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  1. Thank you for the suggestion. I'll check it out. I've been focused on other projects and should start getting serious about shopping soon. :)
  2. Thank you for the information. I'm really looking forward to the outstanding snorkeling there!!! All the more reason to take the all-day snorkels and just cover up.
  3. Hank, Thank you for your helpful reply. That is very helpful information. You are a wealth of knowledge! Diana
  4. Thank you for your suggestions. I purchased a turquoise Hang Ten spf 50 long-sleeved rashguard at Costco in May. I plan to wear it with the swim leggings. One of our friends is limiting her snorkeling on this trip, due to some past skin cancer. I want to get all of the snorkeling time in that I can--without the sunburn consequence. Our best snorkling experience was in Roatan and Bonaire. What was your favorite snorkel/dive in Fr Polynesia?
  5. It's been on ours for along time, too. We've been reading reviews and looking at the trip photos. Can't believe how clear the water is.
  6. Robin, Thank you for the link. The vote is two to zero. Long is better than short on the legs. Diana
  7. I meant "nightmare to use the restroom on a boat with a ONE-piece swimsuit."
  8. Thank both of you for your suggestions. I tried the full body suit (in black) in Bonaire last November. The tour operator had zero shade, but offered the full suit as part of the excursion package. It was nice when in the water, but was very warm in the sun. I wasn't sure if it was because it was black or just lots of coverage, which is why I was thinking that I might want separate bottoms. My DH stuck with swim shorts and a short-sleeved rash guard. He had a light sunburn on his legs---I remained my unburnt "white." The reason I was looking at separate bottoms is that I've switched to a two-piece bathing suit for snorkeling, since it is a nightmare to use the restroom on a boat with a two-piece. The one-piece body dive suit presents the same problem, as well as being more awkward when I want to cool off. My top burns faster than my legs. The bottom line appears to be that I should have my legs entirely covered. NemoCrownie: what leggings do you use?
  9. That is definitely "full coverage"! Was the black too warm when worn out of the water? I'm thinking that I might need coverage between snorkel sessions and/or during "beach time," but wouldn't have the cooling benefit of the water.
  10. I'm booked on a cruise to French Polynesia next March. I have very fair skin and burn easily. I've snorkeled many times in the Caribbean, but those have been 3 or 4-hour trips, with most of the time spent in the shade on a boat or under a tree. On those trips, I've used a short-sleeved rash guard over a one-piece suit and SPF 50 sunscreen on my arms and legs. I haven't burned on those trips. We've booked all-day multi-snorkel-site excursions in French Polynesia. I'm thinking that I should take a long-sleeved rash guard and either swimming board shorts or capris to cover more of my skin. For those of you who have experience with snorkeling near the equator, how likely would be that I need to cover the backs of my knees or more? What would you wear? Black would match the color scheme best. Will black swim capris be way to warm in the sun when I'm not in the water? Do you have experience with any particular brand of swim shorts/capris? Thank you for your recommendations.
  11. I'm re-posting my April post (#14). Can anyone answer my question regarding CSR or any credit card insurance getting you home if you are physically unable to fit into a commercial airline seat, but are not hospitalized? Is evac your only option? If so, that would be very expensive and not covered by MedJet. Thanks, Diana
  12. I haven't tried to split credit card coverage. You have a very good question. One issue could be whether one card requires you to pay for all of the expenses on their card. If not, then it would be interesting to find out if they would split coverage. We went the credit card route this year (January) because we are traveling a lot and we have a Blue Cross/Shield plan that covers us overseas (similar to the Geo Blue coverage). We don't need the extra medical--just Medevac home (we purchased an annual MedJet policy) and cancellation/interruption insurance. I couldn't find any insurance that would cover just cancellation/interruption only. Diana
  13. Thank you. I'm looking forward to your information. Diana
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