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  1. Wait... your going down a dangerous path that includes common sense. That isn't allowed.
  2. We have final payment due this week. When can I expect them to cancel July if that is what happens? I am trying to book another trip as I expect things to be canceled and I don't want to have another "non-refundable" payment out there in case the ships sail. Like I said, I don't expect it to sail, but I am nervous about having two trips this summer and I can only afford one!
  3. I'm curious as to how many people will cruise after signing that the cruise line can kick you off the ship or deny re boarding at a port if you test positive. Since some people are testing positive after being vaccinated would you take that risk. It doesn't matter if you have symptoms so anyone could test positive. (I personally know of an 80 year old friend that tested positive three weeks after getting the vaccine.)
  4. I didn't see anything about mandatory vaccinations. Did I miss something? Also, if you are tested after being vaccinated and test positive with no symptoms can they keep you from boarding the ship after an excursion? It seems to say that anyone who tests positive (vaccinated or not) can be kicked off the ship at any time (hopefully not while at sea, lol). I have lots of questions also regarding masks. I get sick every time I wear a mask for longer than a couple of minutes. I have attributed it to breathing in my own CO2 and bacteria that my body said needs to be expelled.
  5. I am so frustrated with the cruise lines final pay policy. Right now we have to decide to give the cruise line another 5K (total of 7K) in order to pay for our cruise in July. I have a feeling it will be cancelled but I also will not be able to travel as some in our party will not be able to be vaccinated. So, my options are to pay in full and let the cruise line hold my money until, maybe August, which will keep us from doing anything else this summer due to having our vacation money being held by the cruise line, or taking a 2K FCC for a cruise that we may never get to go on. I think th
  6. Lol... we had a cruise canceled by Princess and because we were at the cruise port and were waiting, received our money back (except for $120 which I have no idea why they kept and refuse to give back!). We also received a credit for the amount we paid for the cruise. Although it was awesome to get the free credit, the prices have gone up so much that it will cost more to go on the exact same cruise (same date, category, etc) after the cruise credit than it did without the credit in 2019! So... I guess I either wait for the prices to come down or let the credit expire. At least we got our
  7. I just want to say that I am so upset with people who label "anti-vaxxers" as selfish people or conspiracy theorist. These are people that research vaccines in-depth. They have had a reaction from a vaccine themselves or their children have had a reaction that caused them to research things instead of blindly trusting a doctor. Most of these people are VERY knowledgeable about vaccines because they have had to be. Question: If your child had almost died as a result of a vaccine would you allow the doctors to continue to push a needle into your baby's fat little leg without question? Or, w
  8. So, if some aren't giving ID when getting the vaccine, and in CA, don't have legal residency or ID anyway... how do you prove you have been vaccinated to cruise or fly?
  9. You give a family who can not be vaccinated hope. 🙂 But... we have come to terms with the fact that travel may be over for us for a long time.
  10. I purchased with points (Chase). I was able to lift an shift with RC but had one canceled with Princess. The Princess one was refunded to my account with points. It took a longggggg time, but eventually it was refunded. I did have to call them several times.
  11. Still waiting to see what will happen if you can not be vaccinated? I'm okay with them just giving me my 7K back. But I would like to know so we can plan something else for this summer. And yes, we are willing to drive somewhere if necessary. So, I am hoping that they announce what to do about this when the announce what will be happening when they return to cruising if a vaccine is required.
  12. https://www.nytimes.com/1983/05/05/us/dow-says-us-knew-dioxin-peril-of-agent-orange.html My uncle who died of cancer was told it was perfectly safe as they dumped it on him in Vietnam.
  13. Exactly, except the goalpost keeps moving. It's like the flu, you get the vaccine every year, but it is rarely for the strain going around. So, why get it? My father got the vaccine because his doctor told him that if he got Covid he had a 40% chance of dying!!! He is 76 and has NO comorbidities. I explained that this was not true according to the CDC. But, he did not understand why his doctor would lie to him and he believed him over me. I feel like some doctor's are scaring people to death! Literally. But I think I have found a work around. If they say you have to have
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