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  1. Totally understand. When I cruise with family I have no time for this. It’s one of many things I enjoy about solo cruising. Sometimes before bed I just wander out to see what I might get. My kit is a Sony A7III with Sony FE 12-24 lens. Some photos from my Sony RX100VI. The A7III has great low light capabilities which really opens up creativity. Built in stabilization helps a lot so a cheap mini tripod goes a long way. Handheld 1/2 second photos are no problem. Unheard of not long ago. Once you shoot full frame with an ultra wide angle you get hooked. On a ship with tight spaces it’s a game changer. For astrophotographers full frame really helps. Not so good for wildlife or sports but there is always more gear to buy no matter what you own.
  2. Drat. I knew this was going to happen. It's after 5pm on my last night on board and I have yet to pack. How could I let this happen?
  3. Some VPN is more tolerant to the traffic shaping that is done on all satellite internet traffic. Cisco AnyConnect works fine, other's do not. YMMV. Satellite internet is a lot more than just a pipe in the sky. They perform a lot of forward error correction, compression and other magic to make it work as good as it does. That magic is designed with general browsing, email and some streaming in mind but it isn't always friendly to every application out there.
  4. That's not too bad as the water park cabanas include the water park pass. Oasis Lagoon cabanas do not include any pass.
  5. Most Voom is capped to around 4MB down and 2MB up. Yes there are exceptions that people caught in the wild including myself on Harmony once, but for the most part starting in 2018 they rate limit on all ships, real Voom, gloom or doom. CocoCay doesn't rate limit yet but I suspect that will change too soon enough.
  6. I believe South Beach will be open, but Coco Beach Club right next door with the infinity pool will be limited to Coco Beach Club Cabanas guests. Think the current cabana prices are high? From what a revenue manager suggested to me last week get some cheese ready and stay tuned for the whining.
  7. Who here remembers the old Aqua Park at CocoCay? This was $37 for one hour in 2017. Inflatable slides not included. $26 for a day pass Combined that was $63 in 2017 for one hour in the Aqua Park and your choice of left, right or center slide. Personally I suspect they are raising the new Thrill Water Park prices on larger ships to manage participation. People are paying it but when too many people do it becomes less valuable because of long lines. Then people complain about that. Also note what's missing in that first picture - umbrellas. They used to be $20-$25 for the day. Now they are free and all over the place.
  8. Zipline on board requires everything little thing out of your pockets. No GoPro allowed. Zipline at Labadee or CocoCay is okay.
  9. Turn off the heaters and it pretty much is a (small) pool.
  10. I had a hot date this morning that was a not to be missed... with CBP. The Spectrum lounge was a staging area while we waited for our turn. Muster station 9 was called first and eventually muster station 10 was called. We were led in a procession out of the lounge, down the stairs, around the Centrum and down one more flight, back around the Centrum, through the Schooner Bar and into the theater where our cards were scanned and CBP officers were there to inspect our documents. With that complete I was cleared so my day could proceed.
  11. Day 5 - Key West An early start to the day to watch as the Starship Majesty came in for a landing in Key West. Just kidding, the channel markers strobe every few seconds so I did a 30 second exposure as we made our way through the channel. Today we'll be at the NAS pier. Looks like the Carnival Sensation snagged the better spot closer to Mallory Square.
  12. Day 4 continued... Majesty has the old style TV's and map displays. Our progress... Getting my steps in before... ... heading up to the VCL for the Diamond event. Like most Diamond events there are finger foods every night. The bridge crew did their best to avoid the downpours as day turned into night.
  13. On top of $212 in OBC for this being a cancelled Cuba cruise I discovered another $50 in OBC on my account that must be from my TA. I'm actually having trouble spending it all. On CocoCay I bought a shirt at a Royal Shop kiosk where they take SeaPass cards (the straw market is cash). On CocoCay they don't apply the logo shop C&A discount plus since it is the Bahamas there is a 12% VAT on any purchase. Last night I ate more Ben & Jerry's and had an iced coffee to burn up some OBC. I asked at guest services and they tell me my non-refundable TA OBC should be consumed first and any of the refundable OBC left over should be applied to my credit card as a credit after the cruise.
  14. If a heavy rain storm hits the ship during the exam you may lose contact. Satellite internet isn't perfect by any stretch. Some proctor systems want to see a live feed from your webcam the whole time. If all goes well it could work, or it might not.
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