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  1. Because we are desperate for cruises and need to hope! I have 4 on the books for the next 17 months. I will just move my deposits around as needed. FCC does not bother me.
  2. We have also cancelled 2 land vacations this year. And my Jan. cruise is the one I have my hopes set on.
  3. If you are a 100% mask wearing, only go to work groceries, and appointments, and wash/sanitize your hands a million or so times a day person, what would it take for you to cruise? I am that person, but I am so desperate to get back on a ship! I am thinking masks and face shields in airports, and no airport restaurants. I am struggling with what cruise safety procedures I think would make me feel that we could go. What do you think?
  4. The last time we were at Coco Cay, lunch was one big barbecue. We did not care for it. It has been a while. Are there other options now? I thought I read about a restaurant, but it could have been referring to the barbecue.
  5. What if one of you qualifies, but the other does not? Say, ages 51 and 56.
  6. Was it an instant message? I tried to find it on their FB page, but could not.
  7. Here are the executive office emails, in case anyone ( or everyone!) wants to email concerns. Executive Contacts Primary Contact Carlos Jimenez Senior Manager, Guest Experience – Executive Office 1050 Caribbean Way Miami, FL 33132 carlosjimenez@rccl.com Secondary Contact Aurora Yera–Rodriguez AVP, Guest Experience 1050 Caribbean Way Miami, FL 33132 ayera-rodriguez@rccl.com Chief Executive Michael Bayley President and CEO 1050 Caribbean Way Miami, FL 33132 mbayley@rccl.com
  8. When do they usually change? We are 9 weeks out.
  9. Is Izumi worth a dinner or lunch on the unlimited dining package if you do not like sushi/ raw or undercooked fish?
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