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  1. Same here! Easy to do...I think it was a publicity “stunt”....everyone I know who has ever sailed with Viking could sign in.
  2. We recently did a transfer in Bergen from airport to ship and it was flawless! Collected our luggage, walked a short distance to the line of buses, handed our luggage to “someone”...(it appeared in our cabin by 1pm), got on the bus and was at the ship within a half hour. Easy Check In, lunch in the World Cafe and walked into our cabin. All went so seamlessly!
  3. Just checked the Viking Sun webcam and concluded..........we left the ship in Montreal, the next day the weather turns beautiful! Enjoy! and you’re welcome.
  4. I have been following this blog for “previews of coming attractions”!
  5. I have spent time in all three places. Norway is spectacular, Alaska is magnificent and Greenland is awesome.....everybody happy now?
  6. We are on the ship two days behind you. We had to skip the Shetlands due to rough seas and sailed directly to the Faroe Islands....really rough the whole day. We were rewarded with a sunny day in Torshavn. Now heading to Iceland in rainy, windy weather. Fingers crossed for both of our journeys!
  7. Our guide today told us the Faroe Island language is most closely related to Icelandic. It certainly was a wonderful day getting acquainted with this beautiful country...in the sun!, finally
  8. Bummer! We are heading to Amsterdam (then Bergen) to join the ship, and had our fingers crossed..guess it is better to be safe than sorry.
  9. We leave on this itinerary on Saturday (Viking Sun) and I have been following the weather with increasing concern. Hope all goes well with your trip and wonder what will happen with ours? Fingers crossed!
  10. It seems to work only during the daylight hours...then it is a great webcam.
  11. I think Hurtigruten is now owned by TDR Capital, a British private equity firm.
  12. According to the Biodome website, this amazing museum is closed for renovations until December 1019.
  13. I’ve just learned of a conflict with the time we have booked our reservation at The Chef’s Table. I don’t want to cancel it on line and be left with nothing. How would you suggest I do this once we go onboard our cruise most efficiently?
  14. I There are a couple of trains Stockholm-Oslo a day...about a six hour trip...it is an interesting trip through the country. In Oslo you could then take the Oslo-Bergen train which is a magnificent trip... It is a lot of time on trains, but the Scandinavian trains are excellent.
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