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  1. Did a mock booking on my husband's computer which is not logged into MyNCL and the price was the same on both screens. Then I did the math and realized that the first screen had the 20% off price. You probably have to go all the way with booking to get this price.
  2. I was looking at the Bliss November 2020 Panama Canal sailings since mine in April was cancelled. On every stateroom option (even sailaway) once you choose the free at sea and then go to the choose a stateroom option, all the prices increase about $270pp. Is this because the first price included the 25% FCC?
  3. Since they are splitting the FCC's between husband and wife, does anyone know if you can use one for FCC on an already booked cruise and request the cash back on the other? Also, when they add back your CN can you apply one to the already booked cruise if you only have one already applied?
  4. If you do a chargeback to the airlines are you banned for life on that particular airline?
  5. There have been several threads here saying to cancel all prepaid and to cancel bids if you expect your cruise to be cancelled.
  6. Why would you want them to keep your cruise fare if you can get a FCC?
  7. We have a United one way economy L flight from Seattle to Newark on May 10, 2020. Since I posted, United has changed my nonstop flight to a 45 minute layover in DC. Could this be grounds for cancelling and getting a refund?
  8. Boy, these two Spirit cruises, Venice to Dubai and Dubai to Capetown seem like noteworthy experiences. When all are at home safe and sound and have some time I hope someone will take the time to write a detail trip report for us who are extremely interested in your travels.
  9. I really hope so. This waiting to know is torture for my April 19th cruise.
  10. I remember reading somewhere that if you do a chargeback you are banned for life. That might be a moot point if NCL goes bankrupt.
  11. Keep us all informed of your progress.
  12. My cruise is on April 19th so not yet cancelled but was wondering what your airline did for you after your cruise was cancelled. Full refund? Credit? Nothing?
  13. There was a previous thread here to cancel all your prepaid amenities before you or NCL cancels so it will be refunded to your credit card. I would also cancel any bids for upgraded rooms if you think your cruise will be cancelled.
  14. We are on the Bliss NY to Seattle on April 19th. Most of us are pretty sure it will be cancelled and waiting to get the cash refund but some feel they have to get this ship to Seattle for the Alaska season (?) so it might be a go.
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