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  1. Our chase account is also automatically paid from our checking account at Wells Fargo. It was a simple process to initiate the electronic transaction. I don’t know about you, but the USPS in Atlanta is bad and mail is mis delivered or goes missing. We also have thieves who plunder mailboxes. Hence, doing all this electronically is a much better scenario.
  2. For those who are concerned about the hefty refunds parked on credit cards, we had a good experience with Chase Sapphire Reserve. When the credits from Regent showed up, I called Chase to request a wire transfer to our checking account. They sent a form via email that requested details re: bank routing numbers, etc. I completed that today, the check request is noted in my account and they said it will take 1-3 business days to hit my checking account. From there I need to decide where to park it until our next cruise!
  3. .....until it is challenged in court and a decision is either for or against them.
  4. Thank you for your prompt responses. We are ready to take the plunge now!
  5. I have one last question concerning the penthouse cabins. We are looking at 100051 on Serenity which is a Penthouse with Verandah. On the same deck is Seabreeze Penthouse. Same deck, same square footage and I can't seem to discern the difference. Can anyone help? Thank you! Jennifer
  6. Perfection! Getting excited reading this board. Generally we cruise to more exotic locales and shun the Caribbean. However, this Is perfect for a getaway after months of staying home. We just got our Regent refund so we feel like Diamond Jim Brady!
  7. We are about to pull the trigger on our first Crystal cruise after many Regent cruises. The deal out of Miami on Serenity was too good to pass up. Fingers crossed that the virus won’t scuttle another vacation! i have several questions after looking through this board. What is the coffee like in the cabin? We are booking a penthouse suite. Regent coffee is so bad it’s a legend! I don’t care for Illy expresso, either. I got tired of waking up, throwing on something, and going to the coffee machines to get something decent. For the last two cruises, we packed our French roast, foldable drip cone and foldable tea kettle to make hot water! I hope Crystal has Nespresso machines as that would be perfect! Finally, when can I make specialty restaurant reservations? Thanks for your help.
  8. Yes, ours was broken down into six transactions....some I recognized, some I didn’t. However, the bottom line was correct so Regent is forgiven for the convoluted posting of the refund.
  9. I am delighted to report that our refund is complete and accurate for our cruise that was scheduled on May 11, 2020. This posted on my Chase Visa card on 6/9/2020. What a relief from the dark early days!
  10. When we get out of the COVID mess, email me about your next gig! Are you in the metro Atlanta area? Email is in my signature.
  11. Perhaps an “unplugged” set a la Eric Clapton.....I bet there are acoustic guitars on the ship that can be loaned out. I know, it’s like cheating on your wife....
  12. We got notification today of one excursion charge that we charged to Amex was refunded. Fingers crossed that the big boys on the Chase card follow! Sail date was 5/11 and refund request was 4/15. Stay tuned!
  13. @tubeamps @Dolebludger I think a terrific Regent activity would be to gig with the band.....who knows how many former and current rockers sail! Some Regent activities are a real snooze fest.....let’s go from rocking in rockers to rocking out with rockers!
  14. The first night in Atlanta was chaotic, but since then, it has been peaceful. I participated in a march and wore a mask and kept my distance. Many families with kids attended and the police cleared the streets of traffic. This picture I think accurately portrays how calm the policing was during the march.
  15. From our email from regent: “...Refund requests will be validated, and refunds will be processed within 90 days of the request..”.
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