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  1. Thanks so much for this advice, it's exactly what we are looking for. Is the taxi a quick ride? Thanks! Edited to add, just checked Google maps, looks like it's about 3km from the cruise ship terminal. Do you know if this is a walkable road?
  2. DH and I are doing the Original Jose Cuervo Tequila Tasting and lunch off the Disney Fantasy in January. We will have a few hours after the tour and before all-aboard, and I would love to spend and hour or two on a beach. Is there a free or cheap beach close to the port where we can go for a short time? Any advise from those experienced with this port would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. May 27 continued Proof that the sun tried to peak out Enjoying our balcony Peter and I had spent our Honeymoon at Caneel Bay, St. John, back when it was a RockResort. I spied this boat with the logo and got all nostalgic Somewhere on the ship... advertising the beverage package? Or displaying available drinks! Maybe this was the promenade cafe I'm thinking. We needed something to remind us where we were that day! Eventually we put on our swim suits and went up to the pool deck to listen to Caribbean tunes with One Love. Very relaxing! Tonight was the first formal night and there was quite a range of outfits from very casual to gowns and tuxes. We took a middle of the road approach. We met Rama as suggested after 6:30 at the 4th floor dining room podium. It took him about one second to show us to a great four top in the corner by the windows Dinner was good, some items were downright great! Service was also good, considering we were kind of barging in. Appetizers: Bouillabaisse Wedge salad GF french onion soup (pre-ordered the night before) Escargots Mains: GF vegetable casserole-tasted like recycled ratatouille from buffet, good but not original Beef so delicious perfectly cooked great flavor! Seafood pasta Desserts This one not memorable. Strawberry or peach shortcake? Sundae? Grand Marnier souffle absolutely delicious! Cheese plate, meh. They need to up their cheese game overall on this ship We went back to the room so joey could change before the headliner, Marquee. Stopped at schooner bar for some piano with Lyndon Davies Marquee was great. Performers terrific but some of the choices a little odd, maybe it could be updated. Back in the room for bed, Peter ( our cabin steward, not my hubby) had left us a towel animal. Cute, but what is it? Thoughts? We loved our first full day on Freedom! Up next, St. Kitts!
  4. Thank you all! I was hoping for more options, but when I think about it, this keeps it simple!
  5. May 27 continued Today we had no excursion booked. The plan was to take the ferry over to Water Island and hang out at Dinghy's. We woke up a little late to pouring rain and decided to go up to the buffet for some brunch. I only took a photo of Emma's plate to show the GF options. She said the French toast was pretty good. We decided to check our Olive or Twist but the bar wasn't open yet. Here's the view Pretty gray and stormy. It did this all morning and seemed to start clearing up almost by around noon, but every time we thought we might venture off the ship it started to sprinkle again. By around 1 or two it started really looking almost nice but by then we we were really enjoying our "downtime" so we ultimately decided to just enjoy the ship. We got some drinks from Boleros. My favorite the coconut mojito...can't remember what the kids had but it was a boleros favorite Love the glass sculptures around the ship esp Boleros
  6. May 27, cruise day 2, St. Thomas Cruise Compass: CC Day 2 0527.pdf Today we had no excursion booked. The plan was to take the ferry over to Water Island and hang out at Dinghy's. We woke up a little late to pouring rain and decided to go up to Olive and Twist to see if the bar was open yet.
  7. Thanks! I guess, then, Explorer is expected to get it at next dry dock? Any others planned?
  8. Hi all! We sailed on the Freedom of the Seas, May 26-June 2, 2019 sailing. I'm slowly updating my complete report, but in the meantime, enjoy the Compasses! CC Day 1 0526001 (1).pdf CC Day 2 0527.pdf CC Day 3 0528.pdf CC Day 4 0529.pdf CC Day 5 0530.pdf CC Day 6 0531.pdf CC Day 7 0601.pdf
  9. Yes, it is, thanks!! But I'm looking for even more options!
  10. Aw, yeah that is a bummer. I'd love to see it lit up! Yes our Meet & Mingle was Tuesday night (day 3, St. Kitts) Olive or Twist, 10 pm. Sadly I missed it. St. Kitts was a long, active day for us and I crashed too early! Thanks for the kind words about my family! Thanks for reading. Will do that now for the Compasses. Great idea! Thanks for the suggestion.
  11. Hi, all! I'm trying to convince hubby to take a cruise with me, and the opportunity for a Mai Tai at the Bamboo Room might put him over the edge! I know about Mariner. I had thought all the ships getting AMPed would have a Bamboo Room, but it looks like they didn't put one on Indy? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Haha that is funny! Small ship! 😉 Yeah I guess it could be the power. My initial thought was because it was Sunday?
  13. I'm sooooo sorry I missed the slot pull and the meet and mingle!! Hope they were fun! I also want to go back. It was incredible, right?!
  14. May 26, sail away We went up to the 12th deck for sail away at about 8:25, and starboard side railing was lined with people, no place for the 3 of us to squeeze in...so we went forward and up the stairs to deck 13 where there was plenty of railing space, except we had to climb over the lounge chairs which seemed tightly spaced and stacked. In the process I found a pretty ring under a chair and held on to it to bring to guest services. I hope it found it's rightful home. Sail away from San Juan was so pretty, but there were only a few lights on around the forts. It was already full dark out and we couldn't see as much as we would have liked. After turning in the ring and having the previously described conversation with guest services and Rama about dining, we headed to the Arcadia Theatre for the main event, the Welcome Aboard Comedy Show with comedian Tom Foss. There were also some "guest entertainers," aerialists Jimmy and Anna. There we also "met" our cruise director, Patricio. He is great with just the right amount of enthusiasm. We enjoyed the show a lot, especially the aerialists, and while I can't remember the comedian specifically, I know we laughed a lot. Not sure if it was the talent of Tom Foss or the all-day drinking, or simply being giddy from finally being on the ship? I'm sorry to say this is the only photo I took that night. I guess we grabbed some drinks at the sky bar to enjoy for sail away and I'm pretty sure this is Emma's dark and stormy. You'd probably rather see our view of the forts, lol. I didn't even try to capture it, I thought it would be too dark. Wishing now I had tried. Oh well...next time!😄
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