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  1. And just staying home for two weeks would kick the virus in the butt. Or so they said 13 months ago.
  2. But it still begs the question who has had the vaccine and who has not. Without some record or required physican's note, who's going to know. My word versus your sneezing.
  3. This is like a "Well, Duh!" The CDC has known for over a year that being outdoors does not require a mask. I'm sure RCCL will reposition beach loungers to get more spacing, but other than that, vaccinated or non-vaccinated, being outside is good. Being cooped up onside with poor ventilation is bad.
  4. Yeah, but I should have know since our cruise next January is going to St John and I've got to get a tour or taxi to Nelson's Dockyard to greet rowers coming across. Back to topic. Can't argue with you on Turner's though only driven past. Pictures look really good.
  5. It's all speculation at this point in time. Things change weekly, through out the world. For US based cruises, it's going to depend on how the CDC moves. And they tend to move very slowly. For example, the CDC had studies over a year ago that said masks were unnecessary outside, yet it took them a year to make that declaration. A month ago ,my employer announced we would return to work in June, part time, but masks and social distancing would be required. Late last week they removed those conditions. We won't need to wear masks inside the building as ventilation has ben
  6. Thanks, Those re from European cruises. And earlier this year.when Europe , especially in Spain, there was a continued outbreak. Unclear what lines sailing from US ports will do, assuming they sail.. I would not doubt some degree of social distancing would be in place. Masking is going to continue indefinitely in close quarter places, unless they start tattooing vaccine numbers on foreheads.
  7. Oops, My bad. So used to the Atlantic Challenge which finishes at Nelsons my mind was remembering ships stopped there. But you're right. St. Johns is the cruise port.
  8. Hi Mimi, Are you on the Harmony Jan 16th sailing? Sapphire Beach is a nice beach, but you have to rent chairs from the resort there and at times the beach bar can get a bit noisy. But the snorkeling is great there. Lots of fish around. Love Froot Loops. For something quieter, and equal nice and relaxing , maybe look into Secret Harbor. Caveat is that the Harmony docks in Crown Bay, not Havensite so you have to go through Charlotte Amalie to get to the east side. Brewers Bay is on the West Side, great beach but you need to bring towels or chairs. No rent
  9. Daniels is the premier site but there are now several others, assuming they are open. IMO, it's a bit of a drive from Coxen Hole, but not as far from Mahogany Bay, where cc-rider-sic caught the tour. Worth a trip. Use Daniel's transportation. But only for the sloth end. We went to a small coffee chocolate place while the rest of the went on to somewhere else. Good coffee to take home, cheaper than at port. Chocolate was ok too.
  10. Avila Beach is just south of Willemstad and you'd need to take a taxi to get there. I f going southeast, you could go a little further to Mambo Beach. Going west from the cruise piers you could look at heading to the Marriott. Beach area. Last time we were in Curacao, they were building a resort almost directly across from the cruise pier, but I have no idea if it's completed or if they offer day passes.
  11. Almaplena is further south than Maya Cahn and thus could get less of the seaweed. But it is an eco-resort and only takes a few guests. Roads aren't exactly smooth riding. Taxi cost might eat away any difference in prices now, although I haven't checked what the price difference is. IMO, book Maya Chan and look at Almaplena as a backup.
  12. IMO, if you're cruising the Caribbean for 3 weeks, you're going to find the same old, same old as far as tours and activities. That said, Antigua has some very nice beaches and Ffryes Beach on the west coast or Dickenson Beach on the NorthWest Coast are great beaches with less crowds than the beaches around English Harbor. You'll get a nice tour of the island just driving to Dickenson or St. John.
  13. Have a great trip for all of us. Reviews when you get back, too.
  14. dolphins are choking on Chinese and Japanese fishing nets or Vietnamese garbage not Micky D straws.
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