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  1. Wow, that's a lot to pay to sit behind some doors. Didn't even look as if there was any shade.
  2. I wish there was more cruise departures from further up the country. It puts me off 7 day cruises, but wouldn't stop me if the right one came up.
  3. That's not a long time ☺ By 8.25 a.m. it would be 3 1/2 hours since leaving home for us. With still another 2-3 to go. Even longer for some people.
  4. I didn't think it did for the amount that we bought. The offered rate at the Post Office drops when you only order small amounts. If you were to order multiple of hundreds for example, that might make a difference. There are no transactions fees.
  5. We bought euro's twice on-board Britannia in June. The money was charged to our account. I didn't think it was much less than what we would have gotten from a travel agency. The first time we bought €60 and our charge was £59.46 with the rate being 1.0091. The second amount was €50 with a charge to us of £49.36 and a rate of 1.0130. Buying from home we would have gotten around £3 extra each time. I think at the time it was around £1.08? depending on how much you bought. We bought both lots of money on-board, whilst in port. Maybe in hindsight we should have been checking the prices and it might have been better to buy on a sea day. I didn't notice the board advertising the current rate, until the last day. While in Cartagena we spent €32 euros' in a a shop paying on our cc. When the bill came in the exchange rate was 0.9234 plus an £0.86 non sterling charge. I was too late to get a no commission card before we went away.
  6. The post off Les wasn't showing
  7. See if this works. https://www.pocruises.com/oceana-winter-2019
  8. We book select for the coach, freedom dining and to choose our own room. I would not want to be at the front of the ship in bad seas. So far we have used a local TA, but will be looking for a more specialised one, as there has been a few hiccups with them. Has anyone ever booked through our hosts of this forum. I tend to forget you can book cruises with them, even though I get emails.
  9. I wasn't doubting you, just curious as to what they are. After you said no smoking, I thought they might have been lights, but doubt it.
  10. So what are those silver things standing at the foot of the beds, that look like the ash trays on deck (Ventura promenade). I didn't notice the ones on Britannia.
  11. Thank you for all the updates. I have tried to make a video of them all, though I doubt I will be able to post it on here.
  12. Is this also a first come first served for the beds. I see that at the back there is seating, so does that mean there are only a few beds. Do people ever put towels on these to reserve them?
  13. I was surprised at how close the beds are together. Plus in the photo it looks like there are ash trays for the smokers. Is there two separate parts, one for smokers and one for non smokers. I was wondering whether to book and so the photo was taken with the camera round the side of the ship. I thought that there would be more room in-between the beds, but it's just as close as on the decks. Granted the beds are wider though.
  14. It was Wesley Dunlop when we were on in June.
  15. emam

    Do you Barter

    This is probably a silly question to most of you as you travel so much, but when in Europe do you barter when you buy things. If so is this just from market type stalls or from shops as well. Not being a seasoned traveller, I was quite pleased with myself, when I managed to buy three items for €12 instead of €15 while visiting Pisa.
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