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  1. LOL. DH is going to part of that geezer stampede--and we aren't even snowbirds. We are a party of four and we would like to be at the same table for dinner. So we are aiming for the front of the line just so finding 4 at one table isn't a hassle.
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    Booking On Board

    Sorry, but the person doing the booking on board should have known better. Glad that Viking did the right thing and refunded your money. Thanks for the heads up. This is really important information for non-USA guests.
  3. Peregrina651

    Booking On Board

    I was just talking about this on another thread I follow (and don't remember which one). There were a couple of reports from people who have booked recently (since November when when they final payment plan was changed). While I don't want to quote discount amounts that they reported they were offered (because they depend on how many cruises you are booking and the length of the cruises), two of the features of the book on board benefit are 1) pay in full 6 months out (which may be slightly different for the longer voyages) and 2) that you can change date or itinerary with no penalty up to 4 months prior to sailing (normally that would be a $100pp penalty). Just keep in mind that just because this is what is currently being offered does not mean that it will still be available when you cruise in March. (LOL, philw, who just posted while I have been typing, is one of the people I was referring to).
  4. Hmm. So it is not a new problem. Have you been following the roll call for your sailing? There just a few posts so I was able to learn something. And actually because you itinerary is a b2b there are actually two three roll calls you should be following: one for each leg and one for the combined. Since your itinerary is really a B2B and Rome will be an embarkation/disembarkation day --and Viking does not normally schedule shorex on those days--there are no shorex posted on MVJ for advanced booking. Or, so I thought until we did our B2B with changeover in Rome last year. I was delightfully surprised when we boarded, when we learned that there were shorex available for that day for continuing passengers only. However, the lack of shorex for Florence day 1 is another problem that cannot be explained away by it being a changeover day. I would contact Viking at tellus@vikingcruises.com. I work with a TA but when it comes to contacting the folks at TellUs, I contact them directly without going through my TA. My TA does plenty for me but there are just some times when I don't want to play 'whispering down the lane'.
  5. Most cruise lines try to intimidate one way or another into booking with them. However, when traveling to Cuba, there are complicated visa issues involved, especially for US citizens.
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    At least we should make sure that we are clogging the right inboxes. I can think of a number of reasons why we should not be using the reporting channels to resolve this problem. First, the main job of the hosts is to deal with truly inappropriate posts, harrassment, spam, advertising, etc. If we jam that inbox simply because we are annoyed by some feature, then we make it more difficult fore the hosts to do their policing. Second, the hosts are volunteers; they are members like us. They aren't paid enough to have to put up with continued harrassment by members over something that have no say in and can do nothing about. If we are annoyed by these photos, then we need to be sending our e-mails to Laura (including samples might help). It doesn't matter if we get personal responses; it only matters that the wheel keeps squeaking until the right amount of grease has been applied and we get the option to block the photo stream. Personally, I think the strongest argument is not one of taste but rather one of pure economics: the downloading of those photos to my mobile device eats up precious data that I pay for (unless I am on wi-fi) --and if I'm paying for it, I want the right to choose what does and does not get downloaded to my device.
  7. Peregrina651

    upcoming cruise

    Andy, as always, I love your perspective. We are learning so much about how things function behind the screens.
  8. We have done three river cruises now with Viking --China, the Dneipr River and the Danube Budapest to Bucharest-- and have loved them all. They were each very different and each done on a different class of river going ship, only one of which was a Viking Longship. When Viking announced it was moving into ocean voyages, we were thrilled and could not wait to book our first cruises with them. River cruising is much different from ocean. There are many fewer people and fewer choices on board--one dining room, one bar, one lounge, etc. On Viking, meal hours are fixed and at dinner there is just one seating, very much like ocean cruising before the days of any-time dining. The meal is served in courses and everybody gets served one course before the next is brought out. Tables for two are scarce and there is no reserved seating in the dining room--and yes, at times, it seems like a bit of a cattle call. There is a less formal venue, with some outside seating, on Viking but we have never dined there (because the choices are more limited and we have dietary issues to deal with that make it easier to be served in the mdr). Meal-wise, things are more regimented than we are accustomed to on ocean cruising.
  9. The Rome page that you see on the Viking website is a generic page and is used for any itinerary that stops in Rome/Civitavecchia. The truth is that there are two generic pages for Rome and, for whatever reason, the itinerary page is using the wrong one. However, not to worry since you do not book your excursions on the Viking website but rather on Viking's guest portal which is called MyVikingJourney (MVJ) and that is where you will find out which tours are being offered in each port on your cruise. As I said, the port pages on the Viking website are generic pages and may show more excursions than are being offered on your sailing. If you have not already register there, you can follow the link I just gave. You will need your Viking booking number to complete the process; it can be found on your Viking invoice. Once you have registered, click in the upper left hand corner where it says MENU and choose Shore Excursions. This is where you will find a complete day by day list of the excursions being offered on your sailing and this is where you will book your excursions, including the included tours. Your tickets for each excursion will be in your cabin on embarkation day. Check them over so that you can deal with any mistakes as quickly as possible. If there are still problems with no excursions being offered in Rome on the day you are there, contact the folks at tellus@vikingcruises.com for assistance.
  10. These are all valid complaints and you should address them to tellus@vikingcruises.com. Tell them exactly what you have told us.
  11. Peregrina651

    upcoming cruise

    1. Viking will let you know in the Viking Daily when to change your clocks. Whether they will do it once or twice, I can't tell you. 2. The preference is for guests not to use their own detergents. The dispensed product is low sudsing and eco safe to protect both the washing machine itself and the water filtering system on board the ship. 3. Starting at noon, lunch will be available in the World Cafe and in the Pool Grill. A few other venues may have lighter fare available during the day: The Living Room Bar on Deck 1, Mamsen in the Explorer's Lounge on Deck 7. Viking's goal is to have all cabins available by 2 pm, at which time, it will be announced that all cabins are available; it will be the only availability announcement made. If you cabin is supposed to ready before that, don't wait for an announcement but just head to your cabin at that time.
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    I thought the reporting goes to the volunteer hosts and not to the paid staff.
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    Final payment due

    Well, some of their protections are better than in the US and others aren't. For example, they don't get their deposit back if they cancel before a certain date, in the US we get all but $100 if cancel more than 120 days before departure.
  14. Peregrina651

    Final payment due

    The information in this thread is no longer valid information. Viking has just under gone a massive revamping of its pay in full policy. As of November 1, 2018 any information, tips, etc. posted in this thread are out of date and no longer applicable. There are a couple of newer threads that deal with the new policy. The pay-in-full six months out has now gone away unless you book on board and we are now back to Viking's original policy of pay-in-full 12 month out (or even sooner than that for the longer itineraries). Yes, most of us are not happy about the policy but please feel assured that, at least by what has been report here on CC, we are all being held to the same standards and all of us who have had as many or more cruises than you are being the treated the same as you. The only exception to the rule is if you book on board. One of the features of the new policy is that the Viking booking agents have no ability to override the policy and neither do their supervisors. While I am not arguing with orchestrapal's report, I will say that it is the first and only time I have heard that this new policy has been adjust for a guest.