bras though... So duh. The pictures are confusing for me though...that action shot of the dress makes it appear to be fuller on the bottom than the still shots appear to be. The still shots make it feel like a sheathe dress but it get a bit of Aline/swing with the action shot. I don't like a full swing dress...too much fabric, but the sheathe style is not the most flattering on me. I also haven't seen that movie. Is it older? We've been watching a couple movies that friends talked about. The first was a bust...OMG...maybe if you read the book, then the ending made more sense but it seemed to be a lame ending and DH and I were both like...HUH? It was The Ninth Gate. Then we watched Dead Zone with Christopher Walken...and that was a good one. LOVE Christopher Walken and it was something else to see such a young Walken in the movie.
  9. IDK how you made the zucchini noodles Melody...but I've found that we like those best with a pesto sauce. They are okay with marinara, but really seem best suited to a pesto. When I make them, after I spiralize the zucchini, I put the zoodles in a colander over a bowl, salt the zoodles all over and put them in the fridge to drain for several hours. Then I squeeze out as much juice as possible...then rinse off all the salt and then put them back in the fridge. You want them to dry out a bit. I've prepped the zoodles early in the day, salt till midday, then fridge until dinner...OR...prep in the day and salt until evening and then overnight in the fridge and use the next day. When you crisp them up in the fridge, when you sauté them, they stay really firm and don't get squishy at all. I usually sauté them with plenty of garlic and of course, salt. We like spaghetti squash best for marinara. We also really like the red lentil penne pasta from Trader Joes...but the black bean spiral pasta was awful.
  10. Melody...so do you have this same backsplash? Or do you have a glass tile backsplash? If you have the same exact one...picture!!!
  11. Ok! Hope everyone had a Happy Independence Day! We had a pretty chill day. We got up early for teenagers and went to Cocoa Beach for the day. The park we have been going to didn't have any parking available but the beach access one block down had ONE SPOT left! Woot woot! So we were feeling very proud of ourselves... This area is more of a family area, very few tourists...and everyone was following the mandated 10' distance all around and for real, there really weren't that many people on the beach?! So we had a great day. We close Tuesday on the house and it's just one of those crazy things. The sellers have lived in this house for 20 years and IDK what all the motivation has been but they have done so many extra things...a lot of it was all planned out before the house hit the market but none of this information was available in the listing. The pictures didn't do justice to the house because of the planned updates so we have really been fortunate in our purchase. I will refrain from overwhelming everyone with ALL the details...and just talk about the kitchen and family room. The kitchen is partly open to the family room. The family room is almost like a great room concept except there is no designate dining area, no overhead chandelier...and the family room is quite large (about 20' x 20') with a vaulted ceiling. The cabinets have been refaced with new doors in a neutral white with a shaker style door. I'm excited for the easy to clean cabinet selection! The sellers picked out a newer Corian product which is supposed to have greater stain and scratch resistance. Resilient Technology. Ooo Aah. The cool thing is the look of it...they picked Keystone, which is inspired by the look of concrete. Here's what the countertop looks like in a brochure photo: It's really one note from a distance...and up close... You can kind of see the irregular speckles in it...they range from a kind of cream color to a deep ashy brown color. I'm really happy with the choice. I don't know if I would have picked it out...but I have to say that learning about it, I think it's a really good product and I'm very happy about the idea of how easy it is to refurbish, you basically sand it all and then, bam, it's like new again...and I think that's pretty cool. I do very much like the thought that this is outside of a trend in kitchen design...since it isn't granite or quartz...and also...it's not going to be a bossy thing in the room. Some granites with all the movement of the swirls of the stone, etc., and some other stone counters that are so beautiful with all the different colors can really determine your color scheme. This keystone color is a mousey, taupe, medium dark griege kind of color...and so, I feel like it can be a good team player. I didn't like the backsplash that they had picked out. They had gone for more neutral appeal to broad masses kind of an option and frankly, it didn't appeal to me at all. And so we managed to halt the installation of the backsplash and that is one of the first things that we are going to be able to do ourselves. Install a new backsplash. This is the current forerunner in the backsplash choice: The colors make me think of the ocean...mermaids...abalone. Falling into shades of aqua...with splashes are darker burnt colors and browns...here's a close up: I think the shiny, glossy backsplash will be a nice contrast to the matte countertop. It's glass tile...the kind that is sold on 12x12" sheets of mesh. Right now...this area of the house is very much done in warm, kind of dated feeling color. The room is really big but I think that with the warm color, the walls really come at you. Warm colors move "forward" in perception and cooler color recede...and we are planning on lightening up and cooling off the color in the room. Not to fully cool color. With the vaulted ceiling and the skylights...we're planning on going a shade lighter than that countertop...it should make the stone fireplace pop too. We've picked Sedate Gray: It's a nothing color really...and it is a warm color...and technically it falls in the yellow category for SW, but it will be cooler than the current color for sure. I like colorful furniture...the last time we bought seating, I picked out a sage green couch, a rust colored loveseat and an accent chair with a pattern that included rust, sage, aqua, taupe, brown, etc. I still have the accent chair and the loveseat. My other couch is aqua colored... So I'm quite happy to have the main living space be more neutral and bright. That's the hope anyway. You can see through to a flex room space that is fairly closed off from the family room and kitchen but visible. We currently use space like that as a yoga/physical therapy space...but it hasn't worked out so well in the apt because it's really the dining room space? And it's right by the kitchen and so, it's more of just an open space in the apt. But it will be off to the side in the house and so we'll try again! The color I want in there is called Retreat: The room doesn't get a ton of natural light, so I'm expecting it to really show the green undertone and look like this: As crazy as it may sound...this Retreat color is found in the backsplash tile...that tile is much more aqua with a green influence that the online photos would suggest. This still isn't perfect but here is an attempt for me to photo the backsplash tile with the countertop sample: You get a hint of the green undertones in the blue though. I think. And Retreat itself...when it gets more natural light...it gets more neutral...here's another look at Retreat: Very gray looking...less green. So...kind of whack how that happens...and something that you really have to account for. Meanwhile...we'll be painting the master bedroom that Riverway color: Which is basically a more blue version of Retreat...I know I shared that color before. We'll be taking down one wall of wallpaper. I've taken wallpaper down before. You use a product called GARDZ to seal the wallpaper glue residue. We'll have to see the condition of the wall under the paper. And also see how much texture there is on the other walls to see how we deal with that, if we deal with it at all honestly. We have a large canopy bed and the wallpaper wall will be where that bed goes, so...if the wall is in good shape...we may just let it be what it is. So that's a lot to write...but that's where we are starting our projects. Oh...another reason we are going so light on the walls is because in the future we will likely be going dark on the floors. Ultimately we are looking to put in bamboo flooring...and even though I've read that the darker floors are on their way out...I don't care...I love them and that's what we want...so the lighter wall is with a nod to the future.
  12. Melody...we close Tuesday! It's all very exciting! I'm not sure how to talk about it here...we have so many plans and there is so much we are looking forward to. It feels awkward to be in such a positive place while reading about Sally and you and others having such a hard time.
  13. I read not too long ago that you really shouldn't eat the same thing two days in a row. The body does better on a wide range of foods and to keep feeding it the same chemical makeup is to tire out the process. Along the same lines, in the US, the grains in a typical diet are very limited...wheat (definitely) and then maybe some rice and oats... I'm talking broad strokes here...it's just what I've read. There's a huge selection of grains in the world. Quinoa has come into popularity, but like wild rice, it's a seed, not a grain, and so it doesn't really count to expand the grain horizon. I have often thought that if I treated grains like I treat other foods...too many days in a row and it's like, please, can I eat a different vegetable? Or protein...like, chicken, AGAIN? LOL. I think it's the ability to make variety AROUND a grain...like there are infinite sandwiches...but we put so many of them on WHEAT bread. The grain element needs to enter into the field of variety...like try making pilaf out of something besides just rice, make a concentrated effort to eat a "rainbow" of grains...and THEN see how sensitive everyone is to grains for real. IDK...just my thoughts. pacruise...I know what you mean about not feeling well. I often think of the lyric, "I'm not sick, but I'm not well..." because that's kind of how I feel. If I had a gauge, I would be in the yellow zone...functioning without apparent defect but not optimal...like a filter that is clogged and needs to be changed...I just have to figure out where and what the filter is so I can clean it out.
  14. So I just put on the one tee shirt dress that I have that I like...that doesn't make me crazy to wear because of fit issues. When I'm wearing it, there are NO wrinkles on the sleeves themselves...they hang loosely enough that there is drape...but no wrinkles that result from pulling on the seams of the fabric.
  15. I bet it is nice to get your hair done! I've been thinking how badly I need a cut...my ends are so damaged. But I just don't feel like finding a new stylist in the midst of this situation...and especially with the move on the horizon, I would get one closer to our new place and so it all just seems like something to continue to procrastinate on... I've been analyzing my hair and I think I could cut it myself and get my same cut, only shorter. I really think I could do it too because my hair is so freaky long that I can see all of it no problem. The only thing is...I figured out that my hair is cut parallel to the floor when it's pulled straight UP from my head...all of it. The top ends up shorter and the bottom ends up longer and that's how the layers happen. But the thing is that my arms aren't long enough to reach to the ends of my hair like that...I'd end up taking off several inches and I'm not sure that I want to cut it THAT short. I have to figure it out... Margaret...I don't like the tee shirt dress. I wish I could find short sleeved tee shirt dresses that I would like but I have serious problems with the fit. And that's what I don't like about this dress. I would like to get my shoulders covered by I just can't handle the way that most tee shirt dresses are constructed and I can tell you the potential fit problems with that dress. May not matter for a $20 easy to wear dress BUT... These sleeves will be the kind of sleeves that if you lift your arms, the dress itself will move up along the body, rising with the raising of the sleeve fabric...and if the dress is semi fitted around the bust, it is likely that the dress will STAY above the bust and when you lower your arms, you will have to pull the dress down. If you were to imagine the dress lying flat, my guess is that the outer edge of the sleeves would be pointing down toward the lower hem of the dress. See the Tees and Tanks photo link on the Target page: https://www.target.com/c/tops-women-s-clothing/-/N-5xtbq It makes it look like the sleeves will have an angle on them when you wear them, but they don't. They end up parallel to the floor and creating an imaginary straight line across the body. It's not flattering. This dress does that horizontal line...and if you look at this striped tee that had the angled sleeve when flat, when worn, the sleeve is horizontal: https://www.target.com/p/women-s-slim-fit-short-sleeve-v-neck-fitted-t-shirt-a-new-day/-/A-78264118?preselect=77864765#lnk=sametab You can see all the issues with the fit. Mens tees, when you lay them flat the outer edge of the sleeves lay out almost perpendicular to the floor...in essence, forming a "T", hence the name Tee Shirt. A "Ladies Tee" usually doesn't form as much of a T when flat because they are trying to have a more flattering shape on the sleeve, less fabric, less wrinkles...but there are compensations that should happen so that the sleeve can move without affecting the fit of the torso. This dress doesn't seem to have any of those compensations judging from the wrinkles in the sleeves in the photos.
  16. Hey Lois, I quick word on the pizza. Do you have a Marco's up there? They've started doing crustless pizza. I haven't ordered it yet but I've seen the ads and the mail flyer. Basically, it's a everything that would normally be on a pizza in a pan. I believe that they literally just treat the pan itself like crust and make up the "pizza" and bake it to get the cheese etc to melt into the toppings...the ad shows a fork for eating. I think I am sensitive to wheat...I get GI issues when I eat too much of it. I debate over the years if that's a sensitivity or is it one of those semi-addictive type things that happens when your gut flora is out of control and feeding off the offending item, making you want more and more and then bam, GI issues. Is it a true sensitivity or is it a bio-chemical imbalance that could be righted? That's another issue...but the POINT is that I have gone wheat-free and gluten-free at various times over the years and when I cut that out, what I find is that I start to crave "mixed food." What I mean by that is...without a bread-like component, a lot of my simple meals like sandwiches (all kinds, especially things like hamburgers), flour tortilla tacos (sorry, but egg tacos are a FAVE and they just don't seem to "go" with the corn tortillas as well), and PIZZA!...what I am really wanting is to eat something where all the different components of the meal aren't readily identifiable. I want that all ooey-gooey, all mixed together bite! I see the Marco's ads and I think to myself...well that would be easy to do at home... And so I haven't tried it. But maybe take a look? And maybe do a search and give it a go to help satisfy that yen. I know when I try to ignore a craving, it only makes it worse...LOL.
  17. I just received my rash guard delivery this morning. I haven’t tried it on yet, but I’m impressed with the fabric. Feels much thicker than others I have and also seems more matte, which I like. The color is beautiful and I love the colors of the flowers. I didn’t order the matching bottoms because the ones I saw weren’t available in my size. Im glad now though..I’m very picky about flower placement anywhere on my body but especially around the 🍑. 😬 I was thinking I’d go for purple bottoms... I ordered 4 more dresses from Target. Another rust (really butterscotch) because the one I have got an oil stain on it and I was so sad...I’m trying the yellow one too and hoping it’s not too thin. I ordered another brand as well in a green and gray, also $15. The green and gray are nice and similar but made of 100% cotton so they aren’t as heavy and don’t have as nice of a drape as the other rayon/spandex blend dress. They’re nice though, don’t feel like they would dress up as well because they also have texture, so feel way more casual...but are just fab in this heat. The yellow hasn’t come yet, it’s shipping from AL so... We went to the beach yesterday and it was amazing. We went to a small beach front park and felt very safe. I know the numbers in FL seem crazy...but where we were everyone was spread out on the beach and doing their best in the waves to maintain distance between the family groups. I’ve read the beach, with a prevailing wind, is considered to be one of the safest places to be when around others...socially distanced of course. We were in more of a neighborhood park beach access situation with families so I think we found an area sought out by others wanting to be responsible but enjoying the day...such as it is. The Sahara Dust is something else. The sky is one murky color that isn’t blue...
  18. Thanks for sharing Margaret! I ordered one of those high neck rash guards for myself! Woot woot! pacruise...lovely locks! The color is fabulous and I love the curls! Melody...glad to continue to hear good things about your recovery. Laurie...I noticed that same table. I went to the website for that store and it was in one of the pictures. I have my sewing machine but I don't have a designated table for it. Sewing is a funny business because for all that it is called sewing, the actual sewing of seams is often a small part of the process! All that patterning and cutting and prepping and getting things lined up, etc. and then you sit down for a few seconds and sew a seam. Then more adjusting and lining up and prepping...it's kind of like painting. Maybe that's the way most things are actually. There is very little of the activity that is actually the activity and a whole lot of prep work... As much as I like the idea of that table I think that I would need something that was a little more bottom heavy. I've been using this drop leaf table I have and it has a wide base but when I get to going on the machine...the table gets the shakes. It's really bad with a serger...OMG. There's only so much that I can think about at once...but having a good table for sewing is on my list. cruzisme...glad to hear from you. Glad to read that all is well up there. I've made 3 different kinds of masks for us. The first used one long lace to hand tie. I only had one good lace for that though so DH and I were struggling with my make it work solution. I made that same mask design with ear loops but have never worn it except to try it on because I absolutely HATED the ear loops. I made that same mask with elastic replacing the lace...which ends up being a goggle style elastic, I think of it, where the elastic goes all the way around your head and down across your neck. These were good but very hard to breathe in after a while. So the latest design is to add an apron of sorts to that mask design to make a more bandana style mask. With the understanding that any homemade mask has a limited degree of effectiveness and that the main function of the mask in the first place is to mitigate your own droplets from joining the general atmosphere...the way that I see people compensating for the lack of breathability of the masks...basically...they completely uncover their face...this mask style seems like a great compromise to me to cover the face and still be breathable. Let me tell you...there is a reason why bandanas as face coverings have stood the test of time. Having the additional air space under the mask is AMAZING. I have seen this style with the sides being extended to long enough to tie behind your neck? To make it much more scarf like which would be added protection by almost making a tent around yourself...and I think I will make a version in that style to test it out. The way I figure is that I'll end up with several styles of masks that will be suitable for different situations. Another bonus of this style is that the mask doesn't move AT ALL when I talk. I use florist wire across the nose area to get a good fit and I can make it fit lower on my face so that I don't breath up into my glasses AT ALL...and with the increased air space below...fogging is not an issue at all. I've been working on figuring out the best mask design because DS for sure will likely be wearing a mask all day long. London has made face masks mandatory in all public spaces and transport with a potential 100 pound fine for not complying. DH's work, while he hasn't gone back yet, is also requiring face masks. So my goal has been to actually find a face mask that is comfortable enough to basically wear all day. Because I figure that the most effective face mask is one that you will actually wear. Please ignore the lovely bags all around my eyes...I haven't been sleeping well but maybe more to the point...I think I'm having allergy issues. My sneezing fits are something else!
  19. Laurie...I hope your table is there waiting for you too! When something sticks in your mind, then you know that you really do want it. Taking that time is a good test for that but can be troublesome when the items are in a unique store like that one. I think I'm going to end up making a table for our new home...well it's not NEW but y'all KWIM. Our new great room/family room/fireplace room is a oversized. IIRC the dimensions are around 20' x 20'? It isn't really a great room, I guess, because there is not chandelier spot for a dining area...just a big room connected to the kitchen. Anyway, I've found a large rug that I like very much on line, I have to verify the IRL coloring. This is it: I think this will go fabulous with the rock of the fireplace and I love the colors. My current furniture falls into this color scheme. Anyway, I've scoped out the 10x13 size to ground a conversation/activity area. I'm not sure of the seating that I want but I know that I want a Japanese style low table. Basically, this is a coffee table that has legs that allow you sit on a bolster/pillow/legless chair of some sort to use the table like a dining table, desk, activity table. I love to do puzzles and play games and so I want this big ole table in this room to be a focal gathering point for such things. I want to get a nice rug pad to have a more cushy floor and then get the bolsters as well. I know that I'll probably start the "normal" seating with a couple chair flanking the fireplace? Maybe...I need to get into the space to get into that detail...but I know this is what I want to begin with. I can't find a table that matches my vision and so that's why I think I'll have to make one. I want an irregular shape large coffee table. Think kidney bean shaped pool but sized down. I found this store that has these incredible wood slabs and I'm thinking that this could be perfect for what I have in mind. Inventory varies greatly and we were thinking about checking it out this weekend but the car's in the shop and DS has the other car in GA so we're homebound this weekend. (Luckily there's a bunch of stuff in walking distance so no worries there except that we can't really GO anywhere). Melody...I hear you on Father's Day. DS won't even be here this weekend... Margaret...the graduation parade sounds kind of wonderful. I know the traditional ceremony can be wonderful...but it can also be kind of painful when the graduation classes are large. My guess is that you are in a smaller community so it might not be the traffic jam nightmare along with the numb rear from sitting while so many other names than the one you really care about are being called. Or the whole limited attendance restrictions, etc, that can happen because they get so big. Whatever...I'm imagining the cars and the ability to have a bit of a story for each person with the cars...like you said the college plans etc, and I think that would be emotional. Maybe more emotional that the traditional ceremony. The Target tank dress is a nice weight. Heavy enough to hang but not so heavy that it drags down. And the rust color is definitely more caramel...butterscotch...not the red infused rust, so bad name choice on their part. It does have a fuller skirt than top, so a bit of an Aline, but for me, it's not a swing dress, it's just not straight, there's room down there for easy movement.
  20. Nice dresses Margaret. I've been enjoying dresses. I admit that I keep my nightie on for a large part of the day because it is basically a dress...LOL. I don't have too many dresses, partly because of the whole inner thigh rubbing situation which is irritating, especially in warmer weather. But for activity that doesn't involve too much active walking, right now, dresses are my fave. They are so easy to wear and seriously, the construction of a dress isn't complicated. I'm definitely thinking about making myself some dresses. Easy dresses. I find the sizing to be more forgiving as well. I think I've packed on a bunch of stress weight with this whole situation...I know that finally dealing with DS's room and belongings has had me all spun up. This whole thing though...I think that I've been operating with a base level of tense hum for so long that I don't even recognize this constant tension, KWIM? Point being, anything with a waistband that isn't super stretchy is problematic! Especially if the rise is short...OMG. NOT GOOD. I haven't quite grasped the ability to ride these events in life without getting a bit stressed...something I'm working on. I hate to understand how subject my emotions and stress levels are to life situations...I wish I was one of those wells of peace and supernatural knowing that all is well and will be okay. And there are times I am, but I do think that until something is DONE and taken care of...I dwell on it...even if it's on time and according to schedule...I have a hard time resting until it's DONE. All this worry based on the import of the event of course. I can say that I'm not quite off my stress for dealing with the DS situation because all did not go according to plan and so I have a few phone calls to make still. But basically...it's done. I have just a bit of clean up. So I almost hate to admit how much I'm hoping that my emotions and stress can settle a bit with moving to the house and feeling a bit settled...but there it is. Meanwhile, I'm liking the dresses a lot but I also don't want to buy too many as I really am hoping that the increased activity of having a bunch to do around the house and the yard and some easing of stress will help my waistline let go of some excess sooner rather than later.
  21. Melody...so glad to hear that recovery seems to be rockin' right along. I can't imagine eating/drinking some of your shakes! Chicken shake? Seriously. OMG...I gag thinking about it, but good for you for taking care of yourself and just doing it and dealing with it. I'm sorry you have to deal with so much but you really do seem to suck it up and just deal with it with a great attitude. I admire that so much. Laurie...I have often thought of you and wondered how all the mask wearing is going. I had seen that someone had made a clear mask to help with lip reading and that immediately shed light on challenges you might be encountering. Even if we don't have "real" connections with people, just being around other people can fill a need. If you have a routine, like going to the gym, and others have a similar routine, you may never actually do anything with anyone that you see at the gym...but somehow, you have a connection with the people you end up seeing and maybe talking to a bit on a regular basis. It's like, there's that guy that does that thing on that one machine again. It's not any big deal really, but when you start losing those little "meets" with various people along your path, even if you don't really meet and have a relationship, there's something mental there that is satisfying. It's like a gentle reminder that someone else is working it out to go to the gym or do whatever...and the familiarity of the routine, down to the people you see, is comforting and uplifting. All those types of encounters are gone now really...which is very isolating. Everything is looking good on the home buying front. We are still on track for our July 7 closing. Whereas before, DH and I had been thinking about all the time we would have to do some things before moving in, now we are thinking about how to get into the house as quickly as possible, even without moving EVERYTHING. Just enough. And glory be, DS's good friend and future flatmate is in DS's hall room right now, as I type, finishing packing up his stuff and moving it over to a storage unit. I'm so grateful. The things you learn that you can do. So DS is like the ONLY person in his acquaintance and among his uni friends that has a driver's license. One friend has something that resembles a learner's permit but doesn't really drive. It's uncommon for people to have a license actually, at least in London, apparently. So, yes, there are services you can hire that will help you move your stuff in vans of various sizes. Kind of like Two Men and a Truck, except that they are vans that are way more street friendly...think Sprinter vans. Uber doesn't operate in London, but there are numerous other for hire car services with drivers. So I've hired a van to help move the stuff to storage...the friend was willing to make trips back and forth and back and forth to move it all. And also a car service to help him get the few items that he is keeping at his house back to his house. Storage over there is rarely climate controlled. So as of today, hopefully, if all continues to go as planned, DS will finally be officially moved out of his hall room. OMG. YAY!! Meanwhile...We had a good drive up to GA and back. We drove with DS up there so he could see friends. We rented a car and saw one couple friend ourselves and drove the rental back home. DS will drive home with a friend in a couple weeks and then that friend will fly home. It was very different to be in GA...in many places it was like nothing at all has happened. You don't see masks. People aren't social distancing. It was a bit of a shock to the system, I have to say, because down here in FL, while participation isn't 100%, there is way more participation that not. We've even encountered signs that basically say, No mask, No service, down here...but there is nothing like that in GA that we encountered. We ended up staying in two different hotels and we felt fine in both. I've never actually seen the rooms as clean as they were. But I do find that in general, I'm trying to change my habits and be more aware of things like touching my face, even when I am in a "safe" environment like being home. And the car rental was fine. We did drive thru, grocery store take out, and ate at one restaurant...an On the Border with an outside patio. I'm still more comfortable outside than in for dining. Picked up a $15 tank dress at Target! Rust is a fab earth color: https://www.target.com/p/women-s-tank-dress-a-new-day/-/A-79137812?preselect=78806914#lnk=sametab I'm wearing it right now. *thumbs up*
  22. Melody...so glad it went well and that you were able to have both done with the one surgery. Also hoping for a speedy and straightforward recovery. Sally...I totally agree about needing to be in a good frame of mind when making decisions...even with things like what clothing to donate. I'm aware and will be mindful as we move forward. The home buying process is moving forward like clockwork. At this point all the financing documentation has been taken care of. We're just waiting on title right now to submit for final approval. Woot woot! Interesting to note that there is a concern that recent impacts of COVID are addressed, in that, you have to affirm that your pay hasn't been adversely affected by COVID and that the documentation you provide is still an accurate reflection of income. Our COE is scheduled for July 7. We have until Aug 21 to vacate the apartment. Right now, the plans have updated to include getting DS and his friend over to the new house ASAP. We aren't doing anything to any secondary bedroom so we can get them over there and occupying right away. The sellers are vacating well before closing so the home will be empty for two weeks already. We'll tackle painting the master and then move enough over to be able to sleep at our new house ASAP and also be able to move Grace kitty over when we start sleeping there too. The key will be getting the office set up...so DH can be working at home. It's going to be a process but DH and I have done these in town moves before...and with all the reductions in our stuff, it shouldn't be horrible. I think the word came down that DH will continue working from home until end of July... No word yet on what DS's school is doing in the fall...technically DS is still in his first year until July 3.
  23. Melody...I'll join in the hoping that one surgery can take care of both. Regardless, I hope there are no complications, that the whole thing lines up like dominoes, that the surgeon's hands are divinely guided and that your recovery is swift. Maybe be a weird mix of wanting to communicate or wanting to isolate, but when you can, let us know how it goes. Laurie...I really like the sleeveless shirts, especially the neckline of the first one. I've been revisiting the Kibbe designations lately, which is going back to the Soft Natural style. It isn't so much about style as it is about silhouettes that "fit" with body shape and characteristics. It kind of confirms what I've stumbled upon with hits and misses. It's not only the deeper necklines that are so flattering, it's the kind of unstructured necklines, like shawl and cowl, etc. Some of my more favorite shirts have had such necklines. I have not done so well with this COVID situation and have put on a bit of weight. I'm pretty sure that some of it is stress related because of this whole housing situation and a bit about DS and schooling. Anyway...my limited wardrobe has become even more limited because even though I can still wear most of it, technically, now some of the clothes are uncomfortable. I'm really paying attention to what makes me feel good and look good. Also...with the prospect of the move...I'm always interested in NOT moving stuff...and so I'm debating a sort of clean slate, seriously removing those wardrobe items that just aren't doing me any favors. We've been to two different dine in restaurants now, both were outside seating. I'm not comfortable with the thought of indoor dining yet, and the fact is that I prefer outside dining anyway...even before COVID, when we would discuss going out to eat, I would always want to go to one of the places with the nice outside ambience. I've watched several videos now about cutting your own hair. I don't feel like some methods would work as well for me. I have a lot of hair and I can't picture at all being able to cut through a single pony tail...which on me is literally an inch in diameter. That's a lot of hair to cut through! I think I have a bit of an advantage because I've been cutting DH's hair for so long and I have cut the top over the years, not just buzzed his whole head. I'm thinking that I might give it a try today...if I muster up the energy for it. I'm tired today.
  24. Laurie...I've had those same thoughts about spending the money. I have a bit of gray coming in but it isn't a lot. There are times when the light hits it just right that I see A LOT of gray but then the light changes and I'm searching for what I saw and I can't quite find it. I worry a bit that the gray will give my hair an overall kind of dull coloring, like washed out in a bad way...but then I wonder if that would be okay with being a more of a low contrast, Soft Natural Earth kind of coloring? So, I've had some coloring done to my hair over the years but it's been very sporadic...like right after I had DS, when he stole my blonde, just like I stole Mom's blonde and my hair was SO DARK. I had it lightened up with a demi-premanent that would wash out eventually, which is all I have ever done. So, I'm not in the coloring my hair boat yet...and I have a dialogue with myself over whether or not I will be. As for styling, when I found the one stylist in GA, that was the first time in my life that I decided to have my hair cut on a regular basis. DS was going in regularly and we went to the same one. It was fun to do and I felt like she was knowledgeable. But when we moved out to NC, DS was wanting to grow out his style (he had that very trendy longer on top and not shaved sides, but very short sides?) and I was liking my longer hair too...then I thought I would donate my hair, but I couldn't to the charity I wanted because of the coloring I had had (the purple in NC) and so now I'm in limbo land wondering what I'm going to do with my hair, which is sooooo long. Whether or not I have a real cut and style, I feel the need to clean up my ends. My hair does still have layers and it feels dry and damaged...I think in part because the ends are so rough. Margaret mentioned a pony tail hair cut or something? It's a method to be able to cut your own hair? I'm going to look that up. My hair is so long it will be no problem to get it to the front to trim it up. I have a friend in GA who had been coloring her hair. I was always trying to figure out what season she was...but it was hard. When she finally stopped coloring her hair, OMG, her hair was much more gray than natural color and it looked amazing. I think the cooler toned people luck out in that regard. She has bright blue eyes that were so much more striking with the gray. Maybe it's just blue eyed people...
  25. Sharon...the sellers are doing the work on the kitchen and baths. They've been in the house for 20 years and never did any updating. The pictures were a real turn off but because of the layout, we pursued the house. Then come to find out, in the agent notes on the listing...the sellers had already planned a lot of updating, but their listing agent put pictures up and started marketing well before the sellers had really wanted her to. I got to see what the seller plans are, and the new appliances had been installed, but now there should have been more work done! I'm excited to see it!
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