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  1. I am assuming we could walk around decks 4 and 9, not be locked inside our cabin 24/7. You see, I have this fascination with reliving the slowness and remoteness that passengers felt 100 years ago doing an ocean crossing. Being far away from land. I understand that's not the reason most people board a ship.
  2. Where I come from, it is poor manners to criticize the way someone eats. Have you noticed how little agreement you are getting for your ideas to interfere with people's meals? If the cruise lines thought food waste at the buffet was such a problem, why do they do nothing to stop it? I guess no one asks for second helpings at your house
  3. They would have to let us take them off to eat and drink, wouldn't they? So then masks wouldn't be required constantly. The answer for me is yes I would still cruise "if masks were required" whatever that means. BUT, the only cruise I am interested in right now is crossing the ocean. Been to lots of the usual ports over the years, pretty much done. I understand the majority of people enjoy shows and activities but I'd be happy lounging in the cabin or balcony with a book and a cocktail and the ocean as far as I can see.
  4. I am not sure that would work, and some foods use serving spoons and you can't dip your paella-covered serving spoon into the pan of ratatouille. With people's sensitive allergies and all and transferring one food to the other using the same tongs.
  5. Should I be prepared that my dream of a T/A on a smaller, older ship next April (Rhapsody) won't ever happen?
  6. Cracks me up, people so concerned about the buffet wasting food, do they not think there is other waste inherent with going on cruises all the time?
  7. also to me people seem to de-emphasize the words, "I think, in the beginning..."
  8. Add me to the list of those who didn't want a connecting room, but that's all that was available.
  9. Maybe demand is down? We decided against sailing from there because the reviews were so bad.
  10. I don't need anyone managing what I eat. What you or others eat is no concern of mine. It's called liberty and that's why my ancestors moved to the new world.
  11. You certainly make broad and unflattering assumptions about your fellow cruisers.
  12. I am not picking a fight here, I don't know about the abuse in Scotland but here in the USA, it is rampant. I still give money to some organizations but not to others. Our society now has millions of people on assistance who spend frivolously. It rubbed me the wrong way not long ago when I saw a lady paying for CASES of crab legs with food stamps.
  13. My condolences, losing your best friend unexpectedly is very sad. Long Island has gotten hit badly.
  14. Restaurants here are open for indoor seating now, everything was single-use/disposable, each table that was used had an empty table on either side, server wore gloves but no mask. All windows and doors were open. We felt comfortable.
  15. I hope they keep the buffet, though it will be in the back of my mind now that other cruisers are watching me fill my plate and seeing whether I waste food.
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