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  1. We live in Broward County and only got intermittent rainfall and wind gusts. Very grateful to have dodged that bullet. On the other hand, Beebop Bonnie and her sister were apprehended for reckless endangerment for surfing in the storm and resisting arrest. Bonnie was caught with a bottle of Hendricks she took from her last Regent Cruise. Damn, I need a cruise. Z and TB
  2. Does anyone know when Regent will publish cruise itineraries for the second half of 2022? I need a cruise to plan and fantasize since we’ve had one already cancelled and one we had to cancel. Thanks and I hope yous all have a great weekend. Z and TB
  3. For all U.S. folks, I hope you had a great Fourth of July weekend. During these times, it’s nice to relax with special friends and enjoy a special holiday. We met with Beebob Bonnie and her sister who we cruised with last March on the Explorer and had a great time. We had a nice BBQ and great conversation. During our soirée, we FaceTimed with Travelcat and woke up her husband, Dennis, and he had on some nifty pajamas for his siesta. It would not have been an official time with Z and TB unless someone got sick and surprise, it was me. Too much Sangria mixed with rum and no chow. Z and TB
  4. Lol. If you remember, during our Rome to Miami transatlantic cruise, I actually brought a portable hand cart to carry home all the Italian wine I bought. Z and TB
  5. That’s what we hope to do. We are still waiting to hear from our TA to see if it’s doable. Option B is to keep it as a place holder for when Regent publishes their cruises for the rest of 2022. Our ideal cruise would be sailing along the Western European coast to see Bordeaux for the wine, stopping in NW Spain for the end of the Camino De Santiago, and anywhere in Portugal. Z and TB
  6. I was shocked when I read an email from my TA informing us that our Apr 2022 NYC to LON cruise was cancelled due to “scheduling changes.” In return, we each got $500 FCC and the pleasure of spending $2k more per person to rebook a similar cruise. Not too happy at this time. Z and a P*ssed off TB
  7. Thank you! We went to our favorite Italian restaurant for our anniversary dinner. We love the place, but Pietro, the chef, moved on so the food was not as good. But, the wine was excellent! It was so weird going to a restaurant after not having been to one for so long. Last time we ate out was on the Explorer on 12 March at an epic dinner with the usual suspects in Prime 7. Z and TB
  8. Bill: would love to cruise with yous also. Not only because we are USAF brothers, but you also live in one of my old haunts, South Carolina. You can bring us some good BBQ and I can tell you about the great BBQ massacre of 1992 conducted by The Boss. We have four upcoming Regent cruises. Pick one and we can rock the boat! Z and TB
  9. Well better a late reply than no reply. Sorry I took so long, but I sort of checked out from CC for the past few weeks due to all the negativity and talk regarding Covid. It’s like CNN and Fox News had a kid and grew up to be CC. I’m actually wrapped up pretty tightly, but usually a positive person who hates negative vibes while being balanced out by The Boss who keeps me on a tight leash. You are correct! I’m retired Air Force, 28 years‘ worth of great fun and lifetime friendships. You know what it can be like. Regarding trying out Regent, we were in your position about seven years ago and now, eleven Regent cruises later, we won’t cruise any other line. Here’s why: -Great food and service. Believe me, I haven’t missed too many meals in my life and love the food. -Personable and friendly crew that remember your name or recall meeting you in previous cruises. When you board at the beginning of the cruise, they make you feel as if you are home. -Good value. Everything is included. You do not need to spend a dime if you don’t want to. -You never feel crowded or rushed. The ships have some of the industry’s largest passenger to space ratio. -Did I mentioned the chow? It ain’t C rats or MREs. -I can practice my cannonballs in my speedo and still look good cause at 59 I’m still one of the younger guys onboard. -Most of all, the people you meet are extremely interesting and friendly. We have made some great friends on every cruise to include a couple from Texas which we cruise with regularly, two crazy sisters, and fellow plank owners of the Bloody Mary and Margarita Society. -Finally and foremost: FREE BOOZE 🥃!!!! I’m talking belly up to the pool bar, strap on to a seat, and knock them down if you want to. I hope you read this and let us know if you decided to book with Regent. We are hoping to be on the 28 Nov 20 Splendor cruise. If you book it, be aware that there are about five couples we know that will also be cruising so it should be a blast. Plus, you get to meet the lovely Boss who happens to have married me 37 years ago today. Z and TB
  10. Bill: welcome home to your daughter and glad she is back safe and sound. is she going to be a lifer like her pop? I don’t miss the deployments, but miss the camaraderie. Z and TB
  11. Well let’s see this thread flourish and stay on a positive note. My first thoughts about what to write from my perspective are all the funny things that have happened to me while cruising. Nothing wrong with a little self-deprecating humor to keep it light. Looking forward to see how this thread goes. Z and TB
  12. I hope it’s the splendor cruise departing on. 28 Nov. We have four couples sailing with us and it will be a hoot. Z and TB
  13. I’m all on for 28 Nov 20. Hopefully, we will be past this pandemic. Good luck to all and stay safe. Z and TB
  14. With the stock down to 12 bucks today, I jumped on the roller coaster and will ride it out. I have a sell point to protect my investment, which I think is obtainable before the worst case scenario could happen As long as this virus follows the same track as it has in China and Korea, I should be ok. If I’m wrong, it won’t be the first time, but I’m willing to take a risk and hope to have it pay out.
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