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  1. Wow! I am surprised by that. Most people have said that the shows on MSC were generally better than P&O. I have been on P&O cruises twice and their shows were great, so I was expecting to be even more impressed on an MSC cruise.
  2. I have already asked several questions about this ship and had some fantastic answers, but I have more questions, which I am hoping some of you lovely people could answer. I realise that they have two shows per night in the main theatre, but I was wondering if they have any other entertainment in any other venues as well? If not or should I say, also, do they have any type of nightlife or late club on Preziosa? Just thinking of somewhere to go after the last show for late night drinks and dancing etc. This was what we did on Ventura and Azura, but I wasn't sure if they had any similar format on MSC ships. Thanks
  3. Yes, lots to think about. I have only been on two cruises so far, although a further two were booked and cancelled. Also, I have only been with P&O, and I have always booked direct with them. Partly because they were offering the best deal at the time. I found this out by shopping around. Not sure that I would be confident enough to book the way you have, mainly because of those pitfalls you mentioned. If the cruise does go ahead I will just have to make a decision and go for it, hoping for a good deal of course. Fingers crossed that we will all be able to get back on the water soon. I personally can't wait cos I have massively got the bug now.
  4. No worries Captain, I don't mind you hi-jacking the post, it still makes good reading and I can pick out the bits of interest to me. Such as, booking through the US website if cheaper. Can you give me some advice about how I would go about booking through the US website, or even how it is possible to access this website. Thanks
  5. Thank you for that. Unfortunately, Yacht club is way outside of my price range. I did just have a quick look at the prices and the starting price for a standard balcony is £649 pp, but the starting price for Yacht Club is £2449 pp Total for both of us would be £4898. Even if I went for a mid ships balcony on the Aurea experience it would only be a total of £2098. That's a difference of £2800. Way above my budget. Having said that, I know that I am being extremely optimistic and there is a good chance the cruise wont even go ahead. Like I said to Ate. I have had so many things already cancelled this year, including my 60th Birthday, that I am desperately trying to get at least one cruise in this year. The one I am looking at, is the 7 night cruise to Northern Europe at the beginning of October. Bloody hope this disgusting virus has gone well away by then!!
  6. Thank you. that is some very in depth advice and it will definitely help me to make the right decision. Just hope the cruise I am looking at will go ahead. It's at the beginning of October, so I know that I am being very optimistic, but having already had two cruises and a weekend break in the UK cancelled, I am clutching at straws to try and at least get one cruise in this year.
  7. I am looking at booking a cruise on Preziosa sailing out from Southampton. I have never sailed with MSC before, only P&O so far. I have looked at Balcony cabins with either Fantastica Experience or the Aurea Experience. I have no clue which is the best experience to go for or if any of the balconies are better or worse on any of the decks. I am also very confused about the drinks package offer on the Aurea experience. It simply states 'Unlimited Drinks package', but it doesn't say whether this is Unlimited 'Easy' drinks package or Unlimited 'Premium'. So far, from what I have already been reading, the Easy package is not worth doing because of the restricted variety of Draught beer and spirits. I would be very grateful for any advice to help me make the right decision before I go ahead and book a cruise, then regret not choosing the right package and cabin. Many thanks
  8. A bit like making assumptions that cruises will not go ahead at all this year, which is an assumption that many people seem to be making. The point is, none of us know what the outcome for cruising will be over the next few months, but it is a business and I'm sure, like all businesses, they want to be back up and running as soon as possible. Yes, there will be risks involved for potentially catching the virus, but everything in life comes with risks, you just have to decide if you want to give up on life and never take any risks, or live life to the full and hope that you are one of the lucky ones! I certainly don't want to give up my freedom and pleasures, and just sit around doing nothing, hoping the virus doesn't get me anyway.
  9. I know the majority of people are saying it's very unlikely cruises will go ahead this year, but I am an optimistic person. At some point, we will all have to take some risks because this virus is not going to suddenly disappear and I don't just mean this year. I have no intention of putting my life on hold forever, so I am considering booing a cruise in October, in the hope that travel restrictions will have been lifted, cruise companies are still in business, new safety systems are working on board and ports will allow ships to dock. If this all happens I will be one of the first on board. just wondering what cruising across the BOB is like in October?
  10. I have just heard Matt Hancock on BBC news, saying that he doesn't think international holidays will happen this year. I really hope he is totally wrong, but obviously it will all depend on how things go over the next couple of months. I am still considering a cruise in September, although I am pretty sure this is just wishful thinking and very unlikely to happen.
  11. I assume you mean the Britannia cruise that we are on next April. If so, it's a Spain and Portugal cruise, which includes malaga and Lisbon. can't remember the other ports without digging the paperwork out.
  12. Thank you everyone for your insights. Sounds as though Britannia is a bit of a favourite for most then. As I said in my post, our favourite between Azura and Ventura was definitely Azura. We absolutely loved being on that ship, even though it was a very interesting cruise with lots of unusual happenings, which made it even more exciting. Perhaps after our Cruise in April 2021(if it happens) our new favourite will become Britannia.
  13. I would definitely be up for a 7 night no port cruise if the price was right. I totally love the cruise ship experience and as others have said, a mix of both is better, but in my opinion, a no stop cruise is better than nothing at all. Especially if it was able to cruise to warmer places and anchor offshore with a nice view. The Fjords would be lovely in the summer months. Perfect! Also, as Andy said, the good company makes the cruise.
  14. My July cruise on Ventura has recently been cancelled, which would have been our second time on that ship. Last year we were on Azura and out of those two ships, we definitely prefered the Azura. There was very little difference between the two ships, we just felt that Azura had a better vibe. Since our July cruise is now cancelled, we have opted for the FCC and booked on Britannia for April 2021. I know that some of you will say that FCC is too much of a risk, but it's one that I decided to take. I personally think P&O will be fine and will survive this horrible situation, but nothing is guaranteed these days. We have never been on Britannia, so I was hoping to get some insight to see how much difference there is between Azura, Ventura and Britannia? I have had a good look round on some of the youtube ship tours, but you don't really get that much info. It does look really nice since it's refurb, although a few people have said the decor is a bit bland. I did notice as well, that there doesn't seem to be many hot tubs, not that this bothers me too much. We are booked into a balcony cabin F505, so please feel free to comment on that cabin if you have stayed in it. All feedback would be gratefully received. Thanks
  15. Here is some of the small print that I found at the bottom of the email, which I received from P&O this morning. This was on the email they sent me advising me of the cancellation of my Ventura cruise 11th July 2020. It shows the 'BONDING' for FCC based on protection by ABTA or ATOL. not sure if this would still apply if ABTA or ATOL decide to change their policies in the future. Anything can happen really during this Covid-19 pandemic. Hopefully this might at least give some peace of mind to those that have opted for FCC. Here is the small print: Bonding: 100% of the price you paid for your cruise and held as an FCC is protected by ABTA or ATOL, so in the unlikely event of P&O Cruises insolvency, your money will be refunded under those financial protection arrangements. Please retain all booking documentation, receipts, confirmation, invoice documents, ATOL Certificate (for fly-cruises) and your proof of payment, such as credit card statements.
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