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  1. Well let’s see this thread flourish and stay on a positive note. My first thoughts about what to write from my perspective are all the funny things that have happened to me while cruising. Nothing wrong with a little self-deprecating humor to keep it light. Looking forward to see how this thread goes. Z and TB
  2. I hope it’s the splendor cruise departing on. 28 Nov. We have four couples sailing with us and it will be a hoot. Z and TB
  3. I’m all on for 28 Nov 20. Hopefully, we will be past this pandemic. Good luck to all and stay safe. Z and TB
  4. With the stock down to 12 bucks today, I jumped on the roller coaster and will ride it out. I have a sell point to protect my investment, which I think is obtainable before the worst case scenario could happen As long as this virus follows the same track as it has in China and Korea, I should be ok. If I’m wrong, it won’t be the first time, but I’m willing to take a risk and hope to have it pay out.
  5. Adding to my post above, some of the most memorable moments we have spent have to with all the wonderful and interesting passengers and crew we have had the privilege to meet. We have met a former major league baseball player, a life-loving Japanese lady from Hawaii, The Boss’s fan club from London, the original Bloody Mary and Margarita Society members, and just friendly and kind folks that have become fast friends like TC2, TNR, Vandi, Bebop Bonnie, Rich, and, definitely 1teach53. Some many crew members to mention, but the standouts have been Bartender Olga, the wonderful Capt Serena, Massimo, John Barron, and Donald from F&B. These are just a few from the top of my head, but there are so many more great and interesting people and crew that have made all our Regent cruises very special. Z and TB
  6. One of our fondest memories came from our first Regent cruise in the spring of 2013 from Barcelona. When we returned to the Mariner from our Rome excursion, many crew and staff were outside along with the band to welcome us with champagne and cold towels. We had to walk aim a red carpet lined by them who were applauding and cheering us on. It was such an unexpected surprise and really pushed us over the top in becoming exclusive to Regent for our cruises. In 11 Regent cruises, we have only experienced this twice. BTW, I saw on something similar yesterday on Facebook where the crew and staff came out to say goodbye to folks departing the Mariner in Fremantle. It was somewhat bittersweet knowing that this is the last cruise until who knows when. Z and TB
  7. Hammie!!! Good to hear that you made it home safely. You had a whole cheering section rooting for you guys‘ safe return. Forget about this madness and start looking at cruises. Recommend Splendor on 28 Nov 20 and I’ll teach yous how to drink Colombian tequila shots. Z and TB
  8. I work as a Program Manger for a private company supporting HQ Southern Command. We follow DoD’s policies since we are embedded with them. Our daughter works for the Department of Justice and has yet to see policy or guidance from them. Z and TB
  9. Amen to that. We may have dodged a bullet. Real sorry we never met onboard. I am supposed to attend a reunion in Macon, Georgia in two weeks and now Uncle Sam has cancelled all non-local personal travel, so I need to join the many trying to get an airline refund. Can’t wait to be placed on permanent hold by AA. Z and TB
  10. Hammie: get home safe and start getting ready to do this cruise again. We need your upbeat attitude to make us all chill out a little. We also felt real sad for you and all the other folks who missed out on their cruises, not to mention the nightmare of getting back home. Stay safe and keep us posted. Z and TB
  11. Good Morning: TB and I are back home now with stuff unpacked and settled in. We are anxiously waiting to see how this madness will pan out and staying informed via the news and reading up on it via the internet. In light of these events, I would rather minimize any summation and final thoughts of our recent trip. We had a wonderful time, had indescribable meals, received excellent service, and met many new and great friends. The only negatives were slight and mostly focused on a few rude passengers. We wish everyone gets through this mess in good health and stays in high spirits. The Boss wants to help out those businesses that are being impacted and cleared me in hot to order some items online. In the interest of helping out the Italian economy, I am ordering wine and olive oil from Italian vendors. I love that woman. Thanks to all that followed us on this great cruise and for all the kind comments. We really love sharing our adventures with our fellow CCers. Here is a preview of our upcoming cruise in Nov 2020 on the Splendor: “After looking at my wife’s luggage, I realized we would need two men and a fork lift. My next thought was, ‘we’re going to need a bigger boat.’ “ Z and TB
  12. I agree with Jackie and cruiseluv in that we just don’t know and can only share our concerns. In my case, we have four cruises booked with Regent starting next November and hope that this madness corrects itself by then. Regardless, we stand to potentially lose out in a worse case scenario. But, We are staying positive and are taking a wait and see attitude. Z and TB
  13. It looks as if the Explorer is back in Miami as of 0800 today according to my Marine Traffic app. Z and TB
  14. During these stressful times, there are many folks that are being severely impacted economically. Many of us are in the position to help out our neighbors and friends be it at home or from the many places we all learned to love during our travels. I recommend to please be generous and reach out to those in need through charitable contributions via reputable institutions. We plan to do the same and hope others join us. We also plan to support our friends in Europe by making purchases directly from local vendors. Anything we can all do can be extremely helpful. Z and TB
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