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  1. There are studio balcony and studio interiors. Not many though. I had a B4B booked in a studio balcony for the first 4 original cruises that would have sailed in November. Alas the pandemic wiped those out. I had a studio balcony booked for the transatlantic to Rome and the first Greek cruise but alas the pandemic wiped those out for me. They go quickly because there are so few of them.
  2. Even between O and Q class - O class has complimentary beer and wine 11am to 11pm, Q class does not. Really? WTH?
  3. Way better than Carnival, not so much better than NCL or MSC. Different than NCL and MSC but each have their pros and cons. One issue for Royal is that the suite perks are very inconsistent across the fleet.
  4. Varies. Typically inconsistent. I ask on boarding day and sometimes the answer is day 2, sometimes day 3 but for a 6 night I would expect day 2 to be the last day. On longer TA cruises it's been offered mid-cruise but only if package sales are slow. They know people who wait and sign up later of they allowed it longer.
  5. I once bought a souvenir coco loco without the DX. This was probably before the pier was built. IIRC it was around $14 with gratuity and VAT applied. Bahamas has a VAT that was charged.
  6. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-rooms/royal-suite-class
  7. Even if she got a full paint job in drydock it doesn't take long for sea air to start the surface rust process. I doubt Southampton was letting crew off the ship to paint during her brief calls in port to get crew mail and supplies.. She's hardly been in port long enough anywhere to do much lipstick. She'll be right as rain soon enough.
  8. Typically it has been continental type breakfast items. Pastries, fruit, yogurt, coffee, sometimes warm oatmeal, etc.
  9. When I was kicked out of the CL on Vision last year they dedicated the Some Enchanted Evening Lounge to D and above for happy hour so it was actually a huge improvement. #winning
  10. I've stayed in a JS near the front stairs and in a GS midship on Navigator's deck 10. Never heard anything.
  11. I think the paid laundry service (and Star Class) does much better compared to the cram a bag free CAS laundry. I've had buttons melted on hiking shorts with plastic belts and d-rings on them. They ruined a RC t-shirt I bought on another ship. It came back with stains on it they claim was sunscreen reacting with their laundry detergent. I had washed it dozens of times at home without issue. It was a comfortable shirt too, hated losing that one.
  12. I've never needed laundry on cruises less than 7 nights so the 5+ night rule has never been an issue for me. Sometimes on a B2B or S2S I've used it on cruise #2 but even then the 5+ night rule has never been a huge challenge to overcome. I don't put anything nice in the laundry bag. Basic items only and items that if they were ruined I wouldn't lose sleep over it. The laundry and dryer must be 1,000° because colors fade and things shrink. Or maybe it's the Windjammer effect that causes the shrinkage but either way don't send things you care about to the free laundry service.
  13. Gratuity is fixed. Drink one drink per day and it's a hefty gratuity, drink 15 drinks and it's not so much. I managed 15 drinks just once, no way I could sustain that every day though. That's 15 alcoholic drinks. The bartender even looked at me funny, like you don't look too drunk. The nice thing about buying Cheers! is not fretting about the bar bill with every drink you think about. You get to try different drinks, if you don't like one, oh well. If you don't feel like finishing a drink for whatever reason it's not a big deal.
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