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  1. We booked a 3-day private tour with Best Guides for September 6-8, and though we booked it a long time ago, I have had to make significant changes to the arrangements at a relatively last minute, because I recently broke my foot and therefore can't do all the intensive walking we had planned. Natasha has been astoundingly helpful and efficient at not only rearranging the itinerary, but also making arrangements for a wheelchair rental AND someone to push the wheelchair! I will report back after our return but I am so pleased at how helpful she's been, even going to the trouble of consulting t
  2. Oh, wow, Beagle5, that is really great information! It's been hard to track down info about Visby. We really want to visit some of the stone burial ship sites, and you have given me hope we will be able to do so after all. Thanks!
  3. Great, thanks. This really helps. We had no reservations for excursions on Visby and I was debating about whether or not to try to book a driving excursion in advance given my slower mobility. But I think we will just play it by ear and see what's available via Uber or whatnot on the day we arrive, assuming I can make it to shore. Beth
  4. For those of you who have tendered from the Marina or Riviera before, can you describe how one gets on and off the lifeboat tender? Reason for question is I broke my foot and am getting around on crutches and a knee scooter. Our upcoming trip on the Marina has a tender stop at Visby and I am trying to get an idea of what to expect so as to rearrange our plans efficiently. Specifically, are there many steps down and back up getting on and off the boat? I inquired with Oceania but they didn't have the information I needed, other than to say that the lifeboats are used as tenders and wheelchair
  5. Hi all, I am looking to purchase--or possibly rent--a knee scooter that can travel to Europe with us in a few weeks. There are many models but it's hard to decide what features are most important. Trip is 11 days in Stockholm/Ice Hotel (KIruna)/Copenhagen, then two week Baltic cruise. Can begin weight-bearing near the end of the cruise. Considerations will be cobblestones (Tallinn) and gravel pathways as well as sidewalks. Also rain. Any recommendations on brands, pros and cons of lightweight versus all-terrain, reliability etc.? Anyone with experience traveling with a knee sco
  6. Danish viking, thank you SO much for this thread and your helpful replies. My husband and I are in Copenhagen for 4 nights before our September 3 cruise departure. We'd really like to make a day trip to Stevns Klint. My research so far has left me a little confused about the best way to get there and back again. Must we rent a car? We'd rather not if there is a reasonable alternative but I understand from the Stevns Klint website that a shuttle bus that ran last year is not running this year, so I am not sure about the best way to go. Beth
  7. I signed in just now, just to see. No problem. Signed in at home from my MacBook Air. I did it by going to Oceania home page, clicked on Manage Reservation, and my sign-in page showed up. Not sure it helps much but at least you know the site itself is not down. Beth
  8. Thank you, this is exactly the info I was looking for. We booked a Tours By Locals excursion on the strength of your advice. Much appreciated! Beth
  9. Does anyone know if Oceania runs a shuttle between Gdynia and Gdansk?
  10. We stayed at Hotel Rival in Sodermalm in June of 2017 and will be staying there again this coming September. Well-located, within walking distance of Gamla Stan, ferry terminal, etc. Fantastic breakfast included.
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