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  1. Info on the Gin distillery https://www.pocruises.com/moments/meet-ionas-exclusive-new-partner
  2. Thanks. We don't have any holidays planned on her, but I am enjoying seeing your photos.
  3. I assumed that Jaydee is on holiday and hasn't been able to add more photos. 😊
  4. Personally I wouldn't recommend going to Rome on your own, too many things to go wrong. There was demonstrations on when we went and the bus had to keep going in a different direction as he couldn't get through the streets. However I 'm sure you know all the stories. What I would recommend is that he takes the Horizon newsletter with him, which can be used to show someone where he wants to be in case of language difficulties. Also if he has any problems it has the ships number on. I don't know but phoning them might make a difference to just not arriving back.
  5. Does everyone hum happy birthday twice while washing your hands. That's how long it should take. https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-body/best-way-to-wash-your-hands/
  6. By taking the people to the sports arena, they kept them all together and could watch over them. Keeping an eye on passengers that might be ill or needing help with children. I am sure that anyone feeling under the weather (pardon my pun) would have appreciated the fact that they had the help they needed, by people they could trust and talk to without any language barriers. If they had been bused to a place 60 miles away the poor people that were poorly might not have made it and could have ended up having to go to hospital. The two quotes on here from people that were there said that the crew were brilliant. You can't compare P&O with another cruise line by saying they would have done better, because you simply don't know that. There is a first time for everything. Yes similar things might have happened but they weren't he exact same circumstances. Norwegian stranded people just a few weeks ago, with storm Dorian in New Orleans. The headline read Hurricane Dorian Strands Cruise Ship Passengers in New Orleans: 'Everyone's Been Starving, No One Knows What's Going On' I am sure they weren't starving, just the same as Azura's passengers might have been cold but would not have been freezing. Before anyone jumps on that I'm not saying it is okay to be cold just that the papers make it out to be a lot worse that it is.
  7. I didn't receive one once and phoned up to check on it (I'm one of those that like to keep them along with the captains log). Apparently it takes 3 weeks to produce them, so if you have booked a late cruise you won't get one. Though I know most of you book early. They also said if you have opted out for post you won't get one. We have printed the labels and used poly pockets to wrap them in, or laminated them. Travelling on the coach I am always conscious that they will tear or catch on other luggage being loaded. The last ones in the book were more sturdy and didn't need it.
  8. I was trying to find the article on Azura and came across some discount codes for P&O. Discount codes never seem to work for me, but might for some of you. https://discountcode.dailymail.co.uk/pocruises
  9. Now that would raise some eyebrows, I didn't know it's always available to streak in the mdr.
  10. We have used the buffet on a night and find it you go later on, it's not so busy. Mostly empty tables. The same applies at breakfast, only it's better going early.
  11. Bear in mind you only get 5 or 6 thick cut chips with the steak. The always available chicken is nice and just tell them to leave the garlic butter off. I once asked for the chicken with only peas for the veg but they didn't bring any chips or potatoes so also watch that. I think that fries are available on the late night buffet, I'm sure there is someone who can confirm that. We usually go up for a cuppa but not food.
  12. emam

    Flu jabs

    We haven't a cruise booked yet but intend to get the jab for the first time. Unfortunately I currently have a cold.
  13. Another one banning ships. https://www.reuters.com/article/france-cruiseships/frances-cannes-to-ban-polluting-cruise-ships-idUSL5N26E5K2
  14. Tui are going to hold a recruitment fair at Luton for those who have lost their jobs. P&O are saying that Atol/Abta protected cruises will go ahead. https://www.cruisetradenews.com/thomas-cook-collapse-cruise-lines-rally-to-help-holidaymakers/
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