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  1. salbri


    thankyou for the brilliant reply, lots of info as well, were really looking forward to it x
  2. salbri


    brilliant, thanks for the info re Hawaii, were really looking forward to it, enjoy rest of your cruise... cheers sally
  3. salbri


    Hi CruiserBruce, were on a package holiday that includes 4 nights in Las Vegas and 2 nights in Los Angeles followed by the Hawaiian islands cruise, it's for 21 nights all together, I also don't think that we would fly all the way from England to Las vagas just for 4 nights, but my question was for any advice for when were on the star princess cruise to the Hawaiian islands, if it's better to use the cruise shore excursions or make our own way around the island using the land trip organisers... any advice regarding this would be appreciated from anyone who had done this trip... regards, salbri..
  4. salbri


    Hi cb at sea, were going on a package holiday that includes the 4 nights vagas and 2 nights Los Angeles followed by the cruise to Hawaiian islands, it's a stay and cruise vacation for 21 nights all together thrown in, I was just wondering if anyone had any helpful tips for when were on the star princess ship regarding the trips once we visit each Hawaiian island, if anyone knew if you can make our own way on the day or if it would be better to use the cruise ships shore excursions... any info at all would be appreciated... regards, salbri.
  5. salbri


    Hi, anyone going on the 31st October to las vagas, las angeles stay followed by the Hawaiian cruise on the star princess, booked for my 60th birthday from my hubby, any tips etc on exploring, ie, either booking with the cruise or at the port etc, your help would be much appreciated as we haven't done this before...
  6. salbri


    Were going on the star princess at the end of October staying 3 nights in las vagas and 2 nights in LA before boarding the cruise on the 4th November for the Hawaiian islands, any advice for this trip would be much appreciated, trips, either book with cruise or outside venders, weather at that time of year etc..
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