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  1. I don't think there are coffee makers in any cabins. I don't remember reading that there were. We had a suite on the Sunshine and there was a mini fridge, but no coffee maker.
  2. Sad to see it end. Thank you so much for taking the time during your vacation to share with us!
  3. This is exactly what I ordered on the Sunshine. So so good! Congratulations on the win!!! So exciting!
  4. Oh no! That happened to me on our Sunshine cruise last November, except I was already in the shower when we lost water. It was gone for maybe 5-10 minutes, not sure but it felt like an eternity. I was freezing! Enjoying your review and photos! Thanks for sharing.
  5. I made this for our cruise on the Sunshine last November. Not as fancy as some I've seen, but it sure made it easy to find our cabin. 😊
  6. What an awesome gift! Merry Christmas!
  7. I just called my PVP yesterday to ask this question, as well as when excursions will become available. We are booked 2021 on the Radiance and she said neither will be posted until about 10 months out from sailing. I do not know if that is a definite timeline, I plan to look sooner just in case. But she did say the ship is not even "built" yet so FTTF will not be released until after it is complete.
  8. We loved deck 7. Hubby wanted that deck for our next cruise, but we are bringing 3 of our daughters with us and wanted rooms across from one another. We couldn't find any even close on deck 7 so I chose lido since there were cabins available directly across from each other.
  9. Do tell the names of some of these great ships 😊. We are just getting started with our cruise addiction and I would love to know.
  10. I was worried about the noise too, but decided to try out lido for our next cruise. So close to everything, but the main reason was because there were no balcony and interior rooms showing available directly across from one another on deck 7. My husband wanted deck 7 since he liked it on our previous cruise. I hope we love it too!
  11. Just curious what everyone's favorite is and why they like it. Is it different for you depending on the ship or do you always try to book your cabin in the same area no matter what? Hoping to enjoy many cruises in the future. We have our second booked, but it isn't until 2021. I have struggled when choosing our cabins because I really have no experience. I would love to see what seasoned cruisers have found to be the "best" (in their opinion). 😊
  12. Thank you everyone for your replies. They sure helped me alot! I was able to see our categories on the deck plans and see the same categories on another deck. So as long as one is still available on either deck, should there be a price reduction in the future, we can submit for ES. I'm glad that I now know what to look for. Thanks again!
  13. Do the numbers represent the deck the cabin is on?
  14. I'm confused about cabin categories. Are the categories: inside, ov, balcony, suite, etc. or are they 4B, 4F, 8D, etc.? What do the different number/letter combinations mean? When requesting a price reduction with ES which part is the part that has to be the same to receive the match? Sorry if that is a stupid question. I didn't have to worry with that on our last cruise because we had an OS on deck 7 and they honored it with deck 7 and deck 5 OS. This time we booked a lido balcony and an interior on lido. No price drops this far in advance, but I want to be prepared should they come in the future. Will we only be able to match cabins on lido or regular balcony/interior cabins anywhere on the ship?
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