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  1. Generally is it about three weeks before you sail that you'll get the notification your bid is accepted? Thanks.
  2. How does one really know...let's say others bid the max too, is the upgrade given to the party who bid first, or to those with the most previous cruises, or those whose original booking cost more, or.....?
  3. I'm a newbie, so I don't have experience but I'm imagining a balcony in continuous shade crossing an ocean might be gloomy and too chilly?
  4. They make it very tempting but on a transatlantic I can't risk ending up on the shady side of the ship.
  5. Question from a newbie...currently booked in a starboard balcony cabin for an April T/A eastbound, I just assumed the sunny side would be better, is that true? Considering bidding on a upgrade to a larger cabin, but afraid we'd be assigned to the shady side and regret it. Thank you for any opinions.
  6. Thanks.. way back on this thread, someone stated their maximum bid was raised after they bid. Good to hear that is not the norm. We sail in April, the category I want has shown on the website as sold out the whole time until now, it is available but more than I am willing to pay. I'm happy with what we have now but will see if a Royal Up offer comes along.
  7. Forgive me for asking if previously covered. Is the better strategy to bid immediately, or wait to see if Royal raises the maximum bid you can make?
  8. I would like to point out, while the above idea is well-meaning, the workers themselves would likely be very much against changing the way they get paid. For me personally I have made a career (somebody has to do it ) being a server, and the established system while not perfect, it provides a decent income and no one I know thinks we'd be better off with a "fair and decent wage." I would say to anyone, how would you like it if someone decided to mess with your paycheck?
  9. Many of us in the USA were brought up to be generous. Though we have our share who lean the other way. My Dad came from nothing and through hard work and good mentors he moved up. I know it felt good to him that he could afford to be generous. I can attest being someone who receives tips, that when someone gives us extra, we are very grateful as we can certainly put it to good use, and never find it patronizing.
  10. In my job as a server at a resort, we pool all tips. If we get cash, we turn it in to the manager who distributes it accordingly. It is not a punitive system for us because we know without everyone helping each other we would not be able to give the best service.
  11. I have to ask now, what is the objectionable taste of Dasani? Thank you.
  12. From the net, the sodium in Dasani is negligible, 1% of recommended daily allowance. Good news because while I drink tap water at home, sometimes tap water that I am not used to doesn't agree with me, better safe than sorry.
  13. No offense intended, that's a new one for me, not tipping because cash is difficult to handle!
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