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  1. My husband also achieved Platinum status on MLife through our Diamond + status on RCCL. On recent sailings -- June 2019 on Royal and January 2019 on Celebrity -- he did get the $200 OBC in the casinos. But, as of October 2019 the rules have been revised. MLife benefits cannot be applied to travel agent bookings. Also, MLife benefits on the cruise must be earned by staying in or gambling in MLife casinos/hotels.
  2. I spoke to the folks at Club Royale (the RCCL casino) and I was told that as of October 2018 you cannot get MLife benefits if your reservation was booked with a travel agent.
  3. Is it true that RCCL is not continuing the MLife casino partnership in 2020? I was looking forward to our $200 on-board credit on our January 2020 cruise. My travel agent says RCCL is no longer offering it.
  4. There aren't any numbers under the bar code on my SetSail Pass.
  5. I followed these instructions and I kept getting a message about "invalid bar code". Does that mean that my stateroom has not been assigned yet?
  6. Does the Marriott Surf Club (or any Marriott on Palm Beach) offer day passes? If so, how much do they charge? If Marriott does not offer day passes, where is the best place near the Marriott to rent chairs/umbrellas and use bathroom facilities? We will be there in January.
  7. Please tell me more about buying Diet Coke and/or Diet Root Beer in the Port of Miami after security. Do they sell cans and small bottles? How much do they cost? We will be sailing in January on Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas.
  8. Just wanted to add that breakfast at the hotel is very expensive. You might want to eat somewhere else in the morning or pick up some breakfast foods at the nearby grocery store to eat in the morning. You will have a full kitchen in your suite.
  9. We've stayed at Gallery One several times and highly recommend it. We have been in Ft. Lauderdale in January and it was way too cold to swim in the ocean, but we did walk along the beach. We took a round trip ride on the water taxi getting off and on to explore other areas. We enjoyed a tour of the Bonnet house (https://www.bonnethouse.org/) within walking distance of the hotel.
  10. According to my insurance agent, I only need to pay for the part of my trip payment that is non refundable at time of booking. For example, if I put down a $500 deposit on a $3,000 cruise, I only need to insure that $500 within 14 days of booking the cruise. (I'm using 14 days, but check the time frame that your insurance requires in order to obtain the CFAR and pre-existing condition waiver.) Later, when the rest of my cruise fare becomes non-refundable -- usually at time of full payment -- I have another 14 days to call up my agent and pay for the additional insurance to cover the rest of the cost of the cruise. In my example that would be $2,500.
  11. We're in the same position as you! Our flight is scheduled to arrive in FLL at 2:55 pm. I called to see if we could still hire SAS. The gentleman on the phone explained to me that they do not service the airport after 3:00 pm because they provide transportation for school children in the afternoon.
  12. Was luggage valet offered on the Navigator sailing?
  13. Thank you, SRF! I never thought of the $0 trip cost option! Your advice has solved my problem. We always buy the cruise line insurance because we book so far in advance. We order the ship's insurance at time of booking and we are covered for "cancel for any reason". (Yes, I know it's only 75% of the cost of our cruise toward the purchase of another cruise.) We do not have to pay for the insurance until final payment. So, if we cancel before final payment we lose nothing. With most other insurance policies you must buy your insurance within two weeks of booking your travel in order to get the "cancel for any reason" waiver. Then, if you cancel your travel before final payment you lose your insurance payment. For our January 2020 cruise we ordered the cruise line's insurance when we booked the cruise and (thanks to SRF's advice) we will purchase a higher quality medical/evacuation insurance policy just before our cruise for less than $100 for the two of us.
  14. Where is this sign posted? Where is the taxi stand closest to the port? We had to walk a fairly long way almost to the floating bridge before we found a taxi. Is there a taxi stand closer to the ship?
  15. Last month (June 2019) when we exited the ship, we walked a long way -- almost to the floating bridge -- before we found a taxi. We never saw an official taxi stand, just people asking if we wanted a taxi. (In retrospect, I don't know if we ended up in an official taxi or just a guy with a van.) However, on our return from Mambo Beach our official taxi driver (his license plate started with "TX") dropped us off at a gated area very close to the ship. Where is the taxi stand? Could we have gotten a taxi much closer to our ship at that gated area?
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