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  1. Riley update on his heading back to Quantum for the Singapore December start.
  2. See this post: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2715314-an-amplified-agglomeration-of-oasis-pictures-post-amplification/?do=findComment&comment=59032227
  3. New promo... 1000x points for all cruises departing on exactly Nov. 31.
  4. Moved my RCI cruises prior to March 2021 already. Fingers crossed for May.
  5. The view looking back from 1028 on Serenade supporting the parking spot for the window washing equipment in that area:
  6. Yeah I'm waiting to see how this actually works once cruising restarts. We'll see...
  7. If you plan B2B or S2S near block thresholds you can receive a couple more than that 🙂
  8. I was able to call C&A and request a solo DP340 CAS discount be applied. They put me on hold and worked with resolutions to get ur' done. Took about 5 minutes. I have been waiting to see if CAS discounts would ever be loaded to validate their math and to see the difference of stepping up to a balcony. I've done the canal before so a balcony isn't a requirement for me but if it's close in price I'd consider the upgrade. For a few days only 4B and CB balconies were available but then 'regular' balconies re-appeared so something is weird with it. I'm booked refundable so I can cancel or transfer it to my TA once I know it's all good.
  9. Had to do a double take... thought he had a cigar in his hand 😉 Maybe I'll photoshop one in and stir the pot 😇
  10. For me it was Pinnacle recognition at top tier, invited to a Pinnacle reception in Vintages and invited to a winchpad sail away event for Pinnacle/Suites. Otherwise no other Pinnacle benefits offered or requested. Paid for my own Voom, no CL access (D+ were banned on that sailing), already had CK dinners based on being in a JS, no new card. My research led me to believe it would be recognition on that sailing with benefits commencing on the next cruise so the reception and winchpad sail away party were unexpected and appreciated as I had never been to a Q class winchpad before. LA was expecting me despite it requiring all of the JS triple solo points to reach exactly 700 (previous LAs haven't always done the solo math for block purposes). Despite a long line at the LA desk he took the time to run through the paperwork, verify name and address and explain the whole process. On Oasis last December a new Pinnacle was granted Pinnacle benefits on the 700 cruise so it's very Royaly inconsistent.
  11. If I lived in Florida (or near any port) I would be in total agreement. It's bad enough flying home with an extra 5 lbs on a plane but flying both to and from the cruise with an extra 5 lbs is a PITA. When the price is right an online auction can be better than flying to every cruise with blocks.
  12. Oasis class are in a league of their own. It's hard for any other class of ship to be compared to them. With that in mind there will be a long list of differences primarily because a ship around 3 times larger has space for all that stuff on that long list. Once you accept that a ship that much smaller just can't offer everything that Oasis class can you need to focus on what Vision class can offer and why they remain a popular smaller ship. Vision class have better access to the sea. The broad outdoor promenade decks are great for lounging, reading a book or taking a nap. If there is one consistent comment about Oasis class is the disconnection from the sea. Vision class can offer all the core essentials for a great cruise. Pool, pool bar, hot tubs, loungers in the sun, solarium, casino, live music, theater acts, Schooner Bar, casino, dining options, Windjammer, spa, etc. There is no ice skating rink, no promenade, no zip line, no water slides, no boardwalk, no Central Park. The secret to enjoying any ship is setting the appropriate expectations and that begins with research which is what you are doing so you are on the right track. Only you know what is important to you. I can sail any ship and find things to like about it. I've sailed Vision twice and would have no problem booking her again understanding she isn't as new as Oasis class and is nowhere as large.
  13. It seems mass market cruising isn't for you. Cruising is far less expensive than it was 20 to 30 years ago. You can still get the experience of 20 to 30 years by picking the right cruise line and paying a price like you did 20 to 30 years ago when adjusted for inflation. I personally don't want to see Royal raise their prices to deliver that level of food included in the basic cruise fare. When I want that I book a luxury cruise line. Most of the time all I want for the price that Royal charges is exactly what they provide today.
  14. I've also stayed in 1748 on Allure which yielded pretty much the same experience. The curvature is pretty small so anything in the middle will yield a similar result. The stairs share a wall so every other cabin alternates or reverses layout if that's important to you. Allure 1748:
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