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  1. @Baron Barracuda….so sorry to hear how your plans became discombobulated. Also, hope you and yours are well. Hope they do indeed refund your fare, that you willingly paid them because of their assurances. I was worried that NCL had left themselves an out when it came to COVID testing. And, they offered little reassurance when you booked far in advance that you’re COVID testing was positive at embarkation. They had given themselves “wiggle room”. Although, on the surface, they acted and stated safety and customer service was their chief concerns. So, we booked with them. I had issues with NCL about how they screwed many of us upon the restart to begin with. They lured us back in with their promises about COVID safety and their “risk free” assurances with a positive COVID test. Here was are again. NCL has gone back to their nefarious ways. Once again, even though the GF and I just returned from a wonderful Encore Alaska cruise, we will not be booking NCL again (we’re both Platinum Latitudes).
  2. Have taken 3 cruises since the start ups, one each in July, August and October. Flew to FL 2X and SEA 1X. Anxiety? No. Exhilaration? Oh, hell yeah! From researching, to planning, to booking, to flying to embarking. Loved all of it. I think the key to it is sailing with a cruise line that knows what they’re doing. The two cruise lines I sailed (NCL and Celebrity) both knew what they were doing and didn’t waver about it, nor make it difficult for the passengers. COVID protocols were a piece of cake.
  3. Exactly. Eventually, you'll have to use your home address. That will determine your pricing.
  4. First...no correlation between cruising and testing. You test to see if you are positive for COVID. What you choose to do with your positive or negative results are totally separate entities. 2nd.....while I test via my Family Physician, who turns around my PCR tests between 12-16 hours, my Walgreens offers tests at no charge (for U.S. residents). CVS is similar. This is all part of combating the virus (which, because of testing and vaccinations becoming more common with the general populace). As a result, deaths are now dropping in the U.S. after these efforts over the last several months. https://www.walgreens.com/topic/promotion/covid-testing.jsp?ban=covidfy21_newtestingpg_brandstory_main_10.03.21 That people are having to test and be vaccinated before sailing is a tiny subset of the general population. But, it's a welcome one to those of us who enjoy cruising.
  5. They are virtually the same ship. Not sure what, if any differences there would be. As others point out, maybe decor? Since Captain Kate has her new assignment, who is captaining the Edge currently?
  6. Great pics. Congrats on the nice slot hit. Loved sail away on the Magic Carpet. Curious, what was the passenger count?
  7. I see CC finally got the posting and login issues fixed, again!
  8. Love this review. You’re in my favorite cabin category on my all time favorite ship.
  9. Yeah….running into the same issue. Won’t work with Safari. It has been a problem for several weeks, now.
  10. Sky is smaller and older. Breakaway is newer with the bar/restaurant drinking/dining areas I really enjoy. Plus, the “-Away” ships and above tend to have better entertainment. The ports are all typical fare for the Caribbean.
  11. Have sailed the Celebrity EDGE in July and again in August. Sailed NCL Encore 10 days ago. Didn’t see any tuxes on any night. But, dress as you like. If a tux is your thing, go for it. On the Encore, I didn’t even see a tie, on any night. On the Edge, I think I saw two gentlemen wear a tie on dress up night, but no jackets. Again, it’s your cruise. Dress as you like.
  12. Encore Club Balcony on Deck 15 from 10 days ago.
  13. Swimming forward to the front of the ship, walk against the way the swim, you’re headed aft.
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