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  1. Just got an email from my TA with huge fare reductions. Quick everyone you can save a lot of money on Iona in December 2020. so much money that you can count it on one hand. A whole £5. It does though include a flexible transfer policy. I must be reading it wrong. I think what it means are that the prices are reduced from normal, then TA are offering their usual cashback. It looks like a good price on a suite though.
  2. They are better than Heinz ones.
  3. Have you seen the video on the white arrow surrounded by red. Cruise ship emp during coronavirus pandemic. Ship and life. There is a couple more words before "during" Not sure how much I am allowed to write. Hope you can figure it out.
  4. Has anyone else seen this advertised to the right of the page on here (CC). Where are going to be able to fly internationally to? Will that make a difference to P&O.
  5. Hopefully they will cancel up to the last day of May.
  6. Can you not exercise with the green goddess. I saw her on the news last week doing exercise from her chair. For those of you who are struggling to get food, have you tried Amazon Prime Now. You would have to take out a subscription if you don't already have one. There is also other benefits that might be of use to you, like the tv and books etc.
  7. If you were to get a refund and paid by cc, where does the refund go. Do you get it in your bank or back to the cc. If it goes back to your cc, that is a lot of money sitting on your card. Also not really a cash refund for us.
  8. My condolences to Avril and Dave on their bereavements. I am also in the north east, not far from Graham, presumably Happyv and a couple of others on here. I live in a large village (under 7,500 people) not far from the sea. I went to our local shops yesterday and though there were people about they were trying to keep apart from each other. The doctors surgery closed to people last week. The local chemist is now limiting it to one person at a time. The local fruiterers had sold out of eggs for the first time and only had very few potatoes. It's quiet outside. I had a look down the street earlier and there was one man pushing a baby in a trolley, with a dog. A neighbour went out in her car, presumably to work. Our son's girlfriend and possibly our son might have the virus. How do yo know for definite if there is no test. They have been self isolating for a week now. They are quite cheery, but bored now, they live in a flat so no garden for them to go into. Last night they said that around where they live there is lots of cars at home that wouldn't normally be there. So maybe it's all around where they live. We spoke to our granddaughters by video phone this morning. This is going to be the hardest part not being able to see them in person. I have lots of family tree stuff to do and researching WW1 military persons from where I live to keep me occupied. Like someone else mentioned I am also trying to do a book of my dad's family. I have just finished his story for now (started writing it in May last year) and will start on my grandparents. Unfortunately, I don't think it will ever get printed into an actual book, but still it will be in Word and pdf documents. I was just thinking I should keep a diary of how this lockdown plays or for us. Take care everyone.
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    Just seen this.
  10. Jean, it won't open or download. Could just be me though.
  11. New updated terms have just arrived: first of all we'd like to thank you for your patience and understanding whilst we navigate through these unsettling times. As ever, our guests remain our biggest priority and we're doing our very best to offer you flexibility and choice in your holiday options. In light of the evolving COVID-19 situation, our voluntary pause in cruise operations, and in line with the latest advice from ABTA, we have amended our temporary flexible booking policy. This new policy is applicable to all guests due to travel with us before 1 September 2020. Sailing as planned If you'd like to keep your existing booking, your ship and crew will be ready and waiting to welcome you. We are pleased to be able to offer you on board spending money to enhance your holiday. For full details please click here*. Transferring your booking If you would rather transfer your booking to a later date, our new temporary flexible transfer policy still applies. You also have the option of transferring your cruise to an alternative date should you wish, and you can do this up to 48 hours before departure. For full details please click here. Cancelling your holiday New cancellation policy as of 19 March 2020 Please see our new temporary policy here. As you're booked on a P&O Cruises holiday that departs before 1 September 2020, this policy enables you to cancel your holiday up to 48 hours before departure and benefit from an enhanced Future Cruise Credit offer or cancel under our original terms. The new terms apply to all guests, including British Nationals aged 70 or over and people with underlying health conditions. This new policy supersedes any information you may have received over the last few days. If you have already submitted a transfer or cancellation request based on the previous policy before today, we will honour this and we will be in touch with confirmation in due course. As you can appreciate we're dealing with an unprecedented volume of calls and we're having to prioritise in order of departure date. Please bear with us and do visit our social media channels and website for the latest updates. If you would like to transfer your cruise or take advantage of our enhanced Future Cruise Credit offer please let us know via this web form. If you have booked through a travel agent, please contact them directly. We truly value your support at this difficult time and hope that our more flexible policies and enhanced Future Cruise Credit show you our commitment to helping you have the holiday you're looking forward to, be it this year or later. Whenever you choose to travel, we look forward to welcoming you on board soon. For further information, please click here.
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    Better than Izal
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