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  1. I’m not a lawyer. Based on the public information, I would pursue a diminished capacity defense. That’s the only way I can see for the Step-Grandfather to skirt the obvious end to this. Or, if there’s some sort of admission or conviction of guilt by Royal, which I don’t see happening. He might be able to disavow any responsibility for the child’s death because of Royal’s negligence and not his negligence. That would be a pretty far fetched outcome, though.
  2. Found it the same. I can remember a couple of particular incidents. One, I was sitting along the railing of the Two70 bar watching a performance. I was solo at the time and was rudely told to move by two other passengers because they were Diamond and needed a couch that could seat two. I had been there for over an hour and 5 minutes before the show was about to start, they tried to muscle their way in because of their “status”. Another time, on the Allure, my GF and I had an aft cabin very close to the observation area overlooking the Aqua Theater. It had a small bench, and we spent many nights out there watching the activities. One particular night, 3 older couples came out to where we were and insisted on us giving up our seats on the bench because they were Diamond status. We didn’t budge. The “status shamers” claimed they were going to report us (for what, I’m not quite sure) and have us removed. We never saw anyone, including them, for the rest of the night. I have more...involving an older couple with their dog who claimed “special status” whenever they rolled their dog, IN A STROLLER, in an out of restaurants, while we were dining. Won’t keep me from sailing Royal again. But, it will keep me from sailing them to achieve “status” perks.
  3. Thanks for this. Between you and Sue/Doug, I’m pretty jazzed to sail the Encore. BTW...I love sailing solo, too. Not adverse to traveling with a partner, though.
  4. OP....hope your medical procedure goes well. I think if you read your cruise contract, the policies for cancellation will be spelled out clearly. As far as insurance is concerned, there are some pretty far fetched things that they cover, and they cover some of the more common ones (like illness) that they’ll cover. Given the fickle nature of the weather, I always get cruise insurance. For the record, ALL the major cruise lines have a similar “no refund” policy. So, while you’re frustration is understandable, it would have been the same if you had booked a Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Princess, Celebrity, MSC or any other major cruise line. Expensive lesson to learn. I’m surprised your Personal Cruise Consultant or Travel Agent hadn’t made you aware of cruise insurance. Good health to you.
  5. First thing I thought. But, I don’t know if they had done any tests to confirm that.
  6. I think I understand (at least from my perspective). I've sailed Royal more than a few times. It seems your "loyalty status" dictates what some other passengers think of you (and in turn, how they treat you). Not a nice feeling. That said, if you can manage to avoid those "status shamers" on board, you'll have a fine time.
  7. Sue and Doug...thanks so much for letting us tag along. What a wonderful job you did arranging everything and posting. You make me want to try a trans-Atlantic cruise. Great Job!
  8. True....I status batched from NCL Platinum to MSC Black. Now, if you held my feet to the fire and made me remember what the MSC Black Status netted me, I'd be hard pressed.
  9. I've been on those Royal Ships. Even still at the dock, you'll feel the breeze. Plus, the glass is blue. Extremely easy to see if it's open or closed. The claim the Step-Grandfather didn't know it was open isn't even slightly believable.
  10. The good thing about competition (and if one thing's for certain, competition in the cruise industry is intense), is it generally keeps pricing competitive with all the major lines. You may find there are some times/dates that one line is more/less than another, but they have to compete for your vacation dollar. I've looked at Disney. They are without a doubt the highest fares I've ever seen for a mainstream cruise line. Royal is right in the thick of it, but NCL seems to somehow beat their fares fairly consistently. I've sailed some of their largest/newest ships, and while they are different than NCL's largest ships, they aren't in any way measurably better. So, I shop them for price. If they have a good fare on the time I want to sail, I'll book them. But, I also add in the packages NCL offers to do apples-to-apples. I agree that Carnival tends to be the least expensive. But, the only ships I'm interested in are their newest ones. MSC at one time was a pretty good deal. I've sailed the Divina and Meriviglia. Now, they've brought their pricing more in line with all the other cruises coming out of Miami.
  11. Platinum Latitudes don't pay for any of that. It reminds me a bit of Carnival's Faster to the Fun. Not something I'd pay for when I cruise them, either. Platinum also get the specialty dinners, free laundry, in addition to all the other "stuff". If someone wants to pay for those little perks they describe? Hey, have at it. I don't much care.
  12. I hope the suit filed against RCCL is dismissed. This should go no further. The Step-Grandfather? I'm still trying to wrap my mind around how (a) he thought it was "OK" to put the granddaughter on the narrow ledge, so high above concrete 100 feet down? (b) how he didn't know the window is open? The ship was moving and the wind had to be hitting him right in the face, and finally, if the little girl really wanted to bang on the glass, why not let her do it while she was standing in front of it, where the glass wasn't open? That amount of negligence is just inexplicable to me. To exacerbate everything, the family wants to go through a trial? They sound like they're being their own worst enemies at this point.
  13. Maybe I'm familiar with NCL's pricing. I don't find they hide anything (nor do RCL or Carnival, for that matter). Yes, there are charges outside of the fare you must include to get a final price. But, I can say the same when I go out to dinner at a nice restaurant. I don't know what wine I'll order before hand (or its price). I don't know what entre I'll order (or its price). Same at most hotels. Until I check in, I don't know how much overnight parking will be, or what fees they charge in addition to the nightly rate. What I do know, particularly with cruises, on any cruise line, I compare fares, the service charges/tips, any sort of add-ons to each other. I can get mighty close to what any cruise will cost me. Seems NCL is the value leader right now, especially compared to Royal. I have been able to find some decent deals on Carnival. But, when I add in the perks I get with NCL, the deals aren't there. To each their own. I looked at a cruise last week on NCL's Bliss, one of their newest ships. It's a heckuva deal right now.
  14. ^^^^^^ Thanks, Henry. Hoping to hear something back from work this afternoon. That will be the factor on whether I pull this off, or not. TA is throwing in ~$200 of OBC, and she’s checking on whether NCL will give me another $100 for being Platinum. Subtract out $250 net for 2 CN certs, and I’m staring at a net nearing $1K for two in a balcony cabin on the Bliss. In addition to the perks, Platinum gets me two Specialty Dinners added to the ones in the perk package. I’m talking myself into this. Even the GF is trying to make this happen with her work.
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