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  1. Yes they’ve also got a recorded message on their phone lines stating that they will be in touch and to ensure contact details on Cruise Personalisers are up to date.
  2. Checked my credit card account & states my balance was paid to ‘Thomas Cook Retail’!
  3. Thanks - that’s quite reassuring. I know it’s still early days and hopefully something may be sorted with rescue package - I’ve only got a holiday to lose, thousands have their jobs on the line!
  4. Thanks for this - tried to ring P&O yesterday and they’ve now got a recorded message relating to TC saying they’re monitoring situation!
  5. Thanks for this. I’m not sure where we stand. We’re due to fly out to Brittania on 3rd January, paid balance to Thomas Cook just last week and very much doubt that my balance was forwarded to P&O!! Know (or think) I’m covered by ABTA & credit card but not sure how this works in relation to existing bookings already fully paid i.e. will P&O save booking until compensation is forthcoming?
  6. Yes I’ve been another fan of your blog. Many thanks for the very detailed insight into a P & O cruise. Your balanced and mostly positive review has given me much comfort for our first P & O cruise in January.
  7. There’s still a problem with the Roll Call tool. I started a post some time ago for our cruise in January but it wasn’t automatically assigned to the cruise on the Roll Call page. Don’t know when it’s all going to be fixed!!
  8. Going off thread a little but what about ‘supposably’ & ‘probablies’ - this could be the start of the longest thread yet!!
  9. Well this bodes really well as I have been having doubts for months now about our first P & O cruise (14 night Caribbean on Brittania in January) & our first cruise in 4 years! I’ve accepted that since we started cruising about 25 years ago things have changed and that there’s not the wow factor anymore but fights and this sort of behaviour goes to a different level. I can only hope that the media have exaggerated the situation and that we hear more from passengers who were there via Cruise Critic. The positive from our point of view is that, unless we change habits of a lifetime, I think we’d be fast asleep at 2 a.m. and if not definitely not at the buffet!
  10. Hi - on a similar thread I’m interested in Zumba classes on Brittania and, if they have them, has anyone any experience of them?
  11. I agree - we’ve been to Naples on a few occasions and the funicular takes you high above the city. There’s not as many tourists up there - more a place where locals shop and eat/drink from what I can remember. We love Naples and, as long as you’re aware of your surroundings, don’t walk around flaunting ‘bling’ etc, we’ve always felt safe. There’s also a lovely shopping arcade ‘Galleria Umberto 1’ on Via Giuseppe Verdi which is worth seeing for the beautiful building alone.
  12. Thanks glittergal that’s great - that website does have port times and I’ve taken a copy. We’re going 3rd January but am starting to look at independent tours, particularly for those islands where we are there until the evening.
  13. Hi I’ve looked at Sky scanner but can only see flights, hotels and car hire. I’ve just emailed P & O so I’ll see when/if they get back to me.
  14. I’m trying to find port times for our Brittania cruise from Barbados in January 2020, in order to research/organise tours etc. and am unable to find anything on any website! I was sure I saw timings somewhere when I booked the cruise but.....
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