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  1. The balance is $22,000 and change, and just don’t want to part with that much money
  2. If you cancel a NRD and do not you use the FCC you lost your money. I have cruised over 50 times and know what a FCC is and how it works.
  3. When I looked at lift and shift there were only two offers. One was the cruise we are booked in, and another one out of Sydney we have already been there several times. We liked the New Zealand trip because most of the cruise was in New Zealand. However due to some medical issues we just cannot travel that far. My kidneys are failing and I just don’t know where I will be in a year. It is just a mess.
  4. So if we cancel, and don’t lift and shift we still get a FCC for the $900? I had so many trips planned, and our last one in January was Crystal. It was so awful, we got off the ship in Cabo and stayed there for a few days and came home. So from what you are saying would have have to book another cruise with them. Is there a time frame? The thought of a cruise until there is a vaccine just isn’t in the cards. It was my understanding you had to go on the same cruise?
  5. We are supposed to go to Australia and New Zealand mid January 2021. The doors are still closed to the countries. Quantas isn’t even flying until March or April. We have the NRD , because we had no concern about this or any cruise not being able to do. i think Celebrity will put us in the position where we will loose our $900 deposit as final payment is due mid October, and they will no doubt cancel after that date. It just is wrong of them to not cancel when you cannot even get there. ‘’Celebrity is not my cruise line of choice and at this point we do not plan on giving them any more money. I cannot even get excited about cruising with them again.
  6. Great response. There is a life besides on a cruise ship.
  7. Then stay home. Have respect for your fellow humans. You are the problem..
  8. We were just discussing this, and Until cruising is back to normal, we wouldnt even consider it under these guidelines.
  9. I don't think cruising is coming back soon....
  10. Well written, and I still vote for Seabourn .
  11. You missed the part for medical reason that may not be possible in a year
  12. I am aware of that, however we have some health issues that might not allow us to go in another year. We have been 3 times, but this one may have been the last. I personally do not like FCC as you never know what is going to happen with these cruise lines.
  13. Well i hope they will cancel ours Jan 2021 before final payment it due. Knowing celebrity they wont. Yes I did a non-refundable deposit because we have never missed a cruise.
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