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  1. The El San Juan resort usually has a pretty good NYE party. Information usually comes out around Thanksgiving. Platos in the Coral by the Sea Hotel has really good PR cuisine. Sirena's at the Courtyard by Marriott has outdoor dining if the weather is good. You can check with the hotels to see if these are open on NYE.
  2. Appears to be a website problem. Mr Sanchos denies it. But do make sure you cancelled anything charged through PayPal. And watch your charges carefully. You may be okay if you didn't authorize the charge on the MS site. There's nothing on the site that says "cash only", but not a bad idea to carry and pay in cash.
  3. Going to be tight. Assuming the ship docks and is tied off at 9AM (no delays in transit), it typically takes 20-30 minutes to clear customs in Mexico before they let passengers off. You're a 5 minute walk to the taxi stand, maybe 10 if slow walker or have children. The taxi area captain will get you a taxi right away. About a 10 minute ride or so, depending on traffic.
  4. That'd be my choice. Not going to get a ruins tour done in that time unless you fight the ship crowd. Just email and reserve your lounger. Someone will meet you at the drop off. If no one is there head to Karita's Café on the corner of and grab a coffee, (possible they are all there or at Colonial Café further up the malecon, having coffee. Or go to Hotel El Caballo Blanco for their chilaquiles.
  5. That was a huge qamble with Spirit... Not a good OT record for them. Sorry it didn't work out for you. OP...where are you flying in from? Is that the originating airport or a stop from somewhere else? Non-Stop to MCO or a stop some where? A 9:30 arrival at MCO is doable. Book a shuttle service in advance, if cheaper than Uber. Several reviews of shuttle services on this board. On a Saturday or Sunday morning, traffic should not be heavy. But as long as you can get to the ship by 2:30P, you're fine, if there are delays landing at MCO on time. Take the 800- number for the cruise line's customer service, in case there are further delays.
  6. Thanks. Based on the story, and not having heard of any other tainted drinks in CM, I would suspect that a morning scuba diving in the hot sun, a meal of maybe unfamiliar items (not sure where the had lunch, but not all places have great food), followed by a couple of probably large strong margaritas, would certainly contribute to the malaise. Not unusual for loss of memory due to being drunk and hangovers affect people differently. Not saying the poster is making this up, but certainly other factors could easily contribute to what happened. Good warning to all though. Don't go gaga overboard in ports. They're lucky they were at the port; could have easily missed the ship entirely.
  7. OMG!!!! Cruising in Europe and offering such a crappy list of beers. Paulaner Weiss would wind up being the beer of choice for me. Isn't there a PUB on the Jewel with more "worldly" beer selections?
  8. Contact special needs before you cruise. They'll set it up with the dining crew on the ship, paired with your booking number and you'll be seen by one of the hostesses who will then guide you through the choices you have. Carnival goes out of its way to accommodate special diets.
  9. As the Mardi Gras isn't completed yet, you can check out the deck plans and compare them to those of the Vista or Horizon. Totally different. We loved the Havana area on both the Vista and Horizon. We went with a cove balcony for booking of our Mardi Gras cruise in 2021. As far as allowing others to use the Havana pool after 7PM. Things might be different in late spring and summer, but since 7P is in the middle of dining and then the evening events, last January, we saw 1 family using the Havana pool with a couple of small children one evening. Stayed about 20 minutes and left.
  10. And speaking of rays... while you were out cavorting, our Yankees were stretching their lead over the Rays.. Glad you had a great day with Pedro.
  11. If you can find it on this board, get the Cheers excel spreadsheet. You can also wen search for it. Best way to evaluate before hand, including coffees, shakes, etc, wine and more pricey drinks. But a good rule of thumb is also look back at last cruise s&s account, which will include tips and tax. Add 50-60%. ( last cruise total x 1.5). If within 90% of Cheers price, go ahead with Cheers. If less than 70% of Cheers, for 7 day cruise, forget Cheers.
  12. Trinkets, poorly made stuff. Most say "Heche en Chine".
  13. Interesting that appears to have happened back in 2016. Only swim up bar I know of at that time was the one at Mamacitas at the port. . And while there can be drunks and stumblebums a plenty in any port, this is the first time I've heard of drugged cruisers in CM, although that was around the time there were drugged cruisers and vacationers in Cozumel and Cancun.
  14. I drink seltzers fairly regularly. But when the local Publix has La Croix, Bubbly, or Dasani on sale every week at Bogo or 3/$12, why pay more for a cheap shot of ersatz alcohol? Bubly grapefruit and a shot of mezcal make a "poorman's" Paloma. Bombay gin and lemon lime or Dasani's Key lime, a good GnT. Avoid the sugars altogether.
  15. All that is along the malecon. There's still fishing done out of the area. Main municipal pier is a fishing boat pier. But no longer the "quiet fishing village" of 10-15 years ago. All those stalls, shops, bars, places to eat, are along the malecon and as I said, if a ship is in most will be open.
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