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  1. Wow, that would be quite the trip, I need to check that out for future reference!
  2. You somehow posted this on an old thread instead of creating a new post?
  3. "Normally Santorini and the other Mediterranean ports are overrun with tourists, which would detract from the enjoyment. " Wait a minute, not true at all! I went at the beginning of the season, first cruise or second, it was great. I had heard about all the people and heat, go early or late in the season and the crowds won't be a problem, the heat well it should be ok and it was perfect temps for me but you're on your own on that.
  4. I didn't read all the comments but I didn't see anyone else point out: even if it sails, I would sort of wonder how much fun it will be. I think it's very safe to assume that most shore stuff will be shutdown even if you are allowed to walk freely (which I'm not sure you will). The X excursions will be limited also I would think. I'm just thinking for that amount of money I'm not sure it will/would be worth it.
  5. If you want better pricing you'll have to wait until all the FCC's move thru the system. After all the FCC money moves thru the pricing will start moving back to a more reasonable fare.
  6. Ya, I don't think I can see myself doing a 7 day cruise, except maybe alaska (I did). I know it's different for people but for me a 7 day cruise is like 5 days, 13 days is about right for me. So, I might not be cruising for a while it looks like.
  7. It seems like cruising is in about the same situation as it was one year ago. All the FCC's were talking about mid-summer, late summer, then there was the people pushing trips into the fall. I can't believe how long the pandemic has lasted, and there still is not truly a 'real' end in sight. It's just crazy.
  8. I think they might have to go with a plan that to fly you need to get the shot/s. I think that's the only way to get one step closer to resuming (for US).
  9. Ya, last I saw, a month or two ago AU had a two week quarantine in an assigned, guarded, hotel room. But you could go if you really, really wanted to.
  10. You won't want to go to Barbados for a very long time, it's covered in ash from the neighboring volcano eruption. It probably is a worst situation/damage than a hurricane (and it's still erupting).
  11. I still keep wondering if part of the CDC treatment of the cruise industry isn't because of the way the outbreaks spread so quickly on board, and how they were handled onboard, and then things like the Eclipse 'situation', I'm not sure the CDC was to happy about how that went down, along with other ships with similar situations.
  12. What a minute, they have not been getting capital at near 0%, one (big) set of financing was at over 8% and they had to put up the newest ships as collateral. Looks like there was just this at 5.5%: MIAMI, March 29, 2021 Royal Caribbean Group ( RCL ) today announced that it has closed its private offering of $1,500,000,000 aggregate principal amount of 5.50% senior unsecured notes due 2028 . The Notes will mature on April 1, 2028 unless earlier redeemed or repurchased.
  13. When all of this started I made the mistake of reading the 'long' Eclipse thread on here, I don't think I'll ever forget it. There is no way I am watching that show on HBO. Part of it might have been I got off that ship in Jan.
  14. I was very close to going for the Az cruise to Cuba right before they shut that down so have been there a little but not lately.
  15. This is something that could make a difference: " Eclipse, has just emerged from a major refurbishment. Previously, renovations were scheduled to begin on March 7, 2021, but the continued pause in service allowed the line to move up the project date."
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