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  1. They had seafood chowder at the Beached Whale in port, as I recall. May contain conch, but not exclusive. But you might find it at the Sandbar on Duke Street (water front) in Cockburntown. Isn't on their chalk board menu though. John's Ocean view on West Road (north end of town) usually has it. Also at Bohio Resort (just north of town). All are the red tomato based broth. Grab a taxi at the port. $5pp from cruise center.
  2. While it does contain a bunch of trace minerals, none of these are in sufficient quantities to provide any health benefit. And while there are good trace minerals there are also bad trace minerals like radium and uranium and thallium, which is a poison. Again, nothing significant to warrant concern. Additionally, while there is a low-to moderate association (not cause) with salt intake and high blood pressure or cardio events, there is no study that shows any difference in that association between regular table salt and any "specialty" salt. Taste, is on the other hand, a good reason to try these different types of salt. But healthier? Only the scammers selling their product promote that claim.
  3. If you have Google maps. You can pinpoint all of these and get a route to take you by all. But not far at all from piers.
  4. Your guess is as good as any on completion. They say early 2020, but no specific date given. Based on the pictures from a month ago, I say 50/50 by Feb. When we're there. I believe current docking goes goes largest ship, or earliest arrival.
  5. The ones I've seen are open. You sit inside, small back strap/seat. But I don't think the back extends up very far. Designed so you can watch the water between your legs and forward.
  6. Gator, just for the record, I believe your waiter was Ivan. He pronounces it "ee-van". Long time employee, knows how to treat guests. Glad you hooked up with him.
  7. Usually when the ocean begins to cool a bit in late fall and winter, the sargassum drops way down. But there are longer term concerns that the ocean may not cool as much as in the past.
  8. Big rumrunners get caught in carryons. Sometimes make it in checked baggage. Small ones can fit in cargo pockets with no issues through security as long as no metal (keys, coins, etc) in pants/shorts pockets .
  9. Sandbar, John's OceanView, Turks Head Inn, all along the ocean front street in Cockburntown. Sunshine on old airport road.
  10. Oh my bad. Missed that the OP is on Norwegian. I think there's a canoe trip available out of Palencia, but caves are too far away.
  11. But is that a full ship charter, or just priority booking/rates for those wanting to see specific events. Can't imagine NKOTB filling a dinghy much less a cruise ship. But hey, I'm an old guy , whaddya I know.
  12. You can go to Sandy Bay. It's on the north west side of the island. The beach is fairly long and usually populated only by people staying at some of the small hotels or resorts. The reef from the west end crests along here and can be farther out than the West Bay. Look up Anthony's Key Resort as that's probably the main place. But any beach is open access for any one, just bring your own equipment and be careful as you'll be on your own.
  13. Well, first of all, you probably won't have a lot of time to lounge lazily with a drink if you go to Caye Caulker. Edited to add, there's no real place to lounge on the beach except up by the Split and the Lazy Lizard, and even then you have to bring your own towel. Secondly, you can't just "leave when you want". Water taxi times are pre set and you must catch the scheduled one at the right time in order to get back to Belize City's tender pier and catch your ship's last tender back to the ship. If you want to just go to a beach while in Belize, your best bet is a ship excursion, regardless of any other activities included.
  14. Your pre-paid "gratuities" aren't "tips" in the usual American sense of the term. They are "service charges" and are shared among many. If you have excellent service, from a cabin steward, a waiter/wait staff, a bartender, etc. and wish to give them individually something extra the better way to do this is at the end of the service (in this case a cruise, or the last time you use their services, as with a bartender or waiter. In a hotel where you stay multiple nights, you wait until check out to leave something extra. At a restaurant you don't tip the waiter after every course. At a bar, you typically wait until you pay the bar tab to tip. But again, this is for good service.
  15. Uber is faster if price point is correct. Shuttles tend to pick up at several hotels, or if you schlep back tot he airport, several terminals which is why it takes so long.
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