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  1. Two years ago, I researched annual options, since we started traveling more extensively. We have the Reserve card for the same reason you do, but thought Costco CITI still offered insurance, but with a much lower rate. We Medicare (no overseas coverage), but also have good medical. That plan has very good coverage overseas. If my med insurance wasn't good overseas, I would go with GeoBlue, which is the basically coverage we already have. We also purchase an annual MedJet, which will fly you from one hospital to another hospital of your choice. Trip and med insur will get you to medical help and get you treated, but you are stuck in the closest facility that can acceptably treat you if they won't release you or can't travel home on a commercial flight. So, you would have to purchase a med evac flight home or a flight to wherever you need to go to get the treatment you may prefer. Or, you can stay in a foreign hospital far from family and your own doctor. Medivac flights are very expensive... $10,000 to much, much more. PS: The included airport lounge perk is nice, but you have to activate it before it can be used. Also, check the lounge policy, since they may have blackout hours when busy.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion. I'll check it out. I've been focused on other projects and should start getting serious about shopping soon. :)
  3. Thank you for the information. I'm really looking forward to the outstanding snorkeling there!!! All the more reason to take the all-day snorkels and just cover up.
  4. Hank, Thank you for your helpful reply. That is very helpful information. You are a wealth of knowledge! Diana
  5. I'm booked on a cruise to French Polynesia next March. I have very fair skin and burn easily. I've snorkeled many times in the Caribbean, but those have been 3 or 4-hour trips, with most of the time spent in the shade on a boat or under a tree. On those trips, I've used a short-sleeved rash guard over a one-piece suit and SPF 50 sunscreen on my arms and legs. I haven't burned on those trips. We've booked all-day multi-snorkel-site excursions in French Polynesia. I'm thinking that I should take a long-sleeved rash guard and either swimming board shorts or capris to cover more of my skin. For those of you who have experience with snorkeling near the equator, how likely would be that I need to cover the backs of my knees or more? What would you wear? Black would match the color scheme best. Will black swim capris be way to warm in the sun when I'm not in the water? Do you have experience with any particular brand of swim shorts/capris? Thank you for your recommendations.
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