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  1. I’m sure the travel insurers will write in a disclaimer on policies to not cover future Pandemics or charge a premium on a policy to cover Pandemics.
  2. We wouldn’t be talking about this unless a contagious virus caught out EVERY country in the world starting from China. The good thing is China looks like it is over the hill with few cases reported daily unless they have recently arrived from abroad.. China is the model..Steep curve..Flattening out..then decreasing. If you go on every countries stastics the curve is the same. The guarantees today given to my children have saved their homes ..their lives. Let’s Pull Together It’s going to get lot worse. Not because of a political party...A little bug.
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    Politics..Politics this is a cruise forum.....
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    We used to travel as a couple on Cunard for a few cruises 25th Anniversary on QM2 then our son was diagnosed with heart failure and was very ill last year. My son can’t fly so we booked a P&O cruise last year. Four cruises later trying to give him more experiences to look for he is doing well....His favourite sitting with Marco Pierre White for 2 hours eating and chatting to him. We’ve just cancelled Brittania 7 nights 19 April but still have April 2021 on Iona rear suite to look forward to. We are worried...time will tell..we are in isolation now.
  5. Where are all of P&O s ships going to layup while riding out this Virus..Also the vast numbers of other ships.
  6. Some ships are adults only.
  7. We have used these deals on most of our P&O cruises for us and our disabled adult son. on two cruises there was a £1 deal for 3rd and 4th passengers our last was with the £99 for 3rd and 4th passengers all for selected cruises. Our last cruise 12 nets worked out for a balcony £52 per night per person. I’m sure these deals apply to younger passengers as well. The £1 deals surfaced around February this year. Also used on a suite booking to the Fjords.
  8. There are 95 conservatory mini suites on Iona with over 200 passengers, so would be a push with full suite guests for breakfast in the Epicurean. We looked at the mini suite on our last trip to the Northern lights Arcadia but the extra £2000 with no real extra benefits apart from the space I thought was not worth it. Had a disabled suite on Brittania which was excellent.
  9. The Limelight Club does sell out pre cruise for certain entertainers Colsers, look at who’s on and book who you would like to see. It is a whole night of food and entertainment different than anything onboard ..
  10. You are paying for the more intimate atmosphere of a small venue..with a lovely 3 course menu...Gareth Gates was great but it’s more than that for a few quid you can have a different night out... I’ve been lucky to live close to the Lakeside Country Club (google it) in its heyday had all the current Caberet acts. This a very good nod to it...we enjoyed it immensely...Your on holiday!
  11. Excellent jh1809...did make me giggle.
  12. We won’t book Amsterdam on P&O strangely unless from IJmuiden as the shuttles are free and unlimited as against Rotterdam tour/Shuttles are £40 per person...for us £120 for one trip. Rotterdam should also be a free shuttle service to Amsterdam in my opinion.
  13. My outlaws live in Bridgend near to Port Talbot steelworks. At night looks like Vegas.
  14. Brought back great memories on Brittania, my wife and disabled son had an amazing intimate dinner with 14 other passengers cooked by Marco Pierre White and sat right next to him where he raconteured for two hours. God bless him he made my sons year.
  15. IJmuiden shuttles are free to all at the moment and I can’t see them changing...until P&O decide otherwise IJmuiden has a small beach and the other side is a medium Port Talbot steelworks. The port is basically a large lump of concrete with no facilities...at all.
  16. The tour (shuttle bus)from Rotterdam is about £40+ for everybody. The shuttle bus from March to (as the Amsterdam flyer photo shows) late October is free to all. I can’t see P&O changing after 9 months but you never know. Best way is to phone and see if their is any change in the future.
  17. Just had to reply to not getting into Stavanger....After leaving Tromso with the weather there was no chance of getting near to Stavanger so as the captain broadcast we will sail direct to Southampton. As with all cruise ships the major directive is to get back to port to pick up the new cruise passengers on time.
  18. Nice post Andy....God bless to all involved.
  19. Janny444 it basically says free shuttle buses for everybody, more waiting at peak times.
  20. As on the Amsterdam shuttle bus flyer free. The journey for us was more like 30-40 minutes and the drop off was in a good location by the river behind Grand Central Station 5/10 minutes to the main area.
  21. It was free to us on saver and I’d bet its free now.
  22. Janny444 call P&O I’m sure they will give you the the definitive answer. I can’t see them being free to all and then charging for them. IJmuiden/Amsterdam is a special port for shuttle buses as indeed most other ports buses are free to select and a charge for saver, unless you have to get a bus to get outside the port area.
  23. When we went on the first call to Amsterdam via IJmuiden the shuttle buses were free to all passengers because of the change and controversy of not docking in the centre of Amsterdam. I’m sure this must still be the same (free to all), more recent travellers to IJmuiden will have more up to date information.
  24. We have been on both, the entertainment on QV was excellent, Roy Walker for two nights..just my taste. Arcadia was also very good. Guest speakers very good on both ships. Food in the pub on QV at dinner time a lovely bonus. The lovely company and people on Arcadia made the trip....I could go on... but room service menu on Arcadia needs a huge look at...QV excellent and complimentary. Ocean grill superb..well worth the money. My sons favourite was Neptune’s grill Arcadia deck 9 by the pool with different burgers and dogs every day...but not advertised on their boards is fish and chips cooked to order 7 minutes...the batter excellent...the cod milky cooked to perfection...smallish portions..order two you won’t regret it.
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