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  1. Right, it will be any one with enough money to pay the reduced fares at the time, including millennials who have no mortgage since they are living in their parents basements.
  2. Totally free program, at least it is for me. At least we agree on the bolded text. I'm pre-gold, in spirit.
  3. Common drink menu across the fleet. However things like wines may change so don't take this verbatim. Beer selection also varies by ship. Add 18% mandatory gratuity to every drink purchased.
  4. What's D++? Never heard of it. Is the extra plus for a child? 🤣
  5. Repricing usually works in the US region, other regions have different rules.
  6. No issues experienced with an iPhone 6,7,8, 10 or 11 using a paid Voom plan. It behaves like you are at home in your living room. If you call Aruba from your living room at home you are charged for an international call. If you call Aruba from a ship in the middle of the Caribbean Sea you are charged the same as when you are in your living room. If you call your neighbor from your living room at home chances are that's included in your plan. If you call your neighbor from a ship in the middle of the Caribbean Sea chances are that's included in your plan.
  7. Still covered, thank goodness! Release the Kraken!
  8. There is Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle. There is no such level as D++. Cruise lines have 4, 5 or 6 levels. Why should Royal add a 7th level? All cruise lines have a large gap between the second highest level and the highest level. It seems like some people are so focused on status and not the benefits. In reality 350 and 525 do receive additional benefits so who cares if they don't have fancy marketing names assigned to them to show to your friends? Call it "Purple," with the same benefits. Feel better? Nothing has changed. No one has purchased CAS. You purchased a cruise like the folks in the cabin next door who have never cruised before. It's a free loyalty program, nothing more. They "owe" you nothing but are quite generous in what they do provide especially starting at Diamond and above. It's a free loyalty program, not an entitlement.
  9. Navigator had her cabins touched. New carpet, new upholstery. Mariner and Adventure did not, except some Adventure cabins were touched. I call it "touched' because they don't gut the cabin and start from new. New carpet, drapes and the cushion cover on the seat. Mariner didn't get that at all. Same cabin interiors.
  10. On Anthem I've moved up a CAS level after the cruise twice now. In both cases Next wouldn't apply the next tier discounts on board but suggested I call once my account shows the next CAS level and then they would adjust the price to include any new CAS discounts.
  11. That would be great. Where do I sign up? 🙂 Nope, I don't work for or make any money from these or any other boards. When Royal screws up I'm not shy or afraid to call them out on it. The website for example. Ugh. Cabana pricing. Have they lost their minds? They didn't screw up with the CL changes and I support them so when I book a suite it won't be a 2017 DL experience. This change had to be made, it is the right thing to do.
  12. For me it's trended upwards. Better happy hour experience compared to 2017 when the DL was over packed. Now with the expanded DL spaces I can actually find a seat. That's a huge improvement in my eyes. I rarely had priority terminal entrance as I've only sailed out of Canaveral 3 or 4 times. Most of my stuff has been South Florida. Plus that's never been a published CAS benefit so it's cool you got it and all but it's not a CAS benefit and never has been. The reason I stopped two cruises short of Carnival Platinum is because I don't enjoy the product. Heck even if VIFP added all CAS perks it wouldn't be nearly enough to overcome the Carnival product for me. I don't cruise for the loyalty program. I'll maximize what a loyalty program offers without question but I cruise for the product. At the end of the day Royal still works best for me and that includes the improved DL experience that comes with losing CL access.
  13. Same with Mariner and Adventure. Only Navigator got the full treatment. Time will tell what happens with Explorer. Icon will initially have limited home ports due to the LNG fueling. Plus I'm not sure a modern mega ship fits California. Limited destinations and ports that repeat over and over. It's a rather boring experience once you've done the handful of ports within reach. A Voyager class ship is pretty much right sized for California initially.
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