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  1. Reservations can only be made after boarding - either via the Royal app or at the reservation desk. When laser tag first opens for the day (e.g. 9:30 am) there can be a long standby line but after the first hour or so, it clears up and there is really no line at all. You may want to check previous cruise compasses but generally laser tag seems to be offered on sea days plus the occasional port days if arriving at a port late or leaving early.
  2. Yes definitely. Otherwise they would need to go down and up stairs. Shallow steps and hand rails but very crowded right when show ends.
  3. The whole amount is refunded and you would have to buy again to reprice. The exchange rate back and forth definitely cuts into any potential savings from repricing. I wonder if it is possible to buy OBC and use that for cruise planner items and then have any refunded items returned as USD OBC so there isn’t that exchange rate penalty when repricing.
  4. Early seating for main dining room is 5:30 pm (sometimes as early as 5:15 pm). There are no sign ups for the buffet. So if you want to dine with the other couple in the MDR, they will need to switch to MTD or you will need to switch to early seating.
  5. More interesting views while at port compared to large expanse of open water on a sea day. Here are pictures from the North Star while leaving port (on standby) and another on a sea day (with reservation). Great experience either way.
  6. You might be able to move the desk under the mirror in the cabin to use as a table. Probably too big to take all the way out to the balcony though.
  7. There is a night light in the bathroom on Symphony.
  8. Your cruise reviews and pictures are amazing! Thank you for taking us along! Question - did you need to check regularly and call RCI or travel agent to reprice your cruise with each price drop or is there a way to get automatic notifications?
  9. Why not tell them at check-in that the person is not coming? Any downsides?
  10. I thought that it looked beautifully ethereal and mystical! Or should I say mist-ical? 😜
  11. On the Ovation Aug 2-9 we entered Endicott Arm but couldn’t get close to Dawes glacier due to ice and forest fire smoke obscured even a distant view. Attached is the picture at the glacier. Amazing trip nonetheless and I would totally do it again but something to consider if seeing the glacier from the ship is going to make or break the trip for you.
  12. I don’t want to add to your dilemma but a couple of things to consider: Boardwalk balcony rooms have “Dine Drink Discover” package which includes 2 soda packages which might interest your family. It’s a bit noisier than the ocean view balcony but not that much IMHO and it’s fun to watch the aqua shows and movies from your own balcony. Have you tried costing out 2 interior rooms? If similar to an ocean view balcony for 4, it might be worth the loss of the balcony for more space, proper beds, extra bathroom, and privacy.
  13. One of the best things about cruising for me is being able to plan as much or as little as I want! So if all the choices on the cruise planner stresses you out, I would say forget about it and just go with the flow once you board the ship. I do agree with the posters above about travel insurance and packing lists. Otherwise, if there are some must-see or must-do items you have in mind, I would suggest planning for those and letting the rest be an adventure.
  14. There is a fee for room service for “American” hot breakfast and for other meals, which is currently a flat fee of $7.95 + 18% gratuity. A couple of sites I would recommend for info: https://www ***** com/2017/03/16/royal-caribbean-shares-new-fleet-wide-room-service-menu
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