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  1. Alive, well -- and fully transitioned to digital and digital printing. The first of his cameras that I remember was a twin lens reflex (don't remember if it was a Rollei or some other brand) bought when he was in Germany at the end of WWII. And, I remember him taking pictures of us with it. He made the transition to 35mm in the early 60s -- a Zeiss Ikon -- which was also my first 35mm, and eventually my daughter also shot with it.
  2. I took the photos to share with my father, who actually used some of the cameras I saw on display.
  3. If I were a UK resident, I would be packed already, except for one problem: my husband. He is thoroughly convinced that it is just too soon to resume life as we knew it. I am not even sure that I will be able to get him on the cruise we have scheduled for April. I guess that somewhere between my "when do we leave?" and his "hell, no, I won't go" there is a cautious, proper middle ground.
  4. If you are worried, call your TA or Viking agent. They can confirm that you are in queue for a refund and not a voucher.
  5. Did you at least take pictures of your experimental results??
  6. No idea but I have 18 months to ponder. Or I could google it...
  7. Sweet! So glad you are here. I agree that the audience here may be larger than I imagine but it is still significantly smaller than the Ports of Call audience, which draws from guests of all the cruise lines -- and as I see it, getting answers here depends on finding the right audiences for your question. In Cusco, are we looking for Kevin Kostner or Kevin Costner? In other words, is the second K significant or a typo? Not that I want to puck on anyone for misspelling, great typist that I am myself, but I was wondering if the second K was key to the quest.
  8. At least for now and considering that this is all a new venture for Viking and that the first cruise isn't scheduled until the very end of this year, we are dependent on our "resident experts" --people who have done similar trips with other companies -- who hopefully will pipe in with any advice that they can give us. There are a few people who have done MP/G as an all land experience as a pre-/post-cruise extension with Viking -- but it the extension does not include the Peruvian Amazon. Unfortunately, this thread does not have a big audience but you might be able to find more information in the Ports of Call section of these boards, where the focus is where we are visiting and the conversation is not limited to just those who sail with a particular cruise line. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/47-south-america/ Another place to find background information is on Trip Advisor, both in the reviews and in the Q&A section. There are probably not a huge number of vendors available in the Peruvian Amazon and Viking will most likely choose from existing providers for tour/travel services. Or, you can use my decision method: Read Viking description. Study ship layout. Wow! That sounds great! Honey doesn't this sound cool? It's on our bucket list. It's Viking. The price is in budget. You wanna go? Hello, Tami! I'm calling to book another cruise. Honestly, that is about as much research as I did prior to booking our December, '21.
  9. Dave -- and anyone else contemplating the package... As an innocent bystander listening to all these discussions about the drinks package, I have come to the conclusion that people buy the package for one of two reasons. There are some who buy it simply for the convenience; they don't care if it saves them money. They don't want the hassle of keeping track of what the are spending; they like the idea of being able to sample new cocktails and not having to feel that they have to drink the thing even though they don't like it. Others buy it because it saves them money. They look at their drinking habits; the understand what is covered and what isn't; they do the math and then they decide if it will actually save them money. If you have questions about the package, just ask us. We are happy to help.
  10. What hook? I have never felt any pressure from Viking to book their shorex as opposed to booking on my own. I haven't even felt pressure from them to book an optional excursion instead of the included. Yes, they give me plenty of information about the tours they offer but not once has any Viking employee ever told me that it is unsafe or unwise or not recommended to book with an independent company. I remember other cruise lines pressuring me to book their excursion but never Viking. And I remember those same cruise lines making it hard for pax not booked on their shorex to get off the ship in time to meet privately booked tours.
  11. Then there is no way to change it. The moderators don't like being editors except if it is a problem with the date.
  12. Quick .. While it is still there. Hit the EDIT at the bottom of the post and see if it will let you edit the subject line of the topic. Edit function is available for about 20 minutes after you post
  13. As long as we are talking Roll Call subject lines, let's talk about the correct for the syntax for the date. VERY IMPORTANT. Unless it is done correctly, the Roll Call will not be picked up by the "Find My Roll Call" tool, which will lead to duplicate roll calls for the same sailing. For the FIND MY ROLL CALL tool to properly see the date: The preferred format is January 1, 2020 the correct date of your cruise is always the date given on the Viking website as Day 1 -- not the day you fly out and not the start date of your pre-cruise extension there must be a space at the beginning of the date and a space at the end, so that it is clearly separated from the rest of the text. If you want to surround the date with dashes or starts, make sure that there is a space separating them from the date itself use the full, unabbreviated name of the month -- no Jan, Feb and no numerical equivalents DO NOT forget the year spacing within the date must correct be -- space after the month, comma-space after the day NO dashes in the date -- January 1-8, 2020 will not work. For more info: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2594925-how-to-create-a-new-roll-call/ And while we are talking about what to put in the subject line, if the roll calls are already grouped by ship do we need to name the ship at all?
  14. If we are discussing cameras, we need a backdrop... Victoria and Albert Museum, London
  15. May and June cruises were cancelled on March 30, 2020. July and August cruises were cancelled on May 28, 2020.
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