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  1. A much as I would like to continue this discussion of airlines, I think we should agree to end this hijacking and let the conversation return to its stated topic: dress-code.
  2. There is just something deliciously ironic/oxymoronic about your use of cruise ship in the snow. ❄️❄️ Thanks for the good news about 100% non-smoking.
  3. Excuse me, but how I--or anyone else on these boards-- run my finances or make my financial decisions is none of your damned business and it is crass for you to comment. I simply pointed out that what was said was not completely true. Perhaps there are other people for who this bit of information will be helpful.
  4. Not always true. For instance, Icelandic Airlines charges $95 for the first checked bag -- and on a Bergen to Iceland cruise, we might not be able to avoid using Icelandic for our flights.
  5. Not to mention that Viking has been calling on Bergen since 2015 and with the number of returning guests, maybe it is just time for a change.
  6. Retiredman, I am looking forward to your first reports. By August, I should have plenty of questions about the various shorex. I've done the two year wait before. We booked Midnight Sun when it first opened for booking in 2014 and didn't sail until 2016. That was before Viking had even sailed its first ocean cruises. There wasn't much information to be sharing at that point. Now I have done it again and booked for 2021.
  7. Sounds like edits to the standard text have not caught up with what is actually happening on board. So much of the booklet is boiler plate.
  8. Did you really? I didn't even notice that digits were missing. Don't ever hire me to proofread. 😀
  9. wrong "but" I'm sure what boboloz really meant was "but off enjoying every single minute of this long awaited vacation" --but was too polite to phrase it that way. Again, thank you so much for taking time during your travels to report live and for letting your enthusiasm show through with every post. Those of us who have to wait a whole 'nother year to depart will be surviving on these words.
  10. No puzzle. Viking has built three 125m ships so that they can dock at Port de Grenelle, starting in 2020. For more information, https://www.vikingrivercruises.com/ships/seine/index.html
  11. And the bus drivers, who drive us around all day and then drive to the next port to be there we we arrive the next day. Everybody is asked to pay gratuities. Some pre-pay and others pay on board. For UK/AUS/NZ, it is usually factored into the cruise fare and thus is not automatically added to their on board account. For US/CAN guests who do no not prepay before leaving home, the gratuity is added to our on board accounts. Even then, it is voluntary and we may add or subtract from the amount or even have it removed completely. Viking does explain this in the cruise documents (just another reason to actually read the booklet). Still, there are the occasional skinflints who walk off the ship without tipping anyone (which is why I wish Viking would include gratuities in the cruise fare and be done with it; we can always give additional grats in person to the people we feel have gone above and beyond).
  12. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!! Than you very, very much!!!!! I know the prices will be different next year but this at least will give me an idea of the price range.
  13. Guess I'm in for some noisy mornings! Both sides of the ship on the same days or alternating or just one side?
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