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  1. There's a whole thread on this. scroll down a page or so. You'll see the latest.
  2. It appears from public announcements that it could be late May before any cruise line begins cruising again and then most likely only countries not considered hot spots today or over the next 6 - 8 weeks. Many European countries have travel restrictions on people from other countries visiting. Those bans include the US. And China. A lot would have to happen for these countries to change their minds before June. Italy would most certainly be out for the summer. People wouldn't want to go there. Plus where are the ships now that would sail to European ports? Unless they are already there, could be difficult to move them to UK or Netherlands or Baltics or Greece quickly.
  3. Not sure when your cruise is, but beach places along the malecon are hurting with no business now. I can understand your reluctance to book a ruins excursion and snorkeling in Roatan is far far better than Costa Maya. The port, IMO, is just a typical port shopping. Overpriced trinkets, over priced food( only 1 restaurant), overpriced drinks. Along the road outside the port complex has a couple of spots--icecream at Ka`Ha and a decent pizza place. But it's a short ride via tram to the malecon and only a few of many spots are AI. None require beach passes. Lots of vendors hawking same stuff as port but a bit cheaper. Worth heading there. Not a long walk down the beach once there, and you can grab a taxi back any time. You'll be helping locals not some absentee port owners.
  4. If the ship doesn't sail from Tampa to Spain, why would there be a Fall Transatlantic? Unless RCCL rescheduled Tampa to Spain, I doubt they'll have any cruises there this year
  5. Let me clarify, all have travel restrictions and many have limited hours or places open. To the extent foreign workers are quarantined or sent home, this can have an impact on the shipyard.
  6. DW and SIL lost their 4-26-20 Symphony cruise. But DW and I booked a March 2021 Odyssey as a replacement.
  7. We're still hoping the 1-30-21 cruise sails. But we've booked RCCL's new Odyssey of the Seas in mid March as a backup. 2 cruises in 2 months on the 2 newest and largest cruise ships would be awesome though.
  8. Several Scandinavian countries have NOT locked down. Not experiencing any contagion.
  9. If this is the one that goes to Reef Shark and the Wall, I think they end up with lunch or beach time on Gibbs Cay, which is a small island off GT. No way for you and your daughter to get there. There are/were off shore snorkeling excursions that do end up at a private beach just south of downtown Cockburn town. I believe it's called Bajari's . Same place where they have the "private" beach house excursion. Last time I went past it, it was fenced off from the road and they had people at the gate.
  10. Florida is open for drive thru business. Soft close. some counties have shut down beaches. It's voluntary to close restaurants and bars, but most are doing so and shifting to drive through pickup. Grocery stores are open and crowded. Other retailers are closed or limiting hours. South Florida hardest hit. Very few cases in North Florida. Some in Central Florida. But many cases are from people out of state getting caught with the virus while traveling.
  11. I thought New Rochelle was the epicenter in New York.
  12. Bot sure you can. As I understand, agave distillate is typically made by small ranchers for own use or to give to large producers. Most blogs I've read say what they are tasting isn't for sale, but have gotten some for "personal " use. So probably only available in Mexico.
  13. My suggestion is that cruisers who have made deposits for reservations at any of the ports in the Caribbean not ask for refunds at all. If auto sent back, maybe return it. And if it fits your budget given your own situation, perhaps "donate" to the vendors the entire excursion cost. Just goodwill and I'm sure anything helps.
  14. I've spoken with a couple of the beach club owners. Place is deserted. Laying people off at the port. Water Park is closed. Expats with 2nd homes have left. Lot of beach club workers heading elsewhere. Clubs are having to return thousands in deposits. Easter Week is one of the peak revenue weeks for the area. Not going to be this year. All are hoping late April starts to bring some relief. I'm sure places like Roatan and Belize are similarly hurting. Sad times.
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