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  1. Probably. I think it was an exercise for the port and the firefighters to become familiar with the operation so they could prepare for the inevitable. With few ships in service in July out of PoM it was an opportunity to do some training.
  2. Mardi Gras refueled LNG in Miami in July before starting revenue service. Their fuel barge reloads in Savannah so it’s not like PCN has the LNG market locked in.
  3. I love getting an inside cabin in the forward area of Oasis class ships so I get to the ports before all the suite snobs up on deck 17... unless we back in.
  4. Excuse me please. Will Wonder finish early and will more cruises be added before March 4?
  5. Celebrity did not do test cruises. Royal did test cruises so they could (at the time) sail with any combination of vax/unvax.
  6. I'm already two cruises behind. I really need to give some love to Odyssey, such a great experience. I need to work on that review first.
  7. Allure and Odyssey, plus two other lines I won't mention here. Boarding another line tomorrow. Better start packing.
  8. A. Someone told the vendor to squeeze it in to make it fit but the vendor only squeezed it horizontally. B. The fax machine used by Royal had a paper jam and the image got squished.
  9. We don't know and Royal isn't telling us all of the things that drove their decision. We can only assume the ongoing pandemic and business trends supported Royal making the decision to redeploy the ship at this time.
  10. I've done a couple cruises now. The "flow" of the cruise is a lot more normal than I originally expected. First let me say I tend to comply with all instructions regardless if flying in an airplane, visiting a local business on land or taking a cruise. I'll also state I don't like masks. I hate them really. However I love cruising more than my dislike for masks so I pull up my big boy pants and deal with it. I have many times now grabbed a drink and gone somewhere. There are no restrictions. No one will say "you must finish the drink here!" However I don't use that as a crutch to support not using my mask inside. Consequently I find myself voluntarily masking up between sips as I walk. It's really not that bad. Honestly the whole mask thing was overblown in my head. It's not nearly as bad as I dreaded. Let me put it this way... given a choice of wearing a mask with reduced capacity or not sailing until full capacity is back? I'll put a mask on. Reduced capacity is amazing. If 3 years from now someone asked me if I could make the ship half empty by wearing a mask, I'd wear a mask.
  11. March 4th sailing is: PEV Sea Day Labadee San Juan Sea Day Nassau PDCC PEV
  12. If you are booked on Allure in Europe for the summer of 2022 you will be moved to Wonder.
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