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  1. I am thinking of staying on the QM post cruise as my ship docks at 8am and I want to enjoy Catalina Island before flying home the next day. Will the hotel store my luggage while I am out for the day? Since this is post cruise, will it be strange to come off a new ship and stay on an old ship or will the history make up for it?
  2. Does anyone know when you need to tell them you want to come in a day or so early and will pay the fee? Should you tell them now, even if its over a year away or wait until it's a little closer but over 60 days out?
  3. This is from their website regarding their partner airline: "If you choose a fly-cruise package, you’ll be flying with some of the world’s most respected airlines, which we’ve chosen as our travel partners. That means you can look forward to a more comfortable and relaxing flight. Our partners include: Air Canada, Air France/KLM, American Airlines, British Airways, Etihad, Iberia, Jet2.com, Lufthansa, Norwegian.com, Qatar, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, United Airlines, Vueling and Virgin Atlantic
  4. Thank you for the information. I think we’re sticking with the partial and doing the ferry excursion. The decision was based mostly on time and ports.
  5. Ours is a partial transit as well starting at 5am. What time did the Ferry excursion start. Ours isn't listed yet, it's too far out. I am also looking at a full transit that might be doable, but then the ship might be different and some of the ports will be different. If I keep the itinerary I have now, then we would do the ferry.
  6. Yes that must be why since it's closer so only one night. I just did a search and found The Pullman Miami Airport is the NCL hotel of choice. I do like the hotel you found much better with the shuttles to both port and airport. The Pullman doesn't offer shuttle to the Cruise Port.
  7. We have to stay on the ship as our NCL cruise arrives at 6am and departs at 2pm. Not enough time to go anywhere. Is there nothing at all at the pier?
  8. He incriminated himself on TV as well and didn't even realize it. Case closed. Kudos NCL!!!
  9. I was interested in a Mediterranean cruise and he eagerly explained all that to me because of the time zone changes and why it’s good to come in early. Maybe it’s slightly different for each port?
  10. I was told the other day when I called that the $25 deviation fee brings you in 2 days in advance and you book your own hotel. If you come in 3 days in advance they waive the $25 fee and they book one of their hotels for you. Same with staying after the cruise.
  11. Thanks everyone for your replies and the photos. There is a Western Med cruise that embarks from Rome, with the same itinerary and roughly the same timeframe, so we could always switch to that one and spend extra days in Rome instead of Barcelona, if we decide to go on the Western Med cruise. I do wish there were some cruises longer than 7 days for that area. There is also a Panama Canal cruise one way that transits all the way through the canal, we could very well consider that one too instead of taking the ferry excursion. Adds a few ports in Mexico and debarks in Los Angeles. Still have some time to figure this out. Maybe even hold off and get some reviews of the Encore too, new doesn't always mean better.
  12. Tossing around 2 cruises for 2021. Love them both but have to decide on one. Western Mediterranean on the Epic, 7 nights, right now the promo is all perks, airfare included with the option to add 2 more days pre-cruise for $25/per person and book our own hotel or stay 3 nights pre-cruise and book one of their hotels. West Med Ports are: Barcelona, Naples/Pompeii, Civitavecchia, Rome, Livorno Pisa/Florence, Cannes France, Palma Majorca Spain, Barcelona - I will be adding in either 2 or 3 nights precruise. Cruise is Sun-Sun (7 days) Panama Canal is on the Encore (new ship) 12 nights, UBP and SD only for perks, w/ airfare included, same rules for adding additional days pre-cruise. Panama Ports are: Miami, Bonaire, Curacao, Aruba, Santa Marta & Cartagena Columbia, Panama Canal/Gatun Lake, Colon Panama, Puerto Limon Costa Rica, Miami Cruise is Mon-Saturday (12 days) Roughly, the cruises are only about $1500.00 difference in price (but one is longer than the other). Price difference is not a decision maker West Med is leaving in May and Panama Canal is leaving in February. Leaving from NYC so weather could be a factor, but definitely not a decision maker. Traveled in the winter many times Both are equally intriguing to me, for obvious reasons. I know this will be everyone's personal opinion but which cruise would you prefer and why?
  13. How does free or discounted airfare work on cruises that are only one way? I am looking at an Alaskan Cruise with embarking and disembarking ports in two different cities. I asked this question on the NCL forum, but got no reply so I thought I would try here. Any additional fees to come in a few days earlier and/or stay a few days later after the cruise?
  14. Thinking about an Alaskan cruise, one way from Vancouver to Seward. Priced out the trip and added the airfare from my local airport and it was $399.00, but this is a one way cruise. Does this include flying back from Seward or is it giving me the total based on r/t from Vancouver? If I wanted to extend my trip either at the beginning or at the end of the cruise, I am allowed to do that? Thanks!
  15. Price out the trip on NCL with and without the airfare (be sure to add in your airport transfers without the airfare) then decide if you think you can get airfare at a better rate by booking on your own or if it's better to book with NCL. I'm sure some locations are worth it to book with NCL, other locations fly with low fares and you might do better on your own. Staying a day or so extra either at the start or end of the cruise is always nice to do, especially before the cruise. I am booking my own airfare for the flexibility and because I feel the airfare will not be as high as what that the price difference is on NCL from my location.
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