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  1. Sorry, the wifi on the ship has been down for a day or two, no sign of whispering angel unfortunately, as my Wife loves it, I think that the premium wines are all bottle prices only apart from Sauternes which is £2.40 a glass.
  2. A couple of examples are, Pouilly Fuisse £22 Chablis £19 Sancerre £19 these prices are very reasonable indeed There are only a couple of Rose’s Chateau Roubine Cru Classe £17 Trentino Pinot Grigio Rose £18 the included wines are ok but very limited choice of only 3 or 4 and 2 Rose’s
  3. Just to let you know that the premium drinks did indeed start last night, malt whisky, Armagnac, Bombay sapphire gin etc, Cheers! We have Mr Motivator back on board as well for the return trip
  4. We are on the Spirit of Adventure at the moment and no premium spirits here which is a little disappointing, the whisky and brandy are poor quality. The wines are ok but nothing special and are being repeated after only a few days at sea. That said we are impressed with the ship, we have never sailed with SAGA previously and are enjoying it, Mr Motivator is doing daily classes which are great.The entertainment team do not perform very often, about once a week but are good. Hope the drinks improve after the first of January but I somehow doubt it!
  5. We are still on the Viking Sky and had the pre Cruise four night stay in Athens. We were originally informed that we would be in the Intercontinental but then this was changed to the Athens Plaza, we had a lovely room with a balcony with views of the Parliament building about a hundred yards away, very well situated, there were other Viking guests at different hotels.
  6. I am already booked on one of the Cruises departing next May, I see that the price has been reduced by £200 pp so I contacted the booking department and asked if my Cruise price would be reduced by this amount, I heve had this happen with other Cruise lines including Viking and Regent and there has never been any problem whatsoever in the new reduced price being applied, however I was informed that this would not happen and I would have to pay the higher amount! There does not seem to be any benefit from being a loyal customer and to book early, how disappointing and a poor reflection on the companies way to keep loyal customers.
  7. Yes we have been booked over a year, still showing up as Hilton on cruise extension description on webpage.
  8. We are on the Mediterranean Antiquities in October with the four night extension in Athens so I phoned Viking and was informed that we will now be going to the InterContinental Athenaeum Athens, I wonder if they would have informed me if I had not phoned them.
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