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  1. We’re in Virginia, just outside of DC. Our “stay at home order” goes until June 10. We’ve only been going out to pick up meds, to get groceries every 10 days to two weeks (nearly impossible to schedule a delivery) and occasionally to pick up a take-out meal. We are diligent about wearing masks, washing our hands and tryIng to keep 6 feet away from others. In other parts of the state, further away from DC, the governor is allowing some businesses to open around May 15. Our local governments around here have decided to keep things closed for the time being, which we think is a good idea as the infection and death rates still seem to be rising statewide. We are happy to stick close to home for now.
  2. No further messages from Viking. Now the virus is in Switzerland. https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-switzerland-coronavirus/swiss-authorities-confirm-first-case-of-coronavirus-idUSKBN20J1ZO
  3. Yes, we used Viking Air and were very pleased with our flights. However, they were having a sale at the time (we booked only about three months out from the cruise) offering free air, so we didn’t mind the deviation fee. We looked at doing Viking’s Amsterdam pre-cruise extension, but we thought it was too expensive for what you got and found we could arrange a couple of days there ourselves for a lot less. Of course, we didn’t stay in a high-end hotel like the ones Viking uses! I’m guessing if you book their pre-cruise then you wouldn’t have to pay a deviation fee. You will love Amsterdam!
  4. We had roughly an hour to transfer at AMS from our flight from Basel to our flight back to the US (we were supposed to have 1 hr 15 mins, but our flight out of Basel was delayed). As our departure gate for IAD was at what seemed like the far end of the airport, we resorted to speed walking, only stopping at the restrooms (of course !), and made it to our gate in 25 minutes, after boarding had begun. There was only a brief delay at Passport Control.
  5. We got that e-mail, too. We’re on the Paris to the Alps trip next month. Our tour starts with two nights in a hotel in Paris before we get on the Idi, so we are thinking we’ll probably be handed the questionnaire at the hotel well before we reach the ship.
  6. Just be aware that not all river cruise ships dock near the central train station. When we took a Rhine cruise with Viking in 2018 our ship was docked at Coenhaven which was an industrial area about a 15 minute cab ride from our hotel near the Rijksmuseum. (We flew in a few days early and toured Amsterdam on our own.) Viking let us know the docking location about a week or so before the cruise.
  7. In our experience, you don’t always get OBC from your TA. The last Viking River Cruise we booked through our TA a couple of years ago, we got OBC. As we had never used a TA before, we were pleasantly surprised to receive this benefit. Fast forward to this year - we booked another cruise for next spring through the same TA. This time no OBC was offered. When we asked about it, she said it all depends on Viking and they weren’t offering any at the time. There was a happy ending, though. We received an email from Viking for Explorer Society members (repeat customers) offering OBC, so we were able to take advantage of that offer.
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