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  1. So, you are saying? 1) Cruise lines are responsible for the virus? 2) Cruise lines are responsible to keep up business in era of lockdowns issued by governments?
  2. During those dates, everyone, WHO, CDC, China, Dems, Repubs, Drs. Fauci and Brix, et.al. didn't think it was as serious as it became. Guarantee that Jabkubitz Law stand to rake in a bundle as do a few arbs on Wall Street with borrowed shares. The cruise community, maybe 1/2 to cost of a soda on the ship.
  3. Many airlines are requiring masks to be worn at all times. Some guy on Delta (IIRC) last week got kicked off for removing mask to eat. The air filters in airplanes are HEPA. Planes use a mixture of 50/50 fresh and recycled air with the recycled air running through the filters. The woman on the plane who died from the virus recently did not inflect anyone else. I've yet to hear of a flight where even 1 passenger comes down with NORO.
  4. If you have a fever over 101 degrees, you will know it! CDC definition of low grade fever is 100.4. A high grade fever, usually associated with Coronavirus is 103 and above. Making people stand in shade for any length of time for a reading below 100 is useless, tells you nothing.
  5. In Italy, it appears that a lot of the recent rapid test throw off false positives, or picking up "pre-symptomatics". The Costa cruise ship that had a spat of cases last week, I think, saw all of the rapid test positives turn negative with the molecular/PCR test. I'm not sure just how many people have contracted the virus from "pre-symptomatics". Or if contract tracing has drawn any firm conclusions. It's the assumption that the virus is contagious from a carrier even if the carrier doesn't know they have the virus. This has been a fairly stable infectious disease heuristic for all types of viruses. Again, once a vaccine is available and medical care improves, the likelihood of more people catching the virus or getting mortally ill will drop.
  6. People have gotten CV-19 even wearing masks. And look at the number of cases. So many are false positive. Yet they don't count the negative tests. Nor do they count the recoveries, or people testing positive but 2 days later testing negative. And look at the total population. What % has gotten the virus? Versus regular flu? Yes CV-19 is deadlier than the flu and early on there wasn't a lot of treatments or understanding of the virus. Now we have meds, quarantine times are dropping, ICU times are dropping, deaths are dropping, infections for people over 55 are dropping. Once a vaccine is approved and distributed, these will drop further. But until the virus mutates out of existence, don't expect herd immunity.
  7. Masks, ALL masks, even N-95s, get damp from breathing. Takes about 20 minutes. Then they are less effective. Most masks have larger airholes than the CV-19 droplets. Most people don't change masks or clean masks frequently enough. You might reduce your spread of CV-19 if you are a carrier, by reducing the distance droplets flow out of you. But a soiled or damp mask isn't going to stop the droplets from a carrier reaching you if within 6-8 feet. Short term contact without a mask is probably ok as it takes at least 5 minutes of contact with a carrier within 6-8 feet in a less ventilated space. A mask extends that. Unless a carrier directly sneezes or coughs on you when walking by. you're not likely to catch it, mask or no mask. Outside, unless cheek to butt in a crowd, mask don't really do anything.
  8. Lots of spec here. Don't think the OP was reporting on an actual event. Just worryworting. As far as Caracas excursion. I think the ship made a good choice. Even back in 1985, Caracas wasn't a place for kids to running around. Adults either for that matter.
  9. Latest from This is Cozumel https://thisiscozumel.com/news/70-latest-news/1916-cozumel-new-cruise-pier?fbclid=IwAR07EwNnCr9k0B-wHhTfVxrmMnLC2PW4pnr1K_tMv7CU5jiHXgv8uGm2CMM
  10. And correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't the new 2deck atrium look out over the Havana deck on MG?
  11. I've read some Sam Holt books and the Alan Marshall soft porn confab with Lawrence Block(think the stand alone are out of print) but didn't know about Tucker Coe. Will look that up. OK, I'm return the high jack to original topic. We usually do Izumi for lunch so stick with the sushi. Maybe look into the hot rock next time as we enjoy that experience on land.
  12. The US population is overcome with the eggarerated fear that everyone who contracts CV19 is going to die. There's equally the fear that anyone you come in contact with who is not wearing a mask will give you the virus. These fears are understandable based on the hyped reporting we get. But the reality is different. Medical treatments are available now vs 6 months ago. The death toll, while serious and sad, is far below the early model projections. I think once the vaccine(s) becomes available, coronavirus can be dwelt with just like NoRo and flu. Perhaps on a cruise ship, extra precautions will need to be in place, but the draconian measures won't be necessary. Again, that's not next month but maybe 6 moths to a year down the road. In the meantime, people need to get a grip on their fears and start acting with common sense.
  13. Can't answer your question from experience, but I have seen scooters left out in the passageways because they can't get into the cabins. Have your family member try to obtain a handicap balcony cabin. They have plenty of room.
  14. Agree. A Congressional probe would probably not start until post election or even until after the new Congress is seated. And as these things tend to drag on for ever it could be well into 2022 before any legislative action is proposed. So what will most likely happen is that Congress in its "wisdom"🙄 will go tsk, tsk to the WH and be done. But that won't happen until late spring/summer 2021.
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