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  1. We traveled in May on Brittania to the Fjords for 7 days. We took our 35 year old son with us in a disabled suite (excellent), as he doesn’t drink we took his favourite mineral waters. We took a separate case with ten 2 litres of mixers for us, still water, fizzy water and mineral waters which the porters took and delivered to our cabin no problem. Our 1 litre bottles of alcohol we took onboard in our hand luggage no problem. This sufficed for our trip apart from a few bottles of mineral and fizzy water in Bergen brought onboard no problem.
  2. Any gaps between railings would be 100mm or 4 inches as this is the maximum distance apart for stair balustrades and outside railings according to building regulations. A sphere over100mm shouldn’t be able to pass through any part of the balustrade/safety railing.
  3. Better still is ...Shore RIP Off ...how the prices for excursions/experiences are arrived at baffle me. Captive audience ...what can we charge especially if the ship is far enough away from a major destination you are obliged to book an Experience..Rotterdam..Bruges..etc.
  4. The truth will out...people with drink can and will behave terribly anywhere they are. I’m sure as it was late night this incident involved a few parties and they will be easily identified with cctv. Cruise lines should create an online blacklist for passengers across the industry who have crossed the line....
  5. Whatever happened will have been recorded on the ships I assume comprehensive cctv system covering all areas of the ship. With it occurring at 2.00am with fewer people up I’m sure it wouldn’t take to much to recognise who were part of the fight. I hope P@O give all assistance to the Southampton Police...cctv...names..addresses...statements...witnesses. etc. These people should be taken to court and tried. Carnival and hopefully all cruise lines for life...There should be a cruise line blacklist for people to be denied booking if they are involved in a serious enough incident..we live in hope.
  6. Let’s hope some cruise critic members can enlighten us with more first hand information.
  7. We went to Amsterdam via Ijmuiden on the first arrival at this port offloading at 1.30pm. By this time most of the ship was waiting to get off, causing long queues on and off the ship (quayside). The shuttle bus takes 35-40 minutes and drops you at a good location 5 minutes from Grand central station, right by the river boats a little bit nearer than the Cruise ship terminal...a pleasant walk into Amsterdam. If the ship docks in the morning (8.00am) getting off is easier as passengers will be having breakfast etc. If like us lunchtime docking I would be interested if anyone has more current information. Disability coaches were excellent with rear lifts...just a thought on lunchtime docking if it’s possible crew should use the buses after the first wave freeing up more space for passengers to help the queuing.
  8. Yes footloose the service you were entitled to was seriously lacking. P&O advertise these extras and you pay for them so you are entitled to what is advertised. The third person for a pound offer we noticed was around March 2019...we then booked 3 cruises using this promotion which if you travel as a trio is great value. 2 minor niggles is one tiny bottle of water free each in a SUITE per cruise. A bottle a day each or one 2 litre bottle of water each per cruise. Flowers in the suite to me is not a spindly pot plant, fresh flowers twice a week should be the minimum.
  9. Please elaborate more on your suite problems
  10. Our butler was fantastic...Booked us great seats at the limelight club that were sold out online...Brought any meal off the Lunch and Dinner menu we wanted..Any room service was marked as suite no charge...Excellent service all round he looked after our disabled son over and beyond... Can’t wait for next year for third person for a pound.
  11. We booked using the £1 third passenger offer booking a Fjords accessible Suite on Brittania when averaged out £1200 each. We also used this promotion for two cruises in April on Azura. Great deal for us as we travel as a Mum Dad and disabled son. Can’t wait to see if they do it next year. We also have had some great deals on the first legs of World cruises.
  12. We have always paid the auto tip on Cunard and P&O but no more than that, to me this devised hopefully to help service crew. We booked a suite on Brittania to the fjords a few weeks ago with the new tips included, on this cruise our butler was fantastic. He managed to get us seats for the Limelight club when it was sold out with a large booth to ourselves with great views. My son 34 is disabled and was brought many times what he wanted from the lunch and dinner menu plus any drinks from the bar, menus were left daily. Any room service was marked suite with no charge. Excellent service and we tipped him so.
  13. After boarding we went up to the sun deck and were offered a third off deal at the Epicurean that night. A shame as we had booked 3 nights later. I thought the Limelight club was excellent value, intimate great show (Gareth Gates) 6.30 till late.
  14. Tried both parking companies but preferred Parking 4 cruises due to being able to drop your luggage off straight away then drive a to the adjacent car park for the paperwork, short walk back and into the terminal. Glad we did this on our Brittania cruise which arrived 2 hours late as with Cruise Parking you have to wait in your car in lines until you are called to drop your luggage. When a ship is late especially when our ship arrived seven hours late there were a lot of problems. Obviously this is a very rare occurrence.
  15. Yes the internet was poor or not available in the fjords so my son said when in port and parts of the fjords tether off your phone..you can use the ship satellite connection which still has problems in the fjords. My son every time looking at the final bill says he would not take the ship internet....Wait till you can get a connection for your roaming charge..cheaper than the phone package.
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