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  1. Agree about AMEX....they usually credit your money back to you while they mediate between you and the vendor.
  2. Thanks for your service. I’m in Liberty Township, but am looking to downsize, given I got my kids out of college and out of the house. Hard to know what’s happening with Covid, given it’s hard to get to the truth from the press briefings. Seems pretty mild around here, but who knows? Stay safe!
  3. That’s uncalled for. @JamieLogical helps a lot of folks here at CC. Can’t understand why you’d be snarky towards her!
  4. @mking8288....Henry, thanks for checking in. Was wondering how things were going in “ground zero”. In SW Ohio, things aren’t remotely as dire. Restaurants are closed except most are offering delivery and/or carry out.....even the higher end places. Bars and entertainment places are closed. But, went to the nearest park to walk my dog today, and the basketball courts and soccer fields were full. Grocery stores liquor stores and pharmacies are open. it is recommended that we should limit gatherings to no more than 5 people. don’t know of anyone who has contracted Covid. And those I know don’t know of anyone infected.
  5. Again....some are claiming that there is no vehicle for NCL to provide refunds. They give them all the time, like during hurricane season. If there’s a way to book and bill (immediate), there’s a way to cancel and refund. Don’t be fooled. All NCL is doing is forcibly taking a short term loan from you.
  6. Not buying that. NCL CHOSE to do the refunds via paper. It’s an added layer of complexity that allows them to hold your money longer. Reservations are all done electronically. Payment is made electronically via credit card. You immediately see your reservation on line, once payment is cleared, which takes seconds. To say it takes 90 days to issue a refund because it’s done manually, is a thinly veiled insult to their customers. Once you tell them you want a refund, it’s a matter of key strokes that cancels your reservations and refunds the fare back to your CC. NCL, at best, is being disingenuous.
  7. I agree, David. I don’t think NCL will be able to raise fare prices, DSC, charge for new revenue streams....none of it. In the past, I was as loyal to NCL as anyone here. It’s taken quite a bit, but I’ve moved on. I was easy money for NCL. Cumulatively, the changes, cuts and fare structures have finally taken their toll. If you look at prices for NCL cruises for any dates, as far out as they have them posted, they’ve jacked them up. 125% FCC and 20% fare discount can’t even make up the difference. New cruisers? They’re more price sensitive than us veteran NCL cruisers. It’s going to be tough navigation through current rocky waters for ALL the cruise lines. For NCL it’s going to be even tougher. The only thing that could keep a semblance of a revenue stream was their loyal passengers. Losing them (me), which is what’s happening, will probably put them into a downward spiral that they won’t be able to recover from. They’re going to need a very innovative leader to do this. We all know Del Rio ain’t that. This isn’t about making cuts to add to profits. This is about NCL’s survival. Hell, I’m not even sure I’ll actually get my Escape cruise fare refund 90-days from now. I’m actually thinking about contesting it with my CC company, and let the chips fall where they may. NCL hasn’t given me any reason to sail with them anymore.
  8. I can’t see them trying to cut anything more than they already have. Every cruise line is going to try to steal the others’ customers. Cutting back and/or raising prices will be the final nail for someone like NCL. They might try, given Del Rio’s past, but they may as well begin the paperwork for bankruptcy right now if they do.
  9. I did the same thing....only I went from the NCL Escape that was supposed to sail this weekend (and they won’t refund for 90 days) to the Oasis sailing 5/31, which I feel really good about given Royal’s announcement to resume sailings in the Caribbean/Bahamas in mid-May.
  10. You’re right about Del Rio exiting with a pot full of cash if/when he’s escorted out of the building. I’ve sailed NCL quite a bit. I have definitely seen their processes and their customer interfacing doing a nose dive in the last couple of years. It’s not going in the right direction now, either. Like you, I tolerated a lot due to the pricing. Once that advantage is gone (and it seems it is), there’s really no reason for me to sail them, regardless of my Latitudes “status”.
  11. This has been happening for a while...that is, the NCL infrastructure’s descent. Those of us who have been cruising with them for a while have seen it. Constant pricing snafus. The most recent bout with instructing the sales people to be untruthful in selling to potential customers. The lack of accurate communication with customers when things go sideways. Now, the gyrations they are putting themselves and their customers through for refunds. Interestingly, they were jolly on the spot posting my exact 125% FCC, but can’t seem to get the system to offer a simple refund. Again, I don’t see Del Rio being in charge for much longer. Too many customers lost.
  12. I would think for their viability, they need to get us back on their ships. Raising prices, delaying refunds, raising fares (a lot), etc IS NOT going to get us back on their ships. Their choice, but NCL is running a distant 3rd to Carnival and Royal. Suffice to say, sounds like I'm one of many who they could have kept in the fold. They chose not to. Again, most of NCL's recent problems started when Del Rio took over. Yes, you can point to this crisis as beyond his control, but the measure of a company isn't when things are going good. It's how they handle the things when challenges (inevitably) occur.
  13. I don't want a future cruise credit, either. I just want my full refund. Yet, their email to me states ...a "future cruise credit confirmation will be sent once it has been processed". Again, I requested a REFUND, not a future cruise credit. So, I don't know what they're thinking. And, it looks like I'll have to wait 90-days to find out if they're actually sending me a refund instead of a future cruise credit. They could have just gone to my credit card and issued the fare credit, and been done with it. No gyrations or getting a drawn out red tape back and forth (how much does that cost them?). Just a simple refund to my credit card. Easy-Peazy!
  14. I was giving NCL the benefit of the doubt, as over the last 12 months, they have been striking out with me. Last fall, they wouldn't cancel the cruise scheduled during Dorian until the day of the cruise (at 3:00 a.m. to be exact). So, I flew down to FL as they said 24 hours before I was to board, they were sailing. Obviously, that didn't happen. They gave me a FCC, but I had to eat the flight and hotel costs. Now, they cancelled my 3/28 cruise. I was going to take advantage of the 125% FCC plus the 20% cruise discount. But, even with the discounts, the future cruises were more expensive since they raised prices so much, even with the FCC and 20% discount. In essence, they were giving me nothing and actually wanted more money to cruise. So, I filled out the form for a refund. They're telling me I won't get MY MONEY for at least 90-days. Kind of put a punctuation mark with them as I'm Platinum, but won't cruise with them, maybe ever, again. I did book a Royal Cruise in June, as a replacement for the one with NCL.
  15. The stock market in general is up because of the potential stimulus passage. NCL, in particular, seems to be in the nether regions operationally. Got luggage tags today for my cancelled cruise that was supposed to sail 3/28. Can't even imagine what it cost to send out letters and luggage tags plus mailing costs for 1,000s of passengers. Add to that, the 90 day wait period for refunds. The huge price rise on future cruises. It's like DelRio has totally lost control of the company. I can't see how they will get things moving in the right direction after this is over. He just doesn't seem to know how, nor how to get a handle on the company.
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