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  1. My 11 yr old grand daughter has many food allergies as well. This is her first cruise. Should we call ahead to find out the ingredients of the foods/meals or do it on a case by case basis at each meal?
  2. Loving your review. My DH and I are taking our 2 adult children, their spouses, and our 5 grandchildren (ages 12-5) on this 3 night cruise in Nov. for my DH birthday. We did buy the water park for our entire crew, planning on spending time their first thing in the am before it gets too crowded. So far, it sounds like the kids can enjoy the pool when we arrive and after dinner, the Ice show and the balloon drop before bed.
  3. I'm from Pittsburgh too! Moved to FL years ago. Did they accept Credit Cards for the umbrella rental and food/drink?
  4. I was on the Equinox 2 weeks ago, my 3rd time cruising on her. I don't really have much to add to what has already been reported. The ship looked great, Capt Kate was gracious and very much out and about. Staff was wonderful as always. We were in cabin 2152, an aft concierge cabin. There were new chairs on the balcony that recline, but no foot stools. This made reclining ridiculously uncomfortable. The table was small, about 14 inches round. It didn't even hold the tray for our coffee in the am. We asked for a larger table and our cabin stewart had one on our balcony that day. We didn't ask for foot stools. Just a note that the floor we were on had a completely covered balcony. The rest of the balconies in the aft (stern) of the ship are mostly uncovered. We had reservations (made weeks before we boarded) for select dining. We had the same table and the same waiters each night. While on board, they were constantly giving discounts for specialty dining. We ate at Murano's...2 for the price of one. It was excellent. We upgraded our included drink package to premium, as we like to try different wines. Never had to wait for service at any of the bars. Except maybe at the Martini Bar...it was always crowded there. Pool chairs were plentiful if you did not mind sitting away from the pool. There were the typical pool chair hogs, especially on sea days. I saw pool staff removing towels that did not have other belongs on the chairs. The Celebrity shows were the same as we had seen before...singers and dancers very talented and energetic. A couple comedians and singers that were entertaining. If anyone has any questions, I would be happy to try to help.
  5. Has anyone done the 3 night (weekend) cruise on the Navigator? I will be taking my grandchildren on their first cruise (ages 5 through 12) and am looking for any info that I can find about activities etc.. Thanks
  6. I was in 2152 in 2016 and loved it. I have booked the same cabin for this month to the Caribbean. We did not hear any noise from above...but we are early risers,. Occasionally we hear some music from the deck above, but we enjoy that. It is a bit of a walk, so we try very hard to make sure we have everything we need before leaving the cabin. It is covered a bit more than the cabins below., but not completely.
  7. Once you reserve one, does anyone know if they are assigned or if you can pick the one you want?
  8. Thanks, I think I'll give it a try. i wonder if we would be able to watch the movie from the Pod if they are showing one that night.
  9. Not sure I like the Pods. I wonder why they have the wrong picture on the website. The Pod looks a little closed in and no view of the ocean at all. Not at all what is described when you book.
  10. I just booked a cabana on the Equnox for a port day...$99. Below is the picture on the Celebrity website. How do you choose your cabana or are they assigned?
  11. Thanks so much for your review, we will be there in November, and I am now looking forward to it a little bit more!
  12. We have the 3 night booked this Nov with our kids and grandkids. I have never seen shorts in the MDR at night. This is now allowed on these short cruises? I was going to make the grandkids pack some pants for dinner, but that is not necessary any more?
  13. Is there a website you use to find out if any other ships will be with you at Coco Cay? Or do you just go on to Royal Caribbean Cruise website, and pull up all the other ships to see if anyone is there on the same day you are?
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