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  1. My cruising room mate and her husband got covid when in Florida last fall, before Thanksgiving while visiting her sister who lives there. They had to cancel Thanksgiving with the relatives of course, but as of now they are still only about 80 percent recovered from covid and they did not get it bad enough to be hospitalized. Sometimes dying would be a blessing for those who are really miserable from their covid bout, fortunately my friends are not that bad off. They don't know who they got the covid from, they drove to Florida to avoid flights. They thought they were careful.
  2. OK, I'm sure that if you call NCL and tell them what you think, they would be happy to not see you as well.
  3. I hope they will require the vaccine I would not want to return to cruising under the current situation where every time they get one false positive (Alaska & Singapore) the ship has to return to port and cruises are cancelled. I also think they should still require masks for at least all of 2021 since the vaccine is still a bit of an unknown in its effectiveness. I am just hoping for more certainty that when I go on a cruise, I will get to go on the whole cruise to actual destinations. I think that the ships need to be able to manage an outbreak on board and the vaccine is the best wa
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