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  1. So if they do offer traditional dining times......does anyone remember what the times are? And what time are the shows? Stil 7pm and 9pm?
  2. Can anyone tell me what the times are for the assigined dining times? 6? and 8:30?
  3. Does this tour include getting out of the vehicle at any time? Or just a drive by all the sights? Are you able to walk through any of the gothic area, visit any of the chruches (other than the Sagrada Familia)?
  4. I called RC, and at 45 days out, reservations were not yet available for the shows. She had no idea why and told me to just keep checking. I was able to make reservatiuons yesterday, at 42 days out. Very easy online and in app once they are available!!
  5. Yep, no problem finding that, but all it seems to allow me to do is check out other sailings and book a new cruise. Can't seem to find any way to change to another cruise activities etc. I guess I am having a 'senior moment'. LOL
  6. How do I change the dates in the app? When I open the app it only shows my sailing. Thanks for your help.
  7. We are only 41 days out and the reservations for the shows just opened this am. According to RC they usually open 60 days prior...not sure why so late. The app does not list ANY activities yet. I tried to change the date on the app to a earlier sailing but it won't let me, or I just am not doing it correctly,
  8. Does anyone have your paper compass for a 3 night Allure of the Sea cruise...with the listed activities? Would like to schedule shows around other activities we might find interesting.
  9. Thanks for your replys, but reservations are not available on either the app or online. I will give RC a call today to find out why.
  10. We are 44 days out, we have already checked in...but I can't fnd anywhere on the app or online to reserve any of the shows or even dinner reservations. Can you tell me where to look?
  11. We will be in Barcelona in November. We will make reservations for Sagrada Familia, but will we need to make reservations at that time of year for Casa Batllo and La Pedrera? It's hard to make a schedule that is so dependent on exact times. So just curious if November might be easier to just buy tickets when we are ready to visit them.
  12. Thanks! I do have a couple questions. We will be there in November. I will get advanced tickets for Sagada Familia, but will I need to do the same for Cas Batilo and La Pedrera? It is hard to know what time will be convient ahead of time. How are the crowds? And is it possible to eat at the Public Market, Mercado de La Boqueria? Or is everything just for purchase to take home with you? We will be looking for a light meal that first day, and we are staying around the Las Ramblas/Placa de Catalunya area.
  13. We have been to Barcelona twice. Thanks for the itinerary, it's been awhile and we will re visit some of the sights. We are there 3 days pre cruise. We still like the HOP on for our arrival day. Works for us, nice overview of the ciity and keeps us awake and moving till early dinner and bed. I guess I will just pick one, if they are similar. Our 2nd day we will explore the city, and our thrid day we will be going to Zaragoza via train for a day ( using zaragoza's info, thanks!).
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