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  1. We have always take OLife with air and do excursions that are far from the ship to ensure we are back on time. We have sometimes used our own air. For those times we received from O a US175 credit per person per flight.
  2. Yesterday our Dec 13 to 20 Rivera cabins were available or guaranteed. Today wait listed with two categories listed as available. Based on past history this cruise has a 90 to 100% of being cancelled and payment is not due to early Sept. Looking forward to 125% FCC.
  3. Does anyone who has received their 125% cruise credit for cancelled cruise know if it can be applied against an allready booked cruise?
  4. While I would love to see COVID19 eradicated it would not be reasonable to expect it to never be as viruses mutate constantly. Chances of non exposure are highest when vacines are easily available and the majority of the population are vacinated. We are willing to cruise as soon as we are vacinated.
  5. We are scheduled for Riveria Dec 13 to 20. Going to look forward to the 125% future credit. Wold use it to upgrade our July 27 Sirena 42nd anniversary northern Europe cruise.
  6. Very positive actions. Wonder though what the reduced capacity of passengers will work out too. And how they will ensure protocols will extend to excursions sub contracts?

    New ship

    Have not heard anything about Oceania new ship? Any one have news?
  8. Both I and wife use Cpaps. Steward brings jug of ditilled as soon as she/he sees the machines. Before refurbished we use to bring extensions, don't have to any more.
  9. This is why you don't just read the headlines. All ways look at source documents
  10. One needs to read the SEC filing. They have the liquidity to operate until January. As they are negotiating for 1.4 bilion additional credit for 2021 to 2022 operating seasons the are required to file notice with the SEC. IN THE LEGAL REQUIREMENTS OF THAT NOTICE THEY MUST DECLARE ALL RISKS THEY MAY FORSEE. If successful in getting loans they will survive while other major line go down the tubes. What they are doing is fiscally responsible
  11. Based on the spread of the virus and no vacine, it is expected 80% of the population will be exposed and about 2% will die. Canadian Government is already saying nomal will not be back until We are vacinated.
  12. On the issue of age and cruising: what measurement tool will be used to evaluate ability to cruise. We all know aged individuals who are very healthy at 80 and others who not at 40. Using a specific age is not acceptable. Not to mention legal angle of age discrimination in fotce in many countries.
  13. For the last 3 cruises the have only offered us US$175. Live in Toronto. Europe twice and Australia once.
  14. OLife includes flights or you can take US$175 credit per person per flight
  15. Remember OLIFE also includes the flights in North America
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