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  1. RoyalUP is fairly new, less than a full cruise season. Across seasonal variations in peak versus off-peak demand there isn't enough data to prove it one way or another. It's easy to suggest (and believe) it has changed the game but scientifically we don't know... yet.
  2. I self-assisted off Mariner in Miami, Ubered downtown, rented a car downtown Miami and was on the Hertz shuttle on my way to Enchantment in PC by 11:40am. That was back when Mariner was in Miami. All in with gas was around $45 I think. That included a stop at Target to replenish sunscreen and other supplies.
  3. Anthem, different ship is $57 per person per night plus 18% service charge for a 7 night cruise in March.
  4. On board pricing varies mostly on cruise length but also by ship and itinerary. Most expensive are 3 night sailings where $70 on board is common. Ships like Grandeur often have a lower price on board given the demographic which leads to low DX sales. Holiday sailings will experience peak DX prices. Keep in mind with the on board D+/P discount you don't have to buy the package on day 1. If you are on a long cruise like a transatlantic 12 or 14 days of DX can grow old and is very expensive. Waiting several days and using the C&A discount on day 3 or 4 brings down the overall cost and lessens drink fatigue. "Surviving" on Diamond happy hour drinks for a few days and using a BOGO makes it easy to get a couple days into the cruise before splurging for the DX. If you are going this route ask what day DX sales will stop being offered, it seems to vary.
  5. When I was on in September they were experimenting with no bar in the DL. There were only servers taking orders and going down the hall with trays to fulfill those orders. People without seats found it very hard to get a drink in the DL. The bar in the VCL was not overflow and was swiping cards and using your HH drink coupons. The result was that if you went to the DL early and got a seat, you could drink without using HH coupons. If you didn't have a seat in the DL it was very hard to order a drink in the DL forcing you into the VCL to use a coupon. I had a discussion with the concierge at that time. That was the intention. I'm glad to see they have returned to a more common DL experience.
  6. Are they pending charges on your credit card or bank account? If the transaction wasn't successful from the merchant's perspective those pending charges will fall off in a couple of days depending on your bank's policy for pending charges that don't actually finalize. At least that is how it works in North America.
  7. https://www.royalcaribbean.co.uk/contact-us/
  8. Those men from Haiti are Royal employees. They employee nearly 500 locals for various functions at Labadee. You know your child best. They will verify that the seatbelt is connected but depending on what you mean by a spacey child I might be concerned what that child might do during the ride. In that case I'd want to be on the ride with the child.
  9. What safety risk are you looking to avoid? How old a child are we talking about? Secure in their seat on the ride or secure from a mean teenager picking on them in line? I wouldn't leave a 6 year old alone but I might a 15 year old. Parents always need to supervise their children. Royal staff running the ride are not Adventure Ocean counsellors nor will they escort a young child back to their parents on the beach somewhere.
  10. "*May not be combined with other promotions and discounts" is extremely common in America. From fast food, to groceries to tires, to oil changes to just about every company that offers a discount or coupon. Be careful what you wish for. In these days of super competitiveness the only way to guarantee an absolute amount that applied regardless of other promotions would be to lower it. $25 for platinum $50 for emerald $75 for diamond/plus $100 for pinnacle I'll take the current system that I know and understand how to manipulate for greater discounts.
  11. Technically it's a helium ballon, not hot air. https://youtu.be/dEvA6QTE0Zg
  12. I’ve got a 2021 booking on Voyager and I am quite looking forward to it completely ignoring the reviews. Most negative reviews can be ignored or taken with massive doses of salt. This is a recurring theme on the internet as guests retaliate and hide behind the internet to vent mostly their own incorrect assumptions and poorly set expectations. Wouldn't it be interesting if companies and their employees could review and post comments about customers?
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