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  1. My career is in food and beverage and I can tell you it is a widespread practice for the last 20 years that I can attest, that to tips go the owners whose computers crunch the numbers as they deem appropriate to pay a variety of positions. Where I work these monies go into a pool because the dining room staff all works together. And that includes cash because we report that to the owners and the computer is programmed to work it all out accordingly. Then it goes to payroll were taxes and other deductions are made and we get our paycheck every two weeks.
  2. Just wondering since I enjoy tipping, does anyone who reduces or removes their daily gratuities make it a point to reduce their use of the services those people provide?
  3. Thanks to all for sharing. Look like we have nothing to worry about and in some ways we are better off.
  4. Wow that is a neat tour, passenger rail travel was coast to coast until I believe 1991 when it was badly damaged by an earthquake, very cool that you got a taste of the experience. Cargo also traveled by rail but sadly the tracks need so much work and they have been vandalized too so everything goes by trucks on the overburdened roads.
  5. Many find their laws and human rights objectionable, that affects the demand, I would read up and decide for yourself.
  6. Thanks, I am sure there are ample places where we can enjoy a drink! Rhapsody...April 2020 transatlantic.
  7. Essentially my first cruise (last time was 1973) and this will be a long one on a small ship and I gather a large contingent of members with loyalty privileges. Does anyone who was in my position feel they had a negative experience? I don't mind people boasting or speaking a secret language, I am concerned with venues being filled or closed off at certain times. Any tips for using specialty dining...obtaining a nice table in the MDR...etc? We have early dining. Do I have valid concerns? Thank you.
  8. I bet that blue will start to look beat up quickly and blotchy where they touch up areas. White always looks elegant. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Hopefully they will rethink the blue paint.
  9. I agree with Grandma Dazzles. A 20 year old should be able to figure out how to have a good time on a cruise ship, or anywhere.
  10. I can't see any aspect of it to get excited about.
  11. I hope this doesn't come across badly, but considering the nature of the emergency, would it be wrong for the items to go into a plastic bag, closed tightly and taken to the trash of the nearest public restroom? Just wondering as I can see myself handling it that way.
  12. I disagree, the glowing screens in a darkened theatre in my line of sight are very distracting.
  13. Highly disrespectful to the performers as well. Some will refuse to continue the show until people stop. And so distracting to audience members sitting behind. I was in a theatre where people on the side balcony were recording. Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant tour. You would think that age group would know better. The usher spoke to them but they continued. At intermission I went to the lobby and bought the CD. Walked up to them very friendly and said I'd like them to have this, so you can watch the show later without recording on your phone. They protested "youuuuu don't have to do that" but I said I really would like y'all to have it. I can hope when they look at the CD it makes them think.
  14. In our case we certainly did not want a connecting cabin, but that was our only choice even more than a year out, to get a balcony that didn't have noise above or below, and other important considerations since it is a transatlantic. We tried! Prepared to tape around the door opening if need be.
  15. Another thought depending on the age of the children is to get a balcony cabin plus an interior cabin where they can stay and have their own hideaway (an adult has to be booked into the cabin but no one cares who sleeps where.)
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