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  1. If this is a ship excursion no worries on safety. These cenotes are great. Good guides. Water cold but you'll be given wetsuits. Roughest part maybe ferry ride over. Hope for a calm, day.
  2. Might be related or use similar stuff. Chukka is a Caribbean wide outfit that operates out of Jamaica.
  3. Search down these threads lots of golf cart topics and posts.
  4. May I suggest you ask the taxi driver to drop you off at the lighthouse and start your walk there. At the other end, just past Sulumar is Malecon 21. And then where the walk ends is Macho's bar. Malecon 21 will call a taxi for you if you hang out a bit. If you stop at Tropicante(white front, blue lettering) they have artisanal tequila tastings when cruise ships are in and local Mexican craft beer you won't find at other places. Food and service are good too. Ask for Ivan, pronounce eevan. Enjoy the walk.
  5. I found this. You can contact them. $180 RT for 4. And Yellow taxis are the ones down to the malecon. https://www.tripadvisor.com/AttractionProductReview-g670630-d19239527-PRIVATE_Round_Trip_Transportation_to_Chacchoben_Mayan_Ruins-Costa_Maya_Yucatan_Pen.html
  6. Ooh, thanks for the tip. Now I 'll know not to go all road rage trying to get into the terminal on Saturday.
  7. mitsugirly has reviews and pictures in her signature of Blue Kay. And could have pictures of NoHoch Kay, but would be several years back.. I haven't been in Mahahual now in about 3 years (going next week), but do know that both clubs seemed to have changed from that time. There was a time when NoHoch Kay appeared to be going down hill after original owner left. And certainly based on latest social media I've seen, the menu is totally different and limited in selection and what you can order. I believe Blue Kay has new management too. Owner is absentee and never visits. But seems to be holding its own in reviews. I don't consider snorkeling along the beach in that area to be that good, but you could find more sea life up at Blue Kay.
  8. Island Marketing has one. https://belizecruiseexcursions.com/excursion/belize-zip-line-canopy-excursion/
  9. Ship Excursions like this are indeed generally crowded. The excursions are ran by Oasis Divers. The guides have good reputations. Just make sure that the excursion information says ok for beginning snorkelers. There are a couple of other dive/snorkel companies On Grand Turk with good reps and smaller excursions. Grand Turk Divers: https://gtdiving.com/cruise-visitor Blue Water: http://www.grandturkscuba.com/
  10. I'm guessing then you just need to see what's what when you get to port. Check the shore excursion desk on your ship. They probably have a tour to Tabayana (that's the West Bay beach cruise ship excursions go to and it's all part of the same long beach). Ask if they can accommodate your husband's scooter. They should have more than one excursion heading that way and from what I've been told by others, they go back and forth so no need to hang out the entire time.
  11. We usually do one of the Tours with Rony or Victor. I know there are van taxis as I've seen them. But yes you need to try to set up a return time.
  12. Look up Rony's Tours, Victor Bodden's Torus, or AJ's Tours. They all have vans and will answer your questions. You can get a van taxi at the port, if one is available. Taxi rates from ports to West Bay are $25 each way for 2 passengers. Additional $10 for each passenger above 2.
  13. I think this is ran by the group that owns the port and is at one of their beach clubs. Based on pictures it looks like a typical new-agey steam room with mud baths and massages, marketed as being Mayan. I'm doubting Mayans did such things. Just go to any beach club and get a massage for $20.
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