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  1. I am a new Carnival cruiser also and hope to follow along with your great tips.
  2. Wow! they now have two more days in Bermuda at the same price. Lucky them.
  3. I think this is for new bookings only. If you have a balcony already booked, check if you can add it to your booking or if you have to rebook and your price and other amenities stay the same. Sometimes the prices go up.
  4. https://www.cruisemapper.com/news/7605-ncl-norwegian-cruise-line-cancels-remainder-alaska-cruise-season?fbclid=IwAR1PAM7L9jHlABw62x1rO2C9yMhrl6N-poJHRaHWN1jtTol3_BH4uFVYZJI
  5. We are on the January 3 Getaway NY to Miami. Doubt this will happen.
  6. If you rebook a cruise (not early saver but regular refundable price) with the $600 OBC they are giving you for their cancelled cruise and you see a price drop, will you lose the $600 if you ask for it?
  7. Seeing that at least 10 from my roll call got their full refunds for our 4/19 Bliss cruise and knowing I might have trouble because my expiration date changed I called the main NCL number pressed "1" and waited for an agent no more than 5 minutes. He was very nice and took my updated info and said it should take 7 to 10 days. This was yesterday. Hope this didn't put me back in the refund pool and have to wait another 90 days. I keep looking at my email every few hours and check my CC every morning. Very stressful.
  8. I , too was on this cruise. Many others have gotten their refunds also but not me. Called NCL today with new expiration date on my credit card. He said wait one to two weeks to hear anything. Hope I didn't make a mistake and it reset my refund to wait another 90 days.
  9. Several people on my roll call For April 19 got their refunds today. I didn't. I heard there might be a problem with cards with new expiration dates which mine had. My TA said it wouldn't matter but I'm a little nervous.
  10. Please go on and on. What and who was the magic show that up charged you for more money? I think he was referring to the original Illusionarium that was on the Getaway that had an upcharge and is now a Cirque show there and on other ships that are also additional. In addition, Wine Lovers the Musical costs extra too.
  11. Seaman11 -- some cruise ships are starting to sail in Europe -- if you can get there. https://www.trvltrend.com/cruise/norwegian-expedition-line-hurtigruten-cruise-liner-to-resume-sailing/?fbclid=IwAR0kl3r9CGiZa_4X2EQBCjePwZmDgeITvv0wTvh2zfBBI-IYrpTstSl98k0
  12. They say the second best day of your life is when you buy a boat and the best day of your life is when you sell it.
  13. I was looking on a TA's website today and saw nothing available until October.
  14. This article must have been written long before Covid 19 became part of our vocabulary.
  15. On our August 2019 cruise to the British Isles, we were able to purchase the unlimited internet for $75 for 12 days and use our OBC to pay for it. That is why I loved the 3FF.
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