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  1. I notice that in the latest Oceania update on cancelled cruises they make no mention of the 25% cruise credit they did in their last update for cruises paid in full. Am I missing something?
  2. While it is possible, Del Rio chair of NCL, has said 90 days minimum to start after CDC releases rules for trail test sailing, and after passing, only one ship per week for their 27 ships. If CDC releases their rules tomorrow March 1, 2021, the first ship sail date would be June 1st. For all ships to be Sailing would be December 7th. Oceania is part of NCL. I speculate Oceania ships being smaller, will not be any where near the front of the line to be back in service.


    As many as you want, I do wish they were fresh and boiled.
  4. With different varieties, with unknown effectiveness, will this cause the CDC to delay cruise test regulations, or worst yet cut short because a passenger testing postive when we get back to sailing? Your thoughts?
  5. The CDC trial voyages will also have to visit a non US port. The possibility for New England cruises is to port on Saint Pierre and Miquelon (a province of France) located just SE of Newfoundland. However, France is currently in border lock down like Canada.
  6. Oceania committed several months ago to releasing updates by the end of the month. Their December end of month release was on January 19. As ongoing Oceania customer, I hope they release their end of January one tomorrow. Odds are they won't and continue to string us along.
  7. It is my appraisal of the situation based on satement of anger over Keystone cancellation by Federal and some provincial Government Leaders. I am linking them based on my analysis of political titl for tat history between Canada an other countries.
  8. The decision by the Canadian Government decision to prohibit cruise ships with over 100 individuals was based on Covid science and a political retaliation decision by President Biden stopping the Keystone Pipeline from proceeding after the Canadian Government invested heavily into it.
  9. This was just posted: Transport Canada Extends Cruise Ship Ban to February 2022 (travelmarketreport.com) No Alaska season this year and no Canadian East Coast as well.
  10. If you read the whole post, I admit it is a guess. That said I have specialized in production management and scheduling and taught it at University for eleven years.
  11. As you may be aware, NCL is sending all non essential crew back home that have been assembling for the past few months. Speculation is NCL will require all staff to be vaccinated prior to rehiring. This will no dought effect Oceania's Cruise Start Dates. I posted back at the begining January the following suggested start dates which I now believe are not valid. New Year Guess to Sail Start to Oceania Ships - Oceania Cruises - Cruise Critic Community There are a number of reasons why, but the most obovious are: - new strains of COVID, currently 4, and
  12. Looks like cutting costs again. Considering the time required to get crews it looks like we will not see cruises before November when CDC No Sail Order expires.
  13. The Canadian Government is discussing shutting the border to travelers (even air) today. I have been watching closely as I have a Son working in Turks and Caicos as an executive chef on a three month contract.
  14. I agree with LHT28 comments. I suspect the Canadian Government will not open the border before September 21, 2021 or October 21, 2021. My estimate is based on Federal Government comments about containing spread of COVID.
  15. Any passenger ship (unaware of rules for non passenger ships) that visits a US port (even it is for part of one day of the year) must abide by CDC rules year round to be able to dock. Other countries have their specific rules that must be adhered to. Oceania Nautica has not landed in the US the past few years, but all other Oceania ships have.
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