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  1. Earlier final payment? Harsher cancellation penalty? I’ve booked cruises through probably a half dozen travel agencies over the past three years and their policies mirror those of the cruise lines. I’ve never heard of this. Perhaps a thing of the past? By not using a TA, you’re leaving free money on the table. I’ve never gotten less than $100 OBC at time of booking, even for cheap 3 nighters.
  2. LOL, 55 days? I usually print mine a day or two in advance. I don't think you need to worry just yet...
  3. This peaked my interest...but then realized there are a whopping 3 dates out of Port Canaveral to choose from. Very generous, NCL.
  4. Yes, they can. I’ve had this done successfully several times.
  5. Why not just use that website where travel agencies compete for your business (not sure if I can post the URL here). NCL is genius for tricking their loyalists to use their in-house agents. Saves them boatloads of money. I’m on a cruise that departs Friday. Booked it two weeks ago. Cost on NCL website vs cost with travel agency website was the same, down to the penny. The difference Travel agency gave me $100 OBC at time of booking which will cover almost all of the DSC once I’m onboard. I could have booked through the NCL website directly...but what’s the incentive? Once I book and pay through the TA’s website, I have immediate access to my reservation on the NCL website, so I can book shows, excursions, whatever. I like free money, and I also like to cut into NCL’s profit, so I opted to take the free $100 from the agency. No phone calls, emails, couldn’t have been easier.
  6. I wouldn't say awful (because I have a sweet tooth) but yes, compared to other cruise lines, NCL's desserts are mediocre.
  7. I am on the 3 night Sun this month and pre purchase price for 3 night speciality dining is $119. That’s absolutely ludicrous. In comparison, I am on RC Independence of the seas later this year. 4 night cruise, unlimited dining package (yes, truly unlimited, can go to multiple speciality restaurants per day, lunch and dinner) is $95. When breaking it down by meal, NCL speciality is easily double the cost of RC.
  8. I’m looking forward to getting high tonight after reading this thread.
  9. Reading these comments from you miserable bastards makes me remember why the world sucks so much.
  10. All sailings on Sun and Sky prior to 9/7 have open bar. It is discontinued after that date (unless you purchased your "open bar" cruise prior to the discontinuation announcement, which in that case, there are sailings after 9/7 where some folks will have the "open bar.") Moving forward, you'll have to book the more expensive category and use the "free perk" to get the UBP, as you currently do on all other NCL ships. It's a shame the open bar is going away, because you could book the sail away rate and still get the drinks included.
  11. It doesn’t say it anywhere on the reservation. But it’s splashed all over the booking page. If you are on Sun or Sky before 9/7, drinks are inclusive. For everyone on the ships.
  12. Think about all the plastic NCL wastes by using single use plastic cups on the thousands and thousands of alcoholic beverages they serve per day. Other cruise lines has reusable plastic cups that can be washed...why doesn't NCL?
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