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  1. You don't know how many cruisers you've upset on FB. LOL. They're now having to change their entire cruise. Some are ready to "dress" you in tar and feathers!! Not me, we're there the week before.
  2. Yes it's up in the 7MB area. Guessing the google map I used to try to get landmarks was in error.
  3. You must be sailing out of Galveston....No taxes on drinks in Mexico.
  4. Again (see Belize ?), NO! And not even in the bars in port or along the malecon.
  5. Read the article. The incident happened on Ambergris Cay, not on the mainland. It appears the intended victim was the guide, not the doctor who, unfortunately, also happened to be there.
  6. No. Taxes charged at embarkation ports, like Galveston, are state taxes. I don't believe Belize levies sales or VAT taxes at places in port. Don't recall paying any, but could be mistaken.
  7. We call them "tips" and that has a slightly different connotation to most of us in common use than "gratuity" used by the cruise lines as a more "friendly" way of saying "service charge", or "wage enhancement" which is what it really is. Ergo, by removing them you are impacting the wages of the crew for the services they rendered, directly or indirectly.
  8. The one in Airpark Plaza at NW 7th St and SW 57th Ave is very close. The driver should know where it is. Convenient to get back on the Dolphin Expressway (836) and head to port..
  9. The cruise line is suspending that tour. Good. But so much for the "safety" of ship sponsored excursions. As 28 people returned with minor injuries. Hoping the 4 more serious ones pull through.
  10. It is cheaper to take a tram to the malecon and a taxi back. No worries of parking. Faster travel. Nothing to see really along the route. The beach clubs aren't "resorts". Rather specific areas of the same strip of sand with the bar housed in a small building store front. And while you don't pay admission, you are asked to buy food and drink. Also pick out in advance which club you want to stop at so the tram driver knows. If you get out at the first tram stop, you'll be "attacked" by droves of beach lounger hawkers trying to get you to stop at the club they are pushing. The better clubs (food and drinks and loungers) don't use hawkers. This board has lots of information.
  11. I believe shoreexcursioner offers a tour with transportation which would probably be cheaper than taking a taxi, if you booked on your own. Reservations are needed, you just can't walk up.
  12. TA reviews and pics https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g15070974-d14188834-Reviews-Las_Palma If docked at Mahogany Bay, it's closer.
  13. Can't opine on hair braiding. More of an eastern C thing than Mexico. But most places charge about the same for massages- around $20 for 1/2 hr. Hopefully someone can recommend a good spot. All these ladies tend to move around a bit.
  14. crewsweeper

    Taxi cost

    Ran across this link. There's drop downs for you, but looks like for 3 passengers to West Bay it's $70 RT. As I recall at Coxen Hole most of the taxis line up right out side the port gate. But you'll need to verify a pick up for return. And despite the nonsense of a taxi union (like Coz) I'm sure you can negotiate a bit. As always, be ready to walk away if you don't like what the driver tells you. https://roatan.online/taxi-rates
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