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  1. GOARMY: Please make sure you find us during this cruise. I’m usually sitting at the pool bar in the afternoons and wearing either a Yankees or Citadel cap. Look forward to meeting you. Z and TB
  2. Bill: You just outlined my first seven years of College. It’s like a “This is Your Life” episode. Thank you. Z and TB
  3. Although I cannot answer your question, we love her and hope that she will be onboard the Explorer on 31 Oct. She is a wonderful person and great human being. Z and TB
  4. When you refer to Genny, do you mean Genessee Cream Ale? I loved it. Too bad it’s no longer made. Z and TB
  5. Almost as good as night train. Add a little vodka to strengthen it up. I remember drinking rum and Coke and asking the bartender to add more rum because the coke was too strong. Z and TB
  6. That was my drink of choice as a poor cadet at The Citadel. That and mixing 151 rum and Schmitz malt liquor bull. Again, poor student. Now, I love sipping rums and Hendricks, but not at the same time. Z and TB
  7. At this point, I’ll drink Mad Dog 20/20 as long as I’m on a cruise. 😊 Z and TB
  8. I’ve searched around and can’t find the itineraries. I guess I will need to wait until tomorrow although I’m very curious. Z and TB
  9. Have a wonderful trip and send lots of pics! We look forward to following along. Z and TB
  10. No good thread can’t thrive without a little food porn: Dover Sole Pacific Rim Lamb Chops Pacific Rim Pork Ribs Prime Rib Panko Shrimp And a little Cosmo to wash it down. Z and TB
  11. On our case, I was thinking of the buffet Prime Rib served in La Veranda upon boarding. It is a perfect first meal to kick off one’s cruise. As others have stated, there are many memorable meals to include Dover Sole, miso sea bass, and panko shrimp. Others include the incredible meals we have had in Pacific Rim. Love the lamb chops and ribs. We will be sailing on the Mariner’s transatlantic cruise on 31 Oct and look forward to many more memorial meals and to continue recruiting for the BM&M society from the third stool at the pool bar. Z and TB
  12. Folks: I got a buzz celebrating my 61st in Vero Beach and got into a conversation with The Boss as we approach our upcoming Regent cruise, we have been discussing our most memorable meals. What are yours? Ours are the incredible prime rib upon boarding and the panko shrimp as well as the Alaskan king crab legs in Prime 7. We also love the miso sea bass. Comments/ thoughts? Z and TB
  13. Damn. Let’s hope nothing gets cancelled. Especially since we have a vested interest in that we are on the Explorer cruise from Barcelona to Miami. Tough times. Z and TB
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