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  1. Any chance to safely cruise is an improvement no? Ours will be the April ‘22 Miami to Barcelona transatlantic. Originally supposed to be on the 3rd cruise of the new Splendor March 15 2020. Had to cancel one day before Regent did. So only FCC no refund. That’s ok, we got a better cabin and something to look forward to!
  2. So they finally announced the resumption of Regent cruises. Most especially there introduction of the Splendor on 9/11/21. I am very excited to get to go on the ship. What will your first Regent cruise be and was it your first choice or a “substitute”?
  3. Thanks for the quick reply Dave. Appreciate it. Maybe, if all else fails, we will book another cruise while on the first one. I will also check with my TA.
  4. As usual, Very helpful information about deviation. I have a different but related air deviation question. Some background to set up my question. My wife and I were destined to go on our first Regent cruise from San Diego to Miami via Panama Canal on March 14th of 2020 in a distinctive suite. Needless to say that didn’t happen. We cancelled on the 13th, the day before we had to fly to San Diego. So 100% future cruise credit vs 125% or refund. Feel that was the safest option given we both had medical conditions that would be dangerous if we got the virus. So we booked a Grand Suite on the Spl
  5. Thank you so much. Very helpful and responsive. Should have searched better myself. In another thread, I was asking about the Splendor suite floorplan for cabin 920 because of the pictures on the RSSC web site. . As you can see this floorplan has a nice big square shaped LR with two patio doors and a private foyer with 1/2 bath. Given that RSSC said the new ship would have the same cabin layouts as Explorer, this should be the exact same floorplan on the Splendor don’t you think?
  6. Flyers, if you have any pictures of Explorer suite 921 I would love to see them. Any chance you could share here? Thanks in advance.
  7. Oh wait Bill, you mean I actually have to pay for the suite!!!? 🙀 Rats. Betting the old “dine and dash” scheme won’t work at sea. Seriously though, we are lucky to be able to do this trip and we know it. A very late 30th Anniversary present to ourselves. As my DW says we are spending our children’s inheritance. Not a bad strategy since we don’t have any.
  8. Thanks to all who responded. Looking forward very much to meeting those who are traveling at the same time. My TA has not yet responded but I hope can shed some light on the floor plan. We appreciate the cruise community being so responsive and supportive. Even though we travel extensively, this is my first cruise ship experience and I am so looking forward to the ship, the passengers and crew. We wanted to host a small gathering of new friends for cocktails one night and the bigger living room/balcony of the explorer suite would seem perfect for 6-8 people to gather. should have gone with my
  9. We are excited to sail on the Splendor next March from San Diego to Miami. We selected our suite (920) when the cruise was going to be on the Explorer. Happy to be transferred to the new ship. It was my understanding that The Explorer suites/Splendor suites were the same and were not reduced in size or changed in layout on the new ship. My question is based on looking at the website and seeing what look to be a much smaller suite depicted as a Splendor suite vs the Explorer. In the Splendor pictures, It looks like the living/dining area is a long rectangle with a single patio door to the balco
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