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  1. We were in that room on Summit just after its refurbishment last April. Being the furthest aft extended balcony, we could see all the way along the ship. It is still a very desirable location. I took that walk down to Cafe al Bacio many times. It is very convenient especially when the shops are closed. The only downside is that we could not talk the room steward into bringing us lounge chairs. They used to allow that on the Infinity years back. The balcony is plenty large to accommodate long chairs, but they are not allowed to replace them.
  2. Exactly! People reserve their chairs at 7 am, go about the day's activities, and perhaps, just perhaps, sit their butts in the chairs they reserved for a half hour after lunch, before resuming their afternoon activities around the ship. Then they collect their things before dinner. They expect the chairs to be their property all day. Fixing that situation alone would be enough to solve the problem.
  3. I remember seeing reports from the Summit that nothing seemed out of the ordinary until the last day of the last cruise before dry dock.
  4. Imagine a cruise where no one saved chairs more than to get a drink or go to the bathroom or go back to the room to get something. Imagine how everyone would easily be able to find a chair whenever they walked up to the pool deck. Imagine how happy everyone would be when they realized that there really are enough chairs for everyone.
  5. The criticism is not unique to the cruise industry. It's everywhere. There seem to be fewer and fewer places where people of different backgrounds (economic and otherwise) mix. I agree that the experiences on cruise lines are starting to look more like the days of ocean liners. If one takes advantage of priority embarkation, priority tenders, exclusive dining options, exclusive lounges, exclusive sundecks, and priority disembarkation, then they can pretty much experience the entire cruise without interacting with (or perhaps even seeing) those who paid the more general fare.
  6. Upgrade? That word is music to Royal Caribbean's ears! They will take care of you.
  7. I use a similar calculation. The only difference is that I recommend to get the package even if you are only at about 80% of breakeven. The reason is because I'll purchase more beverages if I'm on a package than if I'm not. I might get something on a whim if I'm on a package. I don't have to decide if I really want it. I just get it. There is value to not having to keep track of costs, but there is also value in being able to order beverages that you might not have otherwise ordered.
  8. My son (age 15) liked how he wasn't overwhelmed by the number of other teenagers on Celebrity. The teens got to know each other better because the entire group would hang out together each night. They would start out at the X-Club at 8:00 and then move on to the buffet, ping pong tables and eventually the basketball court as the night progressed.
  9. It already is. I need to purchase some major appliances for a new house and the builder said appliance sales usually begin in early November.
  10. If you can afford it, why not reserve both? Spring 2021 is a long way away. That is basically what we are doing with a Celebrity cruise and Royal Caribbean cruise for spring break 2021. We know that prices are likely to increase since it is a peak time. We wanted to lock in prime cabins on both cruises. Once airfares are released next year we should be able to choose for sure, but until then, we're keeping both options in play. When it gets closer to final payment, we will cancel one and apply the refund amount to the other.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if Royal Caribbean is already in negotiations to bring Hamilton to an upcoming Oasis-class drydock. It's new. It's the logical choice if they want to generate headlines.
  12. From my understanding, the "Perks Packages" are merely a repackaging of things you can already purchase individually through Cruise Planner. My suggestion would be to purchase the Cruise Planner items you want separately. Then, after you know exactly what you want, check and see if any of these packages closely match what you already purchased. If so, and if the price is lower, then cancel the individual purchases and buy the package instead. If the package closely matches what you would have bought anyway, then it might save you some money. But I think the far more likely scenario is that packages encourage you to purchase items that you don't really want.
  13. Correct. I was kind of shocked the first time I created a mock reservation and checked "No, thanks" for the perks selection and saw the final price go down over $200. Celebrity's site does not make that clear at all. They have made a lot of money creating the illusion of the perks being "free." The best thing we can do is to get good at creating mock reservations online, try all the options, and compare the final prices. When all is said and done, that's the number that matters.
  14. Some kids prefer the smaller setting. On Royal Caribbean, they might make a friend and never see them again on the cruise. On Celebrity, they are more likely to meet up night after night.
  15. I'm assuming you are before the final payment window. After the final payment window begins, anything can happen--and often does. I usually book a refundable deposit long before the sailing date, so I look at it this way: If I book before the sale ends and the price goes up, I saved some money. If the price goes down, then I rebook and save some money. It's a win either way. If I wait and see, and the price goes up, there is nothing I can do except wait and see if the price comes back down again. It's kind of a helpless feeling--especially if the price goes up again in the meantime.
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