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  1. Interesting idea, OP but why isn't your TA or Viking agent sending you an updated Viking invoice each and every time there is a change made? Why should we have to chasing it down when it should be the agent's job to make sure we always have the most up-to-date copy of our invoice? IMHO, it is part of what they are being paid to do. This is what I see under Payments and Cart: Under Payment Methods, I see a listing of the OBC that I can use for paying for shorex, etc, and other payment methods. Under Onboard Credit card, I see the form to fill out if you want to register in advance the credit card you are going to use on board. Personally, I do not see the point in having the information stored here; I think it is a security/privacy nightmare and the fewer places my CC info is stored, the happier I am. It takes less time at check-in to hand them a credit card than it does to fill out the form on MVJ. What I do not see is a payment history that includes payment not made via MVJ. I don't see my deposit payment listed. I don't see a list of the vouchers that are being applied to the cruise price. If it is actually there, it could be because of the browser I use and the blockers I run. Again as a privacy thing, I want it e-mailed to me each time I make a change or a payment. It is okay to have it available on MVJ but this is the kind of information that I want under my control, just in case something goes wrong with MVJ. My TA is pretty good about e-mailing it to me every time we update something. I also keep copies of the booking terms and conditions and the Terms of Carriage that were in effect at the time of booking the cruise, especially now. Never know when it will come in handy.
  2. Now I understand. However, OP wants to book a future cruise while on a River Cruise. Please ignore what I said in post #46; it is irrelevant now. I stand by what I said originally: future cruises cannot be booked while on a river cruise; there is no need to double check with Viking.
  3. Thank you, Clay. I just shared a link to your very helpful hints with our roll call for our April, '21 Hong Kong to Tokyo. Maybe you'll stop by and give us more information about the Goodwill Guides and how to get in touch with them? https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2653903-far-eastern-horizons-april-14-2021/page/7/?tab=comments#comment-60314882
  4. I wanted to book on board on our March, 2019 sailing on the Rhone and could not do it. Sounds to me like folks are going to have to ask whether future cruise booking will be available on their river boat sailing.
  5. Can't do that on a river cruise. There is a bonus if you book a cruise within 14(?) days of the last day of your cruise but it is minimal and nothing like the perks offered if you book while on board a VO. Ask Viking exactly what the perks would be --I don't want to trust my memory and things may change between now and when you sail in 2022. What you can do on board a RV cruise that you can't do on VO is to purchase "on board cruise certificates." Pay $100 for a $200 certificate. The drawback is that you may only use one certificate per person per booking. Considering that if you book another cruise while you have a future cruise on the books, you get a pay in full date that is 6 months prior to sailing rather than whatever is currently being asked, you may want to consider booking the VO before your river cruise. Two caveats: you may have to remind your agent about this and don't make your deposit until the PIF is set (once you make your deposit you have an iron-clad contract).
  6. Anyone have a waterproof bag to recommend -- or to avoid?
  7. Maybe they won't catch it. But if they do, we have an explanation in place for future for readers -- and you don't have to worry about it anymore. Good question!! I can't wait for answers on this one. But right now, an even bigger question is: when will the islands open for tourism?
  8. Welcome! Thanks for the video. If it disappears from here, it will because it is branded with a specific travel agency, and that is against CC guidelines. If you start a roll call for your sailing, please post the link here.
  9. Yes. It happens. It has happened to me. MVJ is not perfect. If when you talked with Viking they still showed your flights, then the fact that they are not showing on MVJ is annoying but not a problem. Make sure that you have an up-to-date invoice from Viking that shows your flights and your current balance. It will give your airline confirmation numbers and you can go on line to view your reservations yourself -- because if you don't see your reservation on the airline website, then you do have a problem. With all the changes of schedules that are going on these days, it is probably a good idea for all of us to have our airline confirmation numbers written down someplace where we can get our hands on them and to be checking them on the airline website on a regular basis. Don't worry about your Viking rep not being to explain what is going. Their job is to manage your reservation and they are not trained to do much more.
  10. Looks for posts by CC member Pushka. She was very vocal about her Alaska trip. Among other threads, try: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2666381-live-fingers-crossed-alaska-may-26-on-orion
  11. Fresh flowers can be an issue for some people. Even with daily doses of ClaritinD and flonase, DH is allergic to some flowers, usually the ones that are very fragrant. More than once, we have had to ask to have vases moved. Many, many times we have been directed to the sink or sanitizing station before entering a dining room. I noticed this past January, just as the news of virus outbreak in Wuhan was starting to break, that they were more insistent than normal about the handwashing.
  12. Okay. Sorry. I'm definitely the one with a marbles problem.
  13. It is entirely possible that only some of the DV/V cabins on the Star, Sea and Sky were retrofit with drawers in the cabin -- so Clay you not might be losing your marbles.
  14. CC moved onto an entirely new platform a few years ago and we lost the ability to choose how we view certain things. On the other hand, we have gained a few things that are worthwhile and activity streams, once/if you get the hang of them, can be helpful. I resisted at first. I preferred the daily digests on the old platform -- one e-mail per thread and very readable. The new platform gave me one digest per day with all the threads and it was not easy to read. In the meantime, I learned how to use the activity streams and eventually turned off all notifications. My activity stream is open in a tab in my browser and I check it at least daily. As to following ALL my advice, I say, "Choose what works for you!" I'm just opening doors.
  15. The "Find Your Roll Call" tool used to do that for us but it looks like it is not functioning right now. The default for all forums is most recent activity first. Only the individual topics are a fixed oldest first order. The problem with the tool was that if people don't use the correct syntax when they write out the date in the subject line, and enough people don't, the tool will not see the roll call and will not add it to the list. So really, the most fruitful way of finding the right roll call is to go right to list of roll calls for the ship you are sailing on. The correct syntax is: January 1, 2022 -- with a space before the date and a space after the date, no abbreviation for the month and using only the starting date of the cruise. Not: 01 Jan 22, Jan 1, 2022, 01/01/22, January 1- 8, 2022 etc. as these will not be recognized by the tool, when it is up and running again. Another tip, is that you can FOLLOW the Viking Sea Roll Call forum. You can then keep track of it under the Activity Tab/My Activity Streams. The Viking Sea Roll Call Forum will pop up to the top of the pile any time there is new activity (not sure what this means when you follow a forum page; I have only done it for individual topics). Just make sure that if you decide to follow the forum that you set the notification method you prefer --or you may end up with an instant notification each time some posts in a roll call. My personal preference is no notifications at all; I use an activity stream to see what is new since the last time I checked. On a desktop: On a mobile device, My Activity Streams is in one of the "hamburger" menus (that stack of horizontal lines that we all eventual figured out means click here to see a menu).
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