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  1. If we want to cruise, we need to follow what ever guidelines the CDC and powers that be dictate, no matter how senseless they may seem. As for masks, scientists have known for years masks don't protect against aerosols like COVID. too many leaks, even with N 95 masks. Of course the more layers to more "protection", but the harder it is to breathe .And look at the COVID cases in places where strict mask mandates are in force...At best, no different than where regs are looser. Masks do a great job for heavier droplets, especially if coming from you. But same thing can
  2. Not really sure if FTTF is all that worth it. Just to get on the ship isn't. Getting an early arrival time at he terminal doesn't require FTTF. Maybe getting to your cabin on boarding vs 1:30P would be if you are all carry-on. Unless you are hitting tender ports over docked ports FTTF won't help getting off the ship. And as long as Carnival restricts DIY excursions at ports, even on a tender FTTF won't help.
  3. Pellaz, The nominal $15 pp for JiJis at night is well worth it! Better than the Steakhouse IMO. Sounds like your cabin is indeed near where ours was. DW and I fought over the hanging chair. LOL. I'm a bit sensitive to the sun, so says my dermatologist. But If you can't get a clamshell on the Havana deck, the seating under the portico by the bar is just as great. and if you are Mytime Dining, the reservation kiosk is right next to the Java Cafe. Have a fantastic cruise.
  4. I didn't see any rowing machines, which probably mean they have those horrible Merax waterrowers or the Stamina X ones versus even a WaterRower A1 waterrower and certainly nothing along the lines of a Concept2, the best of ergs.
  5. Honestly don't recall music in Pig and Anchor, but someone with a copy of the daily flyers might have information. I do recall seeing an area that could become a "stage" when I walked through one time, but I only sat at the main front bar other times not in the dining portion.
  6. yogibear was just playing with your pick-a-nick basket. Note the signature. Maybe he'll give you a packet of M&Ms.😄
  7. We had the Havana Lanai on the Horizon. middle of the row. Nothing obstructed. Only people walking by were other Lanai passengers along our row. Very quiet. Havana deck had plenty of seating. Ocena Plaza has a great breakfast buffet. Java bar right there. BBQ joint a short walk further up as were the Alchemy bar and Steakhouse and sushi places. Only time we went up from deck 5 was for the Serenity deck salad bar at lunch and the Capitano Cucina one night and JiJi's twice.
  8. Give Dr. Fauci a week and he'll reverse his tune. Been wrong more than right since May. Maybe April.
  9. May I point out that authorities are well aware of these and aware of the so-called paid vaccine sites. And why support China's hacking?
  10. Not everyone wants a vaccine. Lots of fearmongering on social media. Just like the fear of the spread of COVID itself. Part of the that is related to the virus's unknowns in the early stages of the pandemic. World wide there have been 111 million+ cases since the beginning. That's only of the world population. Over 85 million have recovered. 23 million are active of which less than 100,000 are severe. 2.5 million have died but that only 3% of the total cases. The majority of deaths have been people over 75 and many of those have had pre-morbid conditions, like pneumonia and
  11. Look at when TAs occur: Usually spring time after spring break and before early starters begin summer vacation. Or in fall long after schools start back and before holiday breaks. Plus they tend to be longer cruises. Longer cruises are more expensive and have few children as a rule. As to distance learning. Internet speeds are notoriously slow versus those on land. And cutting across multiple time zones would be disruptive to "regular" school hours. Additionally, the pandemic is finding that students don't pay attention and don't learn as well via on line learning.
  12. Not going to argue with that last statement.
  13. Issuing more shares is generally a way to raise capital but can dilute value to a degree, depending upon demand. Not sure there's a good reason to split now (which does cut the value of the pie smaller). Nor to buy back shares if no cash flow. Demand for higher yield by institutional investors in a low/negligible interest rate environment has an appeal for corporations needing capital to raise debt. Doesn't effect shares as much.
  14. Hmmm.. Here's the links to RCL's Fact Sheets on these two. Allure is bigger. And carries more passengers. https://www.royalcaribbeanpresscenter.com/fact-sheet/20/allure-of-the-seas/ https://www.royalcaribbeanpresscenter.com/fact-sheet/33/odyssey-of-the-seas/
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