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  1. We've stayed at the Edgwater. Beautiful hotel right on Pier 67. https://www.edgewaterhotel.com/
  2. Only a small part of the walk is harbor front. The rest is hotels and the convention center. Take the trolley (Green Line South) at Santa Fe Depot (1 block away). It will leave you right at Petco Park/The Gaslamp Quarter.
  3. This is NOT bait and switch. According to Websters, bait and switch is "a sales tactic in which a customer is attracted by the advertisement of a low-priced item but is then encouraged to buy a higher-priced one." You bought "product A" and now, after a promotion resulting in a price reduction, you are mad that Viking won't honor the promotional price. That is not bait and switch. The contract you signed clearly states their policy. Personally, I never believe anything a salesman tells me unless I see it in writing. BTW I bought a new car a year ago and recently the price was reduced. I don't expect the car company to give me a refund.
  4. Booked all my excursions within the last month and they are all billed via their US office. Same as the cruise booking from last year.
  5. It's billed as Viking River Cruises, California. Their US office is in Los Angeles.
  6. Here is a blog about Venice for Cruisers. It's worth a read.
  7. One of the most magical sights you'll see is St Mark's Square at night. There are orchestras playing at every corner for the outdoor restaurants. Venice after dark is such a different place after the day tourists leave. Be sure not to miss it. BTW Viator offers some night tours of Venice (we took the "ghost" tour).
  8. BTW be sure to check out the mosaics on St Mark's facade. One depicts smuggling his bones out of Egypt in containers containing pork, to get pass the guards. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Venice_-_St._Mark's_Basilica_–_Lunetta_03.jpg
  9. I just checked availability for the Doge's Palace Secret Itinerary Tour on the Viator website for May 1 and they are selling tickets.
  10. "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." - Mark Twain
  11. While I haven't been on this specific tour I have visited Venice. Venice is one of the most walk-able cities in the world. It's a series of small islands connected by bridges and pretty must impossible to get lost in. IMO the must see attraction is the Doge's Palace and the Secret Itinerary Tour. Besides the public parts of the palace, this guided tour takes you to the attic prison where Casanova was held and you hear how he escaped, you walk across the the Bridge of Sighs, you see the torture chamber as well as the Doge's administration room where the scribes keep the records of all the families of Venice up until Napoleon conquered the city, and see the largest room in Europe, It's a combination art and history tour. Very fascinating.
  12. This whale watching boat came in a little too close...
  13. The ships literally dock curbside on Harbor Dr. Google Maps
  14. The company was originally founded as Viking River Cruises. In 2013 they re-branded as Viking Cruises and created River and Ocean subsidiaries. The legal entity for billing might still be Viking River Cruises.
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