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  1. I saw no one on our Canada cruise last month who was dressed up. Dressed nicely but no gowns
  2. We did it once, and that was plenty.
  3. We were on this ship twice. The first time was when they first started cruising down there, and the second was a few years ago when they added the extra deck ontop. Frankly the ship was very nice, but the last trip and we were on the top deck..it seemed very unstable. Glad everyone is okay. That is not a good picture of the Xpedition on the rocks.
  4. I know nothing is free..shall I say included
  5. 6 months.. I have to say I don’t like that at all. Many cruisers don’t have piles of money laying around.
  6. When we were on the Quest last month, a person in the Square said that paying for WiFi was the biggest complaint they had. We had quite a few minutes, but I still ended up buying a package. Since most luxury cruise lines include WiFi I think Seabourn needs to move in that direction.
  7. We just got off Seaborn Quest the first of the month. I booked a guarantee and we had a very nicely located cabin on deck 8. First of all we had a great time and enjoyed the people we met on this trip. We ate in the Collonade most evenings with the exception of the last two in The Restaurant. Personally we prefer the Collonade as it is more friendly and not as loud. I will say our meals in the main DR were not good. The food was cold, and the waiter never came back to check on us. However we did have a nice 12 days, but are looking forward to Serenity in January.
  8. We enjoy Crystal very much. I did book one Viking cruise not knowing their immediate payment requirement. That was absolutely crazy, and we cancelled the next day. Also, good luck getting of their mailing list.i know many people love Viking, but we will stay with Crystal, Seaborn, and Regent
  9. We live in Arizona and went on the Quest out to Newfoundland last month. I about froze from the cold and wind. Thankfully there was a thick furry throw in the room that I used constantly. I ‘I agree about some parts of any ship being too cold.
  10. We are on the cruise right after those dates. Should be nice
  11. We too had large OBC on our last two trips. A year ago I bought a Roberto Coin bracelet, and this time I purchased another one. the jewelry store is nice..small but a good selection
  12. Personally I would never rely on a TA or anyone who organizes groups. French Polynesia is not that complicated and a little homework for the first time cruiser is all it takes. There is is so much good information out there especially today on where to go, what to do, that what appeals to one person may not be to another’s liking. ‘’It sounds like you are a TA.
  13. I agree, but I think it depends on your knowledge. We had a luxury TA do a booking on crystal for us. She gave me a price..a little higher than some others, but we had used her before. She quoted a healthy OBC. We got on the ship and I checked to see that the OBC was there...NO. This woman, who was a Virtuoso agent with a well known company, had quoted me and included the OBC in the total price. I never used her again.
  14. We got a very nice rebate from our TA after our cruise. It runs from 8-10%. You don’t need a luxury cruise TA, just someone who is willing to share his or her cut.
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