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  1. A condition of the deal with the Bahamian government is employing locals when possible. They worked with a local training institute of some kind to perform hospitality industry training.
  2. 6PM comes to mind. Once casinos on land close they have permission to operate the casino on the ship while in Nassau.
  3. During the Symphony transatlantic they replaced the ice in studio B. It has to be done every so often. They likened it to a freezer at home that every so often needs to be melted and defrosted. On Oasis it may not have been due for yet but given the lack of passengers they likely decided this was an opportunity to replace the ice with no impact to shows as it takes several days to melt and then replace the ice which is built up slowly by hand watering every 15 minutes for three days. You can read about the process of replacing the ice in this Symphony TA thread: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2598350-symphony-ots-live-transatlantic-oct-28-2018-coming-to-america/?do=findComment&comment=56109215
  4. I'm curious how Voom is performing across this route. Any latency or "ping" results to share?
  5. There are a lot of things I'd like to see Royal fix before addressing this item. 🙂
  6. Once in 2016 they delayed my Oasis departure because airports had been closed. April 7th Houston's airport closed for while and they did not extend guest boarding. The ship left late due to local dockworkers not working with lightning present but they still closed the door and sealed the ship on time despite folks like me who couldn't get there in time because of the storms.
  7. The pub has a fairly consistent menu across the fleet. The ships are supplied from the same warehouses in Florida (even when ships are in Europe) so it's not like other ships have better choices. I would assume it's very close to this pub offering subject to minor changes over time:
  8. I know on at least one ship I've had to disconnect the RJ11 "phone jack" type cable from the back of the TV to get my home remote to work properly. That connection lets the TV talk to the ship for account inquiries and ordering movies. I can't remember if that was Freedom or another ship.
  9. Pretty much the same, identical menus. One level is for My Time Dining or MTD. Other levels for traditional dining. Service levels differ between MTD and traditional but other than that it's the same overall dining experience.
  10. I am booked in the fall as well, fortunately fully refundable. I suspect Nassau and CocoCay will be alternates they'll look at depending on availability or they could convert to a western Caribbean itinerary and add Cozumel, Grand Cayman, etc. Time will tell. I had noted a few weeks ago that neither Majesty or Empress had 2020 cruises available to book (except for one Empress cruise on Jan. 3). Royal had committed heavily to the Cuba market bringing back or keeping these ships for this purpose. I wonder what Royal does with these two ships now?
  11. It applies to all US citizens regardless how they get there. Plane, cruise, ferry, private vessel, etc. For example, Canada has had flights to Cuba for years. Canadians are free to visit Cuba anytime they want and that will likely to continue unless Canada decides to follow suit. If a US citizen travels to Canada and boards a flight to Cuba, they would still be subject to the travel restrictions. How a US citizen gets there is irrelevant. There are exemptions for certain cases such as family but that won't apply to the vast majority of US citizens.
  12. The numbers quoted were the actual number of showgirls, not the entire cast of the show. However I'll concede the numbers came from a non-showgirl member of the cast who may have miscounted his fellow performers.
  13. The Showgirls on Spectrum is supposed to me much bigger compared to Navigator. Instead of the 5 showgirl cast on Navigator there will be 18 showgirls on Spectrum.
  14. I sometimes book last minute rates. You have to be extremely flexible. Ship, sail date, cabin, etc. or not going at all when there are no cabins available for weeks or months. Yes I save money but don't always get what I want and have to live with what I can get. Other cruise lines are the same. A couple weeks ago Princess had some cheap rates to Alaska in April. I'm sure many people paid much higher compared to the last minute fares they offered.
  15. Containers of gold used to bribe the ship yard into taking her on such short notice. Probably the new bearings that never got installed at GBSY.
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