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  1. We have past final payment and just spoke with RCC. They told me that if we receive the FCC it is assigned to the person and only they can use it. He said that the second passenger will get less than the first passenger. That isn't good. I looked at our reservation and we paid 700+ or one passenger and 200+ for the second passenger. So, that means that we would have to find that same scenario if we re-book. I would much rather have my money back. I would love to go but we are going with my 77 year old FIL. I can't imagine his doctor signing off on him boarding a boat for a week. I am so sad and do not want to cancel, but if they will not allow my father in law on the boat, will they return our money? It's not like we don't want to go, I just don't think he will be allowed. How is this situation being handled?
  2. After speaking with CS, they told me that when the Asia cruises were canceled the customers were refunded. But she did say we would. She said she didn't know how they would handle it, just that refunds were how this was handled in the recent past. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I would like to re-book for April and a deal like Princess offered would be amazing!
  3. Did they give everyone a notice or just some people? If everyone got notice (except a few essential employees) that would prove that the cruise line will shut down. However, if it was just some, maybe that just means a reduction in force since there are so few people cruising right now? Yes, I have a cruise planned in two weeks and am holding out hope. But I do feel horrible for cruise crew members. So many crew members that we have met are from poor countries and work six months at a time just to send money back to their kids and spouse. Not seeing your family for six months would be horrible on it's own, but now having to figure out what to do for two months is awful for them.
  4. Good! We have two cruises booked over the next two months. Both on Royal. I would love to go but if they cancel I really want my money back so I will have the flexibility on what cruise line has the best prices when I rebook.
  5. We are in the same boat. We have two other cruises booked. Both are paid for so FCC is not something that I would like over my money back. Yes, I may book another one before 2021 but I would rather not feel pressure to book anything else before that time. We are not local so you can understand that we need time to cancel things.
  6. I’m just trying to get an idea of if this March 19 RC cruise will be canceled for sure. We have a lot of things to take care of if it is. Until there is a final word on this cruise I feel like I am in limbo. I hate that feeling but I refuse to cancel. So I guess I will just have to get used to it.
  7. I tried making a mock booking on Carnival and they are still showing bookings. I got all the way to the payment screen. If they canceled why are they allowing bookings on the March 15 sailing???
  8. We are trying so hard to get out on a ship for spring break. We have had two cruises canceled and have rescheduled two cruises. Now it looks like those will be canceled. I guess I will give up. If Disneyland is closing down the world really is coming to an end.
  9. Where is that information? I can't find it.
  10. Thanks. Still crossing my fingers that we sail Saturday. Biking suspended cruises. I hope Princess doesn’t follow suit.
  11. How do you find out the occupancy? I am worried about our cruise being cancelled and would love to know how many cabins are open. What is the cancellation policy? Under 25%?
  12. We were told that the CDC gave the orders on Saturday. It was a bit of a mess, but I understand. They should have tested the guy on Friday to be sure. Maybe even test all crew members the day before coming into port to be safe. I know that will never happen since there are so many crew members, but it would probably keep this from happening again.
  13. UUUUGGGGG!!! We have three days until we sail on the Royal. I wish they would say that we are definitely going or definitely not going, but I understand that things change daily. I feel like if we can just get on the ship, things will go as planned. But, if we were scheduled after the 14th I would not expect to sail. I think this date is really cutting it close as California may close the ports.
  14. I agree, but I was saying that for me, as a mom, I don't stop when I get the sniffles. Since this virus is having different effects on different people, I would never think that the sniffles warrants a visit to the infirmary. Even if a young person was carrying the virus, their symptoms may not be enough to warrant them slowing down or even noticing. But, if they give it to an older person on the boat, their symptoms may be much worse and they may seek a doctor. Just an observation.
  15. I am hoping that our cruise on Saturday does not get cancelled! I feel like it is a minute by minute process and so stressful. We were scheduled last Saturday, so our bags were never unpacked because we knew we were going to try for March 14th. But I am concerned about the announcement by the President tonight. What cruise lines are setting up policies that we are responsible for days on the ship in case of quarantine?
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