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  1. the standard course is not 100% effective, and you can loose immunity later in life. If the incidence of measles is low enough, this doesn't matter. But the incidence is high enough now where it matters. There are kind of 2 ways to go about it. You can check your anti-measles titers and then get an MMR shot if it shows you are not immune, then get a follow up titer and try again and then if it still doesn't work you may be one of the unlucky few unable to be immune to measles. The other is to not test and blindly give mmr to everyone. I think the vaccine is cheap enough and testing annoying and expensive enough that it is cheaper to just give everyone the mmr if the risk is great enough.
  2. It looks like their itineraries are pretty different. Last I looked the prices seemed pretty similar on both. If people have been on both those itineraries I would like to know the difference too.
  3. The origin was originally slated as a Celebrity ship I believe when it was announced. It was then moved over to silversea. I wonder if it is because of license issues. Silversea has a current token for 100 pax ship, so maybe that was only way for origin to sail. I think I remember reading they wanted to consider a 3rd one, but at this point maybe Ecuador is less than enthused about these mega-yachts.
  4. I posted it as a joke. Those are festival pants.
  5. Someone should see if these jeans pass (WARNING link NSFW/Not Safe for Work): https://carmardenim.com/products/extreme-cut-out-jean?variant=12236084871253 at $168 and from a designer, they should pass as designer jeans 😀
  6. I think that's the key thing here. This wasn't Q&A for a panel of executives. This was a Q&A from the CEO of a ?billion dollar company (what % of RCL is celebrity). I doubt she has much to do in the day to day planning of menus on the different dining room. What she does know is that there is a team for that which does produce new menu items on a continual basis, i mean, what more do you want? If you look, she actually answered the strategic questions, which is what CEO's are responsible for. It's not her fault people are asking the CEO for all sorts of random stuff she would have to ask other executives and directors about.
  7. you can also go to the profile to see all her responses https://boards.cruisecritic.com/profile/1847048-lisa-lutoff-perlo/content/
  8. I mean, how many people are going to ask for footstools? Probably a pretty small amount. Probably pretty easy to store enough in a small something. Probably overall saves a lot of money by not buying all these footstools, and by not having all the weight of all those footstools. Also probably leads to higher satisfaction by having less room clutter in rooms of people who don't know/don't care that there aren't footstools. Why don't you like this solution? it seems to be a win-win for everyone.
  9. Usually regarded as the worst of the seven deadly sins, as in a way it's the root of all other sins, thinking that you know or are better. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_deadly_sins#Pride
  10. I understand you are disappointed at the changes. I think you have to step back and don't allow emotions to overwhelm you. This is about a cruising for leisure for goodness sake. First off, I am actually quite surprised that LLC responded to your "question" (which was really more of a single-sided rant with mostly demands instead of questions) at all. Usually in these types of Q&A's they would just ignore these obviously hostile questions. So the fact you got any response at all is pretty above the norm. If you read her response to you, it is pretty clear that it was a full response. Basically 1) the feedback from the design style of the Edge so far has been at least above expectation. So no, they don't feel it is a "fail" 2) If you have specific issues, they are considering individual items on an ongoing basis. They probably don't quite have enough data yet on the revolution or don't want to disclose it publicly on this small forum (It has major implications on stocks and this probably would not be a good place to disclose it). I understand there are many things you may miss, but more people may be glad that they have changed. So if a lot of people give feedback on certain items, I am sure they are willing to look into it, but look into it doesn't always mean to change.
  11. ... what do you think was going to happen? "OMG, board user #13249452. You don't like the direction the company is going, oh my goodness, we never considered that. Through hundreds of meetings, presentations, and research, we never thought that YOU might not like it. Let's reconsider the millions of dollars we've poured into market research and development since, you, user #13249452 don't like something. We'll get on it RIGHT AWAY." Have you people never read released statements from company representatives? I feel like the responses are pretty par-for-course, and even above some others since it actually released some information, however small, that wasn't previously publicly available.
  12. i kind of want an outsider's perspective. Like almost everything on that list is more of a nice thing to do on a weekend level. to me it's not really travel internationally or across the country to see. but maybe that's cause i know what they are already. say if you only had 1 or 2 or 3 days, i'm hard pressed to find anything that is obviously MUST do level above everything else.
  13. I would usually say do USC first. The area isn't that great and gets sketchy at night. But that traffic from the westside down to Long beach will be killer in the evening. To be safe you would probably want to leave no later than 7, and that will land you in the middle of rush hour traffic. I guess sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on the 405 is part of the real LA experience... The drive down from USC will be similarly traffic-filled, but the distance is a little shorter. Either way you will be sitting in the rush hour traffic (rush hour is a poor term, it's more, the direction traffic goes since it lasts half the day) both in the morning and in the evening. As bruin steve said, depending if anyone is interested, the museum of natural history is right next to USC, as well as California science center (which also has the space shuttle endeavour). I feel like planning a trip in LA is super difficult, there's nothing super need to see, and everything is just dependent on what you like to do and what you like to eat. The food scene is super awesome in LA, would definitely have a plan for meals before you go. After car rental and traffic, 8am-9pm probably won't let you do as much as you hope.
  14. Curious if you can share that list. I can't think of more than a handful of touristy things really worth doing in LA. If your time is limited I would highly recommend skipping Hollywood, or just drive around Hollywood/Highland or something for 20 min to see it and go somewhere else.
  15. Haha, I wouldn't get your hopes up. I think a large part of the benefit of the IV is fuel savings and aerodynamics. Notice the traditional balconies are behind the bridge extensions (or behind the flying carpet hardware). I bet it will have a similar mix of rooms as currently, suites on top, IV on bottom. Also, I bet IV aren't as unpopular as people think. I bet most people going on the edge and the target demographic are fairly agnostic about the whole thing.
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