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  1. Once you reserve one, does anyone know if they are assigned or if you can pick the one you want?
  2. Thanks, I think I'll give it a try. i wonder if we would be able to watch the movie from the Pod if they are showing one that night.
  3. Not sure I like the Pods. I wonder why they have the wrong picture on the website. The Pod looks a little closed in and no view of the ocean at all. Not at all what is described when you book.
  4. I just booked a cabana on the Equnox for a port day...$99. Below is the picture on the Celebrity website. How do you choose your cabana or are they assigned?
  5. Thanks so much for your review, we will be there in November, and I am now looking forward to it a little bit more!
  6. We have the 3 night booked this Nov with our kids and grandkids. I have never seen shorts in the MDR at night. This is now allowed on these short cruises? I was going to make the grandkids pack some pants for dinner, but that is not necessary any more?
  7. Is there a website you use to find out if any other ships will be with you at Coco Cay? Or do you just go on to Royal Caribbean Cruise website, and pull up all the other ships to see if anyone is there on the same day you are?
  8. Thanks, that helps. Any other suggestions to get the best use of our time there. I will not get the cabana, as you made a valid point...we will just dump our towels etc on some chairs. Are there lockers inside the water park for our cruise cards? We will leave all other valuables on board.
  9. It looks like you will have to purchase a ticket/pass. We have a grandfather and a 5 yr old that will not ride the slides, but it we want them to join us at the water park, RC told me they need to have a pass.
  10. The Snack Shack is complementary to anyone in the Thrill Water Park.
  11. This is what I found. I am guessing that by buying a 'pass' or cabana (that includes 6 passes} you get all the below: Thrill Waterpark ($ charge) Includes 13 waterslides, Wave Pool, Adventure Pool, complimentary dining at Snack Shack, beach chairs, umbrellas and towels
  12. I just spoke to the rep at RC and she said that we could still get the cabana, and the children could use it but they would not get any of the other benefits... free water, access to the complimentary food, drinks and beverages from the nearby Snack Shack. So we would have to buy them the all day pass. We all have the beverage package, so that's not an issue anyway. It would cost us an additional $140.00 to have the cabana.
  13. We would book this too...except that in addition to us 6 adults, we have 5 kids with us. So even if we bought them tickets for a full day at the water park, I doubt they would allow them to hang out with us in the Cabana.
  14. Same here. We are traveling with 5 kids from 5-12. Looking for something fun.
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