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  1. I've been monitoring the price of a spring break cruise we are on next year. Pricing has been quite stable actually. Now it's a little more expensive than when I booked, but less expensive than a few months ago.
  2. While optimism is good--and welcome--false hope is not. Let's hold off on any premature celebrations until science has a chance to speak.
  3. I've been watching prices on a spring break cruise for next year. Prices spiked for a few weeks, but came back down this week.
  4. I would recommend that everyone do this who is having trouble reaching their travel agent. I had to do it once for an agent who wasn't responsive. It's not fun, but it sometimes has to be done for your protection. Royal Caribbean won't be able to do anything themselves with your reservation until you start the discussion. Respect your agent, but look out for yourself as well.
  5. That's a classic example of false equivalency. That type of argument just obscures the truth. Individuals take fair deductions offered to them at tax time. Corporations pay lobbyists massive amounts of money to create loopholes. Nearly 100 Fortune 500 companies effectively paid no federal taxes in 2018. There is a difference between taking the meager deductions offered to you as an individual versus changing the tax code so that your multi-billion dollar corporation pays no federal taxes.
  6. I always assumed that the whole purpose of Flights by Celebrity was to give peace of mind specifically regarding your cruise. Celebrity coordinates the flights, so they take responsibility to get you to the cruise. If they can't, then refunds are painless. The whole purpose of the program is to make it so you aren't hit by the fine print the airlines push on you. You deal with a friendly cruiseline, not a rude and ruthless airline. This type of thing makes me question the value of that program.
  7. Remember that untested and undertested vaccines can go horribly, horribly wrong--even worse than the diseases they are trying to prevent. A safe and effective vaccine will be developed. My only fear is that panic will drive shortcuts in the testing process--shortcuts that make the cure worse than the disease. Expect to live this way for a while.
  8. I hope this doesn't come across as too cynical, but my belief is that the cruise lines are using this gesture of goodwill to soften the hearts of lawmakers into giving them some type of bailout.
  9. I do not blame Celebrity, but Princess made poor decisions that ultimately lead to sick passengers and even death. They should be held responsible and face consequences.
  10. Why should any corporation receive a bailout? As citizens, we are told again and again to stow away 3 to 6 months of wages in an emergency fund just in case. Yet less than a week ago (yes, it was that recent) Royal Caribbean suspended cruises for 30 days. What about the massive profits and bonuses Royal Caribbean and other cruise lines have made these last few years? They've had a great run. So all the beneficiaries of that get to keep their gains, but us American taxpayers pay for their rainy days? I get it that these corporations provide jobs for people and losing them would create hardship, but I'm sick and tired of any and every government social program that helps individuals being labeled evil socialism, while the first hint of trouble for any industry immediately triggers bailout talk. It just seems unfair how it always seems to end up that the profits, bonuses and stock price increases are treated as water under the bridge while the first hint of losses somehow becomes my (a taxpayer's) problem.
  11. To me, it feels like we are in the worst of all possible situations. If everything would have stayed open, the virus would have just run its course. Since we are closing everything, there is a huge economic impact. But since we waited for the virus to get a foothold before closing everything, we might not be able to contain it and it might just run its course anyway. It feels like our decisions created the worst possible outcome--a pandemic *and* an economic mess.
  12. Agree. Margins are so thin now and staffs are so lean that there is no way the system can handle it.
  13. Who in Celebrity's elderly-skewing demographic *doesn't* have some type of chronic condition? I'm sure there are some, but Celebrity won't be able to get the boats half full anymore if that's the new criteria.
  14. I think the OP might be on to something. First, I want to state for the record that I consider Cruise with Confidence to be a generous offer from the cruise line. 48-hour cancellation notice is a generous perk. Having said that, I noticed my cruise for April 2021 is the most expensive it has ever been. Perhaps the cancellations are creating an artificial bump in demand for cruises further in the future. If ships are filling up far into the future, that would probably trigger Celebrity's pricing algorithms to respond with an increase.
  15. I like San Juan. You get a 1000 mile head start to Southern Caribbean islands. Since I always fly in a day early, it's like adding an extra port day to the cruise.
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