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  1. Is it just me, or is most of that what they should always be doing.
  2. That's easily rectified don't go so early.
  3. This has come up on my phone. I haven't read it all yet and can't copy the site link. It's in the Southern Daily Echo. 4 August 20More News > Biggest ever UK cruise ship Iona to join P&O fleet before autumn
  4. That is a lot. The price I said was for two people.
  5. Thought it would be, but there is always so much talk about release prices so couldn't be certain.
  6. Is that for one of two people? For those of us who can't book on release, that is still slightly less than we paid for June in an inside cabin. It would be more in August.
  7. Or hot storage, he's in your neck of the woods or should I say lakes (Italy). Not sure exactly where might have been Lake Como. Just looked the lake up isn't that where Italy had their 1st lockdown (Lombardy).
  8. There's a good program on now on C4. The Golden age of liners.
  9. We have used them with the free P&O select service from Washington (Newcastle). We have had Ellison's coaches a few times, the ones that the footballers use. Even had a brand new coach the last time. We met someone on-board from our village who had used Eavesway and they had to change coaches so far down the road. Also said they had a horrible journey home. Maybe there wasn't so many people using them to warrant the one coach all the way.
  10. They could even throw a formal night in. All dressed up and nowhere to go 👗
  11. That was one of the old ones I had in mind, but I know they can be pricey. However just over the road is the park and ride into Durham. It's walkable from the hotel and only takes about 10 minutes to get into Durham City. The PI, at Belmont isn't far from there either, just along the A690 an easy drive. Whatever type of hotel you are looking for don't forget to check the parking.
  12. Depends on what sort of hotel you want. Durham has some lovely old ones (but not cheap), also a Premier Inn, just off the A1. It's a while since I have been to Newcastle, but they have hotels in the city. More built up than Durham.
  13. Is that the young lady from South Shields, where Graham took the video. She was getting some ribbing for her accent the last time we were on Ventura.
  14. Yes I did, I read the posts first as my battery is nearly out, but have just watched it. As an aside Pauline looks great, much better than my lockdown hair.
  15. It must have been great to see. I have just come on here and seen the posts, so missed her.
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