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  1. So “Expedited Arrival” appears on my Setsail Pass on the app. Never been on my Setsail pass before. Im told that this means I may board as soon as Symphony clears customs in Miami? Anyone know what time TYPICALLY SOS clears customs in Miami? We plan on arriving to terminal A at about 9:30am and wait in the suite area — we are suite guests and Diamond C&A. Thanks!
  2. I TOTALLY AGREE! I stayed in a Crown Loft suite last December and will be in one again this December. We're booked on Symphony one last time Dec. 20 when I'll be back in a GS. I LOVE THE CROWN LOFT SUITE hands down!!!!!
  3. I stayed in alone in Grand Suite and Crown Loft suite in 2017 and 2018 respectively and got 21 points for each sailing.
  4. Yes my friend. I’ve only been sailing this line every year since 2001 and I’ve seen considerable diminution of services every year since.
  5. Yes my friend. I’ve only been sailing this line every year since 2001 and I’ve seen considerable diminution of services every year since. I note the increasingly inverse relationship between RCCI services and its prices, which eventually will drive me away to all-inclusives or land trips if this continues. I also note a lot of passengers from other lines new to RCCI. Good luck cultivating 10, 15, 20 years or more of loyalty to this line from folks who have sailed other lines and are in a position to intelligently compare with or without bias. Royal is doing absolutely zero to dispel its reputation of priciness. Having said that, I still enjoy the experience of sailing with RCCI but the continuous nickeling and diming is beginning to get to me.
  6. I’ve been lucky. I’m newly D+ after my Dec 2018 sailing on SOS, but in July 2018 I was offered an upgrade from my GS on the Symphony last December: a choice between (a) an Owner’s suite for an extra flat fee 0f $200 or (b) a Crown Loft suite for free. I was staying solo in a cabin, mother and sis shared an OV. I chose the Crown loft cabin because it has 2 bathrooms in case my sis wanted to use it. Mother is elderly and needs the bathroom often esp in the am. Loved it so much I booked Crown Loft again this time on my own dime. I consider myself lucky that I received that upgrade AFTER I received a $700 price drop on the GS BEFORE I received the upgrade offer. Of course I realize that will NEVERhappen again since they have instituted this upgrade bidding program, which I absolutely REFUSE to do. Either a free upgrade or I stick with what I booked. RCCI is squeezing every dime out of us already and should offer free upgrades especially to folks who have loyally sailed this line for decades. Onecruiser is the perfect example of the loyal RCCI cruiser who should get a free upgrade without having to pay for it.
  7. ABSOLUTELY! I HATE driving over the Bay Bridge. I developed a height phobia because of that bridge -- and the scenic drive to Hearst Mansion on PCH in California. LOL
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