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  1. Yep! Pretty much know that it doesn't make a difference, but still just curious! 🙂 I forgot when I posted this that it could turn into one of those types of threads. There was no intention of it being a let's get the popcorn out thread, LMAO. Nothing more than simple curiosity.
  2. I am thinking daisy dukes and a cut off t shirt saying I'm on a cruise feed me alcohol. Will that work instead of a wife beater?
  3. Yes. This is what I thought. Length of cruise does not matter any more. From scuttlebutt about it looks like Royal is trending to all ships "Wear Your Best". I am just curious to hear what ships people are seeing this on. So, TYVM!
  4. Oh wait. I'd have to look for a compass for each ship. My idea is not such a good one. Unless there is a thread with the compass from various ships. Maybe? Probably not.😊
  5. Thank you for the suggestion, no pun intended. Maybe i can look for recent compass from like last month or 2.😊
  6. Yes it has been written that way for years *suggested*, but this is very new. That is why I am asking now.
  7. Has "Wear Your Best" been rolled out fleet wide to replace formal nights or just to some ships?
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