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  1. It will depend on the USA getting active Covid cases way down.
  2. I have a related question. If you have taken OLIFE with air and you use Oceania pre or post cruise hotel, do the charge the air deviation fee?
  3. I also received the cancelation notice for Riveria December 13th sailing. My TA also contacted oceania and they also said it was sent in error. I had asked him to have Oceania send a correction email. To date Oceania has not sent the correction notice. Until the do, legally the cacellation letter stands.
  4. It was Riveria. Hoping to hear from my TA on Wednesday. Have requested correction letter if it has not been canceled.
  5. We paid if full months ago. Did receive cancellation notice, but have not received the correction notice. My TA is trying to get through to Oceania, but the phone lines are clogged. Georges Gal can you post your correction email (without identifing info)?
  6. My TA is investigating tomorrow (Canadian Thanksgiving today). But if you are correct Oceania should be immediately sending out correction letters or be subject to litigation for formally canceling the cruise and assuming we will still show up.
  7. Our fully paid Dec 13 cruise was cancelled on Oct 9th by Oceania. The cancelation letter did not mention the FCC option, only a full refund. Any one else wondering about this?
  8. My December 13 cruise was cancelled on Friday. We had paid for it in full. Hoping for 125% FCC, but it was not offered in the cancelation letter. Hoping it will be when the take the listing on their website.
  9. There is no mention of 125% FCC, only full refund. Still hoping the FFC option will be clarified in the next few days.
  10. I expect it may still happen as the have not updated their website with the cancelation notice. I too am hoping for the 125%.
  11. Received notice or Dec 13 cruise on Riveria departing Miami is cancelled as well. Been expecting this since June but nice to know it's official. Hope our July/August Baltic is not canceled.
  12. GICNJC

    O Life Air

    Received notication from Oceania today at 5 pm our December 13th Riveria cruise is cancelled.
  13. GICNJC

    O Life Air

    No. Hoping it will be canceled to get 125% FCC.
  14. We are looking for our air plans with Oceania. 62 days out and no info. In the past it seems they were may by Oceania three to four months prior to boarding. I am asking to determine if this is another method to determine/consider if the cruise will be cancelled.
  15. Our premium economy flights are part of our purchase from Oceania, so I do not understand your comment as Oceania is contracted to provide.
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