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  1. We reached 140 on a recent Oasis cruise - we didn't automatically get it, we had to ask the loyalty ambassador, but shortly after it appeared in our cabin.
  2. Still not us. Guess we've just had great cabin attendants ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. We don't usually do JS but almost always get the white tubes. Does it have anything to do with loyalty status or have we just had exceptional cabin attendants? ๐Ÿ˜‚
  4. Sadly, I think this is done deliberately on Royal's part....
  5. So sorry, but this is absolutely not true, at least on Oasis and Allure until they add the Abyss. This photo was taken on the Allure, we were in cabin 11329, our favorite. We've sailed in cabins as far back as --315 and still had a gorgeous view of the ocean. We could also watch the fun on the Boardwalk and the Aqua shows from our balcony. The noise and purported lack of privacy were inconsequential.
  6. The first time we saw it offered was our April 2018 Oasis cruise. Not something I was interested in - I agree, it's just another (for me) unnecessary upsell. The theatre shows can be thoroughly enjoyed without this package!
  7. Thanks, Bob - my husband's the negotiator in the family, and he does love a challenge ๐Ÿ˜„
  8. Thanks everyone, truly appreciate the input. We do enjoy a glass of wine once in awhile๐Ÿ˜‰ , and it sure looks like y'all were having a great time! We have OBC to use so won't be making a decision till we get onboard, but since we don't have to worry about getting too dressed up, this looks like it could be a good option for us.
  9. We're doing our first Alaska cruise on the Radiance next month. We are thinking of trying the Chef's Table, which would also be a first for us. I know in general Alaska cruises are more casual, even on formal nights, but wondering if Chef's Table has a stricter dress code. DH would prefer not to pack his suit, so would a dressy collared shirt and tie be enough? Also, while I'm asking, has anyone done the Chef's Table and is it worth it?
  10. To OP: So sorry this happened to you! Hope that bad experience didn't affect the rest of your cruise. We've sailed numerous times on Oasis class and in aft cabins on other class ships and have never seen soot anywhere, though I'm aware of the potential and have read of others who've experienced it. It sounds like what ssb said - basically bad luck. We were supposed to be on the April 7 sailing of the Oasis, so at least you got to go on your cruise! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  11. Karaoke is very popular and the venue is small. Get there early if you want a seat. It's always a fun time!
  12. Thanks to everyone who posted such great reviews of the Cosol tour. I am just beginning research for our Jan 2020 Celebrity cruise and with all the good info here and on trip advisor, I've got at least our St. Lucia tour set. Now on to the other 7 ports on the cruise LOL
  13. I think it's the JS Afts that need 3 or more people. We were onboard Oasis last April and looking to book Adventure in a JS for this coming October and were told we could not book an Aft JS - had to settle for a side facing one, since we wanted the JS to jump us to D+. We've had no problems booking regular aft cabins. Actually had an aft JS in 2015 on Adventure. Seems like another example of Royal's consistent inconsistency.
  14. I believe the new policy on afts is for JS and above. We also prefer afts and have several currently booked, including 9256 on an upcoming Serenade, just booked last week. We've sailed JS afts in the past but last year when trying to book another were told they were now only for 3 pax or more. So we went for a hump - our second choice.
  15. Bernard's Tours are awesome! We had a fabulous time a few years ago on his tour; we were supposed to be on the Oasis this Sunday and had booked again, taking family this time. When the cruise was cancelled, our deposit was refunded within hours.
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