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  1. We loved the cruise. I regret that we did not add more time in Bucharest. The one day with the ship was not enough and it left very little time for exploring on our own.
  2. It is just a matter of knowing who to talk to.
  3. Why not call Viking and ask them which hotels they use?
  4. To answer your original question, no, Viking does not do currency exchange on board its ships (not Ocean and not River). They can break large euro bills for smaller but they cannot give you euros for another currency.
  5. Last year, on some of the river ships, Viking experimented with an Italian menu served in the Aquavit Terrace and called it Manfredi's. It seems that the experiment has been discontinued. If it was in place on the Delling or the Rinda in the past, it was not in place at the start of this season. On our March 19 sailing, Aquavit Terrace was featuring a scaled down version of the MDR menu. Nor was there a Captain's Gala Dinner with a souvenir menu. However, there was a buffet night featuring Provencal specialties. I am not a fan of buffet dinners to begin with and wish they would give up on this idea. The MDR is not a convenient venue for serving 200 buffet style, especially when everyone is seated at the same time. When you have allergies, meals are difficult enough; buffets are just impossible. (Buffet works at lunch because it is supplemented with full menu service and because arrival is staggered).
  6. THANK YOU, OP!! Good article. Full of solid fact and not some puff piece.
  7. E-mail the folks at tellus@vikingcruises.com. Include your name, booking number and a phone number. Explain your problem and ask what they can do to help you.
  8. Same here, at least three pouches all the same.
  9. I'm 5 feet tall and the robes are nowhere near reaching the floor.
  10. If you stick with the bathrooms that Viking brings you to, you will find that the potential is nil. There may be some inconveniences (such as needing to supply your own paper or knowing that the paper is on the wall before you enter the stall) but an inconvenience does not make it unsanitary. In truth, I have been in worse bathrooms traveling in the US than we ever had to use while traveling with Viking in China.
  11. Have you asked for a larger size? Any luck getting it?
  12. Glad you started a new thread to share the news; it would have been buried here and not gotten the fanfare it deserves.
  13. If you can't find it on MVJ, then look on your Viking Guest Statement, which your TA or Viking agent should have provide you before you paid your deposit. It won't be on the first page of the document but further down.
  14. Mike, you were booking a world cruise. On shorter sailings, the option period is shorter. Usually just a few days. I started the process this past Tuesday and had to have the deposit paid by Friday for a 15 day cruise. From what I understand, a booking can transferred at any time up to x many days before the cruise. Paying the deposit and transferring the booking are independent and don't have to be done in any particular order. When we booked on board, my TA's name went on the booking immediately even though I paid the deposit on the ship. Thereafter, my TA handled everything.
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