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  1. So sorry to hear that, that was a beautiful walk. I will make sure I check the Wharfs tours. Thank you
  2. Did the Cliffwalk and mansions back in the early 2000's. Can't imagine much has changed since then, but still might want to go again. Thinking of doing the boat ride on the Harbor out to Rose Island Lighthouse and Fort. This would be late September Anyone ever do this tour before?
  3. The photos of the whales and the potential of seeing these amazing animals (even though I have been on a few whale watches before) is making me lean more toward the Joy itinerary, plus the canal transit is later in the cruise rather than the first day like the Jades itinerary, allowing for a full day in Panama before the transit for additional touring of the city and the locks.
  4. I have done whale watching in Alaska, but you can never see too many whales. Are they visible from the ship as well?
  5. Yes, the ship will have a full day in Panama City and that tour and another of the locks are offered.
  6. I am tossing around these 2 itineraries. Any input would be appreciated. Never been to any of the ports listed. Would probably get to either embarkation port a day or so early. Water activities (other than being on a boat tour) are not of interest. Mostly sightseeing, nature, etc. No children on the cruise. I realize the Joy would go through different locks than the Jade. Would that be something to take into consideration for the first time going? 15-DAY CRUISE ON NORWEGIAN JOY Panama Canal: Mexico & Colombia from Los Angeles, California Sailing February, 2025 9 PORTS OF CALL Los Angeles, California Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Manzanillo, Mexico Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala Puntarenas (Puerto Caldera), Costa Rica Panama City (Pacific Cruise Terminal), Panama Cartagena, Colombia Miami, Florida 11-DAY CRUISE ON NORWEGIAN JADE Panama Canal: Aruba & Cartagena from Panama City (Fuerte Amador), Panama Sailing February,2025 8 PORTS OF CALL Panama City (Fuerte Amador),Panama Cartagena, Colombia Oranjestad, Aruba Willemstad, Curaçao Basseterre, St. Kitts Tortola, British Virgin Islands Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic Miami, Florida
  7. Is this per phone or for all phones on the plan?
  8. Unlimited talk and text but no international plan with AT&T
  9. Will we need any type on International Phone Plan (iPhone) for our upcoming Canadian cruise? We only need to message and maybe do a quick check of email. No social media, streaming, very little internet, etc. We know about the Wi-Fi and airplane mode for messaging on the ship. We have FAS, so we have the free 150 minutes. What will we need once on land? We have one Specialty dining with our FAS, but right now they are offering 2 more Specialty dining nights for a discount. This is a 7-night cruise on the Jade. Is it worth it for another $170.00 when there are so many dining options on the ship that are already included in our cruise fare? How is the food on the Jade? This is a pretty port intensive itinerary as well. We are disembarking in Boston. How long should we expect it to take to clear customs there?
  10. We always book a redeye coming from West coast to East Coast, just makes more sense to us and is much easier than getting up at 4am for an early flight to get back to the East Coast at a decent time. We've had one very good airfare experience and a trying it again. However, this time I just received an email (over 200 days out) for an Upgrade Airfare Advantage (I am not paid in full). It is showing me a great direct flight to secure now if I want to or I can wait, and they will assign a flight, as usual, before embarkation. I will have to pay extra (lowest bid $100/pp) if I want this great direct flight now. This is new to me, and I am hesitant to do this. Anyone hear of this new program?
  11. Looking forward to your thoughts on MSC. We were going to sail on this ship next September, but they cancelled our sailing. We opted for NCL out of Boston as a replacement, same itinerary.
  12. Did you book the tour in advance or when you go off the ship?
  13. I guess it depends on who you get on the phone. I tried to cancel a cruise well ahead of the sail date and they said I couldn't without losing the deposit. Then the cruise was cancelled by them, and I am getting the deposit back, though it's been over 30 days now, so I will be making a phone call soon.
  14. The deposit of $398.00 is non-refundable. Only if they cancel the cruise or change the itinerary, not to your liking, will you get it back.
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