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  1. I and I think others would definitely love to see a price somewhere between sailaway and free at sea where you can pick your own cabin without the perks. We don't drink, are platinum so get two free dinners anyway, can use the wifi in the ports to catch up with email, etc.
  2. I too was booked on this cruise but unfortunately cancelled two days before they extended final payment to 60 days. I was afraid that I could not reach my travel agent in time to cancel on the original date of 9/5. I felt really bad about it for a few days but came to the conclusion that I didn't want to spend all that money to sail with the restrictions that they will definitely impose if this sailing happens. And even if they remove the travel quarantine I would have to do one anyway because I work in a hospital. Also as of now (maybe not then) Aruba is still requiring negative Covid tests within 72 hours. We would just be getting there 72 hours after we first sail so unless you get the test and results that same day you would be out of luck.
  3. Sorry. Several of the cruises I was looking at had "sold out" sailaway rates so I thought they were not included in this promo.
  4. It looks like with the current promotion there are no s ailaway rates.
  5. I have one expiring March 2021 and never received a reminder. . NCL is 4 years. Princess is 2 years.
  6. I thought Aruba requires a negative Covid test right before you go.
  7. I had never cruised Carnival before, so when my Sept. Bermuda from NY was cancelled I was so disappointed. Unfortunately they are not repeating this 9 day discovery cruise again. I have a refundable $500 deposit and can get that back or wait until Dec. to book another cruise with it plus $600 OBC. I am looking at three different cruises now, one in Europe for June, 2021, one doing the Mexican Riviera in May and another Bermuda cruise, date TBD. I'm really anxious to book something now but my gut is telling me to wait until I see the mainstream lines actually sailing without restrictions. Perhaps prices will even go down by then.
  8. Someone is doing a "LIVE" report on the current cruise sailing out of Italy on the MSC forum. Should be interesting. She showed the list of the ship's excursions and they don't look too bad or expensive.
  9. Wow! I haven't heard that name here in the US for 30 years.
  10. I know it will be awhile for Americans to sail so we are following as well. Never cruised MSC but there are several future cruises we are interested in. Thanks for this. Ellie.
  11. I've been looking at the Star for B2B 10 Day LA to LA then 7 day LA to Vancouver 4/23 thru 5/10/21. Do you think they will replace this cruise with another ship or just cancel?
  12. Yes. I was referring to the regular balconies toward the back on Dolphin deck, not the Aft balconies. Thank you.
  13. Looking at the diagram, it seems like the balconies on Dolphin 9 are larger than other rear balconies. Can someone confirm this?
  14. I also cancelled my Jan. 2021 cruise two days before they extended final payment to 60 days. At first I felt bad because I lost that extra time but I would have probably cancelled anyway. The TA I booked with charged me $100 fee but said I could get a voucher for OBC on a future cruise if I rebooked with them by Dec. 2021. But now their cancellation fee is $100 PER PERSON so until I see the ships sailing again with NO RESTRICTIONS I will only book a last minute cruise that I know I can take. On the other hand, the TA I usually book with is stating on their website no cancellation fees during this pandemic. I was enticed by the above online TA because they were offering such great OBC and extras and never thought I would have to cancel. I learned my lesson and will stick with my original TA.
  15. Sadly, I have just cancelled my Jan. 3, 2021 Getaway cruise out of NY to Miami. Our final payment was still 120 days so it was due next week. I unfortunately booked with a TA that only gets back to you once a week so I was not taking any chances. Hopefully I will book again when I see cruises sailing with no restrictions like masks, etc.
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