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  1. Very interested in your take on Istanbul and Turkey in general considering the recent incursion into Syria. We are scheduled for a Middle East Cruise in May and we are anxious that our itinerary will change substantially.
  2. Interested. This as we will be on Voyager on a b2b Venice to Athens in May. This includes 4 contiguous days in Israel. We have chosen excursions to Masada and Jerusalem but we are willing to scrap all that for a more interesting tour. We have visited Tel Aviv, Jaffa, and Jerusalem on another tour. Our Jerusalem tour was Jewish centric with yad vas hem and the wailing wall.
  3. The first time I saw La Sagrada Familia I felt the awe early pilgrims must have felt as they approached Chartres in France. It is so inspiring on so many levels. The light must be from heaven!
  4. Beautiful pictures, Rich! I’m curious about the Congee advertised at the lobstah shack. Do they get lots of Chinese tourists?
  5. This is the sweetest post ever! Our world can seem overwhelmingly harsh at times. We need to see kind hearted and generous people more often. If each of us extended a kindness daily to a stranger, humanity would be substantially improved.
  6. I also wondered about the “protection”. Our guide said that the dragons can’t see very well and the sticks look like the forked dragon tongue. When it is place before them, they think it is a bigger dragon and, intimidated, retreat. It helps that they are well fed before we arrive. I was taking tons of pictures and the guide placed himself in front of me at one point because he didn’t like the way one of the dragons was tracking me. My camera lens was moving around and he said that the dragon in question thought I might be a pig or a deer. Since we had been on board for over a week already, a pig was a pretty good guess!
  7. This is how they keep the dragons in line....
  8. Nice. So this seems like the perfect resolution. The bottom line is that the better the customer is treated by a company, the more likely they will use that company again. No one likes to fell like th bottom line is more important than the customer.
  9. They were spectacular! We were on the first visit of the day. It was hot, but I’ve been hotter on other excursions. (I’m talking about you, Valley of the Kings, Goa, Dubai!). The walk is not terribly strenuous. You do get to be a bit too close for comfort.
  10. Good news! We received a letter from Regent through our TA that Regent is offering a future cruise credit equal to the lost day for this cruise in addition to the $250 pp OBC. Kudos to Regent for doing the right thing! Since we plan to book another cruise in the future, this works for us! So, this should put a period on the end of the sentence of the contentious thread that was shut down.
  11. @Mr Rumor Rich, I’m not sure whether they offer excursions to Salem when you reach Boston, but Shauna might really enjoy all the Halloween hoopla that occurs in October. There is a high speed ferry right next to the aquarium that drops you right in the oldest section of Salem. It is all very walkable. In addition, the Peabody-Essex museum is world class with interesting exhibitions and artifacts from he 18th C Far East trade.
  12. Love it! Can’t wait to follow along. Sailing with you in person, or virtually, is a real treat!
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