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  1. For a second i thought you said the quality of the measles...
  2. Sorry, benzalkonium chloride is not the same as Benzethonium chloride, not to mention the claim of extended "protection" And, sorry, the FDA CARES A LOT if it works. It just takes that regulating agency a long time to move. again, from: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2019/04/12/2019-06791/safety-and-effectiveness-of-consumer-antiseptic-rubs-topical-antimicrobial-drug-products-for "FDA has deferred further rulemaking on three active ingredients used in OTC consumer antiseptic rub products to allow for the development and submission to the record of new safety and effectiveness data for these ingredients... this document describes the studies necessary as a scientific matter for the Agency to determine whether an active ingredient is GRAS/GRAE... Requests were made that benzalkonium chloride, ethyl alcohol, and isopropyl alcohol be deferred from consideration in this consumer antiseptic rub document to allow more time for interested parties to complete necessary studies to fill the safety and effectiveness data gaps... However, in the 2016 Consumer Antiseptic Rub proposed rule, we proposed to classify all three ingredients as Category IIISE for use in a consumer antiseptic rub because additional effectiveness and safety data are needed to classify each ingredient as GRAS/GRAE for this use... FDA has deferred further rulemaking on these three active ingredients for use in OTC consumer antiseptic rubs to allow for the development and submission to the record of new safety and effectiveness... D. Updated Statistical Analysis for Efficacy ..." etc. etc. etc. FDA cares a lot when you put on a bottle that something has a verifiable effect. Yes, Purell is in a SIMILAR boat, but not the same because alcohol based got a stay of execution to provide the FDA with data that they are Safe and Effective. so yes, my point: 1) The FDA cares a lot if you say your product can have a medical effect (prevent illness) 2) If you want to put that on the label, the FDA demands proof that it is true in order to put it on the label. somewhat unrelated 3) I can't find good data showing BZT is effective against norovirus. So yes, if the FDA doesn't let you put that your product is efficacious on your label (like airborne), it does suggest it is snake-oil. I don't understand why you are so passionate about this topic...
  3. 2. INELIGIBLE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS The following list includes those active ingredients addressed in the 1994 TFM for use in antiseptic hand washes or healthcare personnel hand washes and identified in the 2016 Consumer Antiseptic Rub proposed rule as having inadequate evidence of eligibility for evaluation under the OTC Drug Review for use in an OTC consumer antiseptic rub: Benzethonium chloride ... https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2019/04/12/2019-06791/safety-and-effectiveness-of-consumer-antiseptic-rubs-topical-antimicrobial-drug-products-for
  4. Can you point to me to an actual published study (not promotional material) that wasn't performed by a company selling BZT that shows its efficacy against noro? My i-don't-want-to-put-a-lot-of-effort-into-this search only found this one small paper showing it is not efficacious. https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/article/expanim/61/1/61_1_35/_article/-char/ja/ Anyways, it's a moot point as it is being banned by the FDA after april 2020. https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-issues-final-rule-safety-and-effectiveness-consumer-hand-sanitizers
  5. Right, cause you, random internet person, have more idea about their finances and business model than people whose literal job it is to run their actual business.
  6. It's the Me-first mentality. Some people are offended if everything isn't geared towards them. They have no acceptance that maybe it serves someone else instead. If it isn't for you, move along. It's like a non-gambler complaining about all the space wasted on a ship for the casino.
  7. I wonder how people who are shocked and appalled at millennial dress codes are going to react once gen z grows up...
  8. Interesting, did not know about that second wave effect of the 1918 flu from wikipedia: "In civilian life, natural selection favors a mild strain. Those who get very ill stay home, and those mildly ill continue with their lives, preferentially spreading the mild strain. In the trenches, natural selection was reversed. Soldiers with a mild strain stayed where they were, while the severely ill were sent on crowded trains to crowded field hospitals, spreading the deadlier virus. ... Another theory holds that the 1918 virus mutated extremely rapidly to a less lethal strain. This is a common occurrence with influenza viruses: There is a tendency for pathogenic viruses to become less lethal with time, as the hosts of more dangerous strains tend to die out "
  9. So the death rate is currently unknown, as there is really not enough data. The 2-3% that is reported is (The number of people who have died/the current number of people known to have been infected). The second number is not really known, so that percentage could be slightly off. But that is a meaningless statistic, because most people think of it as "The chance that I will die if I contract the virus" Since some of the "number of people known to have been infected" will most likely die, the mortality rate of contracting the virus probably will go up. However, sometimes in pandemics, viruses eventually trade transmissability for lethality. As it goes on, the lethality may go down, so how big is "the chance that I will die if I contract the virus" may depend on when and where you contract the virus. I am not sure there is enough data yet to fully know the rate of transmission. I believe it was SARS where it is shown that for some reason, some people are "super transmitters" and transmit it airborne, but most are not so it had really odd pattern of transmission.
  10. Mostly reiterating what others have said, but i don't consider myself a photographer and have a slightly different perspective. The iphone 11s are remarkably good cameras. You want to look at higher end cameras to do better than an iphone 11. I wouldn't bother with a compact camera. The iphone 11 is decently weather proof as it is. The biggest issue is budget. The upper limit is basically infinity. The driver between how high you go is what purpose you are taking pictures for. If you want pretty pictures that you can keep and show on a computer screen/tv screen vs, you want to make a 30" print of it and hang it on the wall. DSLR are kind of going away... Mirrorless is all the rage now. Either fixed lens or removable lens. Photographers basically never consider form factor and tend to recommend the largest bulkiest stuff, but it is an important thing for me, and may be for you too. I feel like photographers are also way too happy to push newcomers into DSLRs because they are afraid to see that market segment die. You have to ask yourself how interested in photography you are and how much you think you will want to spend in the future. Why do you want an interchangeable lens? Do you want interchangeable lenses? I would mostly consider: 1) a super-zoom/bridge camera, on the super-zoom side of things (~$500-1000) pros: great zoom. all in one lens, no need to swap lenses cons: resolution not as great. Poor low light conditions (doesn't matter if alaska during sunlight or sports in sun), not very compact (but not as bad a equivalent zoom interchangeable lens). Not as "bright" lenses, not as good at making those blurry backgrounds. 2) mid-range APS-C interchangeable lens mirrorless with kit lens and lower end zoom lens ($~1-2k) pros: good-enough quality. Better sensor than super-zooms. The cheap kit lenses can make surprisingly decent pictures. if you go for it, some brands have a remarkably small form factor to an almost-but-not-quite-unless-you-have-big-pockets pocketable with some lens choices. cons: usually not as much zoom as the super-zooms. The lower end affordable zoom lenses start out pretty zoomed in. You will have to swap lenses if you want to go back and forth between like wildlife and indoors/scenery. 3) mid/high-range APS-C interchangeable lens mirrorless with one of those all purpose zoom lenses (~1500-2500k) pros: don't need to change lenses cons: about similar photo quality to the above option for more money And then you get to real money: 4) mid/high-range APS-C with fancy zoom lenses ($$$) pros: prettier pictures with nice bokeh cons: pretty much price at this point on down. Also gets progressively bulkier. And get used to lens swapping. 5) Full frame with reasonably expensive lenses ($$$$) pros: pretty cons: light wallet. bulky. For a fixed budget, better glass on an aps-c will probably make prettier pictures than cheaper glass on a full frame. 6) top of the line full frame with super fancy lenses ($$$$$) pros: you can be the envy of all photographers on the same trip. cons: will you be able to tell the difference in your photos? 7) medium format pros: you can mock the #6 person as a peasant. cons: photos probably not better for most purposes. I would think about the options. then ask again in a certain category and get more specific brand recommendations. or between a couple categories at a specified budget.
  11. I think it's because land-based restaurants have improved and blown by. Modern dining is more about the food first over ambiance, and more like nouvelle cuisine and ethnic based with a focus on good fresh local ingredients. It's just kind of impossible to do that on a cruise ship that shops once a week and needs to feed thousands of people with chefs from all over. The old school heavy french style food that focuses more on the classic recipes, fanciness of ingredient, and heavy sauces is much easier to execute rather than the new focus on freshness and creativity. For example, if you look at say, the new NCL ships, food republic is widely rated as one of the places with the best food, and much better than the MDR. And it has a much more relaxed casual atmosphere. On land that would be a fairly average restaurant for hip food. Wonderland would be somewhat like that in terms of food, but there's the whole performance aspect of wonderland that makes it a little different. Even 150 central park feels a little old school. Like real serious good food, we are talking about Michelin stars. And for white table cloth and jackets, we are talking like 2+ Michelin stars. I think the US has just more caught up to europe and asia in terms of expectations for quality of food. In the coastal metropolitan cities, "nice" dress-up restaurants have all had to adapt and catch up, or die... If anyone disagrees, I would highly like to see your photos of cruise food of the good-days gone bye. I am very curious actually.
  12. so far the mortality does seem to be somewhat lower and currently around say 3%. Let's say that's what it is. Lets say someone with whatever they end up calling this coronavirus unkowningly makes it aboard an oasis class. It's airborne and is probably much more infectious than say noro. On the oasis noro infected cruise, 550 people got ill. So if it was a coronavirus, maybe 15 people would die, maybe much more. Not great publicity for your cruise line.
  13. darned kids these days. There's only one way to enjoy life. My way. Shame on other people for living differently. For shame
  14. how do you know about where I live? Points that have been repeatedly been made: 1) the MDR is definitely NOT a nice restaurant 2) shorts are appropriate in most of the trendiest and nice restaurants where I am and people wouldn't give you a second look, especially in the summer. If you just go by poster locations on this thread you will notice some general trends... Just accept that it's a cultural thing. A lot of people don't care for the old ways anymore. And I definitely don't think that's a bad thing.
  15. Obviously since I'M the MOST and ONLY IMPORTANT person in the world, the other 4-5,000 extra-character passengers need to bow to my wishes. If I want to chat, they must chat with me. If I want quiet, they must be quiet. Since only I am important it is rude of them to try to enjoy themselves without consulting my preferences first. /s
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