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  1. High roller casino space. I'm betting it goes back to a DL when it leaves Asia but who knows?
  2. Also, Royal has stated that 80% of guests are new to Royal. I suspect the number of Diamond Singaporeans cruising right now is pretty low. If Quantum had a DL closing it wouldn't impact very many. The same move here will impact many more. They might have to go there, only time will tell. However by the time the CDC lets us sail it might be a moot point and lounges can be open.
  3. If it sails in May I'm in Star but I'm not holding my breath waiting for a Genie to contact me. Still, the notion of being able to think about wearing my pin in the SL or for a CK breakfast warms my heart.
  4. This has been fun. We should do this again next month in another thread.
  5. I don't normally wear my pin in the SL. Sure will do now, especially when I'm im Sky or Star class 🙂 When I used to fly a lot I was top tier on two airlines. I used to put an old tag on my laptop bag that made it look like I was a junior entry level member in the program. Should have seen the looks when I was upgraded. Frequent flyers get pretty heated over a missed upgrade or one that was "stolen" from them. They make this crowd look pretty tame. Bottom line... their ship, their rules.
  6. For the most part this seems to be a hot topic for Oasis class given their much higher number of suites given the space dedicated to the lounge. On Quantum class it really isn't an issue, particularly when you restrict D+ from the CL. Why? Fewer full suites on Q class. On O class the lounge space isn't large enough for the number of suites present. The problem is suite guests. Look at CK. On Quantum class a JS cabin has really great chances of enjoying the CK dinner perk they pay for regardless how many P are on board. That isn't the case on Oasi
  7. Time to stir the pot... If they are going to spend the energy to address the situation then cheap casino upgrades need to evaluated. This subset of suites guests aren't paying the same price as regular suites guests so if years of Pinnacle spend isn't good enough then heavily discounted suite fares shouldn't be either. Is a gambler who is the benefactor of heavily discounted fares really not going to sail if they can't have a cheap suite? Is a free non-suite cabin not good enough reason to cruise? These folks already get free drinks in the casino which is where Roy
  8. It varies greatly by region but also ship facilities. A ship like Ovation from Sydney doesn't need to restrict D+ from the CL, let alone P. The numbers don't necessitate it. A sister ship from Bayonne needs to restrict D+ from the CL on most voyages due to the numbers of D+ involved. So far restricting P from the CL hasn't been a requirement. Radiance class has a smaller CL but fewer suites too. That class in one region versus South Florida yields a very different result for the CL experience. Coming up with one policy for all regions and a
  9. So should we save time and just copy all the posts from the other threads on this or do we all want to pad out post counts and post the same comments again? 😇
  10. By policy yes Pins are allowed, normally. No one knows what pandemic protocols will do during the initial restart. Nor does anyone know when the restart begins, so... We have seen that in Singapore on Quantum that Pins were not allowed in CK or the SL due to the pandemic. However that started before a vaccine was real. I'm assuming Pins might not have normal access in 2021 and early in 2022. So I'm booking the ultimate dining package. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  11. Got me some Brilliance, Serenade and Radiance bookings recently. Have had pretty good success bumping them to corner aft balcony 4B. The small bump from standard balcony to 4B aft balcony has been pretty small recently on these 4/5 sailings. If you like aft balconies for a small bump it's a great time to book and this class has some of the best aft balconies.
  12. Extra Vision and Majesty. I've given up trying to forecast which blocks are coming my way, it has changed so many times during this.
  13. She was dry docked in 2014 and 2019. She extended her 2019 dry dock causing her first cruise after dry dock on Feb. 24, 2019 to be cancelled. This was her "amplification". I think when a ship reaches 20 years old they lose the 5 year waiver and must dry dock twice within 5 years from that point forward. If I am interpreting that correctly she will need to dry dock before 2024, possibly in 2021 or early 2022 but likely before 2023.
  14. From 2018: While it says 2:30pm to 6:30pm is the check in window the morning train from Anchorage arrived around 11:30am and I checked in at that time and went immediately on board.
  15. Keep in mind that a refundable deposit only applies prior to final payment due date, typically 90 days before the cruise departs. After final payment is made, the type of deposit is irrelevant and everyone is subject to the cancellation policy or any special programs like CWC. With a refundable deposit if you change your mind for a December cruise in June for example, you get 100% of your deposit back as a refund to the original form of payment. If you make final payment at 90 days before the cruise and then two days later change your mind it's not refundabl
  16. Has anyone else noted that the renderings of the teen club outdoor patio for Social180 looks a lot like the suite sundeck of her sisters?
  17. Most FCC is applied instantly. There can be nuances and gotchas though so there may examples where back office resources at Royal need to be engaged and it can take more time. Recently when I asked my TA to apply one I received a new invoice within minutes.
  18. Meanwhile... over at Royal HQ in the deployment department:
  19. This is from an Anthem cruise compass. Other Quantum class up to this point have been the same. It's assumed Odyssey will be the same.
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