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  1. We had a nice visit to Pisa. Glad though that we took the easy Pisa tour, as the walk from the coach park and back in the heat would have been unbearable. This cruise has been more of a relaxing one. We have enjoyed sitting on deck 17 on a night with only a few people about. We have been onshore at Caratgena and done some shopping. Now enjoying a cuppa and a pint sitting in the sunset bar. Though we have missed the promenade, we have also enjoyed the other places that Britannia offers. Ventura doesn't have the places to sit that Britannia does. So I would say give it a go.
  2. Added wrong photo. Pisa is where we are now. This is the band/headliners I think round the pool
  3. Yes the music around the pool is, but they aren't there for long. They seem to spend more time testing very loudly 1-2 1-2. Not noticed anywhere else but haven't really been to entertainment.
  4. First week over. We left Washington services at 6.00 am last Saturday. One stop to pick up passengers at Wetherby and a 45 minute break for breakfast. We arrived in Southampton and got a glimpse of Britannia as we drove past to drop off 4 passengers for Princess. This is the first time we have done that. At the terminal it was 1.58 as we were going up the esculator. We were directed straight to check in. After a quick toilet stop, check in and security we were onboard by 2.15. That was the quickest boarding we have had so far and none have been very long. The first few days we spent a lot of time trying to find our way round. Constantly going the wrong way. There is lots of little shelves and cubby holes around the ship. So we have never had a problem in finding somewhere to sit. By the time we got up on Wednesday we had some extra visitors onboard nora n(v) iris. I knew as soon as I heard a waiter asking people to wash there hands (something we always do) the reason why. An announcement was made later by the captain and a letter to our cabin. The poor waiters are still getting grief from some of the passengers about washing their hands. People have mentioned no work going on around the ship. However we have seen banisters being removed for varnishing, painting of the holders and late night painting around the pool. Our only criticisms of the ship are the missing promenade and access to the front of the ship. Also hubby not keen on the glass above the rails. Those are just our opinions. It took us a few days to find the library and crows nest. We are still finding little places after a week. We haven't managed to get to see a show yet. We just can't get the timing right. So far a lovely holiday just doing whatever we fancy. We are off to see Pisa a bit later on.
  5. I will be heading down tomorrow for Britannia. What is the weather like down there, it's miserable up here.
  6. I received an email from P&O about what steps they are taking for the issues. Our changes we have already put in place or are in progress: We have already replaced single use plastic items like cotton buds, straws, stirrers and Sail Away flags with more sustainable alternatives or reduced their use to 'on request' only. Our straws, for instance, are now plastic-free and made from a natural corn starch which is compostable. We have completely removed the use of balloons. We will remove the majority of single serve sachets and containers this year, for example sauce sachets, margarine and foil-wrapped butter, jam and other condiments, and yoghurt pots. They will be replaced with refillable dispensers or serving dishes. We are also developing plans to significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste created by the toiletries provided to each cabin, replace non-sustainable grab-and-go packaging found in our deck grills and to reduce our reliance on plastic water bottles. Working closely with our suppliers, we are also striving to reduce food and beverage packaging and replace it with recyclable or biodegradable alternatives. https://www.pocruises.com/environment?
  7. Got it on pc, I was using my Amazon Fire before. Thank you
  8. It shows one photo of the clown ship, then goes to photos of a ship in general and NCL. I went through loads thinking they might come up. Thank you though.
  9. Thanks again. If they were for dancing it wouldn't be so bad paying those prices, but it's a lot just to play in. Especially with needing two lots. I think Cadiz is our first port.
  10. Thanks, they are for a 3 and 6 year old and won't be used for dancing, just playing at dressing up. Eve so I don't like the idea that they will call to bits quickly. However as they are just for the occasional dress up games I don't want to pay too much either. Do you by any chance know roughly what they cost in the specialist shop. I found a website yesterday for a shop in Cadiz but couldn't view any products.
  11. At first, I was a bit worried that they had painted Iona like the clown ship. That was all you could see on first glance. Maybe that's what he was aiming for.
  12. I have only been on Ventura, so can't comment on Britannia yet. However we are counting down the days until we sail on her, in less than two weeks. Our one cruise on Celebrity Eclipse was to the Baltics and was more of a cultural cruise which was reflected in the entertainment. We had freedom dining on the Eclipse, but ended up booking a table each night for the next one and at the same time each night. Though the waiters were nice enough, I think the ones on Ventura were more friendlier. For the food in the mdr on Eclipse, it didn't have as much choice as on Ventura. This didn't bother me as I'm a parky eater in any case. Though on Ventura apart from the always available, some night I could find other things from the main menu to eat. Celebrity's seemed to only have a few choices for the whole menu and these were repeated every few days. So for the mdr, I think that for us P&O came out better. However for the buffet (I know you don't want to use that), Celebrity came out way better. Their idea of a minute steak, is what I would call a small steak. They have food from various nationalities and you can pick and choose from what you wanted. The big hot carving ham's for breakfast were a nice touch. The choice of buns to make sandwiches at lunch time, was better, though that could be down to size, with P&O's being more smaller rolls like what you would get with soup. Celebrity has free ice cream, both in the buffet (served) and from a machine on deck to which you help yourself. P&O only has the free ice cream in the mdr. During the day we found the ship to be quiet after a few days at sea, but this was probably down to the weather. I did though enjoy sitting on deck wrapped up reading a book with very few people on the deck. I don't know where everyone disappeared to. Even the inside pool area was quiet. People did come out on the night time though. On the last evening chic night it was the last night of the cruise. As the cases had to be left outside the door by 8pm, weren't able to dress up, as we would then have to try and find somewhere for our clothes to go the next day. P&O don't have their formal nights on the last night which gives you time to pack them up. We have enjoyed our cruises with both of them, but can't compare like for like as they were to different places (one hot, one, not so). I thought that the price for the Celebrity was more expensive than P&O cruises, but P&O prices seem to be increasing (other people who book at launch will dispute that, but I have found they have gone up in the short time that we have been cruising), with the cruise we will soon be taking on Britannia to the med, costing about the same price as the Baltic one on Celebrity.
  13. Hi, can anyone recommend a good place to buy some Flamenco dance shoes for young girls. Also are the sizes the same as we would get here. I think that you can buy them at the port at Barcelona on the way back to the ship. But would it be better buying them elsewhere. We are going to Cadiz, Cartagena, Barcelona and Gibraltar.
  14. Are P&O classed as fleetwide for Carnival? Just wondering if they will be taking this onboard. https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/news/4142/
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