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  1. Don’t forget to mark the ticket for same day. If you get the laundry in by 8-9:00am it will be delivered that night. We generally set out the laundry at night after getting ready for dinner, and it’s back in our cabin the next evening while we are at dinner. Same day has no extra charge for suite passengers. We have had some problems, but find the convenience worth the risk! They once shrunk a new sweater of my husband’s - must have been laundered instead of cleaned as marked, and we were reimbursed with no problem.
  2. If you like hiking you can hike to the Harding Icefields at Exit Glacier.
  3. It's a well maintained two lane road. I do not find the driving to be difficult, at all. One of the reasons I always rent from Avis is I can cancel the day of if I change my mind. If I remember correctly, Green Jeep has a cancellation fee.
  4. We rented from the airport since their hours were better and took Uber/Lyft. The ride was only a few minutes.
  5. My husband had the same question, and decided not to take a chance, so we brought some small cans of prune juice with us, and lo and behold, he never used them! There are many people on board who "need" to drink the stuff!!!
  6. I've done the train ride and car ride to Emerald Lake. For me, I prefer the car ride with Murray's Guide since I can be on my own schedule. There are multiple places to get out and walk around. The scenery is stunning. On the way back you can stop at the Skagway overlook on the Dyea Road, and also stop at the cemetery at the end of town and walk to the water falls. It's a wonderful day. The train ride is fine, especially if you like vintage cars, it's just that you don't get to stop anywhere!
  7. We loved it and for us it was well worth the extra money. I like being closer to the water - you get a different perspective of the glacier. We got as close as the coast guard recommends - half a mile. I think our ship got that close, too. We left for the face of the glacier before our ship, and then encircled Haenke Island where we saw literally thousands of small white birds on the face of the rocks, on the water, and flying in flocks. There were maps and binoculars on the boat, hot chocolate, coffee, and small snacks (not that we were hungry!). If I go back to Hubbard Glacier, I’ll do the small boat ride again. Glaciers are one of my favorite things to see.
  8. I love the aft balconies - You get a great view when leaving port and if there is something to see while cruising, you can see both sides.
  9. We always call for Lyft or Uber. They usually arrive in less than five minutes - depending on the traffic getting into the pier. We've never found any van service - SuperShuttle doesn't do shared rides to the Oakland airport, at least they didn't the last time I checked. Flying out of Oakland is so much easier than SFO!
  10. Yes. One mini bar for a bottle of wine valued on the ship's menu for about $40.
  11. Although elites get free laundry, suite passengers have "free" same day laundry. If you give the steward your laundry by 9:00 AM, you will get it back that evening. If there are lots of elites on board, the laundry can take several days to be returned.
  12. Even on ships without MedallionNet, I've been able to make wifi calls with no problems.
  13. Happy I could help! We love the aft suites, and it took us a while to figure out what deck we preferred. I actually pretty much don't like the Vista aft suite balcony on Caribe, but I'm not willing to pay the extra cost to get a Penthouse suite 😕 My husband is not willing to give up the extra desk, so I've decided the inferior balcony is not a deal breaker for me. My husband is willing to pay for the Penthouse suite so both of us are happy, but I'm not... Guess life is full of compromises!
  14. I know the original poster asked about Penthouse suites, but Vista suites have come up in the conversation, so... Vista suites on the Dolphin deck have a larger balcony with a beam that doesn't interfere with much, but slightly smaller sitting room with no desk (there is a desk in the bedroom). Vista suites on Caribe deck have a smaller balcony with a beam right in the middle, but a slightly larger sitting room with a desk. After going back and forth between these two aft suites, we've decided overall we prefer the larger room and tolerate the balcony on the Caribe deck. As many have said, it's a personal choice.
  15. We always fly in and out of Oakland - a much easier airport to navigate and fewer delayed/cancelled planes. We take Uber/Lyft and give ourselves an hour for traveling. Our flights are generally between 1:00 and 2:00, and we sometimes get there before we can even check our bags (four hours)!!! Traffic varies, but there's always a delay somewhere... Depending on our pre-cruise plans, we often take an evening flight to Oakland the night before the cruise, stay in one of the Oakland airport hotels, and then take Uber/Lyft to the port in the morning. Again, it seems to take about one hour. The biggest traffic jam the last time was waiting in line to get into the port area. We arrived around 1:00 like I guess most other people did!!!
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