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  1. Happy new year to you all. How much does the WiFi cost per day, or is even limited access free? Also what about non-alcoholic beverages, what are the prices for soda and water? Long story, cut short, I am not drinking any alcohol at all, so I am not sure if the All Inclusive package is worth to add in my case! Happy cruising, hopefully soon!
  2. I finally decided to book the Transatlantic sailing on Wind Star from Lisbon - but the way to do so was very long. I contacted Windstar by Email and guess what, never received a quote! Finally, after weeks and several reminders, I received an Email to call their reservation department in the US! Living in Europe, the phone costs are way too high to do so - but still, no quote! What's the problem? Is it so much a problem to do a sales offer on-line nowadays? Back to the, homepage of Windstar, searching for ages for a qualified GSA General sales Agent in Europe. Smart move, someone might think, but the links and Emails provided by Windstar are outdated and no longer working. ☹️☹️ After almost all Email returned ("the host is no longer available...") I finally made it! Yeah! But worst to come! As the agent is located in Europe and I am a resident of Europe, Windstar isn't willing to offer the same benefits (read OBC, booking conditions) like to say US residents. ☹️☹️ So as a European I am punished twice: poor customer service for higher prices! And now, some say the cruise will finish in Barbados, other in Phillipsburg... My passion is sailing, that's why I stay to Windstar and that's why I finally booked the cruise, but I would love to hear from Windstar, why they sacrifice the service. Especially in COVID19 times, a travel company should stay behind their future customers by answering Emails within 48hrs or even by telling the correct, working Email address of the GSA!
  3. True, on the ABTA webpage you will find a letter for your credit card company not to honour any payments to CMV. Just print it out and send it with your statement to card issuer! ☺️Good Luck!!! ☸️ https://www.abta.com/sites/default/files/media/document/uploads/South Quay credit card referral_SB.pdf
  4. Thank you... Strange, I tried it all last week and just received "bad gateway - server not available", but now it seems up and running again...
  5. Their website is down... Any more information available?!
  6. Contacted ABTA immediately for refund, but still no response, weeks after. All emails left unanswered, telephone lines are no longer operational (according to their website "due to high demand"). So far no chance to apply for refund, without the necessary password... Anyone else with this problem?
  7. Hi to you all, need your help... I had a German booking, so I have to claim with ABTA in UK. I received a case number after entering my personal details on ABTAs website, but never received the mandatory password email to enter my claim online. Anyone with the same problem? Without this password I am not able to log on to enter the details... On top, I am holding a second, UK booking. My travel agent wrote me, that they will claim the refund in my name from ABTA. Do I have to do anything else? Bcs. under German travel protection policy only the traveller can claim. So something new for me... ThanX!
  8. @Heartfelttraveler Thank you! Will contact the nearest office for booking...
  9. Thankfully I came across this forum... I am planning a very special trip in 2021 and decided to have a look on Windstar! I requested a quote, but never received an offer. So I contacted the company by Email - again no response. Finally, after several failed attempts, I received an automatic reply to contact the company by phone - which is useless, as their office is 9 hours ahead and I don't want to wake up at 3am just to get a simple quote. Never experienced such poor customer service. So, does anyone of you have a direct Email address to the "Vacation Office", or maybe a "real" person I can contact? ThanX!!
  10. Thank you, it seems indeed working again...
  11. Hi to you all, All dates are now unavailable to book - it doesn't matter which month, always the same error message: Oops!! Error encountered Please try again later! Any idea what's up?!
  12. Just a short update regarding my cancellation. Fred Olsen customer service was outstanding and most helpful. For a rebooking fee of as little as 5GBP I was able to rebook the cruise for next year. On top for my loyalty, I received a free cabin upgrade, tips included and all-inclusive drinks package. In the end, all the benefits combined are more worth than a free cancellation and new booking with 25% future cruise credit - as the cruise was already 25% more expensive than this year cruise. On top, I will keep my ABTA coverage and full refund protection if the cruise is cancelled again by Fred Olsen due to any unforeseen circumstances (like e.g. itinerary changes). I think all in all, Fred Olsen handled the situation very well and I am looking now forward to 2021! ☺️
  13. Thank you! CMV just announced that all ships will return to Tilbury asap for a fresh restart, except Marco Polo to Bristol and Astor to Bremerhaven.
  14. Thank you "tring" for taking time! ☺️ I found the exact same cruise one year later in the 2021-2022 season. I will try to convince Fred Olsen for a free re-booking (without fees and supplement) to this date. I think it is a win-win for both sides, I will keep my ABTA coverage and Fed Olsen my money (as the cruise is full paid in) as working capital. And finally, Fred Olsen will keep one more happy customer! Anyone from this forum has tried the same?
  15. Thank you, can you explain the insurance problems re rebooking little bit more? Sorry, but I don't understand...
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