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  1. The UK terms are worded differently to those above I believe. The ones from MSC SA above suggested we wouldn’t get YC perks on our upgrade but the UK staff sent us the UK terms which said we would if upgrading to YC specifically but that it may not be the case with other experiences or words to that effect. The UK staff did say it was all very new to them here - first time they’ve used the system on UK sailings etc.
  2. Yes indeed, used a voucher from our last cruise for this one so it’s an incredible deal already - don’t think I’d get very far asking for a YC Balcony 🤣
  3. Yes, on my last cruise I got 1200 player points or something along those lines and a 1/3 off voucher for a cruise of my choice.
  4. We bid for 20 May, £120 pp to go YC from a Balcony Fantastica and it was accepted this morning 🙂
  5. The Policy was updated from your copy & paste above. It can be an email / text etc.
  6. Yes, we're 1100hrs on 20 May sailing.
  7. Yes, I think Virtuosa is sailing from City Cruise Terminal on 20th.
  8. lsmall

    Dress code

    Hey reef112, we're on this sailing too 🙂
  9. If you read MSC's Conditions, it can be a lateral flow or PCR for non-vaccinated passengers and they receive a further test at the port before embarkation, as do vaccinated passengers for that matter 🙂
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