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  1. I would report the PCC to a supervisor, That's fraud.....booking a cruise without your consent. And, another reason to find a TA you trust to do all of your booking for you.
  2. Great review. Thanks! Moderno seems to be in a state of flux these days. They used to have some of the best steak on the ship. The last couple of times I’ve gone, the quality of the steak, and the quality of the cooking (agree, my last couple of times the bacon wrapped filet was nearly raw) left a whole lot to be desired. Luckily, the salad bar, sausages and chicken were great. Still, if I had paid for Moderno (either had the SDP or Latitudes perk), I would have requested a refund. Can’t wait to see/read more.
  3. Agreed. I find the GTY rates working for me recently. I know I do well with the drink package and I do like the other perks that go along with it. As you say, whatever works best for you.
  4. I believe if it’s a higher priced cruise SAILAWAY rate, I’ve seen some TAs offer OBC. But, that’s been a rarity in my experience.
  5. I use AMEX’s OBC promo all the time. But, as others mentioned, on SAILAWAY rates, no OBC is offered. You can look for them. There’s no secret way to get them. There simply is no OBC with SAILAWAY rates.
  6. Why wouldn’t you have them cancel the booking if you didn’t make it?
  7. 3 Specialty Dinners included in the promo. If you’re within the no penalty cancellation period, and the price goes down, just cancel and rebook at the lower rate.
  8. Taste, Savor, O’Sheehans, Shanghai Noodle Bar are all no charge dining venues. The major entertainment shows, comedy shows, Atrium Shows, are all no charge. You don’t have to spend one extra cent on board if you don’t want to.
  9. Just looked at that interview. I keep coming back to the fact that if they wanted to heal, the GrandPa should apologize for the lapse of judgement. That way they can all move on. So, I think we all agree this is not an intentional death. It was an accident caused by GrandPa's poor, poor judgement. They keep saying he was sitting her on a rail. That window ledge IS NOT a rail. It's a very narrow ledge. And, if the GrandPa really wanted to let the girl band on the glass, he should have just left her on the floor, as she's shown doing at the hockey game. That's a pretty lame excuse on his part, IMHO. HIS negligence caused the little girl's death...NOT Royal's. I've been on that class of ship. You'll never convince me that he thought there was a closed window. If it was closed, there would have been no way to sit the little girl on the ledge. I also agree that jail time would do no one any good. That said, the GrandPa is responsible. Any sort of money that the family is trying to extract from Royal, hurts all of us because that's going, in some way, end up negatively affecting the fares.
  10. If you want to miss the (sometimes harrowing) crush of the pervious cruise passengers disembarking and the new cruisers checking in, I probably wouldn't get to the pier before noon or 1:00-ish. That way, check in will be easy and quick. Plus, the initial embarkation rush will behind you. Check-in time has no correlation to boarding time. So, depending on which pier and city you're sailing from, the embarkation usually starts somewhere around 11:00 a.m. Sometimes they start to board 10-15 mins earlier, but 11:00 a.m. is the usual time for embarkation. They will put you in one of around 4-5 categories as priority to board. First will be Haven guests and probably those who are disabled. Then, the Latitudes members (Ambassador, Platinum Plus and Platinum go first in boarding Group One. If you have to get a wheelchair from NCL, it could take longer....or you could get on board earlier. Depends on how long it takes for the pier staff to get a wheel chair. The rest follow after that according to the boarding group you're assigned to. While it's true, the earlier you get to the pier, the more likely you are to snag an early embarkation number. To me, that's not worth the hassle. At noon, you'll more likely just checkin and walk right on board. No waiting around for hours, no push through the embarkation ramp, etc.
  11. They’ll have Twizy and scooter rentals just outside the disembarkation area. Not sure what the Hamilton PRincess is?
  12. At this point, even if Royal wanted to do something for the family, they couldn’t. That would be akin to admitting liability. Want to heal and move on? Step-GrandPa should state....”I’m so devastated that this happened on my watch. Please allow us to grieve and respect our privacy during this difficult time.” No more media circus. No more lawyer spin attempts. No more public interviews. That would allow the family tp get whatever help they need privately. If GrandPa is brought up on charges, then this dynamic changes. But, there will be no healing until GrandPa initiates it.
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