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  1. That's another question. Am looking at a cruise that goes to ports in Europe and also visits Morocco. Nothing's ever straighforward!
  2. No, of course they don't need to have any idea, but it would be good customer service if they were able to answer the question. Visas and documentation requirement are irrelevant to my question.
  3. Does anyone know how cruises are counted in relation to the 90 days we are allowed in a rolling 180 days. Will sea days count? Can't find a cruise line that has any idea.
  4. Does anyone know how cruises are counted in relation with the 90 days we are allowed in a rolling 180 days. Will sea days count? Can't find a cruise line that has any idea.
  5. Can't do the Southampton one as will be cruising then and not going to book anything as early as August this year. I'm sure there will be more Iceland cruises next year. I certainly hope so as I've got a lot of research notes!
  6. Just had email of cancellation. I think we'll probably transfer to the same cruise 2022.
  7. Booked for Iceland this June. Fred won't tell me whether we'll only be allowed ashore to do ship's tours, or what tours there might be, but other cruise lines are ship's tours only. I only booked this cruise to see puffins. Has anyone been on a Fred tour that saw puffins? Also, I get travel sick on coaches before about 11am (strange, but true) so if there are no ship's tours starting later than usual, I'll be stuck on board for 10 days. Anyone remember if there were later-starting tours, or did anyone keep their excursions brochure? Would be ve
  8. Sarting to wish I hadn't booked, as I've just read that P&O are only allowing people to go ashore on ship's tours. No independent shore time. I get very travel sick on coaches, don't like big groups and enjoy doing my own thing ashore. So not a lot to look forward to. All I can do is keep fingers crossed that the rule is relaxed nearer the time - it's May next year.
  9. Thanks, everybody. I've now booked, so looking forward to being back on a P&O ship.
  10. The website's not particularly useful, hence my asking. I'm not interested in Casino, ice cream, coffee or art gallery to fill in 5 days. The only other offering is cinema. I was hoping for shuffleboard, quoits, bag toss, etc.
  11. It's years since I went with P&O. I'm looking at a cruise that has 5 sea days. What activities might I expect to find?
  12. Confirmation and itinerary have come in the post today. Same cabins as the cancelled 2022 sailing, and - most important - same price, too. Itinerary's: Mon 27 March, depart Valletta Wed 29 Emoupolis, Syros Thurs 30 Rhodes Fri 31 Agios Nikolaos, Crete Sat 01 April Piraeus (for Athens) Sun 02 Cruising Corinth Canal Mon 03 Argostoli, Kefallonia Tues 04 Katakolon Thurs 06 arr Valletta I hope you get on. Yes,let's meet up!
  13. Yes, 10th February. As the name of the cruise has changed slightly - cancelled one was Greek Islands & Corinth Canal, and 2023 is Corinth Canal & Ancient Greece - I phoned to ask for the itinerary (not that it makes any difference, we'll do it whatever the itinerary) - they said I'd be receiving an email with it in the next couple of days. That was on Wednesday so should get it soon.
  14. The 25 night one? Unfortunately the dates clash with a holiday already booked that can't be changed.
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